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  1. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    William De Vaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got
  2. wolfie

    Boxing Megathread

    Joe Rogan interviews Tyson Fury Fury talking about mental health, his life after the Wlad, the Wilder fight Interesting stuff, very open and honest
  3. wolfie

    Leeds fan in peace

    It was tongue in cheek pal, sorry if it came across a bit sarkey
  4. wolfie

    Leeds fan in peace

    Might just be me but I'd probably stop the game even it wasn't a serious leg break
  5. wolfie

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    Charlie off at half time for Scotland, anyone know if it's an injury or not?
  6. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    Greyboy feat Sharon Jones - Got to Be a Love
  7. Tempted to break my boycott just to see a Biesla team (but probably wont)
  8. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    Vashti Bunyan - Train Song
  9. wolfie

    Rovers vs Forest

    Is it not 6 seasons outside the top 2 divisions? (Thanks Venkys)
  10. wolfie

    Boxing Megathread

    Callum Smith just stopped George Groves in the 7th, I thought Groves was looking comfortable(ish) until Smith caught him with a right hook just above the temple, then piled in and finished off quite easily Not sure where Groves goes from here
  11. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    Gil Scott Heron - Lady Day and John Coltrane Bloody marvelous....!
  12. wolfie


    Apparently injured his calf in training
  13. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    At Last - Etta James
  14. wolfie

    Music Association Game

    Staring at the Sun - Wooden Shjips Always thought this would have fitted seamlessly onto Primal Scream's Screamadelica
  15. wolfie

    Europa League

    Hope Burnley win and play Celtic next 😂

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