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  1. Win the game in hand and we're third.
  2. There was an identical challenge to the Mane one in the Swansea game today. Difference was that it was two outfield players and Mawson stayed on his feet. Ritchie got a yellow for it.
  3. The CB is cheap and will provide good cover. He's also played well in excess of 150 games in this league which can't be a bad thing. we're not always right as fans. I still remember the meltdown when we signed friedel.
  4. Mk dons fans delighted he's left them which doesn't seem a great start.
  5. 21 year old left back.
  6. Just one thing in that Mowbray quote, the first priority should be that it's right for the club. Him saying 'right for the player' first makes me wonder if that's a little slip and one of the outs will actually be someone we would rather keep. My money is on Lenihan.
  7. Nuttall with the winner late on. He's got to be knocking on the gaffers door surely.
  8. Well spotted. I meant Frank Fielding, for some reason I've always mixed the two up.
  9. I wasn't sure if we had a better left winger playing at a higher level Mike. Morris has done very well at League 1 but no higher.
  10. There was a discussion on the transfer thread about players who have moved on recently and done well. Lead me to thinking of our strongest 11 still playing. We may struggle in some positions but it would be an interesting one to look at, gone for a 442 to keep it simple. Remember they must still be playing. for a starter: GK - Mark Bunn RB - Ben Marshall CB - Phil Jones CB - Michael Keane LB - Martin Olsson RM - Alan Judge CM - Stephen N'Zonzi CM - Tom Cairney LM ST - Anthony Modeste ST - Niko Kalinic Others: Gestede, Rhodes, King, Morris, struggling for a left winger but apart from that it's not a bad side at all. Keeper seems to be the weak area which probably comes down to the number of poor keepers we've had. Steele, Kean, Bywater, Eastwood could all have got the spot I guess.
  11. Don't get me wrong Dan, I do enjoy watching Hereford on a Saturday but like you mentioned it's more just enjoyment. I spend the whole game checking the rovers score.
  12. he was a former fan of the year (I know as I went to the end of season awards with him). I copped a lot of flack on Facebook last season due to not really attending much anymore. Years ago I was doing the 7 hour return trip to ewood on a regular basis and also doing a lot of European games as well. I'm now married with two young children and it's not something I can really do any more. Last season I had a season ticket at my local club, Hereford. The difference between me and Jordan is that I don't have that same feeling of watching Hereford. It's just not the same. Rovers will always be my first choice. I will aim to do a few more games this season (already done Coventry away). So in short I can see why he's watching footy closer to home (he also has two young kids and he's had his share of health issues) but I can't share the same excitement of watching my local team.
  13. Did he ever play for Bolton? yep, it appears he did. I remember him more from his Reading time.
  14. Can't believe it wasn't picked as a televised game.
  15. Andy Williams is back for Donny. He's from the same town as me and his family still live up the road.