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  1. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Fortunately we haven't booked yet. We would normally have done it straight after Christmas but various other people's plans affect ours and we haven't managed to pin them down yet
  2. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    If that's true I may solve Brexit problems in one fell swoop by murdering all the stupid politicians who have let it get to this stage and stop my travelling to Brittany for my Easter Hols! PS I am joking but i would be very peeved
  3. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Suspect project reality. Why would they stay if they can get a better deal elsewhere? Bit like football really
  4. gumboots

    I've been away for a while

    I'd say, whilst we're always only a second away from a Venkys moment of madness, the feeling among fans is that we have a manager we can generally trust and a team of players who try to play even if their ability is limited
  5. gumboots


    You can do it with cricket matches at Old Trafford and with rugby tickets at Sale. No reason why you can't do it at Rovers
  6. gumboots


    I know I keep harping on about it but Sale Sharks put on free shuttle buses from the Trafford Centre to the AJ Bell stadium. Not suggesting Rovers do that but it shouldn't be beyond them to offer low cost transport from some areas, especially those that are caught between 2 clubs. Parking is a nightmare around Ewood and buses would help a lot. Even when I was a kid, extra buses were put on to get fans to Ayresome Park from towns and villages around.
  7. gumboots


    From what I saw, there were plenty prepared to pay the double cost. Plenty queueing
  8. gumboots


    It's not going to be that cold tonight
  9. gumboots


    They're not all looking for the same kind of player in the same position though. Some may already have the perfect guy for them at centre back but may be short of an attacking midfielder. Some may be short of just a final piece in their own jigsaw to fit in with players they already have. There are players out there who are available that are what each team needs. It's a cae of identifying them and then all the other bits falling into place. That's why it can take a while but still work out to everyone's benefit
  10. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    Depends where you live, how long you've lived there, what their policy is. My daughter has lived in Germany since 2001 and is married to a German. She took out the dual citizenship she was entitled to before the refendum as she was almost guaranteed it with no fuss then as she'd lived there so long. Other countries have different attitudes and policies
  11. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    By holidaying in Europe on the back of a resurgent pound
  12. gumboots

    Brexit Thread

    My MP is one of the worst. And I can't work out who it is who gets him elected because I can't find anyone who admits to voting for him
  13. gumboots


    They did contact people who'd had season tickets in the past this summer. Thing is, once you no longer have a season ticket it's hard for some people to commit enough to getting value from it.
  14. How is it that when Liverpool scrape a win people say that's the sign of a good side - find a way to win when you're playing poorly and yet when we do that, people say we'd have got hammered by a better side etc. We weren't playing a better side. We were playing Millwall - big and ugly team themselves. And we didn't get hammered - we won. And we kept a clean sheet with a makeshift centre back pairing. I don't care how we win. We won. In the longer term we may need to worry but tonight's for celebration

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