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  1. Operative words being, up to now. I've said it before. We are never more than moments away from a bad decision
  2. Now there's a surprise!
  3. I don't think protesting will change venkys mind about owning us. It might have done if earlier protests had been better supported but that's water under the bridge now. I do think that protests keep people aware that our owners are incompetent if not crooked and show that we are not happy with their ownership. For me that's the point of any protests now: to show our discontent with our owners has not abated. And as you know, for a great number of reasons, I have not renewed my ST.
  4. He can always go back to fitting kitchens. I'm surprised Venky's didn't latch on to Kinder versatility there and get him to do a few refits on the side
  5. Picking up a hoodie my daughter ordered. Nothing for me. In and out in under 2 mins
  6. Nobody apart from me and 2 assistants in shop today when i was there today
  7. Improve, yes. Double? I don't think so. For certain games yes, but while Venky's are here there are still some who will not commit to regular attendance.
  8. Seadon ticket holders always had priority for away games. Fair enough as they put their money in upfront. I realise with smaller grounds there will be fewer away tickets available, but i dont see why anyone needs a membership scheme on top of season tickets. If you want an away ticket get in fast for what are likely to be popilar matches. And if you miss out, well that's life.
  9. Didn't he have a nasty injury when playing for Clitheroe a couple of years ago which is probably why you've not heard much of him for a while?
  10. I'm glad that for you and many others things feel different now. I can understand why. But whilst Venky's are here it can never really BE different. We all know they can go from appearing normal to refusing to communicate except to authorise sales of any player we have whose actually any good in the blink of an eye. We all know they are not to be trusted. Their promises have been broken so many times from the moment they walked in. I've been duped a few times by them when they make apparently sensible decisions but not again. Even if we were to get promoted I'd not be back. I couldn't do it. I'd be delighted but a choice has been made. It's annoying because it means I look like I'm not supporting Mowbray and it's not true. I desperately want him to do well, especially with his Boro connections and being a fellow Smoggie. I desperately want Rovers to do well, to sweep all before them and get back up. But we all know we're one Venky's stupid decision from messing it up so although it may feel different, may even currently BE different , we all know that with the same structure and Venky's as owners it probably isn't.
  11. Doesn't really matter what you want to talk about. On an open message board we can talk about anything as long as we don't hijack a thread for our own ends. The fact is that our owners are responsible for inadequate recruitment in previous seasons, have a history of giving a bit with one hand and taking away lots with the other. We know very little about those who have been brought in, and there are 2 months for them to sell anyone they feel like selling, which, if they stick to form, they will do, even if the manager doesn't want to sell. Feel as optimistic as you want. I hope your optimism is well-founded but I'll wait till the window shuts before I get excited at our transfer business.
  12. But I have a degree in french and read the original Not when he wrote i though think over 100 years later
  13. I'd celebrate promotion. Why wouldn't I? I doubt I'd host a barbecue party with flags round my garden as I did when we got back to the premiership, so perhaps not wild celebrations but I'd celebrate, no doubt at all.
  14. French poet Baudelaire "The Generous Gambler" 1864
  15. I don't have an issue with anyone discussing transfers on a transfer page but it's saying things like, he's buying players to suit the style he's going to play. How the heck does any of us know what style or tactics he wants to play? He might have done one thing last season trying to win enough games to survive but have a completely different idea of what he needs to get out of league 1. We don't know but Chaddy always talks as though he is the managers best buddy knowing everything that goes on in his head. I've watched a lot of football too but I wouldn't presume to talk tactics with people on here let alone try to second guess our manager