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  1. MarkBRFC

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Loved him as a kid, was one of my first favourite players. He would probably be in mine too if Duff never came through.
  2. It's a strange one for me personally. I have been going to Ewood since the late 80's as a very young kid, before becoming an absolute fanatic from probably the Liverpool FA Cup game in 1991 onwards. Got first season ticket in 1992 when we were promoted and held one every year until Coyle was appointed, took a year off as I felt somebody had spat in my face with that appointment, and still ended up buying match tickets for most of the 3pm kick offs anyway, then got my season ticket back last season and this season. If this had happened 10/15 years ago I wouldn't have bat an eyelid at it and would have carried on going to the games regardless of TV, Red buttons, kick off times etc., I was even one of the very few who had the "away game season ticket" between 2003 & 2008, I know we were in the premier league back then but I have to stress that it is nothing to do with that at all. Fast forward to 2018 though, I'm a season ticket holder who lives an hour away on a good day, have a fairly demanding job with some long hours in the week, a wife, a mortgage and a 8 year old son. By the time the Rotherham game rolls around on November 11th, that will be only the 4th game out of the opening 9 that me and my lad will have managed to attend at Ewood despite being season ticket holders. All the others bar the QPR game in a few weeks we will have been able to watch live on TV or via the red button, which as much as there is no substitute for being at a live game, has come in handy rather than messing about on the M6 at rush hour or dealing with northern rail strikes for lunchtime/tea time kick offs, I haven't been able to get in or out of my town on the train on any Saturday since the beginning of August, having to either get lifts or public transport buses to either Macclesfield or Crewe. It does make me have a think about next season, with all the best will in the world I commit to a season ticket but everyday life gets in the way, my lads football club dropped a tournament on us this Saturday at fairly late notice, he desperately wants to play in it, I was initially frustrated at missing Rovers but then remembered we would probably be home just as the game is kicking off on the red button so at least we can watch it. At the moment I'm leaning to probably renewing our season tickets for ease and because both me and the boy love being there and I really want him to stay interested in Rovers, but it is really concerning to what is "next" with TV coverage going forward.
  3. MarkBRFC

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    The kick off time has scuppered me for this one now unfortunately, my lad's team has been invited to a "football festival" that morning, (he usually plays Sundays) which will finish at around 12ish. I'm about an hour away so had it been 3pm would have been fine. Thank god for the red button eh
  4. MarkBRFC

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Also depending on Evan's fitness, Reed could move inside and I reckon Rothwell could get a game. One thing that is good at the moment though is the amount of options we have, been a long time since we could say that.
  5. MarkBRFC

    ROVERS v Sheff Utd

    Well Mowbray doesn't mess about when it comes to people being injured. For that reason I could see Bennett in for Nyambe at right back, Williams in for Downing at CH, and Armstrong taking Bennetts wide forward role.
  6. MarkBRFC

    Bolton vs Rovers

    The ticket price is a bit much, for me though its a lack of trains thats off putting. Those replacement buses will be a nightmare. A couple of good home results this week though and i think we still might get close to the 2000 or so being sold.
  7. MarkBRFC

    Why do we concede so many last minute goals?

    There was one at Rotherham last season as well which was a equaliser, though that could have been 88/89 minutes.
  8. MarkBRFC

    Rovers vs Forest

    Some great memory's of playing Forest in the 90's, we only lost once to them in that period which was that fateful game in 99. Tough game this, we both have similar records this season, them being just above us on goal difference. I can see a draw here, think we'll tighten up after the last couple of games. 1-1 attendance - 13,769
  9. MarkBRFC

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Most athletic has to be Bennett. I'd say Nyambe, Harrison, Smallwood, Armstrong & Bell would be up there too
  10. MarkBRFC

    Bogey grounds

    The David Mail penalty game was definetly early 1990, maybe March/April? Remember the penalty in front of the away fans clearly, big following that day and our last away win at Stoke. Was one of my first away games.
  11. MarkBRFC

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Probably just shrug there shoulders and whack another £50 on it next season. Also, I bet nobody questioned Waggott on away fans needing the whole Darwen End for most of the games this season when the opening three games proved that to be nonsense, or the fact that had demand needed it, we would have given Villa the whole end despite apparently not being allowed to unless the game kicked off at 12:00. I think somebody should at least question this at the next meeting.
  12. MarkBRFC


    If we turn up how we did the other night, I think we'll get taken apart. Stoke haven't quite got to grip with things yet, I look at there team on paper though and think it's only a matter of time before things click for them. Easiest game of the season for me, quite novel that I can get a bus 5 minutes walk from my house straight into the town centre. (Not Hanley!) Hope we freshen the team up just a bit, I'd be tempted to throw Brereton in from the start as our main striker, he should be fired up for this one being a local lad. I'd bring in Reed too, possibly Rothwell but I'd be tempeted to keep Armstrong in just for his sheer pace. Raya, Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell, Evans, Reed, Bennett, Dack, Armstrong, Brereton Subs - Canadian, Downing, Williams, Smallwood, Rothwell, Palmer, Graham
  13. MarkBRFC

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    Don't get me wrong i'll take the point and move on. If we turn up against Stoke on Saturday like that though, then we could be the side to really get there season going.
  14. MarkBRFC

    Derby County vs Rovers, Tues 18th Sept

    It should be on ifollow, I imagine the only game that isn't would be the Stoke/Swansea game as that has the "full sky coverage".
  15. MarkBRFC

    Is this a real shirt?

    That's definitely an original shirt. The replica they sell nowadays in the club shop doesn't have the "Asics" logo on it.

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