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  1. Don't get what his problem is. He got a job at the BBC on the back of being in the right place/right time when the Kean storm was at its height.
  2. Though local media has declined across the board this past decade, the LT really is the pits. Putting to one side the absymal lack of sub-editing, you see them recycling one interview for weeks on end, copying and pasting stories from and putting together articles that are made up entirely of tweets from fans; no insight, no investigation, no reporting. It's dreadful. Yet, you only need to look at some other regional papers and they are packed full of stories every day.
  3. Long stopped trying to work out these owners. Though these signings coud easily be offset by sales later in the window, the fact there actually seems to be a plan this summer is a plus point. After nearly 7 years of this farce, people have every right to be cynical and yes *gasp* negative too, the missed opportunites and dreadful decision making of this era has hardwired this mindset into many of us. However, since his appointment Mowbray and the players have had nothing but support on a matchday, so as long as that's the case there's nothing wrong with having a gripe and a 'oh what might have been' lament on an internet message board.
  4. I'm not myself, but there will be a few from the Ewood Blues going.
  5. Due to playing on international breaks, at least there won't be as many of those horrendous Tuesday nights!
  6. +35 likes! Certainly the ying to brfcs' yang.
  7. I would just feel relief, because for me, if we don't get out quick, we won't be getting out at all.
  8. They are Dingles, not going to get owt objective, are you!
  9. I don't know what's worse, that they are still obsessed with us even at their 'lofty' position or the fact you've gone looking for their opinion.
  10. Can get himself a nice pad on the Sandbanks, not bad for a Mill Hill lad!
  11. Felt a bit sorry for Liam Livingstone yesterday, he was trying to help the team move the score on, but a couple of failures with so many big hitters knocking on the door won't have done him much good England wise. Anyway, role on the Test series!
  12. Former Burnley, Bolton and Wigan boss Coyle, 50, says he has "turned a few things down" since leaving Blackburn in February. "I'd rather wait for now," he explained. "It's just important that I make the right choice when I move forward." Translation: 'I'll keep name dropping and bigging up my pi$$ poor record in every avaliable media channel and my agent will ensure various red top guessers keep linking me to every role that's going... eventually some fool will give me a job."
  13. I believe that the Trust are looking at trying to help re-start a lot of the defunct supporters groups...
  14. Strange how? I was giving a bit of context. We didn't just increase crowds because of Jack, the game was on an upward curve anyway. The fact we have lost so much support is not JUST because we are in the doldrums and only 5k will watch it, but everything that has gone on this past 7 years.
  15. Bit disingenuous that. All clubs had low crowds in the mid 80s, the game was on its arse. That 5000 was no different than Bolton or any other comparable club. All clubs also saw crowds increase in the 90s onwards, we would have too without Jack, though not to the regular level of 25,000 but plenty more than 5k all the same.