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  1. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    What about a loan move for Stefan Johansen from Fulham? That is IF we manage to get in a left back and a backup GK first.
  2. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    Juklerød was mentioned the other day, he is an attacking full back.
  3. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    It is the same account yes, but it has some good info lately, especially in the lower leagues. Tought i'd just post it since there is no other rumours at all these days.
  4. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    Luke Garbutt that was mentioned here earlier, has signed for Blackpool.
  5. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    I like Juklerød, if I remember correctly he used to play as a winger when he was at Vålerenga. But he has played more as a leftback in Belgium. https://www.transfermarkt.com/simen-juklerod/leistungsdaten/spieler/230985 He said in an interview earlier in the summer that he would be open for a move this window. He probably has a bigger name in Belgium than in Norway. Was in team of the season last year and plays midfield/back in a 3-5-2 formation.
  6. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    "The manager doesn't know that" is a strange quote. "No. That's a name you've just thrown at me. It's not true. I think Ryan Manning is a very good footballer, I imagine QPR are not going to let him walk away. Haven't Mowbray been looking at Manning before ? https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-blackburn-made-deadline-day-bid-to-sign-qpr-23-yr-old/ "A source at Loftus Road has told Football Insider that second-tier rivals Blackburn launched a late bid to sign the versatile Irishman on Friday but that it was swiftly rejected the club." I would imagine he would be cheaper now than he would have been almost a year ago ?
  7. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    Ryan Manning is the name doing the rounds on Twitter tonight it seems. A previous target, Brad Smith, has joined Seattle Sounders.
  8. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    So left back next then, I guess that we are looking abroad ? Any of these 3 freebies within our budget ? https://www.transfermarkt.com/victor-alvarez/profil/spieler/99355 https://www.transfermarkt.com/martin-frydek/profil/spieler/146710 https://www.transfermarkt.com/theo-pellenard/profil/spieler/238716 Don't know much about them to be honest, but atleast have played on a higher level than Bell..
  9. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes he would, but he wrote that we made a bid for a domestic CB. Ayala is a free transfer, so no need to bid. Could just be phrasing though.
  10. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    The guy from Twitter said that it is a domestic CB, but he maybe have to go into a quarantine. Are some areas in England "red" at the moment?
  11. Swanson

    Summer Transfer Window

    How will the rest of the squad react if a player with that background joins ?

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