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  1. Irish_Rover

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I was pretty much gone against Mowbray prior to the winning run, which I really didn't want to as I did want him to succeed as he does (to me anyway) seem like a genuine bloke. The home game against Wigan though confirmed for me that he will not take us any further. You are on the back of a winning run, at home with a bumper crowd willing you on against the team bottom of the table. This was his chance to prove something that no other manager has been able to do and at least show us he has the ability to get us into the playoffs. After so many bottled occasions under previous managers it was a chance to put in a real statement performance. Cement our place among the top teams, show the walk on fans that this is what we are about, show the Sky cameras that we are a legitimate contender in the playoffs. What we got was the one of the most abject and just lazy performances i have witnessed. For the life of me I just cannot understand why he didnt say to the players "right 100 miles an hour, get into their faces fast". Wigan are bottom of the table for a reason, any sort of pressure in the first 30 mins would have seen them buckle im sure. If we are gassed at the end of that then fine, make changes as needed. But no we seemed to be content to let them get the ball from the back, let them out under no pressure. Even when it got to midfield there was no one bursting a gut to get back and close out the opposition. It was all leisurely pace getting back, almost running back just to give the impression that some level of effort is being applied. Upon seeing a few matches on the box lately (which is rarity based on where I am located), the lack of urgency is just utterly ridiculous. It requires zero skill just a willingness to get to the opposition and not give time on the ball. Case in point even today for Joe Lolley's goal for Forest, Bell just a friggin' mile of him and in no way pushed to close him out, either tackle, intercept or at the very least put him under pressure when getting the ball in. For that reason alone (never mind the shambles of the Brereton/Gallagher signings) Mowbray has clearly shown this is as good as it gets. 12th place in the championship is the peak. From here we can only hope that he decides that he has taken us as far as he can in the summer and is happy enough to step away.
  2. Irish_Rover

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Long time lurker (back to the days of Jan, Rover6 et all), second time poster. Generally happy to read the more informed comments of others but just had to chime in on this to offer my two cents. Reason being how frustrating this whole thing is. For 90% of the time since they rocked up Venkys have been just utter toe rags, but if we were all told that over 3 windows they would front up 15mil for players we would be doing cartwheels. Mowbray has just systematically wasted that on fringe forwards for some bizarre reason and just totally ignored the spine of the team. At the very least you learn your lesson with Brereton, if you have a few million to spend at least throw it on an experienced player that can come in, hits the ground running and adds value to the team in a problem position. But no he spends it on someone who again is not guaranteed to start each game. As others have mentioned here 5m would have gone a massive way to sorting out the defence, instead it is ruined further by having to integrate a new keeper that is totally unfamiliar with our shocking back 4. I have always wanted Tony to succeed (still do), what he did to get us out of League 1 and bring the team and fans back together should never be forgotten (especially when you consider the difficulties other teams like Sunderland and Leeds had to get out of that division) but what he has done in the last two transfer windows has been a mess really, especially considering what he came out with at the last forum

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