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  1. Last season before a ball was kicked, most fans were happy to just not get relegated, yep the fans of grand old club Blackburn Rovers happy to finish 21st in the second tier. Completely realistic expectations, certainly no ‘delusions of grandeur’ there. This season we have the biggest budget in the league, so quite rightly the fans (and Mowbray himself) fully expect to be around the top of the table.
  2. ‘These days’? Was ever thus, just think to post match lockdowns in the Souness era, talk about first world problems! Considering we are mid table in the third division, I’d say folk have every right to vent on here, just like the away end did yesterday.
  3. So it's Scotland v Holland... even more pointless!
  4. To challenge himself in a much better league? Remember we'd just finished 6th, we weren't relegation fodder.
  5. Rev, what's your issue with Bennett? Before this season he certainly didn't pull up any trees, but he's been one of our top performers this season, maybe League 1s his level, but he's well worth his place in the team currently. Conway, agree he looks a busted flush.
  6. Thought that would be it for international breaks for us, but read this morning that Scotland want to arrange a friendly for November, Canada do the same and that's Walsall off. Qualifiers and play offs, I've no problem with, but why on Earth are Scotland (with no manager) looking to play the most pointlless of friendlies next month?!
  7. Noticed that a fella called Ryan Grant is now writing the articles on the official website. Quick look on Twitter says he's our new 'Comms & Media Manager'. He's come from Man Utd, so let's see if anything improves...
  8. Agreed SG, but with Burnley, Bolton, Blackpool, PNE, Wigan, Bury, Rochdale all often being in the third/fourth tier, Oldham was sometimes our only derby (though Man City were often down with us) in that era, so no wonder we took big numbers. Plus we were usually knocking on the door of the top flight. Our followings have dropped off markedly over the years, so let's hope this season, if nothing else awakens a long dormant away support.
  9. After he left I'm sure he said something like: 'we were playing Bolton, I looked around and thought, "this is supposed to be a derby? It's no Old Firm" ' Even we don't think it's a derby pal! The guy was just full of excuses after realising he wasn't up to it, to be expected after spending a decade strollling about against St Mirren and the like.
  10. Think we may stuggle to take a huge following, largely due to having Oldham, Wigan, Bury and Blackpool in close succession. A few may pick Oldham and Bury instead due to not playing there for decades, we seem to be at Wigan every year. Shame how the fixtures have bunched pretty much all our derbies (apart from Fleetwood) between September and November.
  11. 2700 sold out of 3500 so far.
  12. Fair enough bazza. Moved to Oldham thread
  13. Oldham and Rochdale were on sale by now, but looking at the club's Twitter Wigan haven't yet sent them over.
  14. The FanZone now seems to consist of a big screen with nowt on it.
  15. Of course, but just to bring home the shortsightedness of the Walkers - an 80% stake in Southampton recently went for... £210million.