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  1. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    Is Vale injured? Not even on the bench.
  2. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    Any chance this one is being screened anywhere online?
  3. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    It's his age that gives me added pause. If he was 18 I'd get it, but I dunno what we are accomplishing by taking on a 22 year old then putting him back down 3 tiers below us where we found him. The LT article talked about Davenport pushing for first team involvement, well if that happens we need the bodies in the u23s, which is why I thought we got him in the first place.
  4. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    Wondering what the point is of Tom White going out on loan to the same level we plucked him from. Thought he was doing well?
  5. Hope so. Otherwise it is Bell at LB and Nyambe on the bench...
  6. My only issue with that (other than whether Lenihan will be ready to be plunged right in) is Johnson. He has been very shit the last few times I've seen him. Currently I'd put nearly any of our CM options ahead of him, he's been that poor. Evans, Bennett or Downing. Not that I'm sold on any of them.
  7. bluebruce

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    In a nutshell. Tony just isn't a good judge of a player. That's probably his single biggest problem, closely followed by having no clue where to play them on the pitch.
  8. bluebruce

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Sorry, I thought you meant January. I'm still not convinced it'll be the right area of the pitch to target in the summer, but the budget should be larger then. More because that's when a new pool of Venkys money is likely to appear, if it does at all, than because of the outgoings above. Walton and Jayson are going to need replacing. Tosin and Cunningham are going to need replacing. Even one of Hart or Bell is going to need replacing for depth. Mulgrew may need replacing (I know we aren't playing him now, but we are seeing that we are too thin even on numbers at CB..I'd be looking at two CBs). Smallwood doesn't need replacing. If TM is still here you can bet your left nut Bennett won't be going anywhere. Even under another manager, EB is likely to be deemed a useful, experienced, versatile squad member (hopefully not a fucking starter though) so may be kept. Downing I wouldn't replace unless someone special shows up (that might be where a Milner might fit tbf), think we have enough wide options and kids coming through there. Graham and Samuel out of contract is likely to be more than swallowed up by the need for a new striker (again, jesus...). Unless this is a clever loan, there's probably gonna be a big fee sucking up any savings we make after replacing all of the above and probably more. I don't see a lot being left over after all that. I'm not even sure we can afford getting the right quality of players to replace those properly as it is, unless our recruitment steps up its game big time or some youth players absolutely light it up this year. I can't see us shifting Evans for more than 500k. With his wages we could be lucky to get that. If we did sell Lenihan we better be spending the proceeds on a better CB. A Dack sale is the only one I can see raising enough that a Milner level expense in a Milner area of the pitch might be a good move. I think Holtby can replace Dack, albeit with less goals, but it still might be sensible to spend a chunk of the sale on another quality player in his area. Christ I just depressed myself.
  9. bluebruce

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Because it's the wrong position unless we have a ton more budget than we think and can afford to fix the whole backline too. If you can't see that, not only are you not the only sane one, I'd have to question whether you're sane at all. It's nothing against Milner as a player.
  10. bluebruce

    Lancashire Telegraph

    Fair enough, not sure how that applies either tbh. Do you mean harsher? Since you seemed to be talking about levels of patience. Sucks that there are any politically influenced clubs but there are...were most of them from Italy and I'm guessing maybe Russia?
  11. bluebruce

    Lancashire Telegraph

    As someone who is left wing and thinks Simon consistently talks tosh, albeit eloquently, I don't get you there. It's football, not politics, there's no correlation between political leanings and wanting our manager sacked.
  12. bluebruce

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    For comedy value you mean? Aside from the realism factor, I wouldn't want to spunk another huge wad of the wage budget on yet another midfielder, no matter how good, when we are sorely short of a decent defence and goalie.
  13. His name popped up a fair bit on the boards this summer, but I seem to remember a few people saying he was inconsistent? Won Ipswich player of the year three seasons in a row though, so...
  14. I actually thought he was going to say Darlow.

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