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  1. Thing is, I used to organise my life when I was working around rovers games because I generally knew that I'd be at home for most of the season. Nowadays , being retired, I find there are many fixtures I miss because I'm not around. As someone pointed out the rovers demographic is aging and this absence is presumably widespread among those of my age group who fancy a midweek trip to somewhere that's on a good groupon offer or whatever. Many of us are no longer a captive audience. We don't spend all but 6 weeks or so, of our lives in and around Blackburn, so of course we don't go to home games in the numbers we used to even if we're not boycotting as such.
  2. Actually the standard of refereeing affects the players performance, especially if he's inconsistent. Harsh or lax doesn't really matter. Get one who let's you get away with things; you know that unless you are totally reckless you'll be OK. Get one who's harsh; you know where you stand. Just don't do anything where you have less than 70 30 chance of getting the ball and don't open your mouth to protest anything. It's when the ref appears not to have a clue, gives a yellow for something that appears minor then let's the opposition get away with chopping you in 2, that causes the problems. Poor refs like that mean that players and fans alike get frustrated and the confidence of everyone suffers. When confidence suffers performance suffers. Now I'm not saying a poor ref was the reason we lost yesterday. It would appear, and obviously I didn't see it myself, that we were just rubbish, clueless, inept or whatever. But it's worth discussing the ref because it does have an effect.
  3. Because refereeing standards should have improved just as the standard of football has. It's the same everywhere though. I went to watch Lorient v Ajaccio on Friday night in Ligue 2 and the ref there was lucky the players maintained discipline themselves as he completely lost the plot
  4. I go neither home nor away. I used to attend every home game and probably half the away matches. It's not really about NAPM. It's to do with so many factors that I've lost count. Would my returning to Ewood help improve the atmosphere? I very much doubt it as I'd still be angry at not being able to sit where I want, at poor refereeing decisions, at poor quality football, at the lack of atmosphere, at poor home results etc.
  5. I don't get offended by bad language. I just don't see the point and overuse, particularly of f***, means it hasn't got the impact it used to have. When I was growing up, hearing bad language was rare so that if you did hear it you knew somebody was very angry or upset or whatever. Nowadays they might just have dropped a 5p coin or something as minor
  6. I'm not sure either of those will happen any time soon. If Venky's want to recoup losses and listen to poor short termist advice then, any time we get near success, they'll be tempted to sell whoever they get an offer for. If they've genuinely mended their ways and actually do allow us to succeed then I'd have to be happy. I just don't see it happening and it's certainly not happening now
  7. I wont be fully happy till venkys leave either but that doesnt mean i cant enjoy individual match wins or preferably a series of wins. Enjoyment of events and overall happiness arent the same thing. Weve all enjoyed meeting old friends and family members at a funeral but are still sad at the time
  8. I dont think theres anyone here who actually wants any rovers players to do badly. Some query new players coming in. They always have, even if players are known so obviously they will all the more when players are almost unknowns. I dont go to matches and have to admit to being deloghted with yesterday's win and will be dancing in the street if we get promoted even if i still have no clue who most of the players are
  9. Nice that my grandson saw a win in his first ever Rovers game. Need to make him forget that his daddy and other grandparents are Clarets
  10. I protested at the Blackpool match but did not attend the match
  11. That and closing my stand without consultation
  12. How insulting! We could win the Champions league and I and many others still won't be back
  13. I could nip down and witness it if they need. I'm in Genoa en route for Florence tomorrow
  14. You're not a young overpaid footballer. Nowadays it's all about soundbites, and show me your medals, all about the manager being "sexy".
  15. How about being on hols in Italy?