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  1. Come off it Simon, we're 3 points of the playoffs its bonkers to be even thinking of a new manager. We've just spent a small budget, brought new players in, improved a contract or 2? thats major @#/? progress under this lot. The club needs stability not more upheaval, I wonder if anyone calling the managers head has learnt anything over the past 8yrs.
  2. Tried that, its in the blood as you know, impossible. But I no longer spend days and days angry and frustrated at the shenanigans going on at Ewood, I'm just trying to enjoy the football, the followings away from home and winning a few. Its a good place to be.
  3. You missed the point. If money, facilities, academies and managers = success, why haven't Liverpool won the Premiership? or Spurs? We have posters with illusions of grandeur coupled with unrealistic expectation, its like the last 8yrs haven't happened. Just my opinion, the only one the counts
  4. Sounds like you're describing Liverpool, Spurs, Everton, just as a comparison, won loads in 60's 70's 80's, great pedigrees, have world class facilities, have had world class managers arguably, and in Liverpools case have spent well over £1bn in transfer fees and not even come close, and sit in 8th this season with only 3 wins - Klopp out? Before you dismiss that out of hand, you yourself make a major assumption regarding Warnock, who incidentally would have been a good appointment but thats water under the bridge, and Warnocks don't grow on trees or we'd have had one by now with all the managerial changes we've made..... By all means slag off the manager and the players if they deserve it, no problem with that, but despite everything you say above, we're a club thats rotten to its core, no structure, in continual decline and to expect everything on the pitch to suddenly fit into place for a promotion push is complete pie in the sky, Roy of the Rovers stuff and never going to happen.
  5. My mates all still have season tickets, diehard blue and whites so I keep in touch, they're split on TM to be honest, very much like Bowyer when he was here, which is ironic because I'm reading the same arguments used against Bowyer and we all know how that ended up, in the 3rd division! Its bigger than just a match day for me, its about not being lied to about agents, its about players not being benched due to pay as you play deals maturing and generally being treated like I've got half a brain and despite Cheston and the Indian man of mysterys best efforts to derail that process, I feel TM is trying his best to hold things together and keep things real on the football side and thats refreshing and most welcome. Yes the ultimate goal is promotion, but its goes deeper than that for me.
  6. He is right blueboy3333, the reaction to the defeat is typical on here these days, no objective views, just elation when we win and doom when we lose, we need some middle ground or the debates already over. Did you get yourself in the home end yesterday? or dodge that bullet?
  7. You see more games than me Stuart so I respect your opinion on the poor football, I thought we played ok at Shrewsbury, TM said it was our worst performance of the season! Just on Shrewbury, I drove into the town listening to the local radio, it was full of 'Premeirship champions' 'Alan Shearer' 'Kenny' 'millions of pound' etc etc I was shocked at the level of anticipation built up as we rolled into town and every game around the country is going to be like that, its a culture shock I'm sure for TM and his patchwork side, that shouldn't be underestimated in the final equation and the reason I think we'll need more than one season to get out of this league. Where I do take exception above is your assertion that we should be top 2? Why? the clubs absolutely rotten, no structure, a losing mentality runs through the empty Ewood corridors because anyone left doesn't know any different, 8yrs of continued decline and hurt. This doesn't get fixed overnight, if it ever gets fixed at all.
  8. We won 12 games last season, we've already won 6 from 11 this, thats progress in terms of results and thats all that counts isn't it?
  9. Good thing about being in this league is games come thick and fast TS, so we have a good opportunity to put things right on Tuesday against a side that are rock bottom of the league, but got a respectable draw against high flying Shrewsbury yesterday.
  10. We'll never get more until we get rid of the 3 stooges running the club, we're currently structured to fail and continue to fail we will Stuart until they leave. Not aimed at you but we have posters who believe we have a divine right to romp this league, because we're Blackburn Rovers and have spent a small amount of cash, whilst ignoring the last 8yrs of decline, bad decisions and damn right skullduggery. We are 3 points of the playoffs and only 8 weeks into the season, yesterday sounded awful but the knee jerking is way over the top, typical Brfcs.
  11. Kidderminster - 20 minutes from my front door But actually anyone away from home, I know Truro really well through work so thats an easy one, but still 3hrs+ from West Midlands!
  12. I'm not missing the point, I just disagree pal on the managers position.
  13. If we don't go up then lets sack him LD, that'll show em.. This obsession with getting rid of managers? when we need some sort of stability in the club is so short sighted for me. If they're sh1te like that w@nker Coyle get rid, but TM is head and shoulders above that knob and posters are calling for his head?
  14. Bradford, Scunny, Rochdale, Gills? I'll wager we beat Plymouth next week, inconsistency is what you get in this league, especially when you bring in half a team only 10wks ago! You should know better TS with respect
  15. But only 3 points of the playoffs Ath? Like I said fare play to you both, you go more than i do, so respect your opinion, but still think its bonkers... I've a meeting in Lancs on Tues, got the lads looking for a free ticket as I'm loathed to put money in those rats pockets, maybe I'll be in your camp after i see them at home in the flesh.