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  1. Gamst


    A lot of support from bots too. I wonder why the bots seem to support Trump/Brexit/anti-lockdown causes? Would make me wonder whether I was being manipulated.
  2. Gamst


    If you can drive 250 miles you cannot be that unwell. It's also absolutely unreasonable to drive across the country 'just in case' you become very unwell. Especially when actively infectious and the the parents you are taking them to are elderly. We have to remember that over 80% infected have mild symptoms, probably larger proportion who are young and fit. If every parent who developed a symptom drove across the country and deposited the kids at their elderly grandparents the virus would spread quickly and vulnerable people of grand parenting age would be affected. There really is no conceivable interpretation of this that is reasonable and those who cannot see the wood for the trees are clearly blinkered. They are attempting to bring in Trumpian post-truth politics to our shores. Call any criticism fake news or unpatriotic and reinterpret stories with the hope of enough gullible people swallowing it up. I look forward to hearing his new falsified story today now he's had time to get his story straight. I also look forward to finally hearing from the unelected official who is actually pulling the strings.
  3. Gamst

    Swansea City home

    I think that late equaliser is psychologically really important. Keeps the self belief flowing at an important time.
  4. Gamst

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    An emphatic YES. He has all the attributes to become a premier league keeper. Decent shot stopper, reads the game well, commanding presence and good distribution. He has made some mistakes but he is very young for a keeper and will only get better. Brighton would be foolish to let him go, but if there is the option to buy we should push the boat out if necessary...would fit the Venkys ethos of buying young and selling for a profit. I'm sure someone wise once said that you are only as good as your keeper and I believe it's no coincidence that we have appeared much more solid since his form has improved.
  5. We may be further from the playoffs but other results were pretty positive keeping plenty of others within spitting distance. Long way to go.
  6. Gamst

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Having a decent goal difference is certainly helpful and serves as decent evidence that we are where we deserve to be in the league! I also don't think any of the teams above us (maybe excluding WBA) are home and hosted so it's all to play for.
  7. Feels like the tide has turned for Tony, which is interesting after a win. We must have been atrocious!
  8. Gamst

    Preston Away

    We've scored twice within a minute this season and lost both games 3-2. We are mentally fragile and not at all ruthless. Frustratingly, we have decent players (who won't stick around for ever). We need a new manager to marshall the troops. Venkys should act soon to prevent matters getting worse. Suspect they won't.
  9. Gamst

    If Tony goes...

    I don't see why we wouldn't be able to attract a decent replacement. Venkys have been loyal to Mowbray and have backed him with funds. Managers wont care about their previous misdemeanors if they are promised time and funds. I doubt their ability to sack Mowbray and choose the best candidate, but there should be some decent applicants.
  10. Gamst

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I agree with TM that we look a better team than last season. He has made lots of mistakes, but we are making slow progress. My suspicion is that he has probably taken the team as far as he can and that a more dynamic manager could get pretty good results from a squad that has the makings of a decent team! He deserves so much credit for steadying a rapidly sinking ship and starting the rebuild. I hope he realises his limitations and steps aside before things get messy.
  11. Gamst

    Luton Town home

    They won't win many away from home! Had a feeling today might be underwhelming after the recent positivity.
  12. Gamst

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Mowbray seems to be making a lot of bewildering decisions that are generally at odds with the fan consensus. Generally not a good indicator of longevity.
  13. Gamst

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I know he is not a world beater, but signing Lynch on a free as a no nonsense type CB would make the squad look more complete. Maybe this is the plan.
  14. Gamst

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I bet he's telling Cunningham that he is not assured a starting spot as we speak...
  15. Gamst

    Rovers v Charlton

    A very amateurish pre-season has culminated in a home defeat to a relegation favourite. A game we really needed to win considering the quality of our upcoming opponents. The quality of the pre-season opposition was laughable, but the biggest failing though is our inability to recruit the defenders we so desperately need. It has been clear since the New Year that we needed a defensive overhaul and TM even stated as much in the spring and here we are starting the season with Mulgrew, Bell and Bennett. TM told our only firm long term defensive target that he is not assured a starting position so he chose to go to PNE. Looks like he told Tosin something similar which nearly meant he changed his mind. Peak stupidity from TM. If we fail to recruit by Thursday then fans will not be especially patient if we struggle in our first 5 matches.

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