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  1. dinglebasher

    Derby vs Rovers post match thread

    I think last night was a good example of what Mowbray is trying to do here, and I agree with his approach. The first priority should be to avoid defeat. We didn’t defend well as a team last night, mainly because midfield had an off day and couldn’t keep hold of anything, and Armstrong can’t do that either. But in and around the box we defended superbly. It reminds me of when Hughes took over - he also prioritised making sure we didn’t lose. Once the team developed that discipline and got used to being absolutely stubborn, that’s when he focussed on our attacking threat and we became a great team. Last season we didn’t have to have that discipline (and conceded a lot as a result) because it was so much easier to score, but if we carried on like that in the Championship we’d be bottom three. Fact is, we’ve lost one game after some tough fixtures, and no one will fancy playing us. With a little luck we could easily have had more points and aside from Bristol City last twenty, we’ve held our own against everyone.
  2. dinglebasher

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    TM’s first team selection, at Burton, drew 1-1: Steele Nyambe - Lenihan - Mulgrew - Williams Conway - Guthrie - Lowe - Feeney Graham - Emnes Subs: Gallagher, Joao, Stokes, Tomlinson, Brown, Mahoney, Raya. Interesting that the defence is almost the same. Midfield now unrecognisable and filled with so much more quality. The other thing to enjoy is how much more TM is getting from the players he kept. Graham, Mulgrew, Lenihan have all improved under him. Even Conway, who gets stick but takes the pressure off the defence coming in towards the end of a tight game, does his job well. Oh, and hands up who misses Conor Mahoney?
  3. dinglebasher


    Yes, but you were commenting on his performance in this match, when he was (in my opinion and those of many others) a class apart last night. To label a player 'a disgrace at times' for making one mistake at the end of an otherwise impressive performance (when we were pushing for a win in the last few minutes) seems ridiculous. If you think making the odd mistake qualifies as 'disgraceful' you must have pretty high standards. Evans seems to attract a lot of this type of hysterical criticism for some reason, despite being the most composed player we have on the ball. He doesn't do anything spectacular but does all the hard, boring stuff that no one else can do as well as he can.
  4. dinglebasher


    He presented for every throw in. He moved the ball forward from defence to attack for the entire game. He presented every time Lenihan or Mulgrew had possession. He made an important foul when they were three on one. He continuously made two yards of space for himself to take the pressure off the defence. He did all that and only gave the ball away once all night, when he crossed over the back post. But yeah, disgraceful.
  5. dinglebasher

    Loan Window

    Those figures are meaningless because of the likely resale value of Dack, Lenihan, Armstrong etc. Something seriously crazy would have to happen for those to fail to make £15 million plus if we sold up. We desperately need a talisman up front. Dragging strikers up from League 1 or signing Championship rejects won’t get us promoted. We’ve tried that with Brown / Samuel etc and it doesn’t work. Look at Brereton’s record for the England youth teams - convinced he’ll be quality given the care and attention Mowbray will provide. Mowbray has earnt the right to spend £8 million on a striker, but if Brereton fails then Mowbray will be gone. We won’t lose financially because of the quality of the players we’ve either developed or bought for peanuts. The fact we got Dack for £750k is scarcely believable. He’s probably one of the best footballing and financial investments we’ve ever made. I understand the anxiety about spending £8 million given the long list of charlatans and jokers we’ve had in charge, but in the context of having an experienced manager who has shown he can organise and motivate a team full of promising youngsters, what exactly is the alternative if we want to give ourselves a chance of getting to the PL? Sometimes you have to take a risk and go for it. This is one of those times, in my opinion.
  6. dinglebasher

    Thursday deadline.

    How do you know he passed on it? Perhaps the players in question told him they weren’t interested in signing for us. Preston and Ipswich are both established Championship teams and are arguably more attractive than newly-promoted Rovers. I don’t think the window has been particularly inspiring, but some of the conjecture on here could be toned down a little. Perhaps potential targets would also prefer loans to see whether they would consider signing for us permanently, given that we are a newly-promoted team with a chaotic background and a recent relegation.
  7. dinglebasher

    Thursday deadline.

    SSN saying we’ve bid £4 million(!) for Luke Freeman.
  8. dinglebasher

    Thursday deadline.

    Didn't see that one coming, but refreshing not to have a signing trailed days in advance in the media. Can't really remember much about him from last season but if he turned down a contract at Man Utd to play for Oxford, that's a statement of wanting to get his down and work hard.
  9. dinglebasher

    Thursday deadline.

  10. dinglebasher

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Thanks JHRover. Absolutely crazy that we now have: 1. Roverstore website 2. eTicketing website 3. Rovers.co.uk 4. My Rovers. Can anyone with access bring this up at the Fans' Forum? At the very least, there should be clear links from the Club website if they can't amalgamate everything for contractual reasons.
  11. dinglebasher

    Season Tickets 2018/19

    Slightly off topic but does anyone know how you can find out your Club Cash balance? I can't find it anywhere on the Roverstore or eticketing websites and it doesn't seem to appear when I try to pay for something from the shop online. All assistance welcome.
  12. dinglebasher

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Don’t Kingstonian play at Leatherhead? I doubt they put the same effort into covering the pitch etc.
  13. dinglebasher

    Wimbledon v Rovers

    Don’t know what it’s like in Blackburn but it’s pretty snowy in Manchester. Surely if it’s going to be difficult for the Rovers fans to travel that will be a factor in any postponement?
  14. dinglebasher

    Wimbledon away tickets

    Predicted sub-zero temperatures and no under-soil heating do not bode well for Tuesday. I'm pretty sure it'll be called off just as I get into Euston, if only as vengeance for the Rovers Wimbledon match being called off three minutes before kick off in 1993(?)

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