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  1. Interesting stuff from colt, this has all the hallmarks of a relegation season from the 'rubber dinghy men' to the supposed kick offs from Givet et al with Kean. Main difference this time is half the team don't belong to us and don't care enough to even kick off.
  2. Honestly Stuart, the Blackburn End concourse was packed, it reminded me of a half time in the Premier League era. Folk who'd never marched in their life were down there. It was a great turnout, the best you'll get and certainly comparable to anything Coventry et al have mustered.
  3. Guthrie? He's from Shrewsbury, no?
  4. Couple of points 1) I thought the 1875 protest was excellently attended (well it was in the Blackburn End), with many participants that wouldn't ever be on marches 2) Chaddy won't ever change his views, so why get so wound up about it? Maybe Cov/Charlton's support have a number of Chaddy's? Does it matter? Carry on regardless and leave him to it!
  5. What this last 6 years has shown me is that most clubs fans don't give a s**** about what goes on elsewhere. They may offer a platitude or two about 'what a shame' it is about Orient/Charlton/Coventry, but they certainly wouldn't give up a day out on the booze with a massive following for it. And you know what, if this decline hadn't befallen us I'd be the same, I can imagine on the way to an away game at a crisis club, ticket in pocket, I'd be all; 'Modern football ay? Glad we've got John Williams, could do with a bit of cash for players though.' and then not giving it another thought.
  6. I can imagine the Villa fans will be in holiday mode. Of course they will be cheering on their team- but just like the Liverpool fans at Anfield in May '95 with Rovers scarves on or when Chelsea fans were booing their own team as they scored against Bolton in '98 - relegating them and keeping Everton up, there will be plenty of panto stuff coming from the away end.
  7. Jerome Anderson and his crew spotted an opportunity and took it. The football industry is akin to the wild west; eye watering amounts of money sloshing about, stupid people, nefarious characters and greed is a heady mix. Even at Wolves, I heard plenty of 'they were badly advised', 'they mean well', 'they are just trying to making the club sustainable', 'Anderson is to blame'. Sorry, that was a viable excuse in the 2011-2013 period, but we are now in 2017, the buck stops with the owners- by fortune or design there have been periods in which they could have righted their wrongs- the decent atmosphere around the club and team circa 2014, the Lambert appointment etc etc, yet they have always thrown it back in our face- the selling of Cairney and the rest of the decent c2014 team, the shambles of the Lambert era, the Coyle appointment, the complete radio silence. THEY brought the fox into the hen house, THEY have brought this club into disrepute, THEY are to blame.
  8. If only we'd actually gone for the win yesterday. We could have seen Birmingham in the bottom 3 for the first time, real pressure on them and a real confidence booster for us. Just cannot fathom yesterday's approach.
  9. Back home, around £70 lighter, banging headache and just thoroughly sick of this disgrace of a season. Think it was Parson who wrote how he 'enjoys it'. I love the club, I am a passionate fan and that's what keeps me going- loyalty, duty, call it what you want. However, the past 6 years have been anything but 'enjoyable', just one long, depressing journey downwards with no end in sight that I can see.
  10. Beetlejuice on the LT comments= King Ostrich.
  11. Now that's a plan. Ban all pre game 'pressers'.
  12. What's he supposed to say at this stage?
  13. If you ring the ticket office and buy one today, good chance you'll be able to pick it up down there...
  14. Hallelujah!
  15. When you are on a wretched run like Birmingham, the last 3 pressured games of the season (one of them away at your arch rivals) is a tough ask for any new manager, so who knows there may not be the fabled 'bounce'. Saying that though they only need one win and we won't be catching them.