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  1. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Well I for one enjoyed the last hour, thought we played some good exciting stuff. Nyambe and Armstrong really gave us width and both were great. The only issues for me were upfront. How will we get by without Graham? We’ve been doing that for a few weeks now, he looked really poor today. Dack has been largely marked out of games for a while too. Both of them missed clear chances they should’ve buried. Their keeper played well, we hit the bar, fizzed across some balls crying out for tap ins - exectutional issues rather than formation/tactics. Brereton looks better and more confident each time; if Danny doesn’t start finding the net soon there might be a change coming.
  2. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    Even more disgracefully, he didn’t get on the field for a single minute in August!
  3. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

  4. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    Seems obvious to me Philip. No doubt one of the pieces of analysis the accountants would’ve done is classify the accumulated losses into wages and transfer fees. That will have shown pretty much a breakeven on fees and all the losses coming from exorbitant wages. Buying young prospects on low wages will, over time, most likely see a profit in fees and a sustainable position on wages. Spending the fees on ‘ready made articles’ would cripple the wage bill for years to come AND most likely lead to an ongoing loss on transfer fees. Of course, the success of the buy young plan depends on the nous of the manager to spot the right young talent AND his ability to get talent performing to its best. Mowbray is definitely doing the latter as shown by Mulgrew, Nyambe, Williams, Graham, Dack, Bennett etc all playing the best they have in their careers. Time will tell if he can do the former often enough. But I am convinced neither the manager nor the strategy will be changed anytime soon.
  5. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    Perfect timing!
  6. Exiled in Toronto

    ROVERS v qpr

    A dire game for the most part, mainly because of QPR’s spoiling tactics and several of our players being below par. For all the teeth gnashing though, if Graham has brought his shooting boots we’d have won at a canter. No doubt the decisive sub was young Ben, he made the penalty and him and Dack in the bottom corner the last few minutes was priceless. QPR didn’t have one serious effort on goal so I can’t see that we “stole the game”.
  7. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    I think we all agree on that. He has more pages on this thread than consecutive minutes on the field! 😂 Another poster mentioned MGP, I’d forgotten Hughes didn’t play him for months till an away cup tie when he played most of the stiffs, scored a goal and the rest is history (kinda)
  8. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    I think it would be more driven by Mowbray’s sense of loyalty and fair play than by the pen pushers Tony. I get the impression he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night bringing in a bigger earner. Plus none of his signings while he has been here come close to being finished articles, other than Dack who was still a significant punt we should remember, and did come minutes away from spending a chunk of this season in jail. I think Mowbray is a builder rather than an assembler, so I’m not expecting many signings to walk straight into the team.
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    I suspect the visits by the accounting firms has had an influence over how the club spends its money. £7 million on a young prospect is a big departure for us, but that £7m will i) be weighted towards performance-related factors and ii) be amortized over the life of the contract, so I’d be surprised if more than £1m hits the accounts in the first year. Given inflation trends in transfer fees, if he makes any kind of good impression, he’ll be worth 2x or 3x that in a year or two. The accountants will most likely have pointed out that such a scenario is financially much lower risk than buying proven players on much bigger wages. The wages can’t be amortized and, should they be higher than for our existing top players, there’s a multiplicative effect. Bring in a player on £30k/week and most likely you’d have to give Mulgrew, Evans, Dack, Graham and Bennett an extra £10k/week each, all that adding up to £4 million a year extra hitting the accounts. And the said proven player could break his ankle in the first week, or be another John Radford. I think this was a much a financial as a football decision
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    Unsall’s titbits have been on the money for years.
  11. Exiled in Toronto

    ROVERS v qpr

    Will always remember QPR for the game in our relegation season to Div 3 under Quigley/Carey. Needed to win and lost 1-0 with an even worse ref than last Saturday, to which one fan, who had been stood right behind me in the Bburn End, responded by running on the pitch and kicking Phil Parkes in the nuts. Happy days!
  12. Exiled in Toronto


    Just watched the Reed interview on iFollow and he said something interesting re this debate, along the lines of the lads weren’t dispirited at half time, they were sticking to the plan, thought they were doing well and would at least get an equalizer. So there was a plan - I don’t know what it was even having watched the game - but the players did and seemed confident in it. If it was the case that half the time we pick up points in spite of Mogga, as I’ve read more than once on here, I very much doubt the squad would be as visibly behind him as they are.
  13. Exiled in Toronto


    Accountable to who? All the fan base? How would that work then? I’m sure they all conscientiously give their inputs as best they can to represent their views and the views of fans they know. If you believe those views aren’t representative then the onus is on you to volunteer and put your views across. Then I can harangue you for not representing my views! 😁
  14. Exiled in Toronto


    If they had been elected there would be some clear cause for accountability, but they aren’t. It’s a forum of a cross-section of fans giving their own personal opinions and perhaps those of their family and friends. It’s better than the club asking no-one but not as good as the club asking everyone. They are no more accountable than respondents in a market research project are to the mass of brand buyers.
  15. Exiled in Toronto


    Have you ever considered that you finding it strange and confusing might possibly be caused by you not having studied hours of videos of West Brom, not having played in and managed c1200 pro games and thus having no idea of the purpose of the formation? By all means we should express surprise, it’s the automatic conclusion by many that the manager is clueless that winds up the more open-minded fans.

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