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  1. Scotty


    I'm someone who goes in Blues pre and post-match, so I just wanted to clear a couple of things up. It's £1 to get in for ST holders, free if you pay up front for the Blues membership. The prices go up at 1pm and then back down at 6pm. They have a guest real ale on every game, although this often runs out not long after the game. They don't use plastic glasses. I like it in there. The beer prices aren't too far off standard pub prices I think. They show the early and late footy, and there's lots of screens so you can watch it pretty much wherever you sit/stand. It's fairly full from 1:30/2pm pre-match and for an hour or so post-match - indeed, you sometimes struggle to get in for a while after games as they operate a one-in-one-out policy - so it's obviously popular. One criticism I would have is that the food is over-priced, and whoever puts the menu together seems to think he's running some fine dining establishment rather than a football bar, but that aside it's pretty good imo. I also like the bands they have been getting in to perform recently after the games.
  2. The big problem last night was that we kept giving the ball away under pressure. It meant Derby overwhelmed us in the first half. Raya, Williams, Smallwood, Armstrong, Palmer & Conway all didn't keep the ball well enough. Replace Williams with Mulgrew, Armstrong with Graham, Palmer with Rothwell, Conway with Bennett & Smallwood with Reed and we might have a team that keeps the ball well enough to play through a high-pressing team like Derby.
  3. Scotty

    New Kits

    Utter dogshit.
  4. Scotty

    Championship 2018-19

    We met him in the pub afterwards. He'd gone to the game with a mate and his mate's little lad, and the little lad had a Burnley shirt on too. He kept parading the lad around the pub in front of us. The guy with the scarf was a particularly strange chap who kept trying to wind us up for an hour or two until he was eventually told where to go. None of them were Dingles though, they were Plymouth fans who'd just done it for the bantz! All very odd. Wasn't sorry to see Plymouth miss out on the play-offs.
  5. Scotty

    So, what signings do we need in January?

    There's a young lad playing for Bournemouth's Under 21s who I've heard is decent. Mahoney I think his name is. Believe he has a soft spot for Rovers too. Wouldn't mind him coming back on loan to help take us up.
  6. Scotty

    Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Just a few thoughts after last night: Smallwood asked to be subbed I think in the second half, about 5 minutes before he was and just before he was given stick for passing a ball back (he held his hand up and acknowledged the Riverside after he'd done it). We don't get behind teams enough as we don't have pace out wide. Bennett is good enough to get balls in without necessarily beating his man with pace (see Scunthorpe & Rotherham for example), but no-one else Mowbray starts with can. This means teams can play narrowly against us and crowd Dack & Whittingham out of it. Starting Chapman would help to stretch teams and give the creative players in the middle more space. Graham looks off the pace, but I don't think he received a single cross last night that he could run onto. See above. Antonsson just isn't good enough. Neither is Caddis going forward. The best we've looked all season from an attacking point of view was when Dack played behind Samuel with Antonsson and Bennett on the wings. Swap Chapman for Antonsson and we might be getting somewhere. We should have brought Harper on in the middle for Smallwood and kept Bennett out wide. I have no idea why we took Dack off. Strange subs that made us worse, Chapman aside.
  7. Lots of open questions now: Should the Tories stick with Theresa May? I can't see how they can win another election with her as leader. She's shown that she can't campaign and, quite frankly, I think the British public just don't trust her anymore. The problem is, who else wants to be the Tory leader right now. I can't think of a worse time to be Tory leader - they've just lost their majority and are seen as arrogant and out-of-touch, their main opposition has risen from the dead and is suddenly gaining popularity with every day that passes, and there's the Brexit negotiations around the corner that are likely to be a disaster for the economy, whoever leads them. The problem is, they may have to get someone as... How long can the minority government stay in power? Not long in my opinion. May will have her failure at this election thrown in her face every time she speaks, the arrangement with the DUP will be disastrous for Northern Irish politics and will lead to even greater discontent amongst the Tory back-benches, and the pressure should steadily build from the opposition parties. Which leads me to... Can Labour unite behind Corbyn? You would hope so now as Corbyn's position has never been stronger. I hope Corbyn can offer an olive branch to some of the big beasts on the centre-left, not that they really deserve one, and they take it and form an even stronger shadow cabinet. A united Labour party against the Tories now can only increase the pressure and lead to another election. But, after saying that, do Labour really want to be the party that has to negotiate Brexit? I'm struggling to see how any party can be seen as making a success of that. Unless.... Can a party bite the bullet and put together a cross-party Brexit team? It would give everyone their say, it would potentially remove any extreme hard or soft Brexit scenarios, and it would get the party leading the negotiations off-the-hook somewhat as they could say it was a collaborative process. Can't see it happening though.
  8. Scotty

