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  1. only2garners


    That was my thought too, although there's also one at Dunham and I presume at least one more....
  2. only2garners


    Which one?
  3. only2garners


    The Freemasons is excellent, as is the White Swan at Fence and the Red Pump at Bashall Eaves is good too. The Parkers Arms at Newton has a great reputation, although I've not been. In Preston Fino has recently opened and is an outstanding tapas place.
  4. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    No we aren't. We get £100K for a home match live on Sky and £10K for an away game, but nothing for the red button games.
  5. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Derby is around twice the size of Blackburn.
  6. only2garners

    Meanwhile over at Deepdale....

    Brentford are owned by Matthew Benham, who made his money from online gambling and is a fan. they will also be moving to a new ground next year. Bournemouth have been majority owned by a Russian with plenty of money.
  7. only2garners

    Coach travel to Stoke

    If you can get to Preston you can take the train - 12.17 gets to Stoke at 13.31 or 13.17 arriving at 14.32. Coming back at 18.02 getting back to Preston at 19.54. Advance tickets available now. Station car park at Preston £6. From the station take a cab or it's about a 40 minute walk along the canal towpath.
  8. only2garners

    Academy & U'21's

    No. I haven't even finished writing the minutes yet.
  9. only2garners


    So it's been quite a year for UK cycling with all 3 Grand Tours being won by British riders. And British riders have now won the last 5 in a row. I think Simon Yates' win in the Vuelta is the most impressive, one for him being only 26, which is very young for a Grand Tour winner and coming from a team which is not Sky. Sky are by some way the team with the biggest budget in world cycling and have been hoovering up a lot of young talent for several years now. But they let the Yates brothers get away and they have found great success with the Aussie team (now Mitchelton Scott). And technically Simon is the first rider born in England to win a Grand Tour. I've had a good year cycling too. I did a bit in New Zealand and Australia earlier in the year and then on a week in Mallorca in May. In between I've been regularly on the roads in Lancashire and I feel my frm is stringer now than it's ever been (at least since I was in my 20s). We are off to Greece for a week soon to a hotel with a road biking centre so hopefully I should get some more good rides in there as well.
  10. only2garners

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    That's still the only game I've been to where the crowd carried on singing right through the half time interval.
  11. only2garners

    Academy & U'21's

    Fine thanks.
  12. only2garners

    Academy & U'21's

    I just watched most of the first half from the lounge in the Blackburn End after the Fans Forum meeting. We had to guess who was playing. 0-0 at half time. Rovers were comfortably the best side in the first half and should really be in front, a combination of a few wasted opportunities and a good save or two. Rodwell is playing centre back but in truth had virtually nowt to do. A centre midfield of Travis and Tomlinson controlled the game. It was a most un Arsenal like performance but I've no idea who is playing for them - it could be a very young side. You expect them to be good on the ball and have plenty of possession even if the end product is not great but they have had little of the ball and have been caught in possession plenty of times.
  13. only2garners

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    I think Rovers might have a few left Neal...
  14. only2garners


    If that's when you get into Preston you should make it just. I've left home about a mile from the station later than that and made it.
  15. only2garners


    Presumably by now you know Faulkner was injured. Start the car Husky!

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