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  1. It's the hope that kills you. I keep coming here to see if there's a hint of a rumour that might be true but nothing. I know full well that if I stop looking we'll sign 3 players and sell someone
  2. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Not much of the income is derived from ST sales at most clubs though. It's getting people into the ground which helps to promote merchandise sales food sales etc. It's not up to us to decide what we want anyway because we have no influence on decision making as has been proved many a time since Venkys arrived. We could have massive ST sales and still not see any signings if Venkys decided not to authorise purchases but paid off some debt with it not a reason not to buy, but a sad fact of life
  3. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    It's chicken and egg though isn't it? You can't make signings without ST sales. ST purchases for some people rely on an element of excitement that new signings bring. The problem is that if a decent signing were announced today, the ST prices have already gone up from the early bird price so the club wouldn't be able to cash in on that either, unless they announced the offer was extended for a week then you'd have 2 feel good moments together that might tempt a few waverers
  4. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Nor did he. He merely pointed out that for some people making signings or other things might well be a deciding factor. You stated it shouldn't be. For you its not and we understand that, but not everyone is the same. We're not talking here about the committed. We're talking about others who might show a greater level of commitment if other circumstances persuaded them.
  5. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    What the club failed to realise or act upon is that football is in competition for the leisure pound as I think it's called. It can no longer rely on Chaddys type of loyalty. There is a whole raft of other things to do out there, many of which are cheaper, better value for money, better marketed. Once again the club has, without consultation, closed a stand to a group of its fans. It might make sense but they could have at least talked about it first with those affected to discuss the reasons and show some understanding of supporters feelings. None of the things they've done, the price rise, the closing of the DE to home fans, the failure to get STs out before the last match of the season (poor marketingstrategy. Many would have bought in th euphoria of the day) is that bad in itself, but taken together they make a catalogue of mistakes that may well be reflected in ST sales
  6. Have many clubs got their signings in yet?
  7. Increases the feelgood factor which is important. A decent signing might push one or 2 who are wondering whether to buy or not
  8. My son in law will be pleased if Rodriguez goes back to Burnley
  9. gumboots


    I'm with you. As a pundit he was worth listening to
  10. I don't get the problem with saying he'd like to get business done by the time they head off to Austria. Ideally every manager would like to be sorted ASAP. Makes preseason a lot easier to plan. I don't think it puts any more pressure on the manager or the players - and all it should signal to fans is that there is a plan being worked on, targets identified and things are happening behind the scenes. We'd all like things to happen now Mowbray is back, but it depends on other clubs, agents and players, not just ourselves, and you don't want to rush things and get it wrong. It's not a disaster that, apart from releasing players and renewing Grahams contract, we haven't done anything yet. It's not something Mowbray will be worrying about, even if they're not in by the date he mentioned. It's better to take time and get it right. Hopes are one thing. Deeds are another
  11. Only if you post a link to yourself doing just thst
  12. On the principle that things only happen in football when I leave the room - goals, sendings off, pens etc - I'll go and make a cuppa I think
  13. To avoid clogging the thread Ive sent a pm
  14. You. I assume you must have one or why did you post your previous post. In the absence of real news we were just having a laugh.

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