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  1. jumpin'

    Academy & U21s

    It was something I heard today. If that's the case that it's for 3 years then all well & good.
  2. jumpin'

    Academy & U21s

    Has anyone heard that we are dropping our Academy rating at the end of the season? Talking to an academy coach at another club who says we are withdrawing 'expenses' for the players and therefore the parents are looking to go to other clubs.
  3. jumpin'


    Bloody Howard Gayle
  4. Hi again,

    I've upgraded the ticket & will pick it up at Proiry Rd before the game. If you still want it, you can contact me on 07818 444946 or 01625 861867



  5. West Ham have said that to arrange through our TO & duplicates will be made at WH.

  6. Hi Phillip,

    I've spoken to the Rovers and they are confident they will upgrade the ticket at West Ham. I shall speak to them now. Also the Rovers have also had some returns, and duplicates can be issued at the Boleyn Ground if you contact our ticket office.

  7. Hello jumpin,

    If this could be arranged, I would meet the full cost.

    Many thanks,


  8. or 'too drunk to f*@k' by the dead kennedys that'll get the oaps going 'theme from a summer place' by Percy Faith or 'Together' by Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalter, or the owd Bbe choir 7" 'Good old Blackburn Rovers/By Gum we'll make it a day'
  9. jumpin'

    Blackburn Rovers 1 Charlton Athletic 0

    I remember setting off at 5 in the morning (my dad wasn't the fastest in his morris marina estate) and heading down the m66, seeing blue and white scarves strewn across the road even at that god foresaken hour. My mum gave me and my brother a lecture on forgetting Mothering Sunday too, all the way down, but did we care?! We stood reet at the back of the goals and I still remember the smell, not unlike the Bbe urinals circa April 1983. Foggy as on the wayback o'er thr Grane and we missed our turn off home. I always pinpoint that game, as the one where our mighty Blackburn Rovers finally turned the corner from the 60's downward spiral. Magical and innocent times. Also got a warning for missing school the next day!
  10. jumpin'

    [Archived] Accy Friendly

    All I can offer is 'stick to the road', they eat their young up there. or try Thorneyholme Rd near the Higham's pitches
  11. jumpin'

    Your 3 Fave Songs

    1 On that famous Saturday... 2 We hate Burnley 3 On the banks of the Zambezi and I could go on 4 Everywhere we go 5 21 today (sung to high heaven at Barnsley) 6 Give us a P & R & E & S & T & O & N, we're the Blackburn Rovers and we'll never play you again

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