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  1. deefus

    New Games

    Unfortunately only on PC (and I think Mac) at the moment
  2. deefus

    New Games

    Two point hospital on pc best game of the year for me. Basically a spiritual sequel to theme hospital and by the original developers as well.
  3. deefus

    Berg at the High Court

    Totally agree. Look at Portsmouth, Stockport and Chester (three I could think of without even trying) and their incompetent owners and managers not up to the job. Then look at when Liverpool had incompetent owners and how the media and the authorities acted then. Also when Woy was their manager.
  4. deefus

    Next Rovers Manager

    I hope not. Speaking to an MK Dons fan yesterday and he wants rid of him, as the football is rubbish and they aren't doing that well in the league. Although he'd love us to take hime off their hands. The same as we did with Paul Ince, but not to give him back again this time.
  5. deefus

    Danny Murphy

    Fair enough if he was. Thought it was a bit strange if he did, as I'm sure the manager wouldn't have allowed him to leave.
  6. deefus

    Danny Murphy

    I know someone who had to leave the Peterborough match early. Listening to the end of the second half on the radio whilst driving down the M6, they saw Danny Murphy drive past.
  7. deefus


    I thought that with the report coming out now saying that the fans were completely not to blame people would no longer be holding the opinion that the tragedy was the fans fault. Obviously not. Firstly, if you had ever been in the Leppings Lane end of Hillsorough around that time (I think we went there in 1991) you would know that as you enter the ground through the turnstyles (or gate in this case) all you really see is a tunnel in front of you. There were (I think) tow tunnels either side of this one with each one leading to one of the pens (apt description as we were treated like cattle back then). Now the problem was these tunnels were extremely dark and all you could see at the other end of the tunnel was the few fans directly in front of the tunnel and the goalposts (for the central tunnel). There was absolutely no way to see how full each pen was. In previous big games apparently they had police/students directing people away from the central pen when it was full, however not today. So to say they should have know the pen was full is completely wrong. Secondly, there was such a mass influx of fans due to the fact that not only did South Yorkshire Police open the gate to let everyone in, but they also essentially pushed them all into the ground using police horses and dogs. The sheer scale of this coverup just amazes me. To think that senior police officers and a politician would feed such lies to the press in order to save their jobs is asounding. To take blood alcohol levels from the dead (including a 10 year old boy) and to then do a search on whether each of them had a criminal record in order to smear their names and implicate them as the cause of the tragedy is frankly unbelievable.
  8. deefus

    Anti-Protest Thread

    Where abouts in the ground do you sit?
  9. For anyone still looking for positives in Steve Kean... he can at least draw a squirrel. link
  10. deefus

    Match Day Parking

    I usually park on Albion Mill or across the road from Albion Mill http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=albion+street+blackburn&hl=en&ll=53.729731,-2.494122&spn=0.004443,0.008851&sll=53.730445,-2.495801&sspn=0.002221,0.004426&vpsrc=6&t=h&z=17
  11. deefus


    Didn't loads of people boo BFS when we were 3-0 up against Wolves? Which may have had some bearing on him being given the boot?
  12. deefus

    Wolves Preview 04/11/10

    I seem to remember that rather than collect the ball and run to the corner he instead hit a very tame shot to their goalie who hit it down field and started the play for their equaliser.
  13. deefus

    Parking - Matchday

    Thanks Glenn, how on earth did I forget about that car park?
  14. deefus

    Parking - Matchday

    Sorry to drag this thread up from the depths. First home match I can get to tomorrow and I always used to park on the Albion Mill or Darwen Vale on match day which are now shut. Does anyone has any other suggestions for car parking than those that have already been mentioned? As far as I can see that Parkway one seems to be the best and even my Mirror journalist friend (no, not Nicko) has to park on that one, but it's obviously on the other side of the ground to the motorway junction and how soon do you need to get to it to find a space? Do they have any limit on how long you can park on the service station? Failing that I could always park at my mum's in Rishton and get the train.
  15. deefus

    Merchandise Requests

    I'm guessing it's either: Blackburn Rovers: An Illustrated History or Blackburn Rovers: The Complete Record both by Mike Jackman No idea if it's in stock though.

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