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  1. sussexrover

    Steve Kean resigns!

    I must stop watching sky sports news. I keep misreading the banner as kean re-signs. Shudder
  2. sussexrover

    Steve Kean (multiple merged threads)

    It's definitely turning but down here still a few who think he's harshly treated. Generally fans of Spurs/Arsenal and have no knowledge of the situation beyond what sky sports tells them.
  3. sussexrover

    Blackburn Rovers v Wigan Athletic

    'Dignified' might have become my most hated word. I never thought such a simple word could wind you up so much.
  4. sussexrover


    I've chatted briefly to Pafell before on here. Unsurprisingly I'm in Sussex now - Horsham to be exact. Moved down here 6 years ago - know of 1 other Rovers fan in Horsham, but it's surprising how often you do see a Rovers shirt dotted around the area (especially when people are travelling up for London away games).
  5. sussexrover

    The 12 Months of Venkys

    8 attacking midfielders? (8 'Second strikers' might work better)
  6. sussexrover

    BRFCS.COM Fantasy Football League

    I'm in. Northern Monkeys (in most leagues I'm in I'm competing against a bunch of southerners)
  7. sussexrover

    Everton vs Rovers

    Villa goal!! Still it will be our results that decide it - and just can't see where we get a result.
  8. sussexrover


    Renaults can be fun to drive - but be careful as if something goes wrong (and it frequently does) parts are pretty expensive. We paid £7,500 for a 3 year old Megane 1.9 Diesel. Had it 18 months, spent about £3k in various repairs in that time - before the guy who fixed the turbo (over a grand) pleaded with us to trade it in. When we traded it in we got less than £4k back - so an expensive 18 months. Might just have been a one-off - but once bitten.... We now have a 2005 Mazda 3 and in 3 years the only thing we've needed is a new battery (and possibly tyres).
  9. sussexrover

    Rovers STILL not sold.

    Agree there's no huge rush - but (and it must be a Rovers fan thing) just get this nagging feeling that if it doesn't get sorted fairly soon then come January we will be on the 'fringes of a takeover which will hopefully go through in time to free up some funds'. Come February 1st - we will have added to our options with Dean Saunders on a pay as you play deal and the takeover will vanish into thin air.....
  10. sussexrover

    South Of The Uk

    Horsham in West Sussex. Family from Darwen, although I was raised in Blackpool and then moved South about 10 years ago. Mostly get to away games down this way now - managed all the London teams and Pompey for the last couple of seasons. Unfortunately not managed to get to Ewood since the Derby County game at the end of the season about 2 years ago. Doubly annoying as I haven't yet managed to see the brick on the Walker Fame thing that I got as a wedding present. Determined to get to a couple of home games this season though - when I do get to Ewood, usually drive up and tie it into visiting family.
  11. sussexrover

    Rovers Might Have Been Sold?

    Shahly not
  12. sussexrover


    Aah fair enough - I should have checked that really.
  13. sussexrover


    Just a thought - Do they still allocate fair play places in the europa cup? If so, and if Fulham won the competition this season - would it be possible that we could qualify via the fair play position?? I can see the media choking on their prawn sandwiches already..
  14. sussexrover

    Standup Comedy

    Saw Eddie Izzard a couple of months ago - he was excellent. Also Russell Howard was very very good. Frankie Boyle was funny too - although if you watch Mock The Week you will have seen a lot of the jokes already.
  15. sussexrover

    Time Up Pompey?

    OK - so even if advancing parachute payments and selling off the odd player keeps them going until the end of the season. What happens when they are relegated? How are they going to cope next season without the parachute payment that has been used to keep them going until May. Or is this purely about retaining the image of the Premier League as the 'greatest league in the world' and once they are in the Championship they become somebody elses problem. If the penalty mentioned by Nico was a points-penalty this would almost guarantee said relegation and take the problem out of the Premier Leagues arena....conveniently.

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