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  1. wolfie

    The Tennis Thread

    For those of you not watching, bit of an epic men's semi final going on right now. Isner v. Anderson, 2 sets all, 14 games each in 5th set. It's gonna be dark before Rafa and Djokovich get on
  2. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    I'd Rather Go Blind Dojo Cuts Feat. Roxie Ray very decent cover of the Etta James song
  3. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Completely out of context to my original post, but hey ho
  4. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    I posted that early in the 1st half of extras, hindsight’s a beautiful thing, hey
  5. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Hope for the future, I honestly didn't think i'd be saying that before the tournament started. On a side note, isn't it great to have a world cup not dominated by knuckle draggers? Congrats to Russia on a great world cup, it;s been immense. C'mon Croatia
  6. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    We're all getting a bit England here and sitting deep
  7. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Prob time to take him off now
  8. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    great save from Pickford
  9. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    tho Thought England looking stronger so far in extra time
  10. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Bloody Nora
  11. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Feeling confident? Not like you England unchanged tonight. can't believe I've beat Chaddy to it, or is it just rovers games where this counts Tennis is brilliant atm, Nadal v. del Potro shaping up to be a classic, shame I'm gonna miss the end
  12. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Actually agree with most of this. Russia have an awful history of state sponsored doping, a lot of it quite recent too. To the person who said how can you get 23 players to agree to it? 1, Maybe they're told it's just 'vitamins' and are genuinely unaware 2, If Putin says take this, who's going to say no? As to the inquest i month after the event, I'm not even sure that would work either. Who does the testing? Would anyone trust FIFA? Not me, that's for sure. For a team ranked 61st in the world that was quite an incredible tournement, by the end of this match the Croatians were dropping like proverbial flies, the Russians still looked full of running. On a side note though, it gives us a much better chance of beating Croatia, they looked totally spent after that
  13. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    THE Lightning Seeds - Three Lions Got to be, really
  14. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    Not sure if anyone takes any notice of what Danny Murphy says. He's stealing a living off the license payers as much as he was at Ewood. Thankfully I watched the game with the sound down
  15. wolfie

    World Cup 2018

    if you're defending a lead against Brazil and you're going to take one of your front 3 off, you're probably not going to take Hazard or De Bruyne off. Thought he was outstanding tonight

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