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  1. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    The lad is a walking meme. How is losing to us the worst moment of his professional life?!
  2. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    Jones posed with Manchester United gear when still under contract with Blackburn Rovers. It's been a joy watching his career flounder and flop at Old Trafford. Would never have him back.
  3. Exiled_Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Aye, saw that during the pre-season game. It makes our Venkys advert with Dunn / Nelson look classy.
  4. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    If we HAD to sell Dack or Armstrong for an obscene amount of money? Had to? I'd snap their hand off.
  5. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Whether by design or default, he's changed the formation and started to put players in their correct positions. It's basic stuff, but it's producing results - and far less infuriating than watching Mowbray try to hammer square pegs into round holes.
  6. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Brereton for me.
  7. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    The best bit about the lack of crowds is that you can hear the abuse the ref gets from the players. I'd book them all at the start of the match as a precaution.
  8. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Two pathetic penalty appeals for a desperate side.
  9. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Move Rothwell to CM, score 8 goals. It's not rocket science.
  10. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    C'mon, we've had two attacks and scored twice. Before that we couldn't get the ball off them.
  11. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    We're making them look like Brazil. Never change, Mowbray.
  12. Exiled_Rover

    Derby V Rovers

    Normally I'd agree, but we can't expect JRC to be able to sit beyond halfway for most of this match.
  13. Exiled_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window

    The absolute last thing we need is squad fillers. You have the Academy graduates for that. Spend the money on a better LB or don't spend it at all.
  14. Exiled_Rover

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    Nah, he's a L1 wide man.
  15. Exiled_Rover

    Let's Talk Tyrhys Dolan

    Armstrong has only done well for us since January, so that ratio is about right.

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