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  1. Umm, we don't seem to be on that list. Or Rotherham. I guess only Wigan got promoted, ah well! (Might be the list is only showing clubs who have at least had an outgoing, and that just being released doesn't count?) I think we are going to regret letting Ohztuner sign for Bolton for free. Good deal for them. Would have been the best backup for Dack we could expect, and given the option of moving Dack back a little if we were short in centre mid at any point.
  2. bluebruce

    World Cup 2018

    I can't see the logic in this line of argument though. If Pele, Maradona, or Zidane had come from Azerbaijan, do you think they would have lifted a World Cup? They would have been the exact same player. I fail to see how any player's career comes down to whether his TEAM managed to win one, very infrequently held tournament. It certainly helps, especially if they've been the driving force in such a win, but it isn't the be all and end all. I used to have what I feel was a very similar argument with my Arsenal-supporting friends. They reckoned Lehmann was a far better goalkeeper than Friedel, because of what he had won and how Friedel had won nothing. Would you agree with them? Perhaps you would, but at that time, with Lehmann dropping gaffs despite having less shots against him than Friedel, I thought they were mad to not want Friedel instead. David May won far more medals than Colin Hendry. Who was the better defender? You can never boil everything down to just trophies, because it's a team sport.
  3. We've fallen way behind Burnley because of Chaddy's footballing IQ?! DAMN YOU CHADDY!!! Why did you have to go and sack Allardyce, hire Kean, marginalise John Williams and the board, sign Murphy and Etuhu, sell our best players for peanuts, keep Bowyer in charge for too long, fail to find a way around FFP and hire that charlatan Owen Coyle!?! You and your useless footballing IQ!
  4. I imagine this idea comes more from his workrate and positional understanding than from any crunching tackles. His workrate isn't quite as beneficial as it used to be since his legs are going though. Personally I'm fine with having him as a squad fringe player as long as his new deal is hugely reduced. He isn't the fantastic player he was though, and I didn't expect us to offer him another contract. But if it's a far cheaper one year deal, and he isn't seen as anything more than backup, I'm ok with it.
  5. Possibly, but I doubt it. I wouldn't have predicted us to go down if I was too far on the optimistic side I'd suggest! You did just admit to being pessimistic yourself, so maybe I look too optimistic as a result of that? I'm not generally known for my boundless optimism lol, I've been accused of being a negative person many, many times in my life. But I just call it how I see it. Not too worried about this season. I expect we might spend some little patches hovering around the relegation zone, but I do expect a roughly mid-table finish by the end.
  6. Funny how differently people can see things. Obviously the transfer window has yet to pan out and will be key, but at the moment I'm expecting us to end the season somewhere around mid-table. If we assume we get at least Armstrong back, and make just a couple of decent signings, that is. The squad we finished the season with was far better than the one which got relegated, in my view. That, combined with the positive momentum at the club right now to hopefully get us off to a good start, and the fact that in our relegation season we had a thoroughly disenchanted fanbase, a horrendous manager for most of it and were still very unfortunate to go down, and I'm feeling fairly confident for the season. I've had a pretty good record predicting our seasons before they start lately...I predicted we would get relegated the season we got relegated, and my summer prediction for last season was 2nd place! Hopefully I get it right again...I also have a feeling we might surprise many and push in or around the playoffs, at least in patches, but that will largely depend on how stellar our business this summer is.
  7. Wasn't saying he is, just that people were asking for an older player to disprove that they're all Murphys and Etuhus, and Mulgrew is a prime example. Most of us were hesitant about Mulgrew at the time. Sadly, Whittingham hasn't been up to much despite appearing an exciting signing for League One. Transfers can always go either way, even the ones which appear shocking or fantastic at first. But no, I wouldn't want Ireland anymore either.
  8. bluebruce


    Hang on...we were getting ahead of ourselves, but now he is talking like they've already won the league? Have I missed something? What I didn't miss, was him saying he'd rather have the points in the bag than the games in hand, but when we (without acting like it was already over whatsoever) were pleased with our position and hoped they would find the congested schedule tough, that was us getting ahead of ourselves. Wasn't especially bothered about the title before, but now I'd like to win the trophy just so we could use it to wipe the smug grin off his face.
  9. bluebruce

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Hmmm. Probably Craig Conway.
  10. bluebruce

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Thereby demonstrating his credibility? I feel like you were trying to make a different point, but I can't see how.
  11. bluebruce

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Wouldn't be free, it'd be a tribunal.
  12. bluebruce

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    Who is Rothwell? Someone we are linked with? I did my best to read the last 4 or 5 pages or so, but all I can see is people arguing about Lowe (some good arguments but I'd rather they went into a more appropriate thread) so I haven't seen anything about any Rothwell or anyone else we may have been linked with who isn't called Jason.
  13. bluebruce

    The January 2018 transfer thread

    True, previous managers never insisted on playing him to the detriment of the team. Oh wait... Anyway, can we stop talking about Jason Lowe Point As A Rover? There isn't even a solid rumour on him unless I missed it amongst all the debating. God help this board if it actually happened.
  14. bluebruce


    I'd rather play Wigan away four times.

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