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  1. Mattyblue

    Rovers v Leeds, Ewood, 12.00 KO, 20th October

    Only one I can remember was 1993, Shearer hat trick, they came back from 3-1 down.
  2. Don’t post your team for Leeds on here, won’t change owt, email it to Mowbray.
  3. Totally agree about the Categories, but they are only in place to rip off away fans. Not because anyone in the club particularly thinks Sheff Utd is a more glamorous game than say Norwich, just that they’ll bring more away support to fleece.
  4. Mattyblue

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    That’s what Hull do and it kicked off with their fans. Though I’m sure at some clubs direct debits just roll on to the next season ticket unless you cancel.
  5. Bang on Hasta. As I said the other week, the club could have had their cake and eaten it too with this game. We could still have charged Leeds fans full whack, but made it a ‘local promotion’ for our fans - £15 or whatever, would have been a fantastic occasion to get folk back in the habit. But no, charge a fortune and push them towards their TV.
  6. It’s a place of opinions, one person’s ‘doom and gloom’ is another’s realism. Threres nothing more tiresome than people banging on about others ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ posts.
  7. Those living in Hyndburn, are you seeing a noticeable increase of Stanley shirts?
  8. Rich Sharpe said ‘slashing prices shown not to be the answer’ That was shown when? If he means because of the half arsed deals they did last season, no wonder.
  9. Mattyblue

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    No, because the club is ALWAYS correct in your eyes, so you can’t be debated with.
  10. Mattyblue

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Just don’t bother arbito. He’s always right until he’s proven wrong.
  11. Mattyblue


    The EFL spokesman in The Times says ‘Upon introducing both the red button and steaming services at the start of the season, the potential impact on attendances was highlighted and was always going to be assessed as part of a wider review, which will include all fixtures up the end of October regardless of when they were played. Only after this process has been completed can we start to understand any effect on live attendances’ So once this review and assessment has been completed and they realise crowds have fallen in midweek by twice the amount of last season, then what? What can this ‘review’ alter considering the deal is signed?
  12. Rubbish. Most folk on here have stated that the club seems to be much better run these past 18 months or so. But, if for example, the Chief Exec misses his own target for season ticket sales then we can criticise him.
  13. Who signs off the TV deals? I’m assuming that EFL bureaucrats in their Preston office don’t do it unilaterally. Are they not voted on? Seems like lower league chairman like yer man at Stanley seem to have been totally caught out by it. Odd state of affairs.
  14. Match day prices do compare to other clubs and they are all too expensive. Up to £30 a ticket here and at Bolton. Madness for lower league football in this area. Season tickets work out at about £14/15 a game so I’d agree they aren’t too bad. We all know actual midweek crowds are always lower, I bet we all see plenty of season ticket holder seats empty every Tuesday/Wednesday night. Key difference is is that they are sill counted in the figures and have paid for the ticket regardless. Such people know they miss a few games but they still deem the ST decent value. In the future they may not bother buying one in the first place if they realise they can watch nearly half the home games on TV - they may think it’s no longer worth the outlay - that’s what you’re not grasping, nothing to do with those missing an odd game getting a chance to see it, or those that live miles away or folk like us getting to watch Swansea away.
  15. That’s football fans for you. Takes all sorts. Some are really committed, some are ‘pick their games’ types, some prefer going away, some are loosely fans of their club but not particularly arsed, some just moan about the club even though they’ve not been there since 19xx and so on. So not sure what your point is unsall and why it means we shouldn’t be concerned about crowds now and in the future.

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