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  1. Paul

    Celebrity Deaths

    I'm not asking anyone to bite but expressing my view. As I see it there is no way to describe how difficult it must be for someone to carry out the act. It seems to me the drivers are to end their misery and to end a skewed idea it will protect those around them. This is what makes me feel it's selfish as the reverse is true with regard to those left behnd. I wasn't going to comment on why I've some understanding of mental health issues but I've changed my mind. I know four people with diagnosed bi polar. One chose me, no one else, to confide in. I don't know why. I knew nothing about the disease. For four months I was the only person who knew. More people know now and the person is, nearly three years later, well on the road to recovery. During those four months, when I was sworn to secrecy, I tried to understand and learn what to do from zero knowledge. My every action was about trying to help and equally I worried constantly if any of my actions were contributing to or worsening the illness. It was a torture for me. Only my friend knows how it was for her. Second my best friend in life, that's in 65 years, suffers from this terrible illness. The illness is controlled through medication but cannot be increased further. I know through everything I see things over the last two years have driven my friend to the point whereby I no longer understand how life is being held together. This is the strongest person I know. I feel I do know the one thing which stops my friend totally falling apart. I worry every hour of every day as I try to find ways to help. Things are at a point in recent months where every effort fails. So I feel I understand something of what those with mental illness face. I also have real understanding of the impact this has on those who love and care for them the most. Finally I'll add that despite my best effort this post can be read as though it is about me. It isn't. It's a probably very poor attempt to explain why I understand a little because it can only ever be a little - which saddens me every day.
  2. Paul

    Celebrity Deaths

    In what way is my remark misinformed? As for a lack of understanding on mental health issues you are completely wrong as it's something I have much real life experience of. Why would I lie about whether or not I know who Caroline Flack was? Can you explain why I should know who she is? I'm aware of Love Island but have never watched it. I've very occassionaly seen X factor.
  3. Paul

    Celebrity Deaths

    It's very sad for those connected with the individual when someone dies. We shouldn't lose sight of this. It's being widely reported Caroline Flack committed suicide. A very selfish act. I wonder more and more about the cult of the celebrity and why so many people have to live their lives through others. I had never heard of her before.
  4. Paul


    I fully support everyone having equal rights, opportunities etc. and don't pretend to know the answer to the issue mentioned. I was disappointed to see the amount of time the four candidates spent on transgender issues in a recent TV debate. It is entirely right they have concern and will work to ensure equality BUT it is far from the most important issue yet of course receives a disproportionate amount of media coverage. Can I suggest you read Labour policy and understand what the candidates wish to do for the country. You might then understand why Labour is a far better alternative than the Dominic Cummings Party.
  5. Paul


    The two world wars are unconnected to and irrelevant to the point Mike E made. Their only possible connection is to the harking back to better times Brexiteers voted for. Of course Syria, the Yemen and other countries are more difficult places to live than the UK. That does not distract from the fact we live in an increasingly divided country in which millions are being left behind and face enormous difficulty in accessing your "liberty and high living standards." Mike is talking about opportunity and that is being removed for more and more people on a daily basis.
  6. Paul


    Nope. It's one of the reasons we've landed in the total mess Brexit is going to bring to this country.
  7. Paul


  8. Paul


    It's not good by our standards but it happens throughout Asia. Just part of life.
  9. Paul


    "I know cover ups when I 'see' them" were your words. It was a nothing story from start to finish.
  10. Paul


    Good grief. Get a grip of yourself. There are eight, yes EIGHT, cases in the UK. Five of which are connected to the same individual who attended a conference in Singapore. I'm currently in Cambodia at the end of a three week trip through Vietnam and Cambodia with 22 others. What precautions have we taken? Washed our hands VERY thoroughly and used hand sanitizer at every necessary stage. Everyone has refused the useless masks we are routinely offered. The party included two GPs and three nurses!!! We were cruising on the Mekong. One morning all the crew started wearing masks. I asked why? "Because the government told us to." 24 hours later all had stopped wearing them! Don't get carried away with red top and media panic. Yes it's serious, yes people are dying BUT decent hygiene will keep you safe. I don't see any threads about the disgustingly unhygienic habits of those who go for a crap on motorway services. And then leave without washing their hands. Last week in Hoi An I watched a Chinese man wearing a mask emerge from a toilet cubicle and leave the toilets without washing his hands. I followed him out in to the restaurant where he went and picked up the coffee jug and poured coffee. I doubt he gave a single thought to the amount of faecal debris he left on that handle for a hundred others to touch. He obviously was very concerned not to spread disease. Learn how to wash your hands medically. Don't touch public door handles etc. and sanitize your hands before eating and drinking. You'