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  1. JamieUK

    Academy & U21s

    First time at an U23s game but have been to the cup games (checkatrade?) when the young lads were involved. Seeing the line up there were 8 players I was aware of/seen before - Hilton, Barnes, JRC, Mols, Davenport, Chapman, Butterworth & Samuel. Keen eye on those but for me it was the right back who impressed most. He was talked through the first half a lot by the manager but I thought he did very well. Opposite sides but reminded me of Jay McEveley when he came into the first team at 17. No idea of his age (or name - Isaac something?) but looked full of promise. I thought Hilton looked decent - should have been given a chance in the league cup. Seemed to have good kicking ability. Harry Chapman. Sink or swim time. He clearly can't motivate himself at that level. He's got talent - give him a chance in the first team, if that fails I think it's best for all that he moves on. Shame because with the right management he'd be a multimillion pound player. Davenport - kept it simple, similar type of player to Evans - can we bin Evans and stick him on the bench please. Poor performance but saw enough ability in fits and bursts that some of them would do no worse than the regulars in the first XI. Shame they won't get a chance given the size of the bloated squad.
  2. JamieUK

    Academy & U21s

    Can't say I buy into this 'Chapman has an attitude'. I only follow the U23s via what's online but it seems as though he had a run of games where he was scoring / assisting yet has remained where he is. Samuel does similar but is straight onto the bench at the first opportunity and subsequently getting on the pitch. If I was Harry Chapman I'd be a little bit pissed off too. It's got to be demoralising thinking it doesn't matter how he plays for the U23s, he won't be near the first team on a Saturday.
  3. JamieUK

    Mowbray Poll

    Some stats: Since the turn of the year we've played 35 league games and gained 43 points = 56 points if averaged out over a season. Remove January when we won 4 in a row and it's 31 points in 31 games. Not quite relegation but still 19th/20th position and a million miles away from where this squad should be finishing. Since the start of 2018/2019 - 60 games - 75 points - 1.25 a game = 15th/16th place. Total Championship games (inc 2016/2017) 75 games - 97 points = 1.29 points = approx 59 points over a season. Thank you for promotion from League 1 but I think he's had long enough now to show that the current league position is as best as can be expected in the Championship. I notice there are mentions of Gary Bowyer throughout the thread - for comparison, in 2.5 seasons under GB and then Lambert we finished 8th, 19th and then matched last seasons finish of 15h. I'm hoping for Middlesborough to give up on Woodgate and come calling - I think that would be the ideal situation for all parties. I just can't see him being pushed - it's far too comfortable for him at Rovers.
  4. JamieUK


    Given it sounds like Williams & Tosin won't be risked I'd like to see... Give Brereton a go in his proper position...
  5. JamieUK

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Am I imagining weeks ago reading that Celtic could be an option for Bell? Tierney > Arsenal, Cunningham > Rovers, Bell > Celtic? Fing hope so...!
  6. JamieUK

    John Buckley

    Issue I have with the idea of sending him on loan is if we do that it's going to be league 1/2. If John Buckley was at United/City/Chelsea he'd be loaned out to a Championship side and playing most weeks - like Mason Mount, Harvey Barnes, Ben Woodburn, etc. It's as though his stature is less as he's come through our own academy. Is he really that far behind those 3? In midfield standings I'd have Travis, Johnson, Davenport, Buckley. Get rid of Evans & Smallwood, Downing, Bennett can do a job in there if needed.
  7. JamieUK

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    For Brentford's income see https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fc-brentford/alletransfers/verein/1148 They've sold £81m worth of players over the previous 4 seasons. This excludes Maupey who's still there and apparently wanted by Sheffield United for £22m.
  8. JamieUK

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Would've thought (hoped) Charlie Adam was nailed on to return to Blackpool given they're splashing the cash.
  9. JamieUK

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I expect the Leeds goalkeeper is being looked at to fill a position in the U23s to allow Fisher to go out on loan. I seem to remember reading that we didn't have much cover there...?
  10. I'd give Mulgrew a go at left back. Can't be any worse than Bell and keeps him in the team for set pieces...
  11. JamieUK

    ROVERS v qpr

    https://www.eticketing.co.uk/onerovers/ Buy now, collect tomorrow. Easy...
  12. JamieUK

    Loan Window

    Chapman not in the Under20 squad... http://www.thefa.com/news/2018/aug/30/england-u20s-squad-switzerlands-netherlands-310818
  13. JamieUK

    Loan Window

    Sign him up...
  14. JamieUK

    ROVERS vs Lincoln

    I can't see where the changes are going to be made with the injuries we have and the U23 side last night. Raya Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell Travis Smallwood Conway Palmer Rothwell Nutall Leutwiler, Caddis, Hart, Downing, Rodwell (purely cos there's nobody else to take a seat on the bench) / Whittingham (cant see it as he hasn't been anywhere near), Reed, Graham So just Bennett & Evans out from the side that started at the weekend which has been widely reported anyway... I'd give Reed a go instead of Smallwood but he's only just come in and don't think the manager will throw him straight in.
  15. JamieUK

    Lancashire Clubs - Round Up

    They don't need the money. His goals are worth more than anyone will pay... https://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/sport/football/afc-fylde/afc-fylde-reject-cheltenham-town-bids-for-star-striker-rowe-1-9284702

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