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  1. MarkBRFC

    New Kits

    We have played in the home kit at plenty of away games over the last few years.
  2. Probably the wrong attitude to have but for me personally the midweek games being available to watch on Sky is a godsend, it's always so much of a rush for me to get to Ewood in the week being a good hour or so away that I sometimes i just don't bother. Plus my lad can stay up and watch them with me as no way would his mother allow me to take him to Ewood in the week unless it was school holidays
  3. MarkBRFC


    Evans is out of contract next summer, be interesting to see what happens there as like others have said Mowbray clearly likes him, I look at him and think he is blocking people like Travis & Davenport coming into the side, I'm pretty sure they (especially Travis) can do exactly what Evans has been doing for the last 5 years.
  4. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    I know you are just using him as an example, but at this rate I think Marcus Maddison might go down in Luca Toni folklore on this message board in years to come.
  5. MarkBRFC


    Have to say for me midfield is our weakest area, how Evan's is still playing for us just baffles me. I'd rather see Bennett moved inside with Smallwood, and Play Palmer as one of the "front four". I just hope we get after them tomorrow and attack them from the off.
  6. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    I can't see Mowbray bringing in anyone around that age to be honest.
  7. MarkBRFC


    Evans & Samuel will start, 100% guaranteed. Armstrong and Palmer to come on around the 60th min. Nuttall to come on in the 70th min.
  8. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    The cynic in me says that this is another bid "put out there" to show that we are trying. It's not happening.
  9. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    I'm going to file that one in the same cupboard as the Freeman bid.
  10. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    Derby have enough players for 7 squads at the moment!
  11. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    Noticed Bristol Rovers have just signed a striker from Watford on loan. Big Joe to come on after 70 mins on Saturday it is then.
  12. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    Probably the "doom mongers" as they haven't set themselves up for disappointment!
  13. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    I think most of the frustration coming from people on here, is that all we have heard all week in quotes from Mowbray after signing Armstrong is how we are planning to get "a couple" more permanent deals in place before Thursday. Had he said, "we're unlikely to get anymore in now before Thursday, but we'll look at the loan market with a view to permanent deals" then I don't think everyone would be getting as bent out of shape as they are now.
  14. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    Just over 3 hours to go, it's even pushing it for Chapman to race down from Boro now. Think today has been a write off. No doubt there will be a good spin on it by banging on about the loan window again though.
  15. MarkBRFC

    Thursday deadline.

    Have to laugh, you will go nuts if you start following every journalist in every area today. Every bugger will be saying something different! The sensible thing would be to log off, get on with work for the day and come back at 6pm to see what has actually happened. Anyone? No, me either...

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