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  1. Any enjoyment has been sucked out of watching Mowbray’s Rovers over the last two years. Never been less excited about a cup game. meh. We go again. The nightmare continues
  2. Can anyone use these for £3 postage? As good a place as any
  3. And me. Brilliant times and I count myself fortunate to be a Rovers fan at these times and to have experienced the success. We had a great team in the Dalglish, Souness and Hughes years. I managed to get the 125 shirt unworn on eBay, in box with tags. A little more memorable for me as well as I was actually mascot for the game. Was given the normal kappa shirt though.
  4. I was lucky enough to have two tours around Ewood with Ronnie Clayton to ourselves. He was fantastic, really loved and lived the club. always remember how he stuck the Burnley crest behind the door in the board room. Legend
  5. We spent two weeks before end of term teaching about New York and then 9/11 through the hook of Philippe Petit walking the twin towers. Crazy to think it was 20 years ago now. Some kids were aware of it. They handled it brilliantly to be fair considering they are 10/11
  6. How do you view what others have written? I can only see what pascha has written or liked himself
  7. We have never had that run of form you talk about under Mowbray I’m the championship. There is literally nothing on display to suggest we will go on such a run; it’s far more likely this poor run will continue. This team has big problems, created by Mowbray, thst he himself has no ability to sort.
  8. Twitter 95% against Mowbray in replying to @rovers full time except some guy who wants to raise a statue to Mowbray 🤷‍♂️🤦
  9. When was the last time a manager resigned? In fact, Holloway did a few days ago! Before that however? Years. They lose their pay off then. We will find out if Mowbray is the honourable guy people hold him to be.
  10. Greater good. im certainly not watching anymore this season whilst Mowbray remains so would be the better outcome
  11. Apathy. I want to feel excitement again! This won’t happen until after Mowbray
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