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  1. Bit of passion at last.
  2. Nobody wants to beat burnley more than me, be it tiddlywinks, football or whatever, but the simple facts of the matter are, this is just a shell of a football club whilst those rats are running the show. I'm watching the cricket now, @#/? to the football until those rats either sell up or stop breathing, I don't care which. VENKYS OUT!
  3. Bunkum! Its minis against Ferraris - but they're not doing that bad, we're 3rd division after all.
  4. Rovers fans on the pitch - wish i'd gone now
  5. Rovers have started well and burnleys support if ucking sh1t.
  6. Why the hell are not playing our strongest @#/? team Mowbray
  7. My team would be: Flowers Price Berg Hendry Le Saux Ripley Sherwood Tugay Wilcox Garner Shearer That side would hammer any burnley side that has ever had the good fortune to grace the Ewood Park pitch Come on you Super Blues.
  8. The wild Rover - No Ney Never
  9. Jesus wept, how the hell can he not know about the rivalry? Its not as if we've been plying our trade in league 1 for the past 30yrs, well that lot has but we haven't. Get a grip Mowbray
  10. Just seen Brendon Rodgers interviewed before the Champions league qualifier in Kazakhstan, he's a ugly sod, scares my mates kids when he's on the Tv. Never noticed before, but I'll be behind the settee from now on
  11. You've come a long way since the days when you thought it was acceptable to mock the death of Jack Walker. Let hope when we hammer you tomorrow night you disappear into the wilderness like you have so many times in the past with your tail firmly between your legs. Now **** off dingle
  12. I thought it was pretty poor myself Chaddy, diving, misplaced passes, foul throws, exactly the reason why sky lost 14% of its Premiership viewers last season. But glad you enjoyed it.
  13. I don't give a flying @#/? mercer, when they've been at it for 30yrs+ come back, until then they should know their place.
  14. This Brfcs infighting is embarrassing, have a @#/? word with yourselves. Its the week of the burnley game, you'd think you'd be spitting bile in those backward swines directions not at your own fans. If you want to go then go, if you want stay away then stay away, its not a completion. Just for the record - Any burnley ****s reading this, you'll always be in our shadow, form is temporary, cups and history are permanent