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  1. only2garners


    On another forum I was reading a post from someone whose wife had come out of retirement to work at Astra Zeneca's testing facility at Alderly Edge. The site has been set up with a capability to work 24/7 on a 3 shift system. To date it hasn't got beyond one 8 hour shift a day as there simply haven't been enough tests to analyse. More of Less on Radio 4 is keeping a clear eye on the number of tests done - still haven't got anywhere near 100,000 a day. If they claim on Sunday that they've got to 200,000 it will be laughable. Maybe that's what Hancock was laughing at the other day.
  2. only2garners


    Nissan have specifically said that they are going to target America and Asia and will leave Europe to their subsidiary/partner Renault. I wouldn't be terribly confident in the long run that car production will stay in Sunderland rather than be moved to France.
  3. only2garners


    Will that be before or after he has arranged for 200,000 tests a day to be done?
  4. only2garners


    Uumm - she did say at the end of Monday night's programme that she would see us all again on Tuesday........ My guess is that this is a political compromise. It was an excellent programme though, just ripping Cummings "defence" apart and then expressing exasperation at the slimeball Andrew Bridgen when he tried to argue that Cummings had done nothing wrong after it had just been explained.
  5. only2garners


    And the fact that Emily Maitlis got reprimanded for that show (and taken off last night's show) for saying Cummings had broken lockdown rules, which Number 10 has now acknowledged that he did.
  6. only2garners


    Newsnight had it right on Monday night - Cummings broke one regulation or another. Either his wife did have coronavirus symptoms and should therefore not have left the house (and neither should he have done going back to work). Or she didn't, in which case any car journey was not essential. And of course driving to Barnard Castle whilst concerned about eyesight is a straight breaking of the law. Even number 10 has now admitted that he broke lockdown regulations, although they're not going to do anything about it, surprise, surprise.
  7. only2garners


    Right now the biggest danger to recovery from the virus is if lockdown and track and trace fall apart. If it does and there is a significant second spike there will be extra deaths which will be the direct result of what Cummings did. That’s why it’s important that Johnson takes control and fires Cummings. If he doesn’t he’s stuffed now and I fear sadly our prospects of recovery are put back a long way. That’s way more important than rushing through the opening of a few shops.
  8. only2garners

    Good News!

    I've always enjoyed cycling across the Fylde to Knott End, taking the ferry across to Fleetwood and then cycling home right round the coast, but I guess I can't do that just now. I think I might have a ride out there tomorrow though anyway. With cycling it makes a huge amount of difference what bike you're riding on. many people make the mistake of buying a cheap bike "to see if they like it" before committing to something better. Then they find it really hard work, which puts then off. These days electric bikes are a great choice for many, allowing them to take the effort out of small hills. But it still won't get over your fear of riding on roads though gumboots!
  9. only2garners

    Good News!

    Fair enough, there's no point in me trying to persuade you to do something you're not confident with. For me the Ribble Valley is a gorgeous place to ride my bike. I've done two one-way rides in the last couple of weeks round there, one from Dunsop Bridge to home and the other from home to Edisford Bridge - both to incorporate walks with my wife using the team car.
  10. only2garners

    Good News!

    You just need some more practice gumboots! I've just calculated that I've done 753 miles on my bike since lockdown started, all of it within 10 miles of home apart from a couple of recent trips.
  11. only2garners

    Good News!

    At the weekend we decided we would walk the Ribble Way as a project whilst lockdown keeps us at home. We live close to one end so decided to start at the other end and walk backwards one day trip at a time. So yesterday we drove in two cars to Horton-in-Ribblesdale, left one there and drove in the other up to Ribblehead and walked back. Horton car parks were busy but there was space and everyone had clearly left well before us, probably doing the Three Peaks. The walk back was wonderful with the morning drizzle stopping as we started and gradually the tops appeared as we headed south across the fells. Hardly saw a soul on the walk. It would have been a perfect day if my wife hadn't said as we were about to get back to Horton "where are my car keys?". Then we realised she had left them in my car at Ribblehead 6 miles away. No buses, no taxis and the next train was not for 3 hours. So we decided to wait for the train and in the meantime see if I could hitch a lift. the first car passed stopped and took me, with us both facemasked up and windows open. Horton to Settle is next.
  12. only2garners


    I have no problem with posting out testing kits, although they do seem to be difficult to adminster properly so i assume many are being wasted. The problem I have is that the Government count them as done as soon as they are in the van. Clearly the sensible way to count them is when they have been analysed - that's when they're done. That would very simply give us a total number of tests. I would be much more impressed if there had been no target and they were confirming 50,000 tests a day were being completed - it isn't enough but it;s probably more than are really being done right now. 200,000 by Monday - how are they going to fiddle that?
  13. only2garners


    I've been a number of times but not for a long time now ( more than 25 years). I just don't like spending much time in really big cities and I could also name quite a few US cities I prefer - Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and both Portlands, especially the Oregon one.
  14. only2garners


    I've resurrected this thread from 18 months ago to stop the politics thread being buried under food talk.

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