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  1. only2garners


    Tomorrow afternoon Den..,,,,
  2. only2garners


    The Times today was reporting him as being very happy to be called Dick. Maybe the twitterati have got to him.
  3. only2garners


    In other news I see that UKIP has elected yet another new leader, one Richard Braine. Apparently he is quite happy to be known as Dick. You couldn’t make it up.
  4. only2garners


    I've been debating all week whether to go tonight or not. I don't have a ticket but I was pretty confident I would be able to get one on the night. I think the weather forecast has made my mind up to stay and watch at home. Right now the Met Office has it as a 60-70% chance of thunderstorms between 5 and 9pm. One big thunderstorm on the ground could be enough for it to be a wash-out.
  5. only2garners

    Greatest player for a Lancashire club.

    I was born in hospital in Southport which was then very much traditional Lancashire as is Liverpool, the majority of Greater Manchester and the Furness peninsula including Barrow. It doesn't matter what the people of Liverpool, Manchester and Southport thought about it, up to 1974 they lived in Lancashire. Anyway, whatever boundary you give Lancashire the answer to your original question is still clearly Tom Finney. He could play anywhere and to boot was a wonderful human being. After retirement he would happily come to the opening of a crisp packet if it was in a good cause.
  6. only2garners


    I’ve now seen some more detail on this deal with Japan. It’s a five year deal from January and is expected to generate £10m of sales. We currently sell £400m worth of lamb to the EU. In the event of no deal this will be hit with a 40% tariff.
  7. only2garners


    Actually I understand that the deal with Japan re lamb is not technically part of the general EU deal with Japan and will therefore carry on. But that is pretty irrelevant as the Japanese hardly eat any lamb anyway. There's no way we can change the eating habits of generations of Japanese to get them to buy enough lamb to make up for the existing EU market.
  8. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    I presume it was Greg Coar, Joe. If Rob Coar (no relation) was there I doubt he would know more than Steve.
  9. only2garners

    FF Minutes July

    There's nothing wrong in raising a point that on this occasion a number of people had to miss the meeting. As it happens everyone had to my mind a good reason why they couldn't make it. You just seem to have used the point to suggest that two members should be replaced. Why two?
  10. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Why would I not refer to it by it's name though? The financial rules are known as Financial Fair Play - it seems to me much clearer for anyone reading the minutes. I should call them something else because you have some irrational point to make?
  11. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    So you want me to write abusive slang in a publicly available set of meeting minutes Vinjay?
  12. only2garners

    FF Minutes July

    Vinjay - of the 8 who were unable to attend the last Fans Forum meeting, two were unable to attend due to illness, two were at a funeral, two had last minute work commitments, one had a family commitment and one was on holiday. All 8 have a good attendance record at the Forum. Which two of those do you think we should replace?
  13. only2garners

    Kits 19/20

    I hope you got it for Christmas Deryck?
  14. only2garners


    Clearly a turning wicket Matt. They were 77-0 with Onions and Gleeson bowling. Maxwell and Parkinson came on and cleaned them up for 50. Jennings and Davies have got Lancs to 48-0, although Sussex have only just brought a spinner on.
  15. only2garners

    Championship season 2019-20

    Irrespective of how good a manager Bruce is or isn't I have plenty of disdain for him. This is the man who has walked out of contracts with clubs twice (maybe three times?) and then had the gall to complain that Rovers fans have no loyalty when we were campaigning for Kean to go.

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