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  1. Dack holds us back when we play so defensively, yes. He's too slow to play the counter attack football that formation / team selection favours. Armstrong is also a far, far better player centrally. Another one that is wasted out wide. He should be our impact sub from here on out.
  2. If Brereton can't get a game ahead of Nuttall then it's £7m down the drain.
  3. Bennett's energy and ability to run with the ball makes such a difference in midfield.
  4. Could you please find us a couple then so we don't have to see Williams and Bennett at fullback ever again? Ta.
  5. Bell is playing down the left hand side by himself. Reed continues to drift inside. It works with Nyambe because he's a better player, but that's asking too much of Bell. Nuttall has just been shit, I'm sorry to say. Winning the odd flick on to nowhere doesn't push my buttons I'm afraid.
  6. Ok, go and find us better for £300k. He's twice the player Williams is.
  7. He can't cross so he's wasted out there. He's always holding it up looking for an overlap, or just popping it back inside to a stationary Dack / Evans / Travis. Just pointless.
  8. I'm watching the game. I'm not quite sure what people want out of Bell. As for Nuttall - he's just a donkey, unfortunately. Shocking first touch.
  9. Never understand the criticism of Bell. We're a Championship club and he's solid at this level.
  10. It's terrifying that Travis is our best player and he's only got a game because Smallwood is suspended.
  11. Every time the ball has been near him he's thrown himself to the floor.
  12. Nuttall is an embarrassment. Stay on your feet.
  13. Bloody hell, Nuttall is a League 2 player. How bad is Brereton?!
  14. Never a penalty, but that's modern day football for you.

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