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  1. Exiled in Toronto


    He’ll have moved down the pecking order even more the way he completely screwed up a 2-on-1 in the last few minutes and gifted them the ball
  2. Exiled in Toronto


    As soon as Dack missed I thought here we go, Boxing Day 1977 all over again, and it bloody was except even more heart-stopping with the penalty. Three well taken goals, two sublime assists from Bennett, an unbelievable save from Raya. 110% effort from everyone. Only disappointment for me was Bell swinging and missing at the back post for their second.
  3. Exiled in Toronto


    A top 6 performance that half, everyone is playing well.
  4. Exiled in Toronto

    Meanwhile over at Deepdale....

    They very nearly won both the league and the cup in the early 60s when it was Finney and ten others
  5. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    To my mind, our poor distribution showed the difference in class between the teams. Most players can perform the basics when not under pressure; when we pressed them their passing was crisp, sharp and accurate, when they pressed us in possession we were awful. The rebuilding project still has a long way to go. As an aside, thank God Mogga was able to persuade Graham and Mulgrew to stay. Graham looked real class when he came on, that cushioned header for Dack’s big chance was sublime - good work by the keeper who got a foot to the ball and put Dack off
  6. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Biggest point of the season so far. I can’t wait to see Tonyoz’s analysis, a sea of red ink! Whether or not Mogga got it wrong, I can’t recall seeing so many unforced errors across the entire team
  7. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    Getting to half time still level has been a minor miracle. More than one reason for the mullering IMO: Derby do look good, we are leaving too much space in front of the back 4 - Smallwood should drop back 5 yards - Palmer has zero defensive nous, Conway should’ve been shot for keeping that attack alive, Raya has been a bag of nerves, and Dack hasn’t touched theball for half an hour. Wrong line up but I bet Mogga has never subbed in the half hour mark in his career; that and the bodies on the line defending has kept us in it. I fancy a smash n grab 1-0 win here
  8. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Thanks. Getting the two confused in my mind’s eye.
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers v Villa - 15th September 2018

    Proper big club, Villa. Victorian supremacy, European cup winners, the Holte End, traditional kit (ish). I remember when they came down to the third division in Furphy’s time, beat us good and proper at Ewood with more away fans than we’ll see on Saturday. Two cracking 5th round cup games under Kendall, we equalized last minute at Ewood with an OG then went to a packed Villa Park and took the lead, oniy for Tony Morley (I think) to rip us a new one. And then the Steve Archibald 3-2 win was one of my top 10 Ewood games. The excitement of seeing a player like Archibald, a cracking game with cracking goals. My prediction Rovers 3 (Crawford, Kennedy, Archibald) Villa 1 (Withe)
  11. Exiled in Toronto

    Smallwood signs

    True, but our exceptional team spirit that it supports will win us a lot more
  12. Exiled in Toronto

    Smallwood signs

    I think he will drop Smallwood when it’s clearly justifiable to the other players that someone else is better. Which means Richie has to fail on the field a few times in succession and one of the new lads has to be burning it up in training and subs appearances. I think we are nearly there on both aspects. Merit has to be seen to be earned and lost with Mowbray IMO.
  13. Exiled in Toronto

    An Assessment of Player performance v Bristol City

    Given how transparently fair Mowbray is, I’d expect him to restore Williams as Bell hasn’t unequivocally earned the shirt while Williams has been injured.
  14. Exiled in Toronto

    Bradley Dack

    I’ve been struck by the comparison between Bradley Dack and Dominic Samuel. Dominic spent summer working to improve himself; Bradley spent summer getting fatter. Both have encountered a personal set-back; Dominic bears up stoically and promises to come back fitter and stronger, Bradley snivels in court that he’s terrified of prison. You should be matey, that’s the point. And a pretty boy like that should be doubly terrified - that arse might be good for holding off defenders, but may not fare so well against a 20- stone Neanderthal cellmate.
  15. Exiled in Toronto

    Bradley Dack

    Here’s an alternate theory: the problem isn’t due to him mixing with the wrong sort, it’s that he is the wrong sort.

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