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  1. gumboots

    Loan Window

    But arent we all saying we're happy there's not much given away about transfers. Mowbray happily talks about performances and so on just not about any transfer details
  2. gumboots

    Loan Window

    Surely it's that Mowbray doesn't actually want to say anything and he has to prise info out of him. Mowbray isn't telling him; he's having to find the right question before Mowbray gives anything away
  3. gumboots

    Loan Window

    That must have been a painful experience
  4. gumboots

    Loan Window

    Always better in his own head than on the pitch.
  5. gumboots

    Carlisle Away

    We have. But we've also had a great day out in Cardiff winning it.
  6. gumboots

    Loan Window

    Point is you don't have to read it. Skip the bits that don't interest you
  7. gumboots

    Loan Window

    So Chaddys telling us again what we can and can't discuss. We'd all love to be discussing incomings but they're not happening yet. I just glanced at the Hodgson stuff and didn't bother reading it. Easy
  8. gumboots

    Loan Window

    Sooner rather than later one would hope if he's to have a chance of making any kind of impact at the weekend, and we need people in who will
  9. gumboots

    Loan Window

    They looked awful on the TV highlights. One of those washing powder adverts where someone's mum isn't using ....... whatever ad that used to be
  10. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    The more expensive ST get, the more people on tight budgets will think about value if they know they can't attend every match through work commitments or whatever. When they're cheap, if you can't go, it's not a fortune you're wasting. Therefore season tickets become less viable if you suddenly push prices up
  11. gumboots

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    As I said on the transfer thread, totally underwhelming. Can't believe we haven't brought in one slightly better player in a position where we needed improvement. Yes there may still be loans to come but now was when signings were needed not in 3 weeks time
  12. gumboots

    Thursday deadline.

    Well, I'm underwhelmed. Not furious because the club, via owners, administrative staff and managers have let us down so often that I'm tired of being angry. But I suspect there'll be others like me who were wondering whether it was time to get back to Ewood who are now thinking possibly not. We needed one decent, above average signing and it doesn't appear to be happening.
  13. gumboots

    Thursday deadline.

    It does if they accept it. And that's not Clitheroe Costa unless they have low tables upstairs. They don't downstairs
  14. gumboots

    Thursday deadline.

    It's not him though is it. Its the money men
  15. gumboots

    Thursday deadline.

    I would! 😀

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