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  1. sparky12

    Ben Brereton

    Im still pissed Shearer never thanked us on twitter when he left for Newcastle. 🙄 What a load of shite, people need to get a grip.
  2. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Shrewd bit of business from Mowbray if you ask me. Same with Armstrong, two England youth internationals, half a decent season for Brereton and the worse we would do is get our money back, look at Conor Whickham, spent the last few years bouncing round for 10-12 million fees.
  3. sparky12

    Carlisle Away

    Doubt it. Cup matches weren't last season
  4. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Please stop spouting rubbish. Thought it was bad enough the other day when you said the first half against Millwall was the worst you've ever seen us. 😏
  5. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Not been watching for long then.
  6. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Forgot to add the tweet. already sorted.
  7. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Already happened. Andy Bayes tweeted that was it for permanent signings.
  8. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Looks like they were having a coffee before driving back down to brockhall then. 🤞
  9. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Just seen on Chapman's Instagram he caught up DG for a coffee yesterday, Does he still live out that way or did Tony send him as a chauffeur 😂 Chapman doesn't seem to be part of Boro's plans, Im confident we will see him in the famous blue and white again however i think it will be a loan with the option to buy.
  10. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    The guy who runs the clubs social media Oh shame.
  11. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    When asked if there was any more business today Rich Sharpe tweeted something about being at a car showroom about to pick up some new wheels on a long term deal. Either he really is buying a new car or Ryan Grant is having us on.
  12. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Can't decide wether thats one step below or above Zurab Khizanishvili
  13. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    pretty sure we've had two. 100 pages a pop, what's to complain about 🤣

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