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  1. Not sure it is, my planner has IPL cricket on SS mix. May be an error on there though.
  2. No, don't think they have. It's the only logical explanation I can think of. They've messed around with the cup final date in recent years but was always at least a week or so before the play off finals. Generally the Prem finished just 1 week after the football league from memory.
  3. The league one play off final is the week before the league 2 and championship final which is why their season finished this weekend. The FA Cup final is the same weekend as the L2 and championship finals. The Premier league goes on for another couple of weeks as they don't have the play offs to account for. They must have changed it so all domestic football finishes at the same time.
  4. We could do with City losing tonight by enough to make them take the last game seriously. A low scoring defeat would see then ease off against Brum.
  5. Don't forget that the ticketing prices need to be agreed with the away club as well. Maybe Rovers wanted £20 tickets and utd said no? maybe........maybe not
  6. Only in the Premier League, Football League regulations are frost covers or undersoil heating 27.4 Each Home Club shall provide full pitch frost covers and/or under soil heating (the specification of which shall meet the reasonable satisfaction of The League) which shall be operated to the extent necessary to procure, so far as it is reasonably possible, that the pitch is playable on the occasion of each match. A breach of this requirement which results in the postponement or abandonment of a match shall be dealt with in accordance with Regulation 28, and not Regulation 8.4.
  7. Sky Sports 1
  8. 2 match suspension, will be back on Monday no doubt......
  9. If Sol Bamba left Leeds in September, how is he allowed to sign for another club? He was in contract when the transfer window closed so surely he can't sign or play until January? Or am I missing something obvious? Otherwise anyone wanting to move clubs could have the contract cancelled / bought out and then sign for someone else.
  10. Won't that be the date stamp from when the MP received it? rather than a Rovers stamp
  11. Ben Marshall handed in a transfer request according to some Twitter reports. Doesn't surprise me.
  12. If anyone could send me the extra documents it would be appreciated. I have the contracts, the letter to the FA and the legal letter. Anything else would be great. Thanks.
  13. Is that fair on Crewe though? Don't know the exact rules but I imagine the gate money with be split between the 2 teams in the same way it is for the FA and League cups. Would voluntary donations raise more than selling at a fixed price of £12? Doubt it would to be honest. Plus, is there a minimum ticket price as there is in the FA cup?
  14. I've a feeling Hull may need every player they've currently got, plus a few more for the season ahead.
  15. Match highlights for anyone who hasn't seen them