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  1. Rovers v Charlton

    Apart from Bradford on Good Friday and a potential promotion decider in April/May I just can’t see the crowds getting substantially bigger in this division.
  2. Championship 2017/18

    Downing, Smallwood, Bennett, Dack, Samuel/Graham/Nuttall, Whittingham? Plus a Scot and an Irishman. Sometimes a Northern Irishman over Whitts, another Scot instead of Bennett. So usually 8 out of 11 are British and Irish, not particularly extraordinary...
  3. Fleetwood tickets

    Yeah think I’m way off! As you say you received a Club Cash discount on merchandise that reimbursed your membership fee, so I imagine plenty of ST holders joined.
  4. Fleetwood tickets

    I only thought there were 5/600, but there must be over a 1000 as the article doesn’t guarantee any tickets will be left over for non members
  5. Hull City - FA Cup

    They don't seem to do the 'claim your seat deadline' these days. To be fair It's been 'claim your block' in recent cup ties, so they probably don't see the point...
  6. Premier League Stuff

    He isn't going to leave them for a Watford or Swansea and if he wasn't in consideration for the West Ham, Everton or Leicester jobs - I would say level 2 Premier league clubs, who will he go to? Because I can't see him being offered the Liverpool/Chelsea/Man Utd job. For me he is there for the forseeable
  7. Season ticket sales confirmation

    Good to know that the club are actually sending out mail shots for the half season tickets. Just need those talking bus stops back...
  8. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    11 changes please Mogga...
  9. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Out wide could be a problem. I'd be reluctant to play Conway as you know full well he'll breakdown after about 20 minutes, not a risk I'd take with Bennett still out for a further two games. So, think Antonsson would have to play on one flank, not sure who'd you'd play on the other, Hart?
  10. Season ticket sales confirmation

    Hope you're right phil, can certainly see it for Bradford on Good Friday as they'll bring plenty too. Not sure about some of the other games, as even Wigan won't fetch much away support and it's been years since we've had anywhere near 18,000+ home fans in the ground. Fighting for promotion to the PL and it's a different issue...
  11. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    No I'm happy to be in it, really hope Tomlinson gets a start tomorow and 90 minutes for Graham wouldn't go amiss either. However, I don't want to see the likes of King Charles anywhere near the side.
  12. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Of course they could, but why increase the risk, especially on someone who's as prone as Mulgrew?
  13. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    It's not necessarily the fatigue factor I worry about, but if we play say, Mulgrew or Dack and they get a bad injury. The next 5 months could define what kind of club Blackburn Rovers is for the forseeable future, the FA Cup just doesn't come into it this season for me.
  14. Rich Sharpe was watching the game (and presumably planning out his match report) whilst live blogging on the LT website AND co-commentating on Radio Lancs. No wonder his ratings are all over the place.
  15. Crewe - FA Cup (Again!)

    Neither club has a game next midweek, so they'd rearragne it for a week on Tuesday, you'd presume?