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  1. gumboots


    Unfortunately Troyes have had 2 shots and scored with both.
  2. gumboots


    Non pas de supplément du tout
  3. gumboots


    I'm at a crunch match in French Ligue 2 between Lorient and Troyes who both currently occupy play off places. €18 for 2 adult tickets. Just turned up 2 hours before the match and bought tickets. That's the way to entice people in
  4. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    What is that link meant to do? 😄
  5. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Well except if someone is seriously ill or dies in office and they have to be replaced when an election should then be organised as soon as practical. But I agree. If the ruling party changes leader an election should be mandatory in normal circumstances
  6. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Ah but Mike, NOBODY wants to hold European elections according to the politicians from both sides of the house. Has me screaming at the telly every time. Listening to politicians talk about leaving the EU as a sacred cow we can't challenge because it's the will of the people, it's what we all voted for, and we can't possibly be allowed to have thought again and decided it's a rubbish idea/a better idea than we first thought is one of the few things that drives me to swear. Politicians definitely don't speak for me and I wish they'd stop speaking as though they did.
  7. gumboots

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    If he's anything like one of his predecessors that'll be a pay rise!
  8. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    If we vote, those who voted remain need to get out in large numbers and ensure that those who make a mockery of the European Parliament are elected in as small numbers as possible. It won't happen of course and people like Farage who ride the gravy train but contribute nothing will be elected
  9. gumboots

    Next Manager

    It can be as logical as you like but that's precisely why that won't happen. Why would our owners suddenly find logic to handle our club when they never have so far?
  10. gumboots

    Next Manager

    Difference in class of owner to start with!
  11. gumboots

    Next Manager

    And why would Gerrard leave Rangers for a low level championship club?
  12. gumboots

    Next Manager

    Who drew up that list? Because none of them is particularly inspiring at least the possibles arent
  13. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    That's a survey of 500 people. That doesn't make it invalid, just limited. They normally poll at least 1000.
  14. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    As my husband said, if leaving without a deal becomes illegal all the EU would have to do is refuse the extension and we'd have to revoke. In theory at least.
  15. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Starting again as far as the EU is concerned would entail a long long delay as it cant have us doing a version of the hokey cokey with membership.

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