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  1. MarkBRFC

    Academy & U21s

    At a guess, Chapman has realised he's dropped a bollock by coming here, and is probably trying to get shipped out in Jan.
  2. MarkBRFC

    Academy & U21s

    Two posts in a row from Parson Blue criticising the club just shows you where we are at the minute.
  3. MarkBRFC

    Academy & U21s

    So to clarify, and don't answer in riddles please - Do you think the kick off is a suitable time for most people to go? Do you agree with the club marketing junior ticket prices when most will be at school? (No nonesense about inset days)
  4. MarkBRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Be amazed if he gets any kind of run. He has Armstrong, Holtby, Downing, Rothwell, and probably Samuel & Brereton when fully fit ahead of him for the wide positions.
  5. MarkBRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Perfect example of that, against Huddersfield I think it was. Injury time free kick just outside the area, Dack and Williams stood over it, after a few minutes of messing about, Dack side foots it straight into the middle of the wall, about chest height.
  6. MarkBRFC

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Yeah that is a fair point, and is the reason why I don't think it will ever happen. I do think they are missing a trick though. One of the nearest clubs to where I live is Port Vale, and they offer all kinds of flexi season ticket options, 6 game, 10 game, 15 game. They are all slightly more expensive pro rata per game than a full season ticket, but they work for people who can't make it every week and are still cheaper than buying on a match by match basis.
  7. MarkBRFC

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Completely agree, to be honest that would suit me down to the ground as I rarely make midweek games, and will probably miss the two games over Christmas this year. I probably make an average of 14/15 home games a season despite having a season ticket, so it's something I would definitely look at.
  8. MarkBRFC

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I'm probably wrong, but I can only recall Travis and Reed playing in central midfield together twice last season. Wigan at home and Derby at home, both resounding victories in that horrific run in February/March.
  9. MarkBRFC


    Footballers are right babys these days. He should have been sent home from the squad if that's what has happened, never mind dropped for one game.
  10. MarkBRFC

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Our next win will be Wigan at Ewood.
  11. MarkBRFC

    Gareth Ainsworth

    Ainsworth would become our Nathan Jones, and is only being mentioned because he's a Rovers lad. Whilst we're at it, why are we not mentioning Darren Ferguson, Joey Barton or Mark Robin's for the job? All also doing well in the third tier, but I think we already know the answer to that. This bunch of players need an authority figure to come in, get rid of the holiday camp personality our players have, stop the week long breaks at international time etc. I see us as a similar position now to what we were in 2000 when Souness came in, some good players who aren't meeting there potential, who need an identity and a way to play, and also a few key additions to the side. Who we get as a "modern version" of Souness though I have no idea. There is no way our bunch of millionaires are listening or respecting what Gareth Ainsworth has to say unfortunately, in there eyes he would be a "never was".
  12. MarkBRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Because nobody who has any power, knows or cares what is happening on the pitch. Now if we're stranded in the bottom 3 in March, someone might think "oh we might need to do something here".
  13. MarkBRFC

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    52 points from 45 games since last seasons Preston horror show now. Scored 64, Conceded 72 in that amount of time. Mowbray is very lucky he's at a club where nobody really cares what is going on for me, he wouldn't be surviving that record over that amount of games at many other clubs I think.
  14. Nobody's bothered anyway, guessing all the lads will have a week off now to jet off to Dubai or wherever, before we come back and get "focused" for the Barnsley game.
  15. I'll bet you a meat and potato pie that Downing will be in the middle with Trav, Holtby will be on the right and Armstrong will be on the left. Unchanged side though, nearly fell of my chair when I read that.

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