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  1. gumboots

    Good News!

    The Sahara? Antarctic? Burnley?
  2. gumboots


    As I said, it's been one of the churches problems throughout history. Unscrupulous people have used the church to legitimise whatever they want to do, and yes, the church hasn't always stood against them. Doesn't mean they shouldn't though.
  3. gumboots


    As a Christian, I'm appalled to see him waving his Bible as if to say God is on my side. God shouldn't be used like that. It's been a problem throughout history that people have used religion to legitimise whatever they want to do. The church in the US and across the world should be calling him out for this.
  4. gumboots


    It took me 6 weeks to get fence paint delivered
  5. gumboots


    Doesn't matter if Starmer didnt make a public statement, because he ACTED to deal with the situation.Actions are what matters here. Johnson has said plenty but done nothing
  6. gumboots

    Good News!

    Congratulations! I havent tried running but we find 3 mile walks straightforward now. No gasping for breath uphill and getting faster all the time.
  7. gumboots


    Besides which, by comparison with the Westminster crew, she still SOUNDS like shes in control and not lying. It may be smoke and mirrors but shes better at it than Johnson
  8. gumboots


    Well, clearly Chaddy does
  9. gumboots


    It's not double standards if you deal with the issues you CAN deal with ie his own MP and challenge the other side to do the same. That has to be public of people like you would ask what hes doing. What's hes doing is dealing with misdemeanors in his own team and asking the opposition what they are doing to match it
  10. gumboots


    Even worse for us though
  11. gumboots

    Celebrity Deaths

    I'm too old. I only really remember him in The Liver Birds
  12. gumboots


    They're not there. It's in recess
  13. gumboots


    You buy one but that's one sale. Not enough would buy one to keep a plant going and exports will be harder
  14. gumboots


    You cant get near number 10 under normal circumstances and i doubt, especially atm whether youd be welcome even at the end of the street. The PM has a new baby. Why advocate demonstrating near his home.
  15. gumboots


    But were not all going to rush out and buy a new Qashqai

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