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  1. MarkBRFC

    Lewis Holtby

    Why on earth this lad was on the wing this time last year I'll never know. He's been brilliant at times this season and definitely needs a new deal, I have a feeling he'll going back to Germany though.
  2. MarkBRFC

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't really want or need to see a "ball playing centre back". Get your toe, head, knee what ever on things and give it to the lads in midfield who can influence things further up the pitch. He's had a couple of good games coming in has Wharton, and at least should be above Williams in the pecking order now, as I think we all know as soon as Ayala is fit that Wharton is back on the bench.
  3. MarkBRFC

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Again, the lads who have the shirt deserve to keep them for this game. Dolan looks like the perfect impact sub at the minute.
  4. MarkBRFC

    Ben Brereton

    I was about to come in and say something similar. BB has been immense at times this season, and I'm not taking anything away from him because it's a huge upturn from the lad we have seen over the past two years. One thing where a pattern develops with him though, is that the games he has been unplayable in are the games where we have gotten on top really early and scored the first goal. Very much a confidence player that needs the whole team playing well to benefit him. In the games where things haven't been going for us, or have been really tight he has been pretty much anonymous, if/when he can start changing games like this where the rest of our lads aren't really at the races, then I think we could have a real player on our hands.
  5. MarkBRFC

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    To be honest if we beat both Barnsley and Milwall 1-0 with 30% possession, I would take more satisfaction over them wins that the Wycombe, Derby, Coventry & PNE games put together. Good sides at this level win ugly a lot of the time, something we need to do now. I'm not conviced we have it in us but lets see.
  6. MarkBRFC

    Rovers v Barnsley. Sat 28 Nov 3pm

    Been here many times under Mowbray. 02/02/19 - 2 points off the play offs after 4 wins in a row, we go 2-0 up at Brentford only to lose 5-2, then go on to lose 9 of our next 11 games 23/12/19 - 5 wins from our previous 6 and only 1 point off the play offs, up against second bottom Wigan at Ewood, we draw 0-0 and go 6 without a win. 27/06/20 - After beating one of our nearest rivals we again find ourselves in 7th place, and again 1 point off the play offs with a better goal difference than anyone around us. We then lose our next 3 in a row, two to relegation threatened sides in Wigan and Barnsley and don't threaten again. History tells us we'll get probably get one or two points from these next two home games, lets see if anything is actually different this time.
  7. The quoted post is from last year.
  8. MarkBRFC

    iFollow Thread

    I think all the midweek away games were made available for ST holders.
  9. MarkBRFC

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Didn't they win at home on Sat? Sure I saw that because I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
  10. MarkBRFC

    Tier 2 ?

    No, because the lockdown doesn't end until 2nd December.
  11. MarkBRFC

    iFollow Thread

    Look at this thread Den. https://www.brfcs.com/mb/index.php?/forums/topic/34678-match-pass/
  12. MarkBRFC

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Match pass for this one, no red button this week it seems.
  13. MarkBRFC

    Nobbers v Rovers, Tues 24 Nov 7.45pm

    Not at the moment. Sky aren't showing every midweek game on the red button this season, as they can only show the usual 8 midweek programmes that there usually are. Think there is around 12 this season.
  14. MarkBRFC

    Tony Parkes

    That's what I thought to be honest, probably never hear a mention of it again.
  15. MarkBRFC

    Tony Parkes

    Did that training pitch ever get named after Tony Parkes?

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