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  1. 20k is higher than some of our recent league crowds with them. Would be a very good effort considering a fair few ST holders won't be attending...
  2. And forefit the Sky dosh? Cheston won't be requesting a postponement, I'd wager.
  3. We'll sell plenty of tickets to non ST holders for this, however that will be offset by the fact a large percentage of ST holders won't be attending
  4. On that fantastic UEFA Cup run of 06/07 we had a right good sup with Jordan in one of those Kracow beer caves, my mate's Dad had to pretty much carry him out at the end of the night. You couldn't meet a bigger Blue back then.
  5. A good idea to try it for this series, the present Windies side aren't exactly box office, so the first day/nighter in England will have helped flog tickets - plus there's an Ashes day/nighter at Adelaide coming up. The main summer series against Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan generally sell well anyway, so there's not much point in day/nighters, however the early summer Tests against Sri Lanka etc. are a tougher sell, though wrong time of the summer for floodlit cricket. It's not an easy issue for the ECB to get right...
  6. Ice Arena.
  7. First League game at Bradford for nearly 30 years and we'll have around 1200 there. Was fairly obvious that these 'take overs' of away grounds would not be happening unless we were storming the league .
  8. Away fans are allowed back in the Fernhurst now, load of Bristol City fans were in there when I was last season.
  9. The format was poor the past few years, again the club's choice to run it down. Then when cancelled you'll get little backlash from fans 'well, it was @#/? anyway'.
  10. Don't disagree with that, used to tear my hair out with Coyle and Kean, but generally thought he was a decent broadcaster, hope he gets a gig somewhere. 25 years of the first football club radio station and it's gone with a days notice. How was it announced? As a bulletpoint on a website article next to the Blues Bar opening hours and a reminder that a load of car parks have been closed, no warning given to visually impaired fans either. Poor do.
  11. I thought Neil Yardley was very good, passionate about the club and considering it was an in house station he could be critical.
  12. Also saw on that article that council owned car parks around Ewood won't be open this season. The whole operation seems to be downsizing rapidly. To be expected, I suppose, but sad all the same.
  13. Saw a post on Twitter saying it has been scrapped? Presume its to do with ifollow now being the online service?
  14. End of the day we are in the third division, ergo our players aren't as good as theirs, so I expect to get beat and there's no point getting worked up about it - just a sobering reminder of the destruction these people have caused. However, what will annoy me is that as JH alludes to; a potential bouncing occasion will be anything but due to a combination of 1970s Belfast style policing, live TV coverage and likely silly ticket pricing ensuring a crap gate
  15. Like how our 'big money' signing is a 'mystery man'. Kevin Davies, he ain't!