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  1. bboy

    Stoke City home

    We huffed and puffed there. Lacked any real quality. Felt we missed Dack today for the first time in a while. We neither won a playoff place or lost it today. However coupled with losing 2 points on Saturday negativety is in the air. I actually thing we can't blame Mowbray too much tonight for the match itself . I'd of picked same squad apart from playing it with the 4-4-2 we used 2nd half. What I do blame Mowbray for is the lack of January recruitment. 2 seasons in a row I think it'll cost us. More so this season.
  2. bboy

    Stoke City home

    Won't panic but after a decent starting 10 minutes that went downhill. Personally think downing isn't looking great today. Needs a rest. Oh and the obvious one in Gallagher. Think a 4-4-2 is the answer here.
  3. bboy

    Stoke City home

    You feel how we start second half will be key here
  4. bboy

    Stoke City home

    https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18259224.mowbray-sets-return-date-rovers-defender-williams/ I'd expect Williams back Saturday tummy bug or not
  5. bboy

    Championship season 2019-20

    Here's one for you, if they get rid of Woodgate do you think they'd go for Mowbray? Would Mowbray be tempted by home comforts?
  6. bboy

    Championship season 2019-20

    Weird only a few weeks ago I think they were starting to settle and climbing back up the table. I actually thought our away point was very good one to get. Strange what 4-5 results do to a club and manager. Exact same with Shef Wednesday. They were 3rd at Christmas. Just beaten Leeds when we played them. Now look at them. Things change quickly in this league
  7. Days like today are why I Like the fact we get a lot of 3 game weeks in the Championship. Today will be judged a success or failure this time next Saturday. We go back to Ewood for 2 more games, difficult games but if we play with the same effort and commitment as today there's no reason we won't bring in 7 points this week. All that matters is where we are in May. A point against a good Brentford team is a good sign but what we do at Home is more important.
  8. You know what. That half was imperfectly perfect. Will be very tough next half. Huge 45 minutes.
  9. Is this the same GK we had on loan at the start of the season?
  10. Not Sure If it's the few beers on a Friday but i'm looking forward to tomorrow/ next week. This fixture defined our season last year. It could well do the same again this year. It will really be a barometer if we have or haven't progressed in the last year. It won't define whether Mowbray job is secure, he all but us having a complete collapse get's another crack at it next season (especially considering the injuries). However I think we'll know keeping in mind our 2 games after are back at Ewood if we are genuinely in a Play off fight after the week is done. That said a point tomorrow should indicate a positive result as long as it was gained in a positive manner (ALA not how we played against Fulham). 6 points this week is the minimum ideally we get some from a fellow rival!
  11. bboy

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    To dissect my opinions on Tony a liitle. Tony the man manager- his strongest skill, he clearly has the backing of his players throughout his time here. Best we've had since Big Sam. Only issues I have is too many pointless contracts last season & strange treatment of Danny Graham this season. Tony the tactision- umm hit and miss, he gets some games perfectly. He clearly wanted to change the way we play this season. However to many times early this season we where round peg in a square hole. Bennett RB was Terrible, the wide striker situation wasn't/ still isn't a solution. I have no doubt that since more players are playing in their natural position our results improved is no coincidence. Tony the player developer-- often this feels like it happens when he's forced to eg. Travis. He's also too loyal to his league one crew for too long. However if his hand was forced or not he's brought a lot of academy players into the first team and some have thrived. Tony the recruiter--mixed bag, take out Dack and it's fairly poor record. The problem is he is too old school in the transfer market too patient and refuses to let a new player instantly come into the team. He tells them that too and I feel like we've missed out on good players because of it. Too many times it feels potentially good signing seemed to have slipped away. Tony the Man- it's hard not to like the Football loving Northern bloke. I'm grateful for the 3 years. He's not the perfect manager but his time so far goes down as a success and it's a long time since we've had a manager who I'd say did that. Here's to Tony taking tovers back to where we belong!
  12. Very Harsh on Williams, early season Del looked very good as a CB, the issue was him and Lenihan are too similar. Tosin offers something different. I actually have no issue with a fit Williams there for a few games. If he was at LB we'd have issues though.
  13. bboy

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Nice Visual, interesting for myself based on league positions our harder games are at home our easier ones are Away. When the confidence is high that's a good think, but if that suddenly disappears it makes for a horrible run!
  14. bboy

    Rovers v Hull

    It's been scrappy, we where partially poor first 20 minutes of 2nd half. All that said anything but us winning would be undeserved. That being said we don't look like a playoff team. It's not all Tony's fault. He's done OK with the cards he had tonight
  15. bboy

    Rovers v Hull

    Probably edging up last 5 minutes. Looks like a very scrappy game

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