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  1. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    I thought the stonework looked West Yorkshire pennine towns
  2. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Except Rovers didn’t beat Old Etonians in the final
  3. Exiled in Toronto

    Republic of Ireland 11

    I’d take Brotherston ahead of the bookies’ favourite.
  4. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    A very enjoyable series. The factual inaccuracies are there to sharpen the Interpersonal and inner conflicts which drive all drama. Each character is conflicted by some element of the football story presented: Toffs vs factory lads; amateurs vs pros (between and within teams); Blackburn vs Darwen. The football story was changed (and had to be imo) to sharpen those conflicts. Olympic was the first working class team to win the cup but had no pros. Rovers had pros and dominated the game but were stacked with public schoolboys. It would’ve been far too confusing, and detrimental to the drama, to stick to reality.
  5. Exiled in Toronto


    Bloody Dalglish not being able to close a game out....
  6. Exiled in Toronto

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Ditto, I made all those observations to Mrs B. I’m not sure about the Old Etonians all being cads and bounders storyline, I’m pretty sure they didn’t invent the rules just to bend them, and it was us playing two pros! Onward to episode 2 and the semis!
  7. Exiled in Toronto

    Ben Brereton

    Mowbray’s wording has subtly changed from “He will..” to “He needs to...” ie nothing to do with me Guv. I watched the first goal vs Derby again and Brereton was just pathetic at the beginning of their move, running away from the guy who burst past Downing. You can see Downing yelling and pointing Brereton to the guy but he does nothing. So then it’s a two in one against Travis and bang, 1-0
  8. Exiled in Toronto


    He hasn’t been worth £2 million the last two games without Lenihan beside him
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    I’ve only ever seen him ghost past midfielders who are mostly content to let him run across the pitch. However, near the penalty area he either runs into traffic, passes to an opponent or puts crosses into the Riverside - as you say, a classic number 10...
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    He had the best possible development money could buy at Utd. Had two loans, neither of who came back for him, and ended up at Oxford Utd. where he’d still be if we hadn’t signed him for nothing. A lot of football people better than Mowbray must have also used him badly. Or maybe he’s just a bit crap.
  11. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    It’s only a missed opportunity if we are good enough to take it, which we aren’t. There’s more holes in this squad than Swiss cheese, the biggest ones being the Brereton and Gallagher-shapes ones (plus scorer of great goals not great goalscorer Armstrong.) A decent season, IMO, depended on two of those three hitting 15+ goals, and two of them aren’t going to have 15+ goals Rovers careers. Add in the awful Rothwell and that’s four “goal threat” players who all looked League 2 standard today. Gallagher, Rothwell and Brereton together have 41 starts with four goals and two assists between them. Pathetic. If we start with Nyambe, Lenihan, Tosin, Bell, Travis and Johnson we can stay in a game. As to the other four, Armstrong Graham, Downing and Rankin-Costello would be my picks. Still a midtable team though.
  12. Exiled in Toronto

    Derby County (A) - Sunday 8th March [3pm KO]

    Injuries and suspensions catching up with us at the back. Nyambe not fast enough out to close down the shooter for both of them, plus the downside of playing Downing in centre mid exposed by Travis’s early booking. I feel with Johnson and Lenihan it’d be 0-0. Can we finally see the back of Joe Rothwell? Completely peripheral until setting up Derby’s second with his usual sloppiness. Waste of a shirt at this level unless it’s against some crap team at home. And with Armstrong misfiring the last 2/3 games we have become toothless as no-one else is capable of stepping up.
  13. Exiled in Toronto

    Promotion next season?

    Building to promotion doesn’t always work. Three of the five relegation seasons I witnessed followed on from top half finishes (from memory - can’t be arsed to go upstairs for my Jackman) The first two relegations to the 3rd Div and Woy’s second season.
  14. Exiled in Toronto

    Championship season 2019-20

    I do remember them, and miss their contributions, which often had a subtle wit. But neither of them made any bones about their provenance; indeed, didn’t we all refuse to believe MG Road’s claim to work in Venky Towers? The last ten years on here have shown me, for one, that the opinions of the 20-30 prolific posters are as fixed as Mount Rushmore, irrespective of which new posters wander inadvertently into the echo chamber!
  15. Exiled in Toronto

    Championship season 2019-20

    Of the many hilarious things posted on here, the fact that some posters think theirs views are so important that someone would be paid to argue against them tops the lot! Excellent set of results all things considered, even a draw tomorrow wouldn’t be a disaster.

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