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    Huge movie fan, no particular favorite genre<br />Preffers these kinds of books: Fantasy, sci fi<br />Listen mostly to rock music<br />And of course football
  1. Rainmaker

    Squad for next season

    What's the status with Sandomierski? Is he a loan or a permanent signing? If we can't get him permanently i thing Anders Lindegaard at ManU (who they apparently was looking til get rid of a while back) would be a good shout. Fantastic shot stopper and good presence in the area. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isH7izk1yBs
  2. Rainmaker

    Henning Berg - Rovers Manager

    Have Berg actually "gotten out of his pram" about it? I have not seen any quotes where Berg says anything, nobody else wouldn't have said. The only quote I have seen is the "that doesn't help us" line. Which i think is just an answer to a question about what he thinks about leaked line ups .
  3. Rainmaker

    Next manager

    When Villa approached him in May, the gave some answers to the owners regarding who he would take with him if he left; Players: Magnus Wolff Eikrem Staff: Mark Dempsey og Richard Hartis
  4. Rainmaker

    Next manager

    Have you heard anything interesting?
  5. Rainmaker

    Next manager

    From the presser; OGS: No contact with Blackburn, his advisers/agents may have talket to Blackburn but not about him. He was very breif about the speculations, but did not give a clear answet to the question if the fans of Molde could relax and expect him to turn it down. (Like any in the footballing world) He really didn't want to talk about Blackburn, and the journos complied with those wishes. I myself think, based on the presser, that he may consider an offer if it comes, But utimately i do not really think he will accept it in the end
  6. Rainmaker

    Next manager

    The presser doesn't start for another 50 minutes, does it?
  7. Rainmaker

    Next manager

    It was basically down to the owners of Molde having a hissyfit.
  8. That was not quite what happened. Ha actually went for a meeting with Villa. The bosses then went apeshit. Was a big story for a few days here in Norway. The official story was then what you said.
  9. Would be good for us, but the bosses at Molde didn't let him go to Villa, so i highly doubt they will let him go to Rovers.
  10. Rainmaker

    GAME THREAD - Barnsley home 12/13

    The way Rovers grinds out results just shows one thing; The team is to good for the Championship, i.e. to good to be relegated. Just showcases Keans ineptness when getting us relegated. An ineptness that comes short for the level of the Championship.
  11. Rainmaker

    GAME THREAD - Barnsley home 12/13

    Anyone know legal radio link that works?
  12. Rainmaker

    Steve Kean (multiple merged threads)

    I do agree that Shebbys arrival has diminished Keans power. I do, however, think that Shebby was brought inn for only one reason. Provide a buffer between the fans and Kean/Venkys, and to try to appease the fans (albeit not sucessfully). I believe that is why Shebby made the comments about Kean and The Pensioner formerly known as Pedersen. I we look at the most "loud" comments by fans over the last few years (or 18 months) it has been; 1. Kean out. Therefore Shebby comes forward with criticism of him and sets a Target(17 from 7) for him getting the boot, to try and show that the owners have a plan. Alt the while hoping the squad is good enough and the opposition bad enough that that situation does not come to fruition. 2. Which player has been the proverbial scapegoat and gotten the most stick? (now that Andrews is not around) Pedersen That's why he was singled out by Shebby, he is the player the fans have been most vocal about. A manangement that echoes the criticism of the fans must be good, right? Only that kind of backfired on him.
  13. Rainmaker

    Steve Kean (multiple merged threads)

    This makes it 4 points dropped from the four first games. His "ultimatum" was 17 points from 7 game, i.e. four points dropped in those games. Lets hope for a draw next game, and that Shebby puts his money where his mouth is.
  14. Rainmaker

    jordan rhodes

    Didn't he score against the Dingles?
  15. Rainmaker

    GAME THREAD - Leicester City Home 12/13

    Comared to how our team is playing, they are good...

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