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  1. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield


    Chaddy will be along shortly to post this poll, I imagine.
  2. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Charlton V Blackburn

    Every single flippin time we play a struggling team! Good ol Rovers ride into town to roll over for them. Rubbish!
  3. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Blackburn Rovers 2 - 0. Fulham Fc

    Wouldn't bet on it. MOTD has always treated Rovers disgracefully.
  4. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Blackburn Rovers 2 - 0. Fulham Fc

    Go Benni! He needed that too! C'mon Rovers!
  5. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Blackburn Rovers 2 - 0. Fulham Fc

    Hope this is the start of a long scoring spree for him. Just what he needed!
  6. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Rovers 1-1Tottenham

    Spurs are awful away from home. Surely we will win this one. 2-1 Benni, Bentley, Lennon for Spurs. Failing that, I think - given recent results, we would all take a scrappy 1-0 (Dawson backpass, hitting Tim Flowers' divot, making Englands No1 kick thin air again
  7. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Aston Villa V Rovers

    D'oh! its Not on sky! My big!
  8. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Aston Villa V Rovers

    In spite of all the reasons why Rovers should lose this (On Sky, Thursday night's game, no Sav,) I just have a feeling in my bones that Rovers will nick this. 0-1 (Chris Nonda)
  9. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Rovers 0 Bolton 1

    I hope not, but I think it is inevitable that "The Sulk" will get his first goal for Bolton on Sunday. However, after another slow first half for Rovers they get their bums into gear in the second half and Benni shrugs off those racist morons from Thursday by scoring a fine brace. 2-1
  10. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Blackburn 2 - 0 Red Bull Salzburg

    Fantastic! That first win in UEFA cup is so close now! Touch wood.
  11. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Middlesbrough 0 V Blackburn Rovers 1

    Yay me!! Nice result today, sets us up nicely for Thursday. C'mon Rovers!
  12. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] What Was Rovers Worst Transfer?

    Per Frandsen wasn't a particularly great buy!
  13. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Middlesbrough 0 V Blackburn Rovers 1

    Nonda and Benni gets my vote too for the pairing up front. We will need all the class we can muster against Mr Woodgate (T.Henry in his pocket last week!) 1-0 Rovers, Nonda to grab his first goal.
  14. Rovers_fan_in_Sheffield

    [Archived] Match review: Rovers 4 Man City 2

    2-1 to Rovers. Benni Mc and Tugay. Hamman for City. Tugay to run the show again!

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