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  1. Stop being an arse hole.
  2. I'm not sure it matters what his policies are Bryan to be honest, he doesn't help himself at times I agree, but the media in this country seem intent on destroying the guy, bit like they did with Miliband and then the Tories swiped all his policies. Think the Labour manifesto will be out by the end of May.
  3. Just heard the club shop at Villa is full of Brum fans buying scarves for next week.
  4. Game over, we still have a chance, keep the faith. 1-0 Villa
  5. If anyone fancies Brum to win this they're currently 100/1 with 13 minutes to go. Mercer?
  6. Its all Villa at the moment, not many goal chances.
  7. I was expecting something far more witty than that, you've failed miserably
  8. Your approach to boycotting is a rather strange one PB? It seems to have included both home and away games in recent weeks, what are you actually boycotting?
  9. Have you ever managed people Rev? serious question? I've managed many teams/people in various sectors and I can tell you if the people in those teams are useless they're useless and nothing will ever change that. You can motivate, encourage and try to play to peoples strengths, but the simple fact is, if they're bobbins they're bobbins, its no different in football. The posters claiming Mowbray, Coyle, Lambert and Bowyer should be doing better are generally the posters that think we've had a shot of the play offs for the past 3/4 seasons, they believe the players are better than they are, and I think you certainly fit into that category Rev. In my opinion the players are not in a false position, we're getting relegated because we're awful, and its time to see the players for what they actually are and thats cr@p, with 1/2 exceptions. But we all know its those rats in Pune that are the real issue, everything else is a side show, until they crawl back under the rock we'll not be able to move forward.
  10. We've had some strange results if late so anything can happen, but can't see is stringing 2 wins on the bounce together Mercer. Hope I'm wrong but I just can't see it.
  11. Well a draws better than the loss I predicted.
  12. Whats funny about us going down you idiot.