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  1. Jordan

    Dickson Etuhu

    The guy has seriously gone down in my estimations. Thick as well...doesn't know his own age!
  2. Jordan

    Paul Astley

    So shocked to hear this sad sad news. I only saw him on Saturday and he looked fine. RIP Paul, one of the most dedicated fans I knew. You will be missed.
  3. Jordan

    [Archived] Football Coupon

    £5 double on Citeh and Everton today however would not be too gutted to see them lose at those two teams a contenders for UEFA Cup places.
  4. Really looking forward to the final this evening. I think Part will be too strong for Shepherd however I am sure everyone will be cheering him on being the underdog and an englishman.
  5. Taylor really does not look like championship winning material so far. Both of his opponants have taken the games to the wire. Really impressed with Wade's performance in the last round and I think he could make a big impact this year. Looking forward to Van der Voort - Lewis on Boxing Day.
  6. Maybe if he was good enough for the first eleven then he would have an argument but the simple answer is he is not. In my opinion is probably is not good enough to get in the squad let alone the starting 11.
  7. Halfway through the first round and one big name out in Terry Jenkins. Fantastic match tonight between Klassen and Van der Voort.
  8. Final Taylor V Hamilton Looks like its going to be a cracker and Hamilton will definately be up for it. Shame I wont be able to watch it.....will be at the cottage.
  9. McDine does look a very good player and it was a great result against Wade, who was having, up to last night, a very good tournement. I cannot however see him winning the Grand Slam....he does look very nervous and the inexperience will show in the later stages of the competiton. Looking at the current odds....Taylor is odds on favorite at 8/13 with Jenkins second favorite at 6/1.
  10. 'One of those games which we had no control over - we were in the lap of the gods' says McClown in the press conference.............FFS we were playing in the game of course we had control over it you t1t. No a clue......now he is going on about gambles and how it did not pay off......no ###### shirlock.
  11. Well that Barney out. Looks like its Taylor's all the way now...however Jenkins looked really sharp tonight.
  12. Don't know whats worse....England's performance or Shearer's suit.
  13. Good game coming up between Vincent Van Der Voort and Terry Jenkins. Can see VDV winning this one....should be close though.
  14. Is anyone watching 'The Grand Slam of Darts' on ITV. Currently a cracking game on ITV4 between Priestley and Lewis. The crowd are really getting on Lewis' back and Priestly has brought it back to deciding leg. I must add what shocking coverage by ITV......the camerman has missed loads of shots as they do not know their way around the board.

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