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  1. Latest VLL Share Issue

    William Bancroft is still alive? He must be 100, he was Chairman in 1971 and brought Furphy in wasn’t he. That list is a result of the desperate days of late 60s early 70s when the club pleaded with fans to buy shares to keep the club going, “Rally Round the Rovers” I think was the tag line. X games to save our club indeed
  2. Rovers v Peterborough

    One could equally argue Wigan are flat track bullies. They failed to win at home against us, Shrewsbury, Rotherham, Bradford and Charlton - I’m sure they’d have swapped the 7-0 at Oxford for grinding out wins in those games.
  3. Rovers v Peterborough

    Three really good goals, we needed our main men to step up after both having had quiet spells. Mulgrew has had an own goal in him for weeks now and I have to say I thought he was totally at fault for the mix up - he didn’t know where Raya was so couldn’t know that suddenly leaving a dropping ball was safe to do. Reminded me a bit of Rio Ferdinand’s back header in the Bentley hat-trick game.
  4. Next season budget already in place

    Thanks for that, very thought-provoking. It seems to be completely impossible to break even outside of the Premiership without selling your best players every year. I guess that what Accrington do so it can work to a certain level.

    If Mogga was just a warm body in the dugout because of all the bountiful resources he had, you are in effect saying we should be heaping all the praise and thanks on Venkys.....

    Promotion run ins tend be be decided not by how many you score, but how many you let in. Over the previous 6 games we have conceded 2 and Shrewsbury 8. Raya, Lenghan and Mulgrew have made the difference IMO, all have been immense, Home and dry now. Shrewsbury played twice knowing they could make up ground against us and failed both times, actually falling behind in real terms. They won’t bounce back from that.

    This is what it’s all about Gordon! If and when we go up you’ll be posting about this season in 45 years time, as I do about 1975!
  8. The Worst Ever Rovers Player?

    Derrick Williams after that miss yesterday. Even worse that Barry Endean putting one over the bar from a foot out at Rochdale in ‘73.

    To my mind, it’s in the difference between accountability and responsibility. Mowbray is accountable for where the team finishes, no question. I’d say he was primarily responsible for the bad start and was thus accountable to turn the ship around, making him responsible for the subsequent resurrection (62 out of 81 must be our best ever run of that length). Who’s responsible for us dropping two points yesterday - primarily Williams and Graham, - but for their egregious errors, we’d have won the game no matter what Mowbray did. Who’s responsible for Dacks loss of form - Dack. Who’s accountable for doing something about it - Mowbray.
  10. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    The easiest chance of the season, or pretty much any season. Williams is the most inept header I’ve ever seen
  11. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    I’m struggling to understand. We had three forwards and an attacking midfielder on for the last 30, and were 4-4-2 for the last 15. What approach would you prefer, 2-3-5?
  12. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    Williams totally to blame for that. Missed an open goal from a foot out that would’ve killed the game.
  13. Bristol Rovers v THE ROVERS

    I must be watching a different game. We are pressing them high, forcing a lot of errors. Players are demanding the ball, Evans and Smallwood are much better than at Gillingham. Dack is being man marked but doing the right thing and dropping deep. A few speculative shots might help plus Armstrong coming off the wing more. For tha away team at a decent upper-mid table team I think we are looking good to go on and win this.

    They’ve won 4 out of 7 at home in 2018. They’ll do well to win all 4 remaining