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  1. I only seem to go to even colder climes in winter. 😀. South Korea at minus 12 a couple of years ago. Bavaria at minus 4 this year
  2. gumboots


    I rarely watch QT simply because even when the panel are ok and the questions sensible, I get too wound up at certain things and it's not good for me that late at night. I'm really getting old
  3. Doesn't warmth make muscles work more easily? And psychologically warm weather makes you feel better anyway. I dont begrudge them it. Plenty of us go for a bit of winter sun if we can
  4. gumboots


    I never go to Wetherspoons anyway and since his stance on Brexit I never would in future, just as I'd never buy another Dyson product. How hypocritical to say 'Let's stay friends' We were doing just fine until Brexit raised its ugly head.
  5. gumboots

    January transfer window 2020

    Cant be real. It's too many syllables for a Korean! 😄
  6. gumboots

    January transfer window 2020

    There is no point at all in trying to discuss anything with Chaddy. He does not discuss, merely tells you why he is right
  7. gumboots


    Why would anyone want to buy a blue passport? Mine isn't due to be replaced till 2027, so unless they provide me a new one for free, why would I bother if I can still travel on my current one. I'm presuming they are not withdrawing the current ones. That really would cause chaos. Can you imagine if we all suddenly had to replace passports?
  8. gumboots


    According to the commentators yesterday Denly was under instruction today 100 balls. Runs irrelevant, just keep batting. Dong know if there was any truth in it, only what theysaid
  9. gumboots

    News Thread Attempt 394

    So what? We become complicit in terrorism ourselves? Or isn't it terrorism when the American government does it? In what way have they made the situation better. Yes they've stopped him but doesnt mean there wont be others. And every time the Americans get involved in anything, situations deteriorate. Nobody voted for them to be the world's policemen. They've taken that role on themselves. Every time we surrender a tiny bit of our scruples the world gets more dangerous, not less.
  10. gumboots


    My daughter went to Syria to Krak des Chevaliers about 20 years ago while she was in year 11 at school. She said then that the Syrians were some of the nicest friendliest people she'd ever met. Nobody in their right mind would think of travelling there as a tourist now. I, like you, o2g, would never go to Dubai. I spent several hours in the airport there en route to Korea and back. It was dirty. There was no free wifi. That was enough. And dont get me started on the manufactured resort. I like quiet backwaters where life looks like it hasn't changed in centuries. I like churches and museums that are almost collapsing under the weight of their history even though many have been restored and refurbed countless times. I like it when you find a genuine local festival where most of the people there are locals not tourists. That's why we spend a lot of time in France. You can get off the beaten track there without going into the middle of nowhere. We go to Brittany but love the Dordogne.
  11. gumboots

    News Thread Attempt 394

    Everyone has the right to be properly treated under the law. Terrorists need to be arrested and given a visibly fair trial. Its difficult and may take a long time but it's the correct thing to do. Taking the assassination of someone, even a known terrorist, in your stride opens the way to all kinds of possibilities. When we no longer, at international level, even make a pretence of acting legally, then we are indeed on the very slippery slope
  12. gumboots


    The need is often for seasonal labour. I did a months potato picking and wheat roguing on a farm next to Arsenals training ground many years ago. Hours were long and work backbreaking at times. Students nowadays probably wouldn't want the work. Often Eastern Europeans are keen to come to do it. They are not tied into long term immigration or work. They simply come, do the job, take the wages and go back home to their normal lives. That's one of the things that hasn't happened as much recently, since talk of Brexit began, and our farmers have suffered. Nobody thinks large numbers of middle eastern or african males, unskilled and with nothing to contribute to the economy or society should be coming in. They dont, under EU rules, have freedom of movement. They are, with some exceptions in the case of genuine asylum seekers, not legal immigrants. Doesn't mean we can keep them out. Determined people will find a way. And throwing away our EU membership like a used tissue means we will get more and more, as the EU lets them through to Britain rather than try to stop them as it does atm. Nor is the shortage of workers in care homes, hotel cleaning, etc purely down to low pay. The shortage might partly be addressed by raising wages, as more British residents might take on those jobs but genuinely, do you know anyone, however unskilled they are, who actually wants to work in a care home or muddy fields picking cabbages or whatever, even at 3 times current pay rates. It was certainly not on the ambitions list of many pupils I taught. The fact is that freedom of movement has brought advantages to all kinds of people from all over Europe. I know loads of people who've gone to live and work all over Europe from all sorts of backgrounds for all sorts of reasons. Some have settled. Some have stayed just a year or 2. All have been enriched by it even if they decide ultimately that they're better off in their own country. I still struggle to believe that Brexit is actually going to happen. I know it is. I accept that the majority endorsed it by voting for the stupid 'Get Brexit done' slogan, but I still cant quite believe it happened. Nobody has yet shown me the answer to that one question 'Apart from getting your blue passport back, (and I'm not due one of those for years) name one real, concrete, positive benefit of leaving the EU' One that will make personally better off, healthier, or happier.
  13. gumboots


    War is definitely not the answer. It hasn't helped the Middle East situation when we have involved ourselves in middle eastern politics in an aggressive manner, not in my lifetime certainly and probably not before that. Ordinary Iranians are currently angry with their own government over the plane shooting down. They know that any reprisals in the form of attacks or sanctions will make their lives even more miserable. Most people do not want war unless it is totally and absolutely the only course of action because we all know now that its ordinary citizens and especially children who suffer most. Soldiers and other armed forces may do the fighting but most of the damage is to the lives of ordinary people
  14. gumboots


    She didnt, actually. She went to live with her boyfriend who shed met while she was working in Italy. The degree came later

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