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  1. only2garners


    As far as I can see you need to go on a course to understand how to use a Korean toilet, it’s that high tech. I’ll be in the Grand Hyatt in Incheon again in three weeks time and I’m going to see if I can master it this time.
  2. only2garners


    So let’s say for example, that we have a man who was born in New York, who committed a crime by illegally closing down Parliament, who had been recorded planning an assault on a rival, who had the police called out to them because of claims of domestic violence when they been heard saying “get off my f’ing laptop”. Are we seriously suggesting that they should be allowed to stay in the UK? Oh, hang on...... With credit to Mark Steel.
  3. only2garners


    I would suspect that if we play Wolves again this December we will have something like that size of crowd. Unfortunately it’s probably more likely we will be playing someone like Rotherham.....
  4. only2garners


    No he can’t as the Fisheries Officers won’t let him. I didn’t follow the full tale - he had got through plenty of Speights by then.
  5. only2garners

    Ep 125 - Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

    It might be. I’m out of the country until mid March but I’ll have a think about it.
  6. only2garners


    We’re in New Zealand at the moment, having flown through Incheon last week with no problems save for a quick temperature check. The big problem here is not the spread of the virus itself but the economic effects that the effective shut down in China is having economically. Here on the South Island there should be thousands of Chinese tourists at this time of year but that has dwindled virtually to zero. That means a lot of lost revenue for the tourist industry at peak season. On Sunday night we met a crayfisherman who has $400K worth of crayfish sat in Milford Sound that should be on their way to China but that he can do nothing with. That’s being replicated across a lot of NZ’s food businesses.
  7. only2garners

    Championship season 2019-20

    To be fair to Chaddy the £6m he referred to was Bielsa’s salary, which others have then incorrectly read as his player budget when comparing it to Mowbray.
  8. only2garners

    Ep 125 - Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

    I’m actually a long time ago returner Herbie. I was on one of the podcasts many moons ago talking about the trip to Pune, being one of the Pune9.
  9. only2garners

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    I remember when away fans where in the lower tier there was lots of chatter about putting them in the upper tier. Then, when the club did that there has been more chatter (on the Attendances thread I think ), about moving them back to improve the atmosphere. Stuart - perhaps you can provide some evidence that having away fans in the lower tier has affected results? I’m not sure that there is any.
  10. only2garners

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    Several pages ago it was said that the meeting spent too long talking about away fans in the Darwen End and that this was something more suited to the Fans Forum. I’ll fess up that I put the item on the agenda (even though I didn’t go to the meeting as I’m away on holiday). Generally the Forum doesn’t put questions forward as we have 6 meetings a year to talk to club management so we leave it to others who don’t . But on this issue we have talked a few times and it’s pretty clear that Steve Waggott now agrees with us that it would be better for atmosphere in the ground if the away fans were closer to the pitch, but that it is Mowbray and the team management who don’t- hence our need to ask the question of Mowbray. Of course neither I nor anyone else from the Forum could control how long the item went on for.
  11. only2garners

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    What’s this got to do with Rovers’ future form? I was pointing out that Boro have not been a very poor side recently. In fact their form over the last two months is better than Fulham’s.
  12. only2garners

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Boro’s last 10 games - won 5, drawn 2 lost 3.
  13. only2garners

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    On a roll? Their last 10 games have been won 4, drawn 2 and last 4. That includes away draws at Luton and Charlton and 1-0 wins against Boro and Stoke, and they nearly threw away a 3-0 lead on Saturday.
  14. only2garners

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Boro did have plenty of shots but quite a few were speculative and miles away. In the first half Rovers had a few scrambles in the box which probably haven't been counted as shots but could easily have led to a goal. Lies, damned lies and statistics.
  15. only2garners

    Middlesbrough (A) - Match Thread

    Judging from the side of the pitch a draw was a fair result.

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