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  1. Attendances

    Thank goodness I don't own a Range Rover. Having to visit Turf Moor on a regular basis might seriously damage my health
  2. Attendances

    I've been to Ewood plenty of times on my own when I had a season ticket and my husband couldn't attend but I knew people around me and felt comfortable in that situation. Now my stand has closed, many of the other people i know who used to attend no longer do so, and I'd feel more awkward going alone. Watching football is a social habit, a shared experience, at least in part.
  3. Attendances

    We used to go to both home and away games as a family so it was never a problem. Now all my kids live at least 40 miles away and can't get back for games because of work commitments, and my husband doesn't want to attend.
  4. Attendances

    The problem is, and I know you don't want to hear this, that people's "diaries" will have filled up. At this stage of the season you can't necessarily expect people not to have arranged something else for dates when Rovers are playing. Therefore the uptake for a six game package, even very reasonably priced, will be limited. Whilst offering odd games at a low price doesn't get people into the habit again, it does get some through the gates of the ground again. If they like what they see, and people assure me that I'd enjoy it more this season than previously if for no other reason than we are winning more often than not, they may then be more open to committing to a season ticket. At this stage I doubt it's just the relatively high price of the bundle; it's more likely that people, not expecting to go to Ewood, have agreed to other events, even if it's only being the one who takes your kids to that birthday party or whatever
  5. Adam Armstrong

    So was Shearer but we still did well out of him
  6. Adam Armstrong

    I did say to name but a few as a catch all! ☺
  7. Rovers v Blackpool

    This, in a nutshell, is why I've had Chaddy on ignore numerous times. We've all been caught out occasionally when we've said things, denied them and had to hold our hands up and admit we got it wrong. I well remember Gordon catching me out about the original wish to appoint Allardyce. Thing is, since then, I've realised that if you say anything on here, someone, if they can be bothered to do so, will find it so if you get something wrong, just admit it and move on. Don't try to rewrite it; it can't be done. It means I now post less. I try to think about my words very carefully. And I still occasionally screw up. Nobody is right all the time and it's not worth pretending you are.
  8. Adam Armstrong

    That depends on a number of factors out of our control though. Do his parent club want to sell? Does he want to join us? What league will we be asking him to play in? How much will he cost? And JAL's favourite "who's his agent " to name but a few
  9. Attendances

    But that was their choice and in those days possibilities for entertainment were more limited. There was a time not long ago when I would organise my years diary round Rovers fixtures. I would fill in the lot as soon as they were announced and nothing got in the way of my attending. But then the kids I used to take grew up, went to Uni, left the area . I still attended, often on my own because my husband had other commitments. Then I stopped buying a season ticket after I retired because the pattern of my years changed. I was no longer definitely here at Christmas, when I might go to visit family, or at the start of season, when I could be on holiday and stay away a few days longer for less cash. I no longer found a season ticket the money saving deal it had been previously. I still intended to attend. But without the commitment of a season ticket it was easy to think "Yes I could attend ......." instead of thinking "I can't go because there's a Rovers match on" and 2 years on I still haven't been to a match. I don't rule out the possibility of attending matches again in future whatever league we find ourselves in, but the feeling of having to be at Ewood is gone. In my case, it's not the cost that decides whether I go or not. It's looking at what the people I share my life with want to do. It's looking at what else I've been invited to do. Obviously were the cost to rise significantly then it would make a difference but not atm. However, for some it will. Whilst suddenly offering very cheap tickets through to the end of the season would annoy some season ticket holders, and understandably so, choosing some games to put on offer at very low prices might just entice people in for a final push. It wouldn't bring me back; my diary is filled with other things that, oddly enough do not include jetting off round the world but are much more mundane, like visiting family who don't live in the area, but it could bring in some who genuinely can't afford the £25 that's been charged recently. There are other entertainments that don't cost that much and people will choose them if their budget is limited. At one time football was the affordable entertainment for ordinary people, but not now. And stupid things put people off, like the new road layout around Ewood, the closure of some of the car parks, being informed that they can't sit in their chosen area of the ground, because people have high expectations. Growing Rovers support back up is not a simple matter. This season has shown that you can at least arrest a decline in numbers attending but to start getting people back into the ground, either first timers or previous attendees will require a lot of hard work and some tough decisions.

    I might have come back but I always seem to be busy on Saturdays nowadays. It's like they say. When you get out of the habit and the rest of your life expands to fill the space it's hard to get back into it. Just at the moment I'm enjoying choosing what I do on Saturdays, whether it's here at home or elsewhere. In a year or 2 I may find that my other options are more limited and I'll find space for Rovers again. I still get extremely nervous watching for the results wherever I am and whatever I'm doing so I haven't lost the bug. It's just that, unlike when I was working, I don't have to be around here as much , and with my family growing, and becoming increasingly separated geographically, I need time for them as well as trying to cram in travelling we couldn't previously do because of my husbands crippling fear of flying.

    Personally I dont think they've learnt anything other than perhaps to allow someone who actually knows a bit about football do his job, for the moment at least. Do I trust them? Definitely not. Do I realise we're only ever potentially one daft decision from disaster? Of course I do. For the time being its going OK. Not great but OK. Like you and most others I'm hoping it goes well enough and that at the end of the season we all have cause to celebrate. Will it be a smooth run? I doubt it, but I sincerely hope it's a good one

    I haven't been all over the world. I was very fortunate to be able to make one trip. I don't expect anyone to be in awe. My good fortune does not make me in any way superior nor does it make my opinion less valid. In my opinion there is too much over reaction to last week's poor result around recently. I may be misreading things because I haven't read everything and I currently don't attend matches or read in as much detail as I did a few years ago. However it's about perceptions and opinions and from what I have read certain posters, not all but enough to be noticeable, are playing the doom and gloom card after one draw with the team who have been at or near the top of the table for most of the season. Oh and last time I looked I definitely wasn't a man.

    So I didn't read a number of posters on the Wigan thread stating we'd blown our chances of automatic promotion because we drew with Wigan? My mistake. Blame it on the fact I was abroad at the time and not concentrating properly. I'm not suggesting that everyone overreacts but that you can certainly find more than the odd poster indulging in it.

    Quite true parson. I don't often agree with you but some of the overdramatics on here recently have been incredible. anyone would think were already relegated to league 2 or out of business. The first won't happen and theres little evidence to suggest the second will either.
  15. World Cup 2018

    Wouldn't fancy any of Russia atm. We flew up over China and Mongolia then across North Russia en route to Frankfurt on Wednesday. Bleakest places you could imagine. And vast beyond imagination. The distances you could end up travelling if you have to change location, even though all the stadia are, for Russia, relatively close together, are mind blowing.