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  1. sparky12

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    Firstly what a pathetic call from the club. As someone who lives abroad I loved watching those videos especially last season, to be able to feel like i was there celebrating was special. I pay $180 a season to watch all Rovers games on iFollow anyway, usually followed by the official highlights on YT so hardly as if i'm taking any revenue from the B*****ds. Some people have mentioned that it could be a PL/Sky directive, now i am absolutely no expert but wouldn't what the lad is doing fall under the fair use copyright law? Not to mention if it was some sort of copyright infringement the lad should have received notice from EFL/Sky directly not from Waggots Maggots (thanks whoever coined that, i like it). Would be nice to see the club work with people who are willing to put themselves out there and have a genuine love for the club instead of alienating even more of the fanbase. Unless Briggsyboy is refused on the day would love to still see his coverage of away matches.
  2. Was very critical of Rovers and TM's line-up & subs on twitter during game but will happily admit i know nothing. Nevertheless a shocking game of football. Travis: played just okay those first 80 mins then turned it on in the last 10. Unpopular opinion: really don't think Nuttall can make the grade, did well in the air but apart from that he always seems to get caught up and lost, he can obviously score goals, loan spell in L2 would be ideal for him imo. On his goal today, yes he got himself into the right position but knew nothing about it, 2 deflections, onto his head and in, even Chris Brown wouldn't have missed. Lenihan & Rodwell: both solid at the back. Bell: surely can't keep his place, was saved by Benno moving left in 2nd half. TM must have Benno & Reed on repeat, standard tireless effort from both. All in all, much needed 3 points and clean sheet, must push on now. COYB!
  3. sparky12


    You would be right for 19/20 PL clubs but this is Chelsea we are talking about, they are simply nothing more than a player farm. They couldn't care less, it's costing them peanuts to develop players and they know that regardless of how many games they play at some point someone will pop up with a $5-10 mill offer. Any player they don't think will fit the model they would be released before they were given a pro contract.
  4. sparky12

    Ben Brereton

    Im still pissed Shearer never thanked us on twitter when he left for Newcastle. 🙄 What a load of shite, people need to get a grip.
  5. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Shrewd bit of business from Mowbray if you ask me. Same with Armstrong, two England youth internationals, half a decent season for Brereton and the worse we would do is get our money back, look at Conor Whickham, spent the last few years bouncing round for 10-12 million fees.
  6. sparky12

    Carlisle Away

    Doubt it. Cup matches weren't last season
  7. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Please stop spouting rubbish. Thought it was bad enough the other day when you said the first half against Millwall was the worst you've ever seen us. 😏
  8. sparky12

    Loan Window

    Not been watching for long then.
  9. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Forgot to add the tweet. already sorted.
  10. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Already happened. Andy Bayes tweeted that was it for permanent signings.
  11. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Looks like they were having a coffee before driving back down to brockhall then. 🤞
  12. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    Just seen on Chapman's Instagram he caught up DG for a coffee yesterday, Does he still live out that way or did Tony send him as a chauffeur 😂 Chapman doesn't seem to be part of Boro's plans, Im confident we will see him in the famous blue and white again however i think it will be a loan with the option to buy.
  13. sparky12

    Thursday deadline.

    The guy who runs the clubs social media Oh shame.

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