    Rovers Messageboards

    There are broadly 4 types of fan that I know: 1) Will support the team no matter what. Use arguments like people will lose their jobs at Ewood if you don't go. Hate BRAG and all off-shoots with a passion. See Venky's as annoying, but they'll move on eventually and I'll still be here etc. 2) Dislike Venky's but think that they are at least paying the bills, and that's better than risking the club's very existence if they walked tomorrow. 3) Hate Venky's, losing all faith with the ownership and the club in general, smell the whiff of corruption but can't prove it, but still go partly out of blind loyalty but mainly to get pi55ed with mates. (This includes me!) 4) Given up - either out of apathy or as a protest. I think there are less 1s and 2s than there used to be, but some will never change no matter what happens.
  9. Scotty

    Glen Mullan's Blogs

    Couldn't give a toss about the grammar, only interested in the content. And some of the content is incredible, so incredible that people are naturally going to be suspicious or cynical. So, I would have thought it would be in everyone's interests to prove it as much as possible. For example, there's mention of Philipl presenting documentary evidence of a money trail to Scudamore - why isn't that in the public domain now then? There's talk of a recorded call from Anderson - why can't we all hear that then? I could go on with other examples. We need to educate people in what has happened in the past. Most Rovers fans don't read this messageboard. They haven't a clue about Glen's blog - a large number won't even know who he is. Some fans are still sympathetic to Venky's, thinking they've been done over by nasty agents and are trying to do the right thing now. Some don't even know about the agents. We should be trying to educate these people, telling them all we know, with as much proof as possible, to ensure every Rovers fan knows the whole story. Only then will any mass protests succeed. Obviously I'm using the royal "we". This education should be something the new WAR group should be doing imo. Start a fundraising effort to produce an alternative match programme or fanzine. Write the whole story down, include all the documentary evidence available, hand it out for free to every fan at every game from now until whenever. Get in online and provide links to it everywhere. Write press releases linking to the story and send them to every news outlet you can think of. Get as many people as possible aware of the story. I don't know why it's taken this long to come out. I don't know why some of the documents weren't released earlier, or why other mentioned documents are still not public. The legal threat would seem to be non-existent given that Glen or this site (I assume) have not received any legal threats as yet. I don't know why WAR are not pursuing this education angle, or if they are why it's taking so long. I wonder if people are quite enjoying the limelight or the feeling that they know something others don't. That may seem overly-critical or harsh, but until the documents and recordings etc come out that are referred to then people are bound to think things like that. Release everything, anonymously if necessary. Collate it together, spread the word. Educate the naive or non-believers. Only then will you have a chance of uniting the fanbase.
  10. Scotty

    Next Manager

    I wonder if Warnock may come in as a Director of Football and Joyce as Head Coach. Just a thought.
  11. Scotty

    Lambert Leaving!

    I'd be very surprised if Lambert took the job in the first place without being told there were plans in place to make a serious push for promotion. I just can't see why he would take it otherwise. So, here's what I reckon happened: Lambert was told we'd get out of the embargo and we did. He was told he'd be able to get some players in during the January window, with a limited budget, but he would have the Rhodes money to spend in the summer (and possibly more). So far so good. Around Feb/March time Lambert started putting plans in place for the summer. He submitted the plans to the board, and probably requested feedback from them within a week or two so he could start to put his plans in place. The deadline came and went, and in whatever communication Lambert does have with India (calls, emails etc) he was met with various stalling tactics. After a while he grew suspicious and that's when he started going public with his concerns. Myers announced his resignation as he could see the writing on the wall. Lambert probably told the out-of-contract players and his staff what was going on, or what wasn't in effect, as he felt it was unfair to keep them hanging. It's around this time that performances started to drop off as some players feared injury may affect their next move, or quite simply lost the motivation to play at their best any more. Not right but understandable imo. Lambert was probably told that he'd get final word on his plans when the Venky's representative, this Pasha fella, turned up to Ewood in person. That happened this week, he was obviously told that his plans would not be met, so he's off. Somewhere between January and March Venkys seem to have changed their minds about the future plans. Whether it was the accounts coming out, the relative under performance of Venky's companies in India, or a lack of confidence in Lambert we will probably never know, but I suspect it's more to do with finance than football. So we are left now with no management structure in place both for football and non-football activities. Venkys could appoint a competent board over the summer, appoint a competent manager, and give him whatever limited budget we have to get players in. He may even get to spend whatever money he generates from sales, which would at least give the new manager a fighting chance of rebuilding the squad to a decent standard. Or, Venkys could be on a major cost-cutting exercise where a new board and manager are recruited on the cheap and are instructed to sell anything that moves. Only time will tell on that one, but I think I know which direction we're going in.
  12. Scotty


    Justice finally for the 96 who died at Hillsborough. All unlawfully killed following negligence on the part of the police, the ambulance service, the stadium authorities and Sheffield Wednesday FC. The fans behaviour was not a factor. It's all been proved now in a court of law. I can't imagine how the families must feel right now, but they should be praised massively for their commitment, endurance & strength for uncovering what must be the single biggest scandal of modern times. Even to the end the police were attempting to smear the fans and at least partially blame them for the tragedy. Thankfully they weren't believed this time. Now for some accountability.
  13. Scotty

