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  1. What difference does that make other than to show them up for the liars they are if they don't give him the backing
  2. I trust what Mowbray says. I just don't trust the liars who promised things to him. They are habitual liars who couldn't tell the truth if they tried, so whatever Mowbray has been told, I doubt it will happen, not from lack of effort on his part but because their promises are like pie crust
  3. Most of us won't be disappointed because we expect nowt. The glass less than half full attitude is definitely better than the optimistic one. That way you do sometimes get really nice surprises
  4. Doesn't his t shirt say he's 40. Got a portrait in his loft somewhere obviously
  5. Nobody hates him. We just find his excessive optimism in the face of all evidence to the contrary frustrating, especially when almost every knock back has him performing if not a u turn a definite wriggle.
  6. As long as he doesn't believe a word they say, I have no problem with him going now either, except for the fact that by the time he gets back, realises he's been led up a very long garden path and resigns, it will be too late to get a new manager and decent signings over the doorstep before the transfer windows closes and all our better players will have been sold
  7. Why don't they just take a long walk off a short pier and leave us alone. We couldn't do any worse, even me who doesn't understand balance sheets but managed to bring up 4 kids not knowing they were poor on one teachers wage.
  8. But they used to play reserve leagues with first team ers recovering from injury or short of match fitness. Those games have now gone so you either play with the u23s or the kids or you're in the first team. The fact that we have so many unready kids coming into our first team is not a good thing. Kids have always been brought through when they were ready or there was an unforeseen emergency, not as a matter of course because we haven't addressed the lack of players in their position for years. How long have we all been saying that full back is one of our problem positions?
  9. Whilst i cant comment on Nyambe this season as i havent watched Rovers, not even on tv, I struggled to see what everyone saw in him when watching him the previous season even in youth matches. He certainly didnt look an outstanding prospect not even a very good one. Im prepared to accept hes improved and matured a bit this year but enough to cement a place in our first team? I doubt it.
  10. And do you think we'll be making signings, let alone sensible ones?
  11. Hope all you want Chaddy if you don't mind disappointment. Most of the rest of us have learnt to expect the worst and then triple it. That's about par for the course with this lot
  12. ever the optimist eh Broadsword?
  13. Its "the what the heck is going on?" that is causing the speculation. It cant simply be looking for ways to cut costs, surely. Has to be something bigger, but what? In the absence of fact speculation abounds and the lack of interest from the press because were now an insignificant 3rd division club makes it harder to get at the truth
  14. Well how else would the accountants know about all the added value if Mike wasnt giving them death by powerpoint?
  15. Do you work in a Chinese takeaway?