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  1. only2garners

    Brexit Thread

    Gumboots - there was a woman on The World at One who had had her ferry trip in mid May cancelled by the ferry company. Whether it's only one specific route or all of them I don't know but you would think if they were cancelling ferries in May now they would already have done it for April. Here's a story about it - https://www.scotsman.com/business/companies/retail/ferry-customers-have-sailings-cancelled-due-to-possible-no-deal-brexit-1-4859649 If it were me I'd give them a ring now. The sooner you call the greater your options will be if you're affected.
  2. only2garners

    Brexit Thread

    You might think it's claptrap Sparks, but it appears the Government disagree with you. I've just heard on The World at One that Brittany Ferries have aleady cancelled thousands of ferry bookings through into May because their ferries are needed for the Government's emergency plans for a no deal Brexit. Patrick Minford - in an extremely competitive field of Brexiteers he is still the nutter's nutter.
  3. only2garners


    I don't think there are any plans that are nearing fruition. We have been talking to them about these sort of initiatives over the last few meetings and I think buses are the most likely to see happen first.
  4. only2garners

    Brexit Thread

    Turkey, who mentioned Turkey? Not me gov..........
  5. I'm afraid it is my opinion and sadly, it's the only one I've got. Although in this case there were one or two more on the game thread who agreed Smallwood played well. Maybe I've missed some outstanding performance away from home but I've not seen anything from Rothwell that could be described as a positive impact. I wonder whether it's the old adage about a player sat on the bench getting better and better in fans' minds as they see the shortcomings of those on the pitch.
  6. I take it you weren't at Ewood on Tuesday then? Smallwood played a number of great balls out to Reed on the right wing. I had it down as a toss up between him and Lenihan for man of the match.
  7. He had a full game at Bramall Lane and the sum total of his performance was to dive when in the 6 yard box. From the subsequent free kick United broke away and scored.
  8. It doesn't matter how many times you beat a player if you give the ball away afterwards. What matters is the end product.
  9. only2garners

    Championship 2018-19

    Perhaps that shows that your spying operation at Derby was more successful than at Brockhall?
  10. only2garners


    There's a reason why the surcharge is not there on Saturday (see above) but it's back for the game with Hull.
  11. I seem to be in a minority with regards to Rothwell. Every time I've seen him play, you seem to get the same thing. He picks the ball up and tries to beat a player or two. Often he's successful but then invariably gives the ball away. I can see why fans like a player who tries to beat people all the time but I don't see any end result. He was truly terrible at Sheffield United.
  12. only2garners


    There's no surcharge for the Ipswich game Matty. Rovers and Ipswich did a deal on ticket prices for the two games at the start of the season. There have been a few on this thread who have said that they won't pay a surcharge.
  13. only2garners


    Presumably we might find out how much an issue it is this weekend.
  14. only2garners


    That's right. For cup ties pricing has to be agreed between the two clubs and whatever is agreed for the first tie has to be done in a replay as well. That's been the case all season gumboots. We have averaged about 2,000 walk-up tickets a game over the season so far and about 800 of them or 40% have been bought with the £3 surcharge.
  15. only2garners


    I noticed as I was going into the JW Upper last night that I was the only person around me using my season ticket - everyone else had paper tickets. I firstly assumed it was a lot of non ST holders but then realised a lot were probably refugees from elsewhere in the ground.

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