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  1. Gav


    The virus is running wild through the Asian community due to large families living together in rows of tightly packed terraced housing in towns like of Blackburn. The mosques have been superb throughout the pandemic only opening recently and observing lockdown through Ramadan and EID celebrations. The rise in cases is not because Asian families are ignoring the advice, it’s due to their living circumstances.
  2. Gav


    I know that this sounds far fetched, or does it, I'm not sure, but shouting has been associated with spreading the virus, kind of makes social distancing rules ineffective really. The advice is being shared in some quarters, churches and mosques being on the list, even though the call to prayer or church services are now carried out using microphones. I don't think PHE or the government have released such advice, but its certainly being given out at local levels.
  3. Gav


    I don't think anyone's naive enough to think US didn't have some part to play in this, they warned the UK back in 2019 not to go down this route. But China themselves are actively trying to derail the search for Covid19 vaccines, stealing and hacking laboratories around the globe, they're a nasty piece of work and we'd be better served keeping well away.
  4. Gav


    I personally wouldn't trade with China on their human rights abuses alone, that also goes for the Saudis too. The EU themselves left a member state Italy to rot in the first few weeks of covid19, that decision alone killed hundreds if not thousands of people, I'd not trade with them either.
  5. Gav


    He was on bbc news this morning talking about the measures which are designed to stop the spread and avoid a Leicester scenario, very wise, I hope people listen.
  6. Gav


    Surprised this hasn't had a mention The Labour party have now seen the findings by the equality watchdog into anti-Semitism in the party, be interesting to read the conclusion once its made public. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-53397173 With Labour remaining stagnant in the polls vrs the Tories, the sooner this topic is put to bed the better.
  7. Gav


    Depends who you ask, Philipl's been in apocalyptic mode for years But on a more serious note, surely you see the irony that all the doom bluff and bluster thats lead the agenda for the past few years on both sides has been trumped by Covid19. Brexit was never expected to impact on the country the way Covid19 has, Brexit from here on in could be a cake walk really as the fall out from Covid is far more serious, much more far reaching than Brexit will ever be. Brexit will potentially reap rewards in the longer term, we have to cross our fingers on that, but in the short term the hurt is all Covid, Brexit is just a side show now.
  8. Gav


    Specifically, to my original point: Has Brexit lost us large numbers of jobs? Has Brexit destroyed GDP? Has Brexit caused the biggest peacetime deficit ever? If the answer to those questions is a resounding NO, then it can't be nonsense TS, with respect. Just making the point....
  9. Gav


    The Office for Budget responsibility watchdog have painted a grim picture for UK moving forward and none of its down to Brexit. They predict unemployment could hit 4 million over the next 12 months, GDP could take 5yrs to recover and the biggest peacetime deficit ever. We will see tax increases, cuts to services are inevitable and Brexit is responsible for none of it.
  10. Gav


    You always have a choice, tell them you're coming in until its safe, thats the choice. The working population, who went into work, was down by 80% during covid19, the roads empty, 8/10 people didn't go out during the height of the pandemic and we still have thousands and thousands of Covid19 deaths. The figures don't support your stance in any shape way or form, unless you live on Scalpay (Hebrides) that is.
  11. Gav


    But it could kill you, worst case scenario?
  12. Gav


    Has anyone just listened to George Eustice on radio 4? "If you work in an office, but you can work from home, you should continue to do so" he said. Boris said over the weekend "You should go back to work and use the shops at lunchtime" Is that with a facemask? at work? its seems you need one for the shops or you'll be fined? Its not difficult to get a consistent message out there, but this lot excel in mixed messaging.
  13. Gav


    Sorry OJF but I've never managed to get into his solo stuff, its hard to forgive him for splitting up The Jam.... He also needs to cut his hair, he looks slightly sinister with that new barnet. But no doubt about it, a music icon, one of the greats.
  14. Gav


    Beautiful light Morecambe Bay, likened to St Ives, a mecca for great artists. No need to travel insurance, pet insurance, visas, ESTA's and you can buy PG Tips and Bisto gravy no problem. Whats not to like?

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