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  1. meadows


    Depending on “what the wife is doing”? It’s 2019 JH. Some of our fans are female, you know and would you believe book tickets and travel to games without “the husband” having to instruct them!
  2. meadows

    FA Cup 2019: Third Round onwards

    On that basis presumably Watford v Newcastle a fortnight ago was a home banker but Newcastle made a draw one apiece.
  3. What do they know of Rovers that only Rovers know?
  4. meadows

    Rovers V Norwich 22/12/18

    Malcolm Darling. Brian Conlon. Three current ex-Rovers. Olsson. Bellamy. Sherwood. Etuhu. Ashley Ward. Alan Irvine. David Bentley
  5. meadows

    Premier League Stuff

    Yeah I’ve actually done stats at games for Press Association (though not for a while) and would always have put it down as a SOT if it travelled enough distance to be reasonably sure it was goalbound.
  6. meadows

    Premier League Stuff

    Nonsense. The official stats usually done by one intern and shared around are more often than not erroneous. The most common omission is yellow cards not spotted Whatever goes in the records have a look at the highlights yourself and tell me that isn’t a «shot on target » I
  7. meadows

    Premier League Stuff

    Nice stat but it’s unfortunately wrong, Ashley Barnes volleys a shot clearly on target halfway thru the second half on the MOTD highlights which is blocked by a Spurs defender.
  8. meadows

    Championship 2018-19

    No Rovers games selected for TV coverage in latest batch 18 Jan - 13 Feb 2019. Three each for Norwich & Sheff Utd. Leeds only one I think
  9. meadows

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Fred Pickering, Gordon Taylor, Andy Kennedy
  10. meadows

    Ben Brereton

    2-1. It’s on Youtube. Fascinating to see fans of both clubs in both ends before any concept of segregation was borne.
  11. meadows

    FA CUP

    30,876 attendance that day. Not a bad effort to be fair 60% of a regular league gate.
  12. meadows

    Ben Brereton

    A strange move going to Bolton. They’d been relegated before us and John’s last game for us was his last game for anyone in the top flight.
  13. meadows

    ROVERS v Sheff Wed

    Freeman has signed a new contract this week.
  14. meadows


    Think Norwich would bring 2,500-3,000 on Boxing Day
  15. meadows


    Sorry I thought he was conjecturing what it would have been if played Boxing Day.

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