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  1. SamTheShrew

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’m not a rugby league fan no, but the BBC have been doing a great job of raising the profile of MND, regularly catching up with rob burrow, doddle weir and Steven Darby. Sadly there are more parallels with the speed of Rob Burrow’s deterioration and that of my dad compared to Doddie Weir. They all tackle it head on with a smile: huge credit to them. one blessing, if you can call it that, is grieving during that person still being around. You can make memories. I did the Shrewsbury half marathon pushing my dad around only a month before he went. Great day out for all with such amazing support. My dad was an old PE teacher and yet it was the first half marathon he’d done! apologies for derailing the transfer thread folks
  2. SamTheShrew

    Summer Transfer Window

    Very sorry to hear of your loss pal. Lost my dad the same way in December, just around 2 years following diagnosis. found it absolutely ridiculous that MND sufferers weren’t put on shielding/vulnerable list given the breathing problems that the illness develops. good man Mike E for your charitable donations. I will reciprocate to the deaf society in kind 👍
  3. SamTheShrew

    Ep 135 - Tim, Matt & Tugay

    Listened to this whilst running - great episode, thank you. my rovers support resonates a lot with Matt’s. I too wanted the 93-94 flowers multicoloured and jewelled gk top but was disappointed for it to be sold out. Therefore, my first rovers shirt was the equivalent yellow gk top which, although well worn, was never quite the same. Thankfully, I fulfilled a dream in the mid 2000s and got the shirt I always craved from classic football shirts in their early years. It now sits pride of place in my collection. Thank you also for the episode with Andy Bayes discussing MND and Len Johnrose. It was very well done and informative to those who do not know a lot about it. My dad died in December after a 2 year battle with MND which robbed us of a great man and deprived my children of ever really knowing their grandad. My old man used to referee Sunday league so that he could buy us tickets to head up the M6 from Stafford to Ewood on a monthly basis. An old gooner, he fully embraced my support for Rovers and had a lot of time for the club and it’s people pre Venkys. He always thought rovers a great family club. Since he was diagnosed, as a family we have raised around 20k for the Motor Neurone Disease association. It is great that the BBC continues to raise the profile of MND and those who suffer from what is one of the most cruellest of illnesses. We shall continue to fundraise so that hopefully a cure will be found one day. Keep fighting Len.
  4. SamTheShrew

    Bournemouth away

    My thoughts exactly. Far too easy
  5. SamTheShrew

    Bournemouth away

    We’ve done well today but defence frailties are glaringly still there. kaminski faultless for all. Looks assured. A good debut despite conceding 3
  6. SamTheShrew

    Bournemouth away

    Do I have to listen to bbc Solent on ifollow or can I switch it to lancs?
  7. SamTheShrew

    Football Magazines

    I distinctly remember writing on my wall chart, under transfers in: Michael Watt, Aberdeen, (loan) 🤷‍♂️😂
  8. SamTheShrew

    Football Italia

    I used to watch all of the random sports on transworld sports prior just waiting for gazetta to come in on a Saturday morning. I was Juve, purely down to Alessandro Del Piero. Genius. Had me a proper fake kit from Majorca in 1996, back before you could really get European shirts in the UK. I also used to stay up to the early hours Watching ‘football America’ on the new channel 5, and like to think I knew about Marcelo Salas before anyone in this country. Still one of my favourite players from my youth. as an early teen I watched anything and could probably rival a Rothmans book for obscure knowledge about a lower league journeyman’s entire transfer football history and their exact transfer fees. Now I barely watch football, and know hardly anything about any of the players. Fell out of love with it post 2010 for obvious reasons. i do however run a lot. And on these runs I listen to: gazetta football Italia! the quickly Kevin, will he score? 90s podcast is also absolutely brilliant. Take me back already
  9. SamTheShrew

    Football Magazines

    Shoot used to do play on words with players, and show them as some sort of hybrid of these. off the top of my head rovers related: henning ice-berg (Face on ice, not a lettuce) paul Ince-stants (face on lottery ticket) Tim sherwood-forest (Face on a Forest, naturally) Non-rovers Lee Sharpe (with knives for hands like Edward Scissorhands) I was also published in shoot, under the letter title ‘expensive English’. This was to complain at the extortionate price we paid for a one Kevin Davies in 1998!
  10. SamTheShrew

    Leicester away

    What a nice feeling to see some genuine speed in the squad, something that has been lacking for far too long
  11. SamTheShrew

    20/21 kit

    Reminds me of Crystal Palace. No thanks. I wonder if it would be better if the blue was black?
  12. Bell is dreadful. Left back needs to be priority. wharton ok but remains to be seen in championship hope for BB from that. Needs a consistent run of games, and hopefully goals fisher never a first choice, not sure even second dolan exciting at every touch. Could go all the way to the top nice to say that we are not out of the cup in August!
  13. anyone got the stream working via iFollow yet? I’ve not used it before and I get an error on the iPad app and just the spinning loading wheel via the browser
  14. SamTheShrew

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    Quite the businessman I believe. Wish he had stuck to that instead
  15. SamTheShrew

    Worst Rovers signing ever?

    For relative size of money to era, Kevin Davies. He only scored twice, both against Sasa Illic of Charlton who fumbled them both. Although I think Woy has some blame here. Always remember Dave Jones at Soton saying he rejected 3 million, but would have accepted 3.5. Woy‘s next bid was 7.25million 🤷‍♂️ Frivolous with Jack’s cash for sure. Personally, I always hated Ashley Ward. He was just crap. That 1 on 1 in the United game of 99 where we needed to win to stay up, and he chipped crapply wide. I cried my eyes out that night at Ewood watching Jack do the same. Thanks Ashley

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