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  1. Unbelievable end to the game CLB, played in sweltering conditions. Just watch Castleford beaten by Hull, surprise victory for Hull and lets Cas concentrate on the league. Hull v Leeds Wigan V Salford in the Semis
  2. 2 Semi Final tickets for sale - Indian V Bangladesh, if anyone's interested PM me.
  3. How much has this needless election cost? Local government foot the bills and for what? Another waste of money by the Tories.
  4. All those Blairites that have spent the last 2yrs trying to undermine and oust Corbyn should hold their heads in shame today, you're a disgrace to your party. Even leaked the manifesto as a final 2 fingered salute to JC, or was it leaked on purpose? didn't do Labour any harm did it
  5. So as the dust settles on another humiliation for the Tories and a desperate May tries to pull together a coalition of chaos, it should not be underestimated just what Corbyn and his team have achieved, its of Rocky like proportions, truly phenomenal.As 4 out of 10 voters ticked Labour on the ballot paper its clear that the old guard, the old style of politics is out of touch with the modern voter, younger voters are moving the goalpost.As Bob Dylan very eloquently once said:The times they are a changin May out before winter arrives and I wouldn't rule out a Labour government.
  6. Hung parliament is the best the anti-Tories can hope for and maybe just maybe it's going to happen, some polls suggest it's much closer than most think. Anything but 5 more years of Tory rule will do me.
  7. Well I have to say Corbyn has given many people a glimpse of a different kind of politics, it's been refreshing. All this whilst the tories continue to rob Milibands policies and look more like new labour by the day! The best anyone anti Tory can hope for is a hung parliament, so fingers crossed for just that.
  8. Actually owners are the difference in our case, we never had a chance of bringing in a better manager because the place was/is run by agents, the books are cooked. So whilst in theory you're right, in practice the outcome was as we found it, not good enough for the playoffs and no amount of misty eyed crystal ball gazing can change that sadly.
  9. I hope they're holding their heads up high today, nothing but respect for the lot of them, principled, proper boycotters
  10. The side wasn't good enough, simple as that den, you can't change history I'm afraid. The football side of things doesn't tell the whole story, the villians, schemers and crooks on the ground and behind the schemes didn't help. agents with power to pull players labor, contract talks and money issues, missing owners, the list goes on. Bowyer did a tremendous job under the circumstances.
  11. His achievement today shows what a good manager he really is, to blame him for the shenanigans that went on here shows a lack of knowledge on the subject which I know you don't have. Time to swallow that pride and admit you got Bowyer wrong.
  12. Happy for Bowyer, decent guy, and better manager than most on here gave him credit for. Sadly for the fans that doesn't tell the whole story.
  13. The mans a crook, he was a crook before he joined, was a crook whilst he was here and showed himself to be a crook when he left. He paved the way for other crooks to milk millions out of the club, empowered the Andersons of this world to leach on the Venky carcass and is disgrace to his profession. Retired out of the blue? Or heard another investigation was closing in? Dont let the door hit you on the arse when you leave, greedy @#/?.
  14. The only thing he got right in his time here! Takes one to know one I guess......