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  1. bluebruce

    Reading (A)

    I'll save my mirth for full time. Hopefully.
  2. bluebruce

    Reading (A)

    Just read in the LT pre match buildup that Rothwell is injured and that's 'why he isn't in the starting lineup'. Hah, good one LT, I'm sure that's the only reason. We seem to be playing decent anyway.
  3. bluebruce

    Lewis Holtby

    Asked my Spurs-supporting mate about him. Says he is a good player if he's fit, which was why they ended up selling him. A little injury-prone and turned up to a pre-season overweight but was good enough to start for Spurs at the time, when they were an upper mid table team.
  4. bluebruce

    Lewis Holtby

    I'm 100% confident that whatever happens, when this season is over, it will have been a season.
  5. bluebruce

    Lewis Holtby

    4 of those 7 are most likely only here FOR one season. Leaving a lot of work to be done next season even before natural attrition of players and reinforcing where we are weak.
  6. bluebruce

    Lewis Holtby

    To get people on message boards to talk about them.
  7. bluebruce

    Lewis Holtby

    And Rothwell handing in a transfer request. Downing sucking up a large wage to not start. Sounds like a good player but I'm still amazed that midfield never seems to stop being our main recruitment priority.
  8. bluebruce


    If the rumour that we paid a million pound loan fee is true, recalling him should be a contractual impossibility. At least, without a partial refund.
  9. bluebruce


    Also, if Bennett is playing as an actual winger, he really is being forced into the team at any cost despite what Tony says. Several better options available there.
  10. bluebruce


    Assuming Millwall are the rough and tumble team they always seem to be, this doesn't seem like the game to start Buckley, due to his lightweight build. It calls for a warrior like Travis. Sceptical of that formation, especially at home to Millwall. We will see how it turns out, but I'm expecting a dull, attritional game. Hope we have enough to come through it, though we could find ourselves bullied today. Arma is no giant.
  11. bluebruce

    DG off to Australia?

    Shoring the whole side up would have involved bringing in more than two defenders.
  12. bluebruce

    Academy & U21s

    We don't like to buy defenders but we love to collect mids and strikers. So kids in the former area have more chance of breaking through when our defenders inevitably break, than kids from the latter. Players like Mols sadly have far too many players to compete with for a sniff.
  13. bluebruce

    DG off to Australia?

    There's a good reason for that.
  14. bluebruce

    West Brom Away

    It was 100% the right decision.
  15. bluebruce

    West Brom Away

    That was an excellent goal from their lad to be fair.

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