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  1. Mattyblue

    Championship season 2019-20

    The Rowett and Monk aim to manage every Championship club continues...
  2. Mattyblue

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    I’m speaking generally, it isn’t a stand that is seen week on week. The RFS branding wouldn’t have been removed for 20 minutes of Sky chat if they were still a paid up sponsor...
  3. Mattyblue


    3,700 at Stanley yesterday (2,500 of them home fans) for a Sky game. Pretty much doubled their numbers in a couple of years, they were happy with breaking four figures not long ago. And that will only continue to increase with the work Holt is putting in with attracting young support. When the camera panned to the crowd I was struck with how many kids were there with parents. I wonder how many of said parents were once Rovers fans? That’s them and their children gone. Our catchment area gets ever smaller, still at least the club has done ‘everything it can’.
  4. Mattyblue

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    With the moving of the gantry the Riverside is no longer seen on TV...
  5. Mattyblue

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Apropos of nothing, but did anyone else notice the increased advertising presence of our long absent owners at Ewood on Saturday? The RFS stand is no more by the looks of it, seems to now be the Venky’s Riverside. Same with the advertising around the scoreboard. Of course most other club’s would be doing this for some kind of commercial gain...
  6. Mattyblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Anger? No, but far more grumbling about him in the second half and at full time then I’d ever heard before. That is usually a sign of a fan base beginning to turn.
  7. Mattyblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    The away support can often turn first - Coyle at Barnsley on Boxing Day springs to mind. Preston could well be the day.
  8. Mattyblue

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Walton was summed up by that nonsense in injury time. Our free kick, they booted the ball away in the general direction of our keeper, he literally watched it for about 10 seconds until he was bawled at by our players to get it. He then walked off from the ball when the players were expecting him to launch it. He eventually hit a half arsed ball to no one.
  9. Mattyblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Goodwill is definitely beginning to ebb away with the crowd. All I could hear around me on the ground and walking up Livesey Branch Road was ranting about crap subs and wasted money on forwards.
  10. Mattyblue


    As you know I totally disagree and I’m not seeing much in the way of ‘marginal gains’ from it either with our home performances. But surely Coar must be in cloud cuckoo land with the rest of them down there if he thinks Ewood will look in any way a positive ‘visual spectacle’ today (on or off the pitch).
  11. Mattyblue


    Club are expecting 1,500 to buy that 3 game ticket. Why? Hasn’t it been put on the record with the FF that these match bundles never particularly sell more than a few hundred? Why would it be different this time, especially with the club at a bit of low ebb. Also, they hope being on TV will show Ewood as a good visual spectacle and we get shown again. An enormous empty stand behind one of the goals ain’t going to help with that, is it!? All very odd decision making down there. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/17978793.rovers-aiming-boost-atmosphere-income-ewood-games/
  12. Mattyblue

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    When has he shown any usefulness going forward?
  13. Mattyblue

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Don’t agree. Lenihan and Williams are ok Championship players. Bell is not good enough for this level.
  14. Mattyblue

    Huddersfield - Saturday Lunch for Sky

    Come off it ODB, social media is a cesspit, largely faceless idiots trying to stir up tension, it in no way reflects our fan base.
  15. Mattyblue

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A decade in and the tail is still wagging the dog.

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