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  1. only2garners


    It's now looking to me like we are going to end up with a deal with the EU by the end of the year. It will almost certainly look pretty identical to the deal we had when we were in the EU except that we won't now have any future say on where it goes to. Of course it will be spun as a great British victory when the Government bigs up the small "concessions" they have wrung from the EU - probably no more than could have been got from a bit of negotiation inside.
  2. only2garners


    In September presumably as Parliament is now in recess until then?
  3. only2garners


    So right now I don’t have a clue whether I could go and see my younger son. We live in South Ribble, outside the lockdown zone and he lives inside in Manchester. As he lives by himself he joined our bubble when he could a few weeks ago. Does that mean we are effectively one household or not? It’s academic anyway as my wife and I are leaving the country tomorrow*. (* off to Scotland for a week).
  4. only2garners


    No - we won't get there until we have sealed the all important deal to provide surplices to The Vatican City.
  5. only2garners


    Chaddy - Den's point is not that the Government have taken quick action on the rising virus cases in mainland Spain. It's that they have also included the Canary Islands where there is hardly any virus and certainly less than the UK. The Canaries are 2,000km from Madrid, Manchester is 1.500km. So we at home are actually nearer Spain's second wave than Den is, especially as the worst spot is Catalonia.
  6. only2garners

    Championship season 2019-20

    It’s a hell of a commute from Yarm.
  7. only2garners


    The old adage for gyms from before Covid still applies - walk, run or cycle to your gym. When you get to the front door turn round and walk, run or cycle home. Exercise done and lots of gym fees saved.
  8. only2garners


    Try being married to a GP gumboots. She once sent one of our sons back to school covered in spots after chicken pox. She was right that he was no longer infectious but imagine how he felt!
  9. only2garners

    Championship Season 2020 - 2021

    September 12th is currently the most likely date but nothing is agreed as yet. There was talk of the end of August which would mean fewer midweek games but it leaves a very short time - less than a month from the end of the play-offs and no fixture list can be issued until after then. September 12th has the problem of there being an International "break" right before it.
  10. only2garners


    So let me get this right: - If talking about the EU, the Government thinks we absolutely must get out of the union as we will be much stronger by ourselves? If talking about Scotland the Government believes the exact opposite - that the UK will be much stronger sticking together as a union?
  11. only2garners

    Wigan Administration

    Wigan's administrator has said that he has a preferred bidder for the club, who needs to confirm that full funding is with their lawyer and needs to sign a contract by 31st July.
  12. only2garners


    There are anti-vaxxers in the UK although not I think as prevalent as in the US. We exported our more notorious one, Andrew Wakefield, to you. They could be a significant stumbling block to the effectiveness of any vaccine even if it works.
  13. only2garners


    A turkey presumably.
  14. only2garners

    Championship season 2019-20

    Without wishing to get into the Mowbray debate that’s rubbish Mercer. Curtis’ exit poll will be carefully balanced to be a reflection of the voting public as a whole. With the best will in the world any poll on here is a self selecting poll of those who are members and come on here regularly enough to see a poll. As others have said there are other Rovers groups who similarly self select and come up with a different answer, one that equally does not represent the views of all Rovers fans.
  15. only2garners


    Milford has always been a complete economics nutter - he made no more sense in his “prime”. Now he at least performs a service as a metaphor for Brexit.

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