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  1. Gav


    Are you sure? The news media across the world are criticising governments for the handling of the virus, they've nothing else to talk about strangely enough.... I believe most people think our government are doing a decent job under the circumstances but its clear we need to test more, nobody is denying that and they need to up the game in that area.
  2. Gav


    The white house also called Coronavirus a hoax now they’ll be happy to keep the deaths under 100k. Trump also claimed ‘To know South Korea well’ then went on to get the population wrong by 28million. Not the best source of information Jim....
  3. Gav


    Just to put things into perspective and not meaning to trivialise the situation.... Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader in 2015 and during his 5yrs in charge he couldn’t rid the party of racist anti Semites, your fellow members of the party, a simple task if the desire was there. We currently have a very a serious and deadly pandemic killing our loved ones and you spend day in day out posting half truths and general bullshit. Give it a ferking rest.
  4. Gav


    When left wing posters are quoting the right wing press its clear that the message from government isn't getting across, and I'm being very diplomatic here as I'm one of you. Testing is one thing, but the reason we've had social distancing and lock down in many respects is more important, we need to stop the spread to limit the number of deaths and the government got on top of that extremely quickly. I'd also like to point out that testing isn't only about NHS front line staff, we have massive numbers of people (social care etc) that don't work in the NHS that need testing, but the media haven't joined up those dots yet. We don't have a set of guidelines to point us in the right direction, this is a pandemic thats never been seen in anyone's lifetime, yet people are jumping on the crisis to score cheap political points??? The numbers of deaths is going to rise significantly as experts have been saying for a while now, this isn't a result of poor government, poor public health England practises, its down to this terrible Covid19 epidemic and hopefully we follow the rules and stay home and keep safe.
  5. Gav


    You have shown throughout this thread that you’re absolutely clueless, even resorting to quoting Trump and the Daily Mail to support your anti-Tory crusade. It’s not a political game this Jim, it’s very real as thousands of families across the world are sadly finding out. Now isn’t the time to hammer the government with half baked left wing bullshit, now is the time to support the effort, go and volunteer, the rest will come out in the wash later.
  6. Gav


    We should be thankful this bronzed idiot isn’t running the country: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/mar/28/trump-coronavirus-misleading-claims
  7. Gav

    Music Association Game

    Emmylou Harris - We Shall Rise
  8. Gav


    The reality is that this is going to get worse before it gets better, we're going to lose many lives in the coming weeks, but hopefully the lock down and people following the rules is going to bear fruit and reduce that loss of life in the long run. We need to carry out more tests clearly, we've struggled to source parts for those tests, the supply chain is over subscribed. Hopefully testing will increase if we can source parts and just as important have staff to administer the tests, its not just about having the equipment, this isn't an easy task all country's are struggling across the world not just us. Someone asked a few days if anyone knew a person who had Covid19, I found out today someone we know is in hospital with phenomena/Covid19. We have known this pandemic is very real for weeks now, some think its a load of old nonsense, well it got very real for us today, I hope it doesn't for the 'ney sayers'.
  9. Gav


    Some people are not listening you're right, you'll always get that, but the vast majority of the country are taking the advice and self isolating, hopefully we'll continue to see the benefits.
  10. Gav


    Blast from the past
  11. Gav


    Jim posting the Daily Mail, strange times indeed We had some really encouraging news yesterday on the death rate and infection rate yesterday, long may that continue. You've got to admire the way the government/army have turned the ExCel into a 4000 bed field hospital, by far the biggest hospital in UK, in just a few weeks? Tremendous effort and hopefully will take some of the strain away from London hospitals/morgues that are currently at bursting point. Maybe Boris and his 40 new hospitals can be built at a similar pace, but I doubt it....
  12. Gav


    Extinction rebellion, not politicising the debate? Give over Jim. Back in the real world, whilst we have a long way to go, the figures today are encouraging and with Cummings now in isolation, it’s been a good news day all around I’d say.
  13. Gav


    I think I mentioned last night, does it really take a letter or Boris Johnson to tell people how to behave during a serious pandemic? The advice is all over every media outlet across the world, I'm not sure what more the world can do to get the message out?
  14. Gav


    Bunkum Guardian report saying virus is slowing Jim, to be taken with a pinch of salt at this stage for me, but interesting reading.
  15. Gav


    Prof Neil Ferguson has given a cautionary indication that we are seeing some signs of the virus slowing, this does not include deaths, but we are seeing hospital admissions slowing. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/mar/30/coronavirus-live-news-us-deaths-could-reach-200000-uk-warned-six-month-lockdown-covid-19-latest-updates?page=with:block-5e81974f8f0878a2a48acc1d#block-5e81974f8f0878a2a48acc1d

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