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  1. “The gaffer came up with the routine. We worked on it in training yesterday after being shown their weaknesses at set plays.” Quote from Johnson
  2. Exiled in Toronto

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I think something major happened in the dressing room after Barnsley, Mowbray’s post match comments and demeanour were quite different to usual. Since then we have been transformed.
  3. I loved watching that, best team performance of the season by a country mile for me. Some players put a real stake in the ground - Bell, Johnson, Gallagher and Holtby were all excellent. Plenty of food for thought: - That team would’ve beaten Wednesday’s team I reckon. - Not having time build the team around Dack does throw up some interesting options.
  4. Johnson gives us two things that Evans does not: someone who can win headers and a cracking shot. Not as good at closing down and nicking the ball though. Very enjoyable game so far.
  5. Personally I think starting a 35-year-old Downing two and a half days after him playing 94 mins away at Swansea would be more deserving of the sack. Keeping that bloke fit is key to our season IMO.
  6. That’s always the argument for Rothwell, some hypothetical achievements. “All he needs is starts” was the mantra. Well, clearly not. He’s had one good showing and no end product from five of them. So how many more? He’s 25 next month and hasn’t yet got to 70 league starts or 10 league goals, so I don’t buy into the mantra that the only thing wrong with Joe Rothwell is Tony Mowbray.
  7. I’m beginning to think this message board has as big a blind spot about Rothwell as Mowbray does about Bennett. Another game where he made no impact on the score line while the much-maligned Armstrong lays one on a plate for Graham. Holtby for Dack is a good chance to see if we should cash in on Bradley in Jan and Bennett (our top provider of assists) wide right moving Armstrong to the left would be my choice.
  8. Exiled in Toronto

    Swansea City (A) - F*ck it, let's make it five!

    Was concerned beforehand this would be a game too far for that 11. Most of our players simply aren’t consistent enough for us to expect the same 11 to do the business week in, week out. Which makes it a good point in the circumstances. Well, Rothwell has had the run of starts everyone said would definitely enable him to show his potential. And he has.
  9. Exiled in Toronto

    Jim Smith RIP

    Those were the days when fans could really get to a player. He spent half the game flicking V’s to the Riverside then finally went berserk when Bailey dived for a penalty. Back to Smith, has any other manager signed three such fans favourites as Garner, Noel and Waggy, all for pennies? Best to forget about Radford and Svarc though.
  10. Exiled in Toronto

    Jim Smith RIP

    The two classic games of his era. I remember seeing an old codger in the Nuttall St stand empty his flask on Osgood as he went down the tunnel for his early bath. Also can’t think Jim enough for bringing Waggy to Ewood.
  11. Exiled in Toronto


    Unfortunately it’s equally simple for both teams. The hard bit is doing it consistently better than everyone else. 4-4-2 had a good run but ultimately got out-thought.
  12. Exiled in Toronto

    Swansea City (A) - F*ck it, let's make it five!

    Very good analysis. There’s obviously far more to it than “Round pegs, round holes”. The combination of Lenihan, Tosin, Downing, Nyambe, Evans and Travis has transformed how we play up the pitch. Tosin is interesting as he doesn’t pass to the centre mids, he passes through them to one of the attacking players coming short (short in this case still being 30 yards away). This is clearly coming from the training ground. My worry is that opponents will soon figure it out and know he’s going to do it whereas currently it’s a complete surprise a centre back would even try it. That gives licence to the centre mids to be heading up the pitch for when the ball doesn’t stick to the forward and hence why they are snapping at the opponent with the ball in their half rather than ours, again, completely unexpected (at the moment). Downing always gives it to a blue and white shirt, plus can put corners on a sixpence, although I found myself getting annoyed with Rothwell on Saturday for never offering an under pressure Downing an out ball down the line by being out of position, making Downing turn inside on his right foot too often. Nyambe’s surges down the wing, and high position in general, must put doubt in the winger’s mind not to commit too far forward. Plus Bennett makes the ideal sub as he can fill in pretty much anywhere. Although being honest, Nyambe’s surges very rarely lead to anything concrete. Its great to watch those six at the back at the moment, but they will soon be rumbled plus an injury to any of them may well derail the whole thing.
  13. Exiled in Toronto

    Championship season 2019-20

    I think we are still a mid-table team. Five wins out of six and we aren’t in the top six, which means we’ll need another five from six to get in the mix, then two points a game from then on. Unlikely for a team capable of winning one in eight.
  14. Exiled in Toronto

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Swapping Tosin for Charlie is beginning to look like a master stroke. He plays the ball out of defence better than Charlie and defends a hell of a lot better, and much higher up the pitch. Downing has also proved an excellent acquisition.
  15. Agree 100%. The catalyst for change was the manner of the Barnsley game IMO.

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