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  1. Can I just say, having few things I have to do now I'm retired, I quite often decide to do things at the last minute. Having spent my life up to then ruled for large parts by the ringing of a bell, being able to make spontaneous decisions is one of the privileges of getting older. So last Saturday I came back from a course I'd been attending and decided at 2.30pm that since the weather had improved greatly, I'd go and watch Clitheroe. Now obviously to get from Clitheroe to Ewood I'd have to decide a bit sooner, but with smaller crowds than when I used to have a ST, probably not much before 2pm. So yes, people do decide at the last minute to do things based on all sorts of criteria. And provided we stay within posting rules, well talk about whatever we want on here. We know that it may change nothing per se, but the point of a message board is to allow you to get things that annoy you off your chest, and to explain the reasons why you're annoyed.
  2. gumboots

    Football rule changes - what would you do?

    Makes a bigger difference in rugby though. In football I think you'd need longer than 10 min for it to make a difference
  3. Immediate goodwill towards him and the club if he'd scrapped it. It's not a lot on one ticket but if you pay for more than one eg you, your partner and a young family member it's a lot. And it's the principle of it. Why should you be penalised for deciding at the last minute you want to go and can? You'll already pay top price for your ticket compared to season ticket holders etc. That's what you expect when you're picking and choosing which matches to attend. But why should you pay more if you can't decide till nearly kick off? If there's room for you, and there certainly is at Ewood, then you should be allowed to purchase a ticket at the standard price. Other sports do it. Why can't we?
  4. gumboots

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    For some, getting the money together is a big thing, especially if they're paying for several tickets. Getting them on sale soon would give them a chance to decide what they can say no to between now and the half season tickets starting in order to be able to afford to commit to half season tickets. We all know that if there's something you have to pay for, the longer you have to put money away the easier that payment becomes, as you can give up lots of smaller things rather than deprive yourself of something you really want or need.
  5. gumboots

    Football rule changes - what would you do?

    This sounds like rugby rules where the ref doesn't stop the clock for short things like minor injuries but does for infringements that need dealing with in more depth. The time keeping isn't done by the ref and time is not arbitrarily added on at the end at the refs estimation. When the clock reaches time the next stoppage finishes the match. If you're looking to score you just keep the ball in play so time can go on but once the opposition can get the ball off the pitch, the match ends
  6. gumboots


    I'm with you here Chaddy. I have sky. I don't use it to watch Rovers as I don't enjoy watching them live on tv. If I'm going to actually watch the whole thing I would be at the ground. But I watch cricket, rugby, films and other programmes on it and the money that makes for them means they can pay everything they do to televise football matches. I can't help that. If it were possible for everything to be on terrestrial TV I'd be much happier but then you'd have to pay much more for terrestrial TV.
  7. gumboots


    Waggott can say as often as he wants why there is a surcharge on match day tickets purchased on the day but it doesn't make it right or good business sense. As an initial gesture without any significant cost to themselves, Rovers could drop it. If it brought a few more in to fill some of those empty seats wouldnt that be great?
  8. gumboots


    You're right about moving fans without consultation being a big thing. I'd say it was definitely the tipping point for me and I said at the time it was the thin end of the wedge. You've admitted you like sitting where you sit. So did I and Cheston took it away just like that. I told him what I thought when I wrote to him to explain why I didn't renew my season ticket. Upset about it? Damned right I was
  9. gumboots


    Oddly enough, one thing I never do is watch Rovers on Sky. I would far rather go to a live match. We have all the sky matches available but I can't stand Rovers on tv. Don't know why
  10. gumboots


    He didn't actually say Neal had made any suggestions. Just pointed him to this thread where we all, season ticket holders, occasional attenders, non attenders, lapsed St holders, disgruntled at being moved from stand without consultation fans, never miss a match fans and any other group you can think of, have had our say.
  11. gumboots

    Bradley Dack

    French league 2 is poor, believe me. Way below championship. If Arsenal have bought a player from there and are playing him, there's no reason why they shouldn't look at players like Dack. Of course they probably won't, because we'd want a lot of money, but they could
  12. gumboots

    Bradley Dack

    Except arsenal recently bought Guendouzi from French league 2 team Lorient and are playing him.
  13. gumboots


    We always bought at least drinks in the ground and the kids, when they attended, would often have a pie too. We bought programmes and visited the shop, often buying small items. We were consumers as well as fans.
  14. gumboots


    I couldn't say it's changed my mind as ive never yet got to the point of deciding to go, but it would annoy me to have to pay it if I did decide to turn up. I actually had persuaded my husband we should get ourselves down to Ewood for the next match but, having checked my diary, I have a can't miss meeting at the same time. I'll keep trying, and I'll make sure I order my ticket in advance to avoid paying more than I need to.
  15. gumboots


    I think £10 is too cheap but I think looking at £20 might make it more affordable. It's around that at Sale for the rugby and at Old Trafford for T20 games.

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