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  1. Mattyblue

    Football League Suspended

    Bournemouth are a prime example, crowds of 10,000 and they are buying players for £25million and paying a number of them 50/60k a week. House of cards is apt.
  2. Mattyblue

    Underrated Rovers 11

    Batty? Who didn’t rate him? Top class player, only issue was missing large periods with injury Short and Ooijer were always appreciated too from what I remember. Jansen is up there as a club great. I’d say under appreciated by the wider game as in the 2000s it was always unfashionable Rovers in the media (see Friedel and Tugay who would’ve been household names at a higher profile club) not that we didn’t love them.
  3. Mattyblue

    BBC Prem top 10 goalkeepers

    The Newcastle side that didn’t win the title in 1996 gets far more coverage and sentimental reminiscing in the media than the side that actually won it the year before.
  4. Mattyblue

    BBC Prem top 10 goalkeepers

    It's very simple, if Brad had been at Tottenham for 8 years and at Rovers for three instead of vice versa, he'd be in.
  5. Mattyblue

    BBC Prem top 10 goalkeepers

    Always the way. Its like when Damien Duff for Sky did his Best XI (and subs) who he played with and didn’t mention a single Rovers player as even a contender for inclusion.
  6. Mattyblue

    Sky Sports accounts can be paused

    There was a good piece in today’s Times on just that. League’s across sport are resigned to the fact that TV rights deals have now peaked and future contracts could slump dramatically as Sky/BT here and foreign subscription services are shedding customers and may never recover many of them.
  7. Mattyblue

    Football League Suspended

    Ha where do you think I nicked it from!
  8. Mattyblue

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Butt out, nowt to do with you lot
  9. Mattyblue

    Football League Suspended

    Or an empty training ground, nice backdrop of a tree and some cones.
  10. Mattyblue

    Football League Suspended

    The Deputy CMO believes we are looking at 6 months of fairly substantive restrictions (if not a strict lockdown). So, the remainder of the 2019/20 season fits in where?
  11. Mattyblue

    Football League Suspended

    Interesting article by Ian Herbert mirroring a lot of our thoughts on where EFL and non league football goes after this... https://www.mailonsunday.co.uk/sport/football/article-8163771/IAN-HERBERT-Wage-cap-solution-save-game-clubs-fear-worst.html#article-8163771
  12. Mattyblue


    The day Sutton thought ‘feck being a centre half’.
  13. Mattyblue

    Away Day Photos

    You must have done it wrong!

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