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  1. only2garners


    I’m not aware of a single person who has spent any time working with Johnson who has a good word to say about his skills. He seems to have the attention span of a gnat, which admittedly is something he has in common with Trump. There is a wonderful article in today’s Independent by Tom Peck about His role in delivering the Olympics. It’s often said how well he did but Peck points out he had nothing to do with any of the successes. His main “achievements “ were negotiating the deal under which his mate and Tory donor Lakshmi Mittal built his incongruous Orbit, which has done nothing but advertise Mittal’s company and the disastrous deal with West Ham to use the not for purpose stadium.
  2. only2garners

    Fixtures 2019/2020

    Well it's not gone well for me. I knew I would miss quite a number but the count is already 8 home games missed, with no doubt others missed later.
  3. only2garners


    It relates to Vinjay's unhealthy obsession with the Walker Trust K-Hod. What has the size of the company got to do with quality Vinjay? I would choose a smaller company for excellent food.
  4. only2garners


    Every Prime Minister is chosen by party members Jim. You only get to directly vote for a Prime Minister if s/he happens to be standing in your constituency.
  5. only2garners


    I suspect you're talking about two different South Banks. i don't know the one in Teeside that Gumboots is referring to but I'm pretty sure she doesn't mean the South Bank of the Thames in the middle of London. There's nothing wrong with Brixton these days - it's very busy and multi-cultural but also a very expensive place to live now. I can't imagine that extensive coverage of the leader debates is really doing the Tories much good in the polls, given the standard of debate. For those of you complaining about the lack of democracy involved in the change of Prime Minister, that;'s the way our Parliamentary democracy works. I presume you were all equally outraged when Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair?
  6. only2garners

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Unfortunately we're stuck a long way away on Brereton Boulevard.
  7. only2garners


    I too would love to find a way of encouraging more people to take out season tickets rather than picking a few games a season. Everyone these days has lots of other pressing demands on their time, be it working, looking after children, family events or like me being retired and able to travel for longer periods. Tomphil - It would be great to have an incentive for those marginal fans to get them over the line, but any scheme like that would just give an incentive for many existing ST holders to attend fewer games. I can’t see giving fans a good reason to pick and choose working. Another point we have to contend with is all the midweek games on the Sky red button. It’s difficult enough for many to get to midweek games as it is and a real problem for anyone with young kids, so offering any sort of “incentive” is just going to greatly depress actual attendances, further downgrading the match day experience. I would be delighted if a scheme could be found though.
  8. only2garners


    I can empathise with the sentiment and could benefit from such a scheme myself. I already know I will miss several games this coming season as I’m away for the second half of August and 6 weeks in Feb/March. But just offering a free ticket for a future game for any you miss will mean hundreds suddenly unable to get to Ewood on a cold wet Tuesday night at home to Charlton but all wanting to bring a mate to PNE at home on a Saturday
  9. only2garners


    Children - that's what cocaine does to you.
  10. only2garners


    Person of the Year (called Man of the Year or Woman of the Year until 1999)[1] is an annual issue of the United States news magazine Time that features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that "for better or for worse... has done the most to influence the events of the year". On that definition I have no argument with their choice.
  11. only2garners


    Anyway, what's the point of even considering a trade deal with a man who just changes tariffs on already agreed deals if he gets out of bed on the wrong side?
  12. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    It is the end of June Stuart, or at least pretty much, 1st July.
  13. only2garners

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    The only really relevant numbers will be on 1st July, the claim your seat deadline day. For me, and presumably most others, there is absolutely no point in buying before then.
  14. only2garners


    No it isn't. The vote is the accumulation of everyone who voted, not everyone on the electoral register who could vote. A vote is only registered when you use it.
  15. only2garners


    What's that got to do with the Tories taking 20% of the vote? It may well be that they only had the support of 20% of the electorate but that's not what you said. Unless you propose compulsory voting like the Australians turnout is not going to significantly change and whoever "wins" is likely to have the support of a small proportion of the electorate. I'm not a betting man but I was seriously thinking of a few quid on Rory Stewart to be either the next Prime Minister or the one after that.

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