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  1. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Did you actually say that? Im not a girl. Im an old lady who's been watching live football since i was in my teens back in the sixties. My son ultrablue introduced me to this board - he obviously didnt think it odd for a female to be interested in football. My daughter produces sports shows for the BBC and used to report for 5live and final score. If you were at the Liverpool replay a couple of years back you might have seen her doing the intro for live tv outside the blackburn end/jack walker stand. My dad never thought girls shouldnt be interested in sport and weve passed that on to our kids. Sexism like racism and any other of the isms has no place in football. We're all just fans.
  2. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    Thing is, I left home at 18 and never went back. I've lived in the Midlands, south, South west, North West since moving from the north east in the first place. I stayed on my own in Somerset with 2 small kids to sell our house while my husband moved up here. I've never had family help with my family, just me, my husband and 4 kids as all our family lived elsewhere. I've coped and wouldn't have used it as an excuse for not doing my job properly. Many have coped in far more difficult circumstances. Footballers are cosseted, looked after, helped to find houses, schools etc even at our level. Most other people aren't. This is what real life is like for most people.
  3. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    I never get this not settling in the north lark. What is there in the south that you cant get here for half the price?
  4. Poll: Mowbray - stick or twist?

    That was my thought when I read that. Wait till we can't possibly get promoted without a miracle then bring someone in with the remit of perform said miracle. What happens when he doesn't? If you're going to sack a manager you have to do it when someone else has a reasonable chance of turning it around. Now I don't know enough about present day rovers to say whether Mowbray should be sacked or not, but if he should then they should get it done and done now. Shades of Mac beth there!
  5. Trivia

    Remember my daughter ringing us when she first moved to Germany in 1998. Have you ever heard of a footballer called Tony Woodcock she asked. Turns out her friend was his au pair. Shed never heard of him being only 18 at the time but he showed her the trophy room in his basement. Amazing number of trophies in there
  6. Dyche

    They supposedly wanted a foreign manager to help attract foreign players because theyre cheaper than british players of the same standard. However they dont seem to have realised that it has to be a decent and respected foreign manager and to have gone for a not very good one
  7. Souness

    He was in at the BBC last week and my daughter was so excited because Souness was the manager when she was in her teens and we followed Rovers all over the country. Then she was ill and the BBC wouldn't let her go in!
  8. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    Don't be daft. Every Child in there has an adult with them. When the family stand was in the Blackburn upper we, my husband, son, daughter and I sat there as a family even when our children were no longer children. We preferred it and had got used to sitting there. We were a family and therefore we felt right sitting there. Going to matches is about the people around you as much as it's about watching the match. It's being part of the same group year in, year out. Preventing people from sitting where they always sit is bureaucracy gone mad.
  9. Joe Nuttall

    That's the main reason many no longer go. I can't remember the last time I really enjoyed watching rovers play. Probably, as a consistent event, under Hughes. Eventually that lack of enjoyment and feeling were going out of obligation wears most of us down
  10. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    No they are not. You can't buy one in the family stand any more unless you also buy an eligible child's ticket, but I don't believe it says anywhere that for you to sit there that child must always be present
  11. Season Ticket Spot Checks

    It's not about that though is it? It's about ownership. Your seat is your seat. It's where you've chosen, for whatever reason, to sit. You shouldn't have to move just because the child you also hold a ticket for is absent.
  12. Sponsor on our backside

    Not only that but every time a player scores in rugby they announce the name of the sponsors
  13. Joe Nuttall

    Perhaps if we played a striker who was likely to score from a chance we wouldnt be chasing games
  14. Supporting Half A Club

    This threads gone off topic a bit but what I miss is the sheer excitement of the whole experience, even if your team were rubbish. Getting the match special bus that came through our village, packed on like sardines with loads of other fans, all walking to the ground together from the the bus stop, grabbing a "Pink" Gazette on the way back to read the match report on the way home, even though the report only covered half the match. It was all an adventure. Even when I first started to go to Rovers in 1996, much of the pre match and ritual still existed. Guessing which letter voucher would be needed was a game to play, with the child who got the correct answer or nearest it getting a reward. Nowadays the excitement and magic have largely gone. There's been no buzz going along the Bolton road for many years
  15. Supporting Half A Club

    You missed a lot of fun then