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  1. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    Blue passports
  2. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    Interesting too that people are saying here that 52/48 is too close to call yet in the referendum result it was a resounding victory for leave. And they wonder why we are still a nation divided and, when Brexit becomes a reality, we'll be even more so
  3. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    And still the sheep will vote for his party and keep him as PM
  4. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    Well, no because although you may not change the overall result in terms of who wins the seat, the smaller the majority one person has over the rest combined brings you closer to the moment when they can't say the majority of my constituents voted for me. If I'd only voted when I had a chance of unseating the serving mp I'd never have voted in general elections for the last 30 odd years as Ribble Valley has always returned a Tory while ive lived here. But the labour party have got closer and eventually the tory majority will evaporate. I always vote. When my grandma was 18 she wasnt allowed to. I've had the privilege of voting since I turned 18 so I always have
  5. gumboots


    I'm in agreement with you fof once, Chaddy. I just read the news out to my husband and we were both shocked. Not my favourite pundit but a great player, and no age really. RIP
  6. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    Life is much easier when certain people are on ignore for the moment. It's much better for my blood pressure and far less frustrating. Feel free to ignore me too if you wish
  7. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    I'm green or lib dems but voting for either of them in my constituency would not work. Nor will voting Labour as the current Tory incumbent is a shoe in. I'll be voting for someone who's not Nigel Evans though
  8. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    No mike. You realise that things aren't black and white as you get more mature and you look for the least worst if you cant manage to find the best. I would have learned more to the right without ever voting Tory, but now I just find that the current right wing extremism of the Tory Party makes me hugely angry. If the Tory Party were centrist with a slightly right bias I'd have little problem with that, but the current brood of vermin that I see lying time after time on my tv, I dont recognise as the Tory party of my youth
  9. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    I dont worry about your job. Makes no odds to me.
  10. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    Theres a huge difference between I respect your decision and I understand it. I've not said your job is not secure now, but you only have to look around d to see loads of people who also had no real reason to think their job was in any danger only to find that global factors, local error or whatever have cut their hours or cost them their job. I just feel you are unaware of anything that is not affecting you NOW. And of course I think about myself and my family. But part of that is thinking of the kind of future I want for my grandchildren and potential great grandchildren. I want them to grow up in a kinder and fair society than we currently live in. I want them to have a planet to live on that is not being destroyed by floods and famines and extreme weather conditions. I want a place where public transport is efficient and used by more people. I want to leave the world a better place and that might mean that some of the things we currently do, some of the way we live, might need to change. I wont enjoy paying more tax; nobody does. But if the money is used properly I'll bite the bullet and do it. We're all self interested up to a point and that's ok but when your self interest stops you, even if only occasionally, considering the greater good, then that's not really acceptable. As John Donne said a long time ago. 'No man is an island..... send not to ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you. ' None of us live in isolation. Businesses need clients. If more and more people live in poverty, markets shrink. That impacts on lots of small businesses first. That's people local to you losing jobs, and older, possibly less mobile people needing to travel further to shops and other facilities. It seems to me that voting for change from the current couldn't care less about ordinary people government has to be a good idea.
  11. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    But theres the difference between what Chaddy does and what you are capable of doing. You have articulated your genuine concerns about a Corbyn led government and I share many of them. I have even more massive concerns about a Tory government as I feel that Corbyn is always going to be a short term leader and I feel that some of the manifesto will soon be seen as being unachievable in the short and medium term and will be cut, but feel that the Tories could do a great deal of damage very quickly if they hung on to power. I dont think well descend into widespread civil unrest but I do think the break up of the union will be hastened if Johnson gets a mandate to take us out of the EU. There are all kinds of things I dont like about Corbyn, not least that I hold him as responsible as the Tories for Remain losing the referendum. Had he come down firmly on the leave side then the deal could probably have been properly sorted a while ago. And had he come down on the Remain side then the result would have likely been very different. However, I know what a Tory government does and I know I dont like it, not this government under this leadership, at least. I'm not a Labour supporter and never have been, in fact I've been largely non political most of my life,, but I'm prepared to give them a chance this time round
  12. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    That's apparently looking more likely because the Tories have already taken up kost of the vote available to them whereas Labour still have more to pick up if people vote tactically. Was reading an article this morning.
  13. gumboots


    My son lives in South Korea. Their broadband is fast and you are rarely out of range. Here there are large swathes of land eg the Lake district,where you cant even pick up a phone signal
  14. gumboots

    General Election 2019

    I dont think it can be called bullying when he puts himself in a certain position or makes a statement and then when asked to clarify or explain his logic or even answer a straightforward question, he simply refuses to do so. If you take up a position diametrically opposed to the majority of those posting then you need to be capable of and willing to explain your grounds for that position. Chaddy keeps telling us hell be voting Tory and, whilst the majority of us cant understand why, we respect that decision, but, since we cant understand it, wed like to have it explained. The Im all right Jack attitude that Chaddy displays seems incredible in the extreme to large numbers of us when faced with the evidence that most things have got worse in the last 10 years. The naivety he displays in thinking he has a secure job etc in the current world economic climate and especially with all experts telling us that leaving the EU will have a further negative impact is unbelievable to many and I for one just want him to wake up and smell the coffee before we sleepwalk off a cliff into the nodeal brexit Johnson and his allies so desire. I've no personal animosity towards Chaddy. I just want him to engage in proper discussion instead of saying I've told you already when, the majority of the time, he actually hasn't.
  15. gumboots

    Movie Discussion

    Haven't seen it. Watched Knives Out last week. It was slow to start with but its quirkiness grew on me and I ended up really enjoying it. Watched Last Christmas the week before, which was what we call in our house a Friday night film ie you come in from work so shattered that, sitting down in front of the TV, you'll watch anything provided it's not dire. Says a lot about the film when I had to look up what I'd seen as it was pretty unmemorable. It had some decent performances but the overall film wasn't even ok

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