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  1. Exiled in Toronto

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Five points sounds a lot but all four playoff teams are catchable, and it would be unusual for one of four not to implode.
  2. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Having been to a Boca Jnrs game there I agree, the noise just bounced straight back off it.
  3. Exiled in Toronto

    Would you sign Christian Walton

    Surprised not to see credit given to our goalkeeping coach for Walton’s improvement, given he was personally responsible for every Raya error.
  4. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    The Ewood Bombonera. A bank of private boxes along one side.
  5. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Well you couldn’t take your eyes off that game for a second - never a dull moment! The back five with Johnson and Travis in front of them were terrific I thought. If they can all stay injury free we definitely have a chance. The subs made us better, at then end it was us more likely to nick it. Armstrong getting two 1-on-1s was as much as we could’ve hoped for. I was screaming at him to take the second one around Raya who had shown with the first one spreads himself for the shot. Refs are killing the game though. 22 players gave everything toe-to-toe and the ref awards two goals for touching, not even pushing or pulling.
  6. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Same for me, I though Tosin lost him.
  7. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    Impressed by Brentford’s speed of thought and passing, Nyambe and Bell having to stay back and still getting done too often. Great battling performance though against a technically better team. You can see why Brentford score a lot and also concede, our goal was made simple by a dozy defender, great touch by Arma then the world-class Raya completely in no-mans-land.
  8. Exiled in Toronto

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Very good read and indicative, IMO, of the strategy put in place by the consultants, which I hypothesise as follows: 1) Promotion at all costs as early as possible is not the plan IF you assume that the owners are rich as Croesus and not bothered by an extra year or two of funding losses. Given that promotion now guarantees you at least £300m even if you come straight down, an extra year or two of £20m losses is irrelevant. 2) The synergy between a player-producing academy and a manager willing to take the long view in bringing them into the team as they mature is deemed more important to the sustainability of the club than reacting to short-term results and bringing in a manager who ignored the academy. Add these two together and: - Mowbray would have to have a really bad season for his job to be at risk. - He will be judged at the macro-level. So while Brereton for £7m is endlessly focused on on here, it doesn’t matter strategically which of Armstrong and Brereton cost £7m and £1.5m. - The next manager is Johno.
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I can’t say that many fans were excited when the ex-manager of ten losses in a row 4th Div Coventry walked through the door, or when we still went down (although to put it at his door after 30 points from 32 games Coyle is extremely harsh). From that point on however, would many of us have EXPECTED to be higher than we are right now? I do understand the “not the man to take us further” point, although sacking someone for what he may or may not do in the future is not a standard many of us would accept if it was applied to us in our own workplaces. But hey ho, given the owners didn’t sack Kean for raping and pillaging the club, I think there is zero chance they will sack Mowbray for some hypothetical future failure. There is no clock, ticking or otherwise. Lastly, I don’t know Chaddy, but cannot for the life of me understand the mass obsession with what he thinks, or thought, or both. Strange world.
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Brentford (A) - 12:30pm KO (Sat 22nd Feb 2020)

    When looking at opponents, I deduct the points advantage from the first head-to-head to see how we have each performed against everyone else, and these boys are miles ahead of us, versus the likes of Preston and Fulham whose points advantage is entirely due to one-offs. I’d take a point now.
  11. Exiled in Toronto


    I would have found it amazing 9 months ago to think that we could top such a table without any goals from Dack, Graham and Mulgrew.
  12. Exiled in Toronto


    Not really, he’s been in the building 13 months. Plus, matching Brereton is the lowest of low bars. He’s not going to get any faster from now on.
  13. Exiled in Toronto

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    I won’t if you don’t ignore we are three points off the playoffs 😁 The poster said it was still a real thing.
  14. Exiled in Toronto


    Nothing. I thought yesterday was just like his other few cameos this year: no greater pace that a typical fullback and no tricks.
  15. Exiled in Toronto

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Not sure Benno would agree with you, 9 first teamers injured and he’s still a bench player.

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