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  1. gumboots

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    More you do, more potential there is for mistakes and the more people notice them because they're noticing you.
  2. gumboots

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Beating the weaker teams helps with confidence which boosts fitness ie players work harder in training and matches if they're buzzing, concentration levels - players are more likely to stay focused throughout the match if they think that doing so gets results - and so on. A win is not just a win but a stepping stone to the next one
  3. gumboots

    Middlesbrough (H)

    You still have to get the ball into the net past the keeper. They don't just give you a goal because your team is awarded a penalty. Graham did that on Saturday therefore we were awarded a goal. Counts as scoring all day long in most people's books.
  4. gumboots


    You're probably correct that we wouldn't see that much of a jump but then I'm not suggesting low prices across the board. The clubs main ticket income comes from selling STs and those who commit to them should be rewarded, but to get people to want a ST you have to hook them in the first place and to do that you don't put excuses in their way. BTW I don't have one. A Sale Sharks one proved better value as their season doesn't start properly till after the rugby world cup prelim rounds in mid October by which time we'll have stopped our gallivanting for this year. And I'll make sure I book any Rovers tickets in advance online. 😄
  5. gumboots


    Definitely wrong if you want fans back. You have to get people into the ground and you don't do that by penalising them for making late choices
  6. gumboots


    Since I haven't a clue what you're both on about, I can't comment.
  7. gumboots


    Perhaps you don't but then you're a fan. To get more fans we need to get people hooked on going to the match and get more casuals in. Suppose a mate rings you the day before and asks if you fancy going and tells you it's £25. You're not really a fan but you might fancy going for an afternoon out with a mate, have a few drinks and maybe make an evening of it after but you can't quite decide. He rings again next day to check if you're up for it but then tells you it's now £28. That's the cost of one of your drinks. However you dress it up its still a disgrace to charge more just because people want the freedom to make a choice late on. I've never been caught by it myself but I still think it's a ridiculous charge. And the 1875 thing only works if you go to more than a certain number of games. If you're just a casual attender you either wouldn't know or would think it might not be worth it
  8. We bought nothing on the concourse for years before to be fair, since Venkys rocked up. It was one way of protesting without boycotting matches. Food at most sports venues is overpriced and poor quality.
  9. gumboots


    Actually sometimes it is. People's opportunity to go to Rovers suddenly changes, other commitments get cancelled last minute, the mate you want to go with, who said he couldn't go says he can at the last minute. It's ridiculous to charge more for something like a football match just because people cant commit in advance. For example, I was coming back from holiday yesterday and might have been able to get there, but it would have been close so I wouldn't have bought tickets in advance, but if I'd got back in time why would I have wanted to pay extra to go. It's just daft.
  10. gumboots


    If he's still here in a year it seems clear that Rovers will be in an even worse position. I can't comment on performance as I don't attend matches and won't comment based just on listening on the radio or watching on TV, but when even normally very supportive and football intelligent fans like PB are questioning his team choice and tactics it's hard to see him being in a job much longer. The prospect of who might follow him still terrifies me though
  11. gumboots

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Because I used to be a languages teacher so I try to rein in my pedantic tendencies now I'm retired. Occasionally though, I have a relapse.
  12. gumboots

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Sorry to be pedantic. It's cue:
  13. gumboots

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    He already has little defence. That's one of the problems
  14. gumboots


    Night matches are great for atmosphere

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