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  1. Just got back. Upset yep, right back to where I started but what a journey. One of the better things is our support, with us we will eventually get back. We can't do a thing about who owns us unfortunately, we got dealt a bad hand. It's been tough reading between the two forums & Twitter (especially the gloating) but that's football. We'll have our day in the sun again because that's what Rovers do, we have our time. Can't see an imminent return but when we do it'll be sweet. Stick together, travel in numbers. By Gum We'll Make It A Day.
  2. I'm turning into my grandfather!!
  3. Email sent Dan, cheers
  4. Well, I've just tried to log in to the RT site and it doesn't recognise me?? I still pay, receive emails etc but it won't let me in. Who can I contact there?
  5. Why can't all 7 be part of the board? All 7 have valid reasons to be elected and each have skills which will be useful. I haven't voted yet, I have 2/3 in mind & the fourth may be chosen on their election 'pledge'.
  6. It was something I heard today. If that's the case that it's for 3 years then all well & good.
  7. Has anyone heard that we are dropping our Academy rating at the end of the season? Talking to an academy coach at another club who says we are withdrawing 'expenses' for the players and therefore the parents are looking to go to other clubs.
  8. Twitter is a good source. Lots of high end coaches share their work or thoughts on way teams play.
  9. Soz, plus it gives you an understanding why certain things happen, e.g. Emnes coming off (apart from a strain) to shore up the left back because Emnes is an 'artist' not a soldier ( TM words). Rovers are lucky because they have a great back room staff (video analysis, recovery, dieticians etc). Hopefully TM will use these. I've seen some of the previous incumbents sessions (at a previous club) and he's a fraud, if my 12 year old was involved, I would go somewhere else with him. It also makes you think why subs are on the hour mark, (Cardiff on the horizon etc)
  10. Doing your coaching badges help. In a way. I decided to do mine after an Allardyce v Pulis game circa 6/7 years back when every goal kick went into a 20 yard square of 20 players. What I learned was patterns, technical aspects, tactics (opponents) and to take the emotion out of the game. Also, it shows the chancers in game who get jobs. I deliver 10 hours of coaching a week at grassroots level and it's an eye opener. If I had the chance of 40 hours a week, of professional standard, you could surely sort out a game plan, defensive, transitional, and attacking duties. Some of these managers/coaches rob a living. And a few on here will testify.
  11. Don't know where to start. That was probably the worst I've ever witnessed from a Rovers team. I can't fault the effort but the style & 'philosophy' is abysmal. I was embarrassed. The style or type of football is the image the manager wants to create, day in, day out at an excellent training centre. What the hell are they doing, seriously? We started time wasting in the first minute, with Steele dawdling over goalkicks. The game plan seemed to bypass the midfield by hoofing it up front for a 50/50, lose possession & defend for your lives. You can't do this, the amount of pressure it builds is unsustainable. Can anyone tell me what Akpan brings to the team? Is he a holding midfielder or a defensive midfielder? He makes wrong decision after wrong decision, he gets out of trouble half the time with his long legs, more athlete than footballer. The Town fullbacks played in our half, ours didn't want the ball. I teach my u12s to get wide & want the ball as soon as the keeper has control, this lot are scared. Whats the point of the warm ups? Quick sharp passing then in match it's either hoof or players not showing, it beggars belief. The poor right back Nyambe, he hadn't a chance, he had Feeney in front of him knowing he would either lose the ball if he overlapped or that he wouldn't support him in his defensive duties. He's on a hiding to nothing. Does that turnip coach the team how to cut out crosses? The fullbacks & wingers had a field day. It's a jolly at Brockhall. Why do you take off a striker for a 37 year old defender? He is prehistoric and I mean Coyle, he is robbing a living. I've watched the Rovers since 1980, and we have had some hidings, but that was a disgrace, football wise, it was like rugby union, playing for second balls and throw ins. I could rant more but I've probably bored you. Well done the players effort, well done the supporters. On a side note, Huddersfield, the town & people are buzzing, like we where before this lot came.
  12. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you're looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money... but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my Rovers go now, that will be the end of it - I will not look for you, I will not pursue you... but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you... and I will kill you
  13. It haunts me that Palace day, I cried all the way home. This Emnes song what we have taken to singing just brings back that hurt, I'll never sing it. When we played Bradford away I think the season after, we won 1-0 but Courtney was the ref, my next door neighbour who I went with lost his voice for the obscenities he shouted that day. I hate Palace more than Burnley because I feel we got cheated, tackling off encroaching fans, dodgy ref, at least with that lot (Bunly) it's pretty fair. I cannot wait til they implode.
  14. I was sat in the stand for that game with my dad watching the snowball fight. We set off from Blackburn in bright sunshine but once over the border, snow in thick drifts, cars stuck everywhere, think we won 2-0. Loved going to Leeds Road, proper old ground, tiny end behind their goal & what seemed a massive terrace opposite the main stand.
  15. Went up with my 12yo on the train, give him the proper away day experience, usually we drive and get on the game, he's been to loads but I thought now is the time. From the off we knew we would win. Rovers fans in Manchester, Leeds, York, Durham getting on the train. Got into town, went for a few beers, Botanist, Weatherspoons, etc Rovers in good numbers & voice, everything was looking good. Walking up to the ground, you just knew, the Rovers fans had a swagger/confidence, but once we got on the concourse, blimey, it was a throwback to the good old days, my lad hadn't witnessed anything like it, he was overawed but proper proud. The game itself, I thought we had the better for the most parts, they had chances but we had the midfield. It was inevitable a goal would come maybe two. The Rovers fans deserve so much praise, constant support, 3 or 4 songs sometimes starting. almost always being chivalrous. Obviously one or two lads having a 'great time' but nothing really serious just probably generational differences. We haven't got the nastiness of some fans, just a party feel. On the way back, nothing but praise for the team & the support, the mags were gracious. The train station echoed to Rovers. It may be a turning point for me, I'm on a home boycott, gone to a few aways, but I have to say they won't break my spirit now and I'll get the half season ticket for the family. Sod the Venkys, this is our club, the history, the fans, the memories, we'll be here to lynch them, we'll be here when they go.