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  1. vizcaya

    Stig Inge Bjornebye

    Just for the record: Bjornebye was sacked/resigned from IK Start a while ago. Unemployed at the moment as far as I know.
  2. Hmm... could be the same mr. Perez... But, does anyone have an old Rovers photo to compare it with?
  3. Totally agree with that. But, how expensive is that compared to other so-called "top-matches" at other Premiership clubs?
  4. Thanks Lee. He's really going places isn't he?
  5. It's probably been asked about already but can't find any answers... Where is Donis nowadays? Smashing plates in a Greek restaurant every tursday lunchtime or something?
  6. Hm, better even that out sharpish then What about: Emerton to Big Club?
  7. Correct, he did have a loan spell at the dingles as well
  8. I did check out Valery... The last record I can find, is that he was on Marseille's books during the 2001/02 season. Nothing to be found after that. As far as De Pedro is concerned... Well, according to Wikipedia, he disappeared after a few matches at IFK Gothenburg due to personal problems....
  9. He's manager at Scarborough
  10. True, but he was Rekdal's assistant a couple of years ago wasn't he?
  11. Totally agree with you Philly Rover on this one. It certainly has got nothing to do with this thread, as we already have established the whereabouts of the 2 (? Correct me if i'm wrong) Americans related to Rovers.
  12. Does anyone know where Jason Wilcox is these days? Last thing I can find is that he was released by Blackpool after the end of last season..
  13. Kaba Diawara - Gaziantepspor (Turkish Super League) Tim Flowers (Goalkeeping coach Man City) Stephan Henchoz - Wigan?? Jason McAteer - Tranmere?? Hakan Sukur - Galatasaray Frank Talia - Wycombe Wanderers David Yelldell - Stuttgarter Kickers
  14. Well, as far as I can see... Dino Baggio still with Lazio Eyal Berkovic - general manager of Maccabi Netanya Marlon Broomes - Stoke City Ben Burgess - Hull City tbc.... Btw, FourLaneBlue: You missed out an important one re Fulham... Chris Coleman...
  15. I'm not really bothered as long as we don't get anything like the bell that Pompey brings to every game. The most annoying sound ever at a football match in my opinion....

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