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  1. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    It's been a tough decade as a football club, we're used to it.
  2. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    Lenihan lumps it forward. Abarabioyo plays it to a teammate's feet.
  3. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    I agree with most of that, but I'd still play Adarabioyo. He's the glue at the moment.
  4. Exiled_Rover

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Oh but he lost Ronal.....sorry, Dack halfway through the season. He's done a grand job soldiering on to midtable obscurity under those trying circumstances. 4 more years I say.
  5. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    Johnson is one of the first out the door for me. I don't think he knows how to play a forward pass. His movement is diabolical too - he spent most of the second half on top of Tosin.
  6. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    Gallagher is literally scared of the ball in their box. Watch him for that JRC cross, he's actively running away from it.
  7. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    The way people talk about Dack (I'm looking at you, Yardley), you'd think he was Ronaldo in his prime. You can't possibly watch this shower and think the only thing missing is a #10.
  8. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    Imagine timewasting at home against this shower.
  9. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    I've only seen him play for the firsts, but it's clear he's got a good pass on him and he has vision. Both of these are obviously stifled by playing at LB.
  10. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    In every cameo Davenport has had he's looked a tidy, mobile player. Why isn't he getting more game time?
  11. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    Gallagher is brilliant in our box. Why isn't he brilliant in theirs?!
  12. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    So we're back to playing with this bloody False 9. Rothwell must have no stamina. He was bright for 10 minutes and now he's walkin around.
  13. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    What's with the insistence on these ridiculous nicknames? Also, 'Breo' is suspended.
  14. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    I'd keep JRC on, but play him in a more natural position for him - further forward. Season's been over for a while, the youngsters should be playing these games.
  15. Exiled_Rover

    Millwall Away

    When we have the ball, they're just getting back into their defensive shape and letting us pass it along the back 4. We have no penetration at all.

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