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  1. Exiled in Toronto

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Exactly, we are inconsistent partly because of the manager fiddling too much and partly because most of the players are quite capable of having shockers. Definition of a mid-table team.
  2. Exiled in Toronto

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    Anybody else’s dad play in this St.Josephs team on Ewood in 1938?
  3. Exiled in Toronto

    Any Mill Hill St Peters veterans?

    It was St. Joseph’s, I just found my dad’s winners medal from the game in 1949.
  4. Exiled in Toronto

    Sheffield Wednesday (A)

    Good to see Joe Rothwell neck and neck with Walton, Nyambe and Brereton on goals and assists from his 12.5 hours in the pitch. 0-0
  5. Exiled in Toronto

    Corry Evans

    Not even deemed a yellow. And it’s not like he had his head really low.
  6. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    Impossible to answer for two reasons: 1) None of us can begin to imagine how billionaires think about anything. Barry owns 70 luxury cars and I own a Ford Escape, so I doubt we ever share a similar thought about motoring. 2) There is no ‘we’. The ownership and the fans have absolutely nothing in common, even though they own our club. The only stakeholders in ‘keeping going like this’ are them, and they could probably keep going for decades on a financial basis.
  7. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    That could’ve been, and most certainly was, written 8 years ago. Mercer has been saying they are skint for at least that long and yet here we still are. Not once has their approach to the manager situation given any hint of it ever being boom or bust. No-one knows what their plan is and under what circumstances they would sell, pull out or something else altogether.
  8. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    Good spot. The chants of “Mowbray Out” ringing out of the stands yesterday confirms your point.
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    Whatever the feelings of however as big a portion of the fan base, the manager situation will be governed by some inconvenient facts. 1) We don’t know who decides on these things, let alone when and why. 2) Whoever does decide has consistently shown themselves to be not only impervious to fan sentiment but arrogantly dismissive of it. 3) There is no evidence that not getting promoted this year, or even close to the playoffs, is seen by whoever is in charge as being an issue that must be addressed. 4) Even if he got canned, picking a better one is not the simple exercise the name-droppers seem to think. Two-thirds of managers get sacked every year because people who do this for a living got it wrong. 5) If we are so attractive a prospect, why were people in the game phoning the unemployed Mowbray advising him not to take it? Why did Lambert eff off? 6) The most successful appointment of recent times - Wilder at Sheff Utd - would’ve been met with howls of outrage on here: six years at Halifax, six at Oxford and then snatched from Northampton. Personally I’m not holding my breath.
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    Scrappy game - made a lot scrappier by cheating Preston and an appalling ref - between two mid-table teams in no danger of going up or down. Bell and Downing were our best players I thought, and Nyambe making a mug of Gallagher was good to see, although we must accept that Nyambe is a crock. Unlucky not to win it at the death.
  11. Exiled in Toronto

    Preston (home)

    Can’t believe another 5 changes from the team that lost to 10-man Brum reserves... Key game for Holtby in the #10 role - make it yours lad.
  12. Exiled in Toronto

    Sam Gallagher Stat

    Far too generous a description, I’m not sure the ball that hit Armstrong had enough power to reach the line.
  13. Exiled in Toronto

    MGP Event

    Here’s the thing: we all thought he couldn’t miss. Any of the Three Stooges get a similar opportunity today and we’d all expect it go for a throw in, a counter-attack that puts us 1-0 down or into the River Darwen.
  14. Exiled in Toronto

    January transfer window 2020

    I see no reason why both of these perspectives wouldn’t be true. Dack’s agent agreeing a salary if sold is a long way from Venky’s agreeing to sell him.
  15. Exiled in Toronto

    Sam Gallagher Stat

    A better picture of the Keystone Cops. Would make a good “What happened next?” Question of Sport brain teaser

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