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  1. Gav

    Birmingham Away

    You can certainly tell you're pissed from that nonsense you've just posted. We started slowly, extremely poor for the opening 15mins, then we went on to dominate the rest of the game, but if you don't take your chances you don't win. As some of the more realistic posters have been saying for a while now, it's all about next season and possibly the season after, but Some of the football today and Interplay really does bode well for the future. The full backs once again given license to push on was a joy to watch, especially away from home and the midfield pass and move and Grahams hold up play shows we're on the right track. The seeds have being planted, they just need time to shoot. Onwards and upwards.
  2. Rudd Guilit, I think, was the Chelsea player manager when they came to Ewood one year. He played one half as a sweeper and one half as an attacker, absolutly unplayable on the day. The way he read the game, he was 2 or 3 moves ahead of any Rovers player that day and he was seen by many as on 'the slide' by then!
  3. The sort of game we should be winning at home and we did just that. Illness has hit the squad hard over the past few weeks, surprised Dack pulled his shirt on today having been ill for a week now. Anyone looked at the table? 10th, 6 points behind a play off place, tremendous achievement, take a bow Tony Mowbray.
  4. Looked a superb following considering the distance and Sky Tv, a real credit to the club. Made up for them all after our smash and grab.
  5. Gav

    Rovers Memorabilia

    Did that stained glass used to be in the glass shop across from Anaz Indian in Darwen? Looks very familiar, was on display in the window for years?
  6. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    This sites a small minority!
  7. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    I couldn't care less Matty to be honest, there's a very good reason why I'm not a football manager/Chairman you know! But I do like a bit of balance, and that was the point being made, a point that seems to have been lost on you.
  8. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    Of course you want the best for your club, that goes without saying. The main point is really about you telling us what's happening on these threads. To claim Mowbrays getting plenty of praise and nobody is asking for him to be sacked (was that last week) simply isn't true, that was my point.
  9. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    Do you mean last season when the most popular thread of the year, until it was shut down, was calling for the managers head? You can't rewrite history K-Hod, but you can close down threads. Mowbray doesn't get anywhere near enough credit on here for what he's achieved in his short spell here. The clubs changed in so many ways, especially behind the scenes, and that goes unnoticed by many. I never thought we'd be back in this league again under Venky rule, let alone watching a 20m midfield player pulling the strings to help us beating the likes of Hull, Stoke, Leeds and WBA. Mowbray has us on the right track, even a blind man on a galloping horse can see that, can't he?
  10. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    As per usual some absolute bobbins talked on here, posters talking about similarities to the kean era, Coyle era, and us plummeting to league 1? WTF are you watching? The biggest problem we have is 90% of the site wanted Mowbray sacked in Oct 17, this before we went on to secure promotion at a canter, it's about saving face for many, 'I was right all along'' Load of crap chaps..... Then we have the chief protagonists who actually never go to games, yet dictate the bile spewed at a side they only ever see on a Pc monitor or smart phone, how can that form honest debate or opinion? So let's have it right, we've been poor of late, results need to improve, but my god we're in a place we could only have dreamed of a few years back. Players have new contracts, the manager has built a structure, has his own people in place, when did we last have that luxury in place? Time to get a grip, show some backbone, and back the best manager since these idiots came our way. Consolidation this season, push on next. Onwards and upwards. Happy New Year.
  11. Gav

    Mowbray’s Future

    'Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it'
  12. Gav

    Bradley Dack

    If we had different owners I'd snap anyone's hand off willing to pay £20m for the lad. John Williams would have banked £8m and given the rest to the manager, but I can't see the 3 stooges in Pune going for that one. It's inevitable that he'll leave, we all know that, some would even say recent performances have shown his heads already elsewhere, but with limited players around him, and this season in a better league, he's still performing for me and I enjoy watching him, but £20m!! The current side isn't good enough to challenge in this league, but £10m would possibly take us to that next level and put us in contention for next seasons playoffs if spent wisely, food for thought maybe? Venkys notwithstanding of course.
  13. Gav

    Boxing Megathread

    Kel Brook? Why? He had his time against GGG and all credit to him for taking that fight, but he was badly beaten, shattered cheek, then beaten by Spence convincingly. He's made enough cash surely, why carry on? Doubt I'll be tuning in. As for Fury, I am still stunned, WTF went on in LA?

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