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  1. Mattyblue

    Preston at Home

    A lot of folk work Saturday mornings too. Unbelievable really and something not replicated at any other club from what I can see.
  2. Mattyblue

    Preston at Home

    Presumably because the stadium manager and/or Waggott would prefer 7500 Preston fans less tanked up at 12pm than 3pm. Easier to manage. Feck the home fans. Though we used to have 20 years of full Darwen Ends a few times a season with no problem. Sums up the small time operation down there theee days.
  3. Mattyblue

    Birmingham Away

    Didn’t we lose 6 in 1992? Promotion season, going from top to outside the play off places. Speedie hat trick at Plymouth ensured we finished 6th... the rest is history!
  4. Mattyblue

    Preston at Home

    Exactly Ewood Ace. £27 in the Blackburn End and £29-£31 in the JW upper (rising to £30 and £32-£34 on the day) tells you the club aren’t particularly interested in getting good numbers of home fans through the gate, just maximising revenue from a full Darwen End. No red button helps this, of course. But still a sensible development from the club whatever the motivation.
  5. Mattyblue


    Reading that neither will the other daytime non Saturday 3pm games. Bolton on Easter Monday and Swansea last day of the season. I thought it much have been a change of policy from the EFL, but looks like a club decision. Sense prevails down Ewood for once!
  6. Mattyblue


    Simple stuff really, ain’t it MCMC!
  7. Mattyblue


    It’s similar with kits. For example, we could’ve had the new shirt on sale at the Oxford game, 26,000 Rovers fans in party mode, they’d have sold a shed load. Especially to kids. But unlike nearly every club who have them available from April/May, we usually get round to putting them on sale July/August.
  8. Mattyblue


    Not sure I get that? We don’t ever sell many half season tickets or these game packages. However, we do sell a lot of season tickets. The vast majority of our support is made up of season ticket holders, so what’s the harm in using a longer sale period to bump up that key income stream? And if it doesn’t matter when they are on sale, why do most other clubs have their season tickets on sale well in advance of the end of the season?
  9. Mattyblue


    Noticed a Rovers shirt and flag last night...
  10. Mattyblue

    Birmingham Away

    I’m going. Brum’s always good for a few beers, if nowt else. We’ll probably have around 1200 there which is a good effort considering the season is petering out.
  11. Mattyblue


    I’m not sure I agree with the first statement. I’d imagine a good percentage of season ticket holders miss a fair few games every season - it doesn’t matter to the club, of course (as long as they keep renewing).
  12. Mattyblue

    Tony Mowbray - The Manager.

    Did make me chuckle that he laugh emojied one of my posts, joining someone else... only thing was they were laughing at him!
  13. Mattyblue


    5500 at £24. 3pm
  14. Mattyblue

    Championship 2018-19

    Emnes just gone there on trial, JLo running (around) the midfield. The memories!
  15. Mattyblue


    Oh it would. Its all about how you market it and timing. Say the plan was to do it next season, but then we collapse now till May and finish 19th then I could see it flopping. No momentum and a real downer around the place. However, we surge and finish say 7th and the club makes the right noises (and signings) for a promotion push then you’d sell big numbers.

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