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  1. Daremz

    World Cup 2018

    The fitness-level of the Croatia-squad is very concerning, after two tough matches with ET and pens - at the end of the Russia match there were 4 players with fitness-concerns, including their GK. I think you guys will win it in the second half due to better fitness-level, as long as Southgate keeps his team playing aggressive and not lean back. Keep Modric out of the game somehow and you'll do fine. Good luck!
  2. Daremz

    Players who never quite made it

    Carlos VIllanueva was the only thing that sprang to mind when I saw the topic-subject.
  3. Crushing the Dingles!

  4. Beating Burnley!

  5. Well done boys. Really looking forward to Saturday, coming from Holland to visit the Watford match!!
  6. Long time since Rovers played so passionate and the first time since ages that I have the idea everybody knows whats on stake. Please score that second one to kill them off.
  7. Daremz

    The sad passing of "Kelbo".

    Very sad news. Rest in Peace.
  8. Daremz

    Rovers 7 - 1 West Ham

    I remember that. I was a little kid, and I went to watch our first team play an away match. In the bus, back to home, the radio gave the scores of the English Premier League. I was so proud! It was a sunday, I'm sure about that.
  9. He'll net one thriller this weekend. No worries!
  10. Daremz

    Simon Garner...any Clips?

    First (individual) and third (team) goals are absolute diamonds.
  11. Daremz

    I Wanna Be A Blackburn Ranger

    Any board-membs who I could recognise on that Youtube clip?
  12. It was a really nice interview. Not only about Rovers, also about the Dutch National squad. A few things he mentioned about Rovers: "When I broke my leg, I was able to get to the sideline. Laying there, Robbie Savage shouted to me that I shouldn't exagerate. When he saw my leg, he knew something was wrong though." "Blackburn aren't the biggest club of England, but when they would play in the Dutch League, they would be among the top 4 clubs every season." "Blackburn are very similiar to PSV Eindhoven. A very warm, gentle club." "When I was at Rovers, in the beginning, some lads tried to make a fool out of me in the dressing room. That's probably what every newbie gets, but at a certain point I stood up and felt it should be over. I didn't want to be everybody's aim for jokes." "The difference between Holland and England is the biggest when it comes to club-rules. Over here, the mentality is much more laid-back. If you feel like taking a walk, you can take a walk. In Holland, when you're one minute late for team-lunch, you get fined. Here in England, things aren't that strict; if you don't feel like having lunch, you don't!" "There are a few 'sharks' in the squad" (who should he mean?!)
  13. Big interview with Andre Ooijer in Hollands biggest footie magazine today. I'll get some quotes about his thoughts on Rovers from it later and put them here.
  14. Daremz

    [Archived] Le Saux Retires

    The incident with Robbie Fowler he highlights is quite shocking to be honest. And I think Le Saux is right in his occassion.

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