    Damien Duff Hangs Up His Boots

    I wrote this on the Rovers Greatest Team thread years ago. Seems appropriate now: Damien Duff first signed professional forms for Rovers on March 5th 1996 at the age of 17. It was a momentous day for the club. He was scouted by Pat Devlin, manager of Bray Wanderers and still Duff's agent to this day. Devlin was a friend of Kenny Dalglish and alerted Kenny to the talent he'd unearthed in Ireland. Rovers weren't the only club he told though. Rumour has it that Huddersfield came very close to poaching Damien - thankfully though he chose the Rovers. Duff made his Rovers senior debut in the last home game of 1996-97 season. However, it wasn't until the season after that he established himself in the side ahead of Jason Wilcox. A crowd favourite straight away, he won over the fans with his skill and touch, as well as a running style best described as "unusual", not to mention the appearence of someone who was permanently knackered. He just looked funny, not remotely like a footballer was supposed to look, but give him the ball and he could be superb. Superb but inconsistent. Duff had a habit of drifting in and out of games in the early stages of his career, and probably suffered more than most during the frequent managerial upheavals at the time. In fact it was rumoured that Hodgson didn't rate Duff and was willing to sell him - thankfully Hodgson left first. Duff was relegated along with the rest of the squad in 1999 and remained inconsistent during the clubs first season in Division 1. However, his form was still good enough to earn him his first cap as a substitute for Ireland. He went on to make two more appearences for his country that season. It wasn't until the arrival of Graeme Souness in early 2000 that Duff started to consistently produce the form that we all knew he was capable of. Although he only scored one league goal during our promotion season it was a vital one - securing victory away against promotion rivals Birmingham. His all-round game though was excellent that season. He terrorised First Division right-backs and linked up superbly with the likes of Jansen, Dunn, Bent and Berkovic. Our first season back in the Premiership was largely a struggle for the team, but Duff continued to shine. He chipped in with 7 goals, many of them vital, and was instrumental in our 2002 Worthington Cup winning team. It remains the only major honour of his career so far (although I suspect it won't be for long). That summer saw Damien Duff graduate to world class. He was arguably the star of the 2002 World Cup, helping Ireland into the knock-out stages with a series of man-of-the-match performances. He even managed a goal in the 3-0 group win over Saudi Arabia. Speculation was rife in the media throughout the summer that Duff would leave for one of the "big boys". However, he defied everyone by signing a new 2 year contract at Blackburn and stating his love for the club. Duff was now unstoppable. He won a place in UEFA's team of the year and inspired the team to new heights during the next season, scoring 13 goals and setting up many, many more. In fact, the only thing that could stop him was a niggling hamstring injury that restricted him to only 26 appearences that season. However, it was no coincidence that Rovers put a fantastic run together during the second half of the season when Duff returned from injury. The run took us up to 6th place and a UEFA cup spot. Again, media speculation was rife during the summer about Duff leaving. Just as we all thought he might defy the critics again and stay, Chelsea came in with a huge bid and, after a protracted negotiation involving a lot of soul-searching on Duff's part, he left for the bright lights of London. I've been watching the Rovers for more than 25 years and Duff is easily my favourite player throughout that time. His skill, vision, touch and passing ability made him a fantastic player to watch - a real entertainer. I loved the way he looked shattered one minute then electrifying the next. He seemed such an uncomplicated character off the pitch as well. We used to laugh as we passed his old battered Fiesta in the car-park before home games - alongside all the BMW's, 4x4's and Jag's of the other players. He lists one of his favourite hobbies as sleeping and spent most of his time at Blackburn living in Hurst Green out in the sticks. No boozy nights out with Page 3 girls for Damien. I'm still sad that he left yet I still enjoy watching play for Chelsea. For example, I watched him tonight in the Carling Cup against Fulham and he was superb - scoring one and troubling Fulham throughout. Unfortunately, in a few years history will probably show that Duff was at his most successful whilst playing for Chelsea. However, I'll never forget what he did at Rovers. The boy's a genius. Career 1996-97: Rovers 1 game, 0 goals 1997-98: Rovers 26 games, 4 goals 1998-99: Rovers 28 games, 1 goal 1999-00: Rovers 39 games, 5 goals; Ireland 3 appearences, 0 goals 2000-01: Rovers 32 games, 1 goal; Ireland 6 appearences, 0 goals 2001-02: Rovers 32 games, 7 goals; Ireland 10 appearences, 2 goals 2002-03: Rovers 26 games, 9 goals; Ireland 5 appearences, 2 goals
  14. Scotty

    Fa Cup 2015/16

    I was told that there were 700 people eligible for the first wave of sales, so it makes sense that they won't have sold out yet. Sure they will though.
  15. Scotty

    Best Rovers Squad Of 18.

    Friedel Neill, Hendry, Nelsen, Le Saux Ripley, Batty, Tugay, Duff Shearer, Bellamy Subs: Flowers, Berg, Olsson, Dunn, Sherwood, Jansen, Sutton Manager: Hughes

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