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  1. Gav


    I don’t disagree with your views on the character of each man. Sadly Khan has so far been an ineffective London mayor in difficult circumstances more recently granted, Boris got much more done and made a much bigger impact on the lives of Londoners.
  2. Gav

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    A few of us have been arguing for a while that Mowbray needed 10 games of the new season to galvanise the current squad and see if can squeeze a bit more out, the majority on here wanted him sacked. It’s very early days, I don’t think we have the squad to go up, we’re 2/3 players short, but that’s not Mowbray fault, he can only wee with the willy he’s got. Great start to the season Tony, long may it continue
  3. Gav


    You spent the entire election campaign telling us how the BBC was a conservative supporting right wing TV station - didn’t stop Neill then Jim. You’ve more flip flops than Blackpool beach before the restrictions.
  4. Gav


    Didn’t Boris waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on Water Cannon after the riots? Could be time to dust them off, idiots. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-54309603
  5. Gav


    Your comments last night clearly show a complete lack of knowledge/understanding of the subject, ignorant even, so forgive me for not debating with you any further. You seem to have become a denier and you’re not alone. It’s very dangerous and the reason infections are going through the roof and people are going to die.
  6. Gav


    You spent the entire election campaign claiming Johnson was scared of Neill because ‘he’ll ask the difficult questions’ Now he won’t More flip flops than Benidorm beach you Jim.
  7. Gav


    I think you’re losing sight of what the original point was. Your gripe around consulting SAGE is with Sturgeon, Foster, Johnson and Drakeford, not me. My original point was around the nighttime economy pushing infections up, that’s been proven to be spot on, I never mentioned SAGE once in support of my original point.
  8. Gav


    Opinions are like arse holes, we all have them den The only opinions that really matter here are the leaders of the 4 nations, who surprisingly all disagree with 1 scientist on the SAGE committee and introduced a curfew, strange that wouldn't you say? Just a small sample: LLanelli Leeds originally denied a curfew Bolton spike
  9. Gav


    Llanelli was locked down yesterday with the majority of the cases firmly linked to the pubs and lack of social distancing, Bolton was locked down for the same reason with evidence to support, Leeds begged the government for a 10pm curfew a few weeks ago because the track and trace data showed where the infections were coming from, the government declined that request initially until it saw the national data, then they acted. Then law and behold every leader across the UK put a curfew in place, Boris told us all why in parliament, the data showed/is showing the infection rate in 18-29yrs olds was running wild, freshers week in Scotland blamed for their outbreak, Manchester Met locked down for similar reasons, Blackpool locked down urgently. You can lead a horse a water
  10. Gav


    For any Dylan fans out there he's revived his Theme Time Radio hour show for one episode, to mostly promote his Whiskey brand, but nevertheless its a great listen, as are all the shows themselves which are online for free and aired in late 2000's. New episode - Whiskey Original series
  11. Gav


    I assume you’re out on the piss right now as you’re talking absolute bobbins. Make sure you practice social distancing.
  12. Gav


    You do understand that the infection rate is the highest in 18-29yr olds and they can infect parents and grandparents who have a good chance of kicking the bucket! Come on Dom, you’re not an idiot, this is getting out of hand now across the country, people are going to die sadly.
  13. Gav


    It’s been revealed today that Corbyns chief of staff asked Diane Abbot to resign after her failure to get the numbers right on police recruitment in the lead up to 2017 election. This was clearly a women who was ill at the time, she needed support not sacking. Disgusting https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54277721
  14. Gav


    Government data shows on Friday that the daily number of positive cases in the UK picked up by coronavirus testing rose to a new high of 6,874, very worrying indeed, people are sadly going to start dying again in significant numbers at this rate. Its really important people start to follow the rules and use the old grey matter, social distance, wash your hands, wear masks, or this is going to run and run. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/54296475
  15. Gav


    Hello ISP. Lots of nonsense being talked about schools, posters claiming millions of kids are at home with Covid which we all know is bunkum. How has your experience been? I know local Public Health teams are really pleased with the return, current testing aside, and the changes put in place, it’s been a great effort. How has it been at your school?

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