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  1. gumboots

    Good News!

    I just heard it on 5live this lunchtime. If parents would only be a bit more careful with kids names
  2. gumboots

    Good News!

    We had boy and girl names lined up and with our 4th we couldn't decide between 2 boys names so when he was born we gave the other 3 kids the choice and fortunately they agreed.
  3. gumboots


    I think they should pay too as older people tend to get more of their TV from BBC rather than Netflix, YouTube or whatever. However, I think the government, who actually made the decision, should have had the guts to tell them and not tried to make the BBC look like the hard hearted monsters here.
  4. gumboots


    Yes, Root's innings yesterday and his partnership with Sibley provided the platform for Buttler and Woakes. He may get a lot wrong but he was spot on yesterday in occupying the crease,wearing the bowlers down and putting the seeds of doubt in their minds. His captaincy was questionable at times, and his tactical choices but he got that bit right yesterday
  5. gumboots


    We went off for a swim when Pope fell. Came back expecting it all to be over and turned on LW to see how many wed lost by only to realise we were still in with a chance. Great stuff. I love test cricket when it's close. It must be the most up and down sport.
  6. gumboots


    And this is the problem. Nothing yet has really changed. And we dont actually KNOW how it will until it happens, by which time it will be too late to do anything to mitigate it if it is as awful as many suspect it will be. And I'm tired of people having a go at people over 60 with cash who will be blamed if it all goes wrong. I did not vote for it and would reverse it instantly were it possible and I'm in my 60s and live in the Ribble Valley. I can afford to pay a bit more but can members of my family with mortgages and potential unemployment. It's not just the very poor wholly be hit. Its loads of ordinary young people
  7. gumboots


    I'd have been bored to tears by that. I loved academic subjects and was useless at practical stuff. I agree about homework. It's pointless because the kids who need it dont do it and the kids who do it dont need it. They'd be doing stuff they were interested in. I used to read encyclopedias for fun when I was a kid. The problem is, trying to teach all kids the same stuff and pushing kids who are not academic into subjects they dont want and vice versa.
  8. gumboots

    Good News!

    I never wanted to know. I refused all scans until I had my 4th child when there were some problems with the pregnancy and I had to have one. I hated it, all that cold slimy jelly smeared on a painfully stretched stomach(I was huge with my 4th) I vowed never again.
  9. gumboots

    Good News!

    Not really. In fact I'd have expected Emily to want to know as she likes to be organised and prepared but they just said they'd rather not know.
  10. gumboots


    Well he wants to lose weight 😄
  11. gumboots


    Everyone knows it's happened and the effects of it will really hit come the start of next year. Doesnt mean we have to like it or in any way agree with it.
  12. gumboots

    Good News!

    My son and his wife are desperate not to find out what theirs is.
  13. gumboots


    I'm 66 and in better health than many I know. I'd resent in the extreme being told to stay at home and not go out. I could do it if I could see a point and I'm quite prepared to stay socially distanced, only go out for exercise, but stay at home. No chance.
  14. gumboots


    When he was at primary school he could hit the ball so far that the rule was 'If Ian hits a six his side is out' A friend of mine was his PE teacher
  15. gumboots


    We own our own caravan here so its us who take the measures. Weve cleaned it top to bottom since arriving including doing the legionnaires disease stuff you're meant to do. It's in Brittany which saw a surge in cases just before we arrived but has dropped to no new cases again. The campsite has limits on people allowed in the pool. There is hand sanitizer all over the place. Supermarkets are disinfecting all trolleys and providing sanitizer. Most restaurants are open, masks on arrival, staff are masked in all shops and restaurants and open air markets require masks if you cant keep distance. The local beach here is over 2 miles long so no crowding. It's great.

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