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  1. Exiled_Rover

    Middlesbrough (H)

    You think he's playing RW when we have the ball of his own accord, or do you think perhaps the manager has asked him to play there?
  2. Exiled_Rover

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Was he? I thought he was good when he was actually allowed to defend.
  3. Exiled_Rover


    It is funny how people see things differently. Chapman rinsed their LB and got him booked for cynically dragging him back. He was much quieter when he was, inexplicably, shifted to the left wing.
  4. Exiled_Rover


    Odd comment from Mowbray. The two worst culprits tonight were Evans and Smallwood. Absolute waste of space. Downing only bucked his ideas up in the second half. I thought the two young CBs did ok, and Buckley never stopped trying.
  5. Exiled_Rover


    Started off up front with Graham, bafflingly, on the LW. Start of the second half he was up front with Graham in a two. Once the subs came on I've no idea - somewhere in the final third, but often drifting towards the left.
  6. Exiled_Rover


    He has a poor first touch too. I've so wanted him to come good, but nothing about his game stands out.
  7. Exiled_Rover


    I'd love someone to explain who was playing where after all the subs had been made. Mowbray has lost the plot I'm afraid. We only beat Oldham because Graham and Dack decided to drag us out of the mire. Tactically, Oldham were light years ahead of us.
  8. Exiled_Rover


    He's done nothing wrong. He's not lining up next to Graham and Brereton when we have the ball of his own accord. Mental tactics.
  9. Exiled_Rover


    I've officially joined the Mowbray Out Brigade. Nyambe spending more time up front than at RB, Evans and Smallwood pulling on a Rovers shirt ever, Buckley getting brushed off the ball, Graham on the LW - it's a comedy. As for Brereton, unfortunately I don't think he has what it takes. I've willed him to come good, but he continuously let's himself down.
  10. Exiled_Rover

    Fulham Away

    Good front 6 that. If we take the game to them we've got a good chance of coming away with a result.
  11. Exiled_Rover

    Premier League Stuff

    Watching the City game - the Premier League has turned into the SPL, two teams significantly better than the rest. As for VAR - it's so poorly implemented.
  12. Exiled_Rover

    Fulham Away

    Honestly, this league is so shit that we could go down there today and smash Fulham.
  13. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    You missed Raya off the outgoings. The final bit of business today (shipping out Mulgrew and bringing in Cunningham) pushes it to a good transfer window for me. We pretty much washed our face and improved our defence and midfield from last year. I'm not a big fan of Gallager, but he'll see a lot of action this season so time will tell. I'm keen to see how Magliore gets on at Rochdale and how much time the vaunted U23 starlets get as the season progresses.
  14. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    So basically we have to sign 7 new players to have a good transfer window? Also Jenkinson is guff. Can't defend for toffee, which is a worrying feature for a right back.
  15. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    We've had far more humiliating days - this was just a slightly disappointing transfer window. How can making a cheeky loan bid for Reed be seen as a bad thing? He wouldn't have started this year. Southampton can laugh at the bid - he's 24 and they're still pimping him around the Championship for a bit of extra income. He's clearly not that good. As for the defence being weaker, give over. It's significantly stronger (assuming he plays the strongest 4 on our books - Cunningham, TA, Lenihan, Nyambe).

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