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    New Kits

    I'd say so, although I'd class 91-92 was a light blue when compared to what we usually have. I don't actually mind a light blue as it takes me to my childhood pretending to be Scott Sellars in the play ground, that sponser logo is horrible
  2. I remember someone on here coming on and breaking the news about Craig Bellamy signing for us a few days before he joined, he hadn't been linked anywhere with us and it seemed really far fetched that we would land a player of that quality that summer, and everyone including me scoffed at it and told them they were talking nonsense. You do never know in this crazy game, you would think it can't really drag out too much longer one way or another so lets see, it would give us all a great boost.
  3. I think you are forgetting that for the most part the quality of opposition will be a lot better than the likes of Rochdale, Fleetwood, Oxford etc. At the moment our squad is weaker than the one that finished last season, its fact, 20 goals have left the team. Of course you would say that. Considering on other threads i have seen you call some of the most passionate fans we have "idiots" from however many miles away you are, i'm not really sure your opinion counts.
  4. I certainly sway that way at the moment because we have been here before. Would love to be proved wrong in three weeks but we'll see.
  5. I know everyone has opinions, some will look for the biggest negatives possible, and some will believe every word said about having a healthy competitive budget. I personally dont think theres any money available for significent cash signings, talk of people like Armstrong & Maddison are far fetched to me. I could see Gallagher on loan, Chapman on a incentive deal and maybe another defender on loan. I have no doubts that we will start the season weaker than we ended last season.
  6. Due to be released this morning. If we are going off them lot down the roads fixtures, it looks like we'll be away first & boxing day, and at home new years day/last day of the season. Anyone got any preferences? For me, if we're starting away I hope we can avoid the likes of Stoke/Derby/Boro etc. Someone like QPR/Hull would be good I think.
  7. Williams left sided CH, Bell left wing back.
  8. Nah, i think he's already confirmed it's a championship club, who weren't in the league last season, and he has ruled out Wigan. Leaves Rovers, Rotherham, Stoke, WBA & Swansea.
  9. I don't think it's us in for him, I reckon it's WBA.
  10. MarkBRFC

    New Kits

    Yeah all through the 90's/early 00's the home kit lasted two seasons. From memory I think we have had a new home kit every season since 08/09? At least that announcement will stop everyone panicking thinking we'll be starting the season in skins.
  11. Probably write that one off then.
  12. Dack and Mulgrew should be offered new deals next for me.
  13. MarkBRFC

    Club Revenue Generators

    We didn't buy Davenport on the basis of our season ticket sales etc though did we? That is what Stuart is getting at.
  14. I think Newcastle might give him a shot in pre season, they only have Gayle & Josulu as recognised forwards on there books I think. I really wouldn't get your hopes up about him coming here, I think some Championship team will panic and pay over the odds for him as the window comes to a close. Shame because a couple of good seasons in the second tier these days can see your value treble and even quadruple.
  15. Haha, are we that desperate that we are taking the word of someone on Facebook?! I'm going to stick my neck out and say that neither Chapman or Armstrong will be here permanently come the end of the window.
  16. MarkBRFC

    Pre Season Matches

    No. For anyone interested the Liverpool game will be broadcast live on LFCTV if anyone can gst access to that channel.
  17. MarkBRFC

    Fixture changes

    It would be nice if someone in the fans forum questioned Rovers on that answer, as has been shown its complete nonsense.
  18. I don't think Mowbray will start the season with wingers, so I doubt there is any panic in his mind to get any wide players over the line at the moment. Of course when we get stuffed in our first 2/3 games of the season because of his insistence at playing that horrible 3-5-2 formation, things will probably change and we'll look at getting in a couple on loan before the deadline.
  19. There's always been a weird obsession on here with people wanting ex players back. Unless that player was exceptional, I have never really understood it. For me I have always thought Rovers (certainly in more modern times) should be a club moving forward bringing in mostly young hungry players (with one or two experienced heads too), developing them then hopefully sell them on for big money after enjoying them for a few years. I think that's what Mowbray is trying to do, and I hope it works out for him/us.
  20. I'm pretty sure Rothwell is right footed.
  21. If he was taking over as U23's manager I could see that making sense, would he want to come here as a U23 assistant though? After the job he has done at Chorley he could easily be in with a shout of getting a managers gig at the next level up.
  22. Completely agree, for me that side would be in a relegation battle all season, the point was I think that is the system that Mowbray will start with next season because it's obvious that it's his first choice. Looking at that side, I'd say we need at least 4 players to go into it and be better than what we already have to make us a competitive mid table side, I just don't see it happening though. Talk of the play offs is pie in the sky at the moment I'm afraid.
  23. MarkBRFC

    Rovers Fixtures 2018-19

    Ive always been in favour of that, but I think its been proven time and time again that it will never, ever happen. I think we're in for a shock with away ticket prices this season after having it pretty good last season.

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