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  1. Mowbray to Ipswich?

    The last thing we need is to get on the manager round about again. Mowbray has galvanised this club. I can't believe anyone would suggest we change management 😮🤔
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    I'm going to put the 1st half down to nerves because the 2nd half showed we are more than capable of dominating teams. The pressure is off both us fans and the players now It's over We are up
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    What an utterly horrendous 1st half performance Words fail me
  4. Rovers v Peterborough

    strangely I feel less nervous about our game tonight than I did for shrewsburys game on Tuesday 3 nil

    YES !!! F5 at work is worn out again !😀
  6. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    sorry chaddy but if you think Jim is insulting you by asking if you've played football then you are a bit of a snowflake And I also agree with him. Payne was closed down but set up Graham nicely who scuffed his shot
  7. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    The Bristol fans are saying on their forums they were surprised how much trouble Blackburn fans were causing after the game. Punch ups, even amongst themselves and kicking at cars If true then that's dissapointing

    It has been a breeze but it's a freak year where 3 won't fit in to 2
  9. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    agree about Bennett in midfield. He has energy to burn there.
  10. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    That was tough to take. The lads do look tired but that was a seriously heavy pitch. We played better when we switched to 3 5 2 but that miss by Williams was costly Still in our hands but must do better
  11. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Is that directed at me ? Hope not because where did I say I have never been to Ewood ? I said I have never lived within 150 miles. That's quite different.. It just means every home game has meant a 380 mile round trip. oh, which I've been doing with my dad since 1980
  12. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    You're wrong. Very wrong. I've never lived within 150 miles of Elwood but don't tell me I don't 'feel' I was working nights on Thursday and checked the Shrewsbury score on the BBC website very 30 seconds with permanent nervous butterflies. The IT department must have thought F5 was stuck on my keyboard. We feel it, trust me

    The only people responsible for our relegation are Venkys. I don't care who goes up as long as we are one of them
  14. Attendances

    Well I'm over the moon. Bringing my wife and daughter upto Ewood for the 1st time. Great stuff. Booked JW upper central for 23 quid for the 3 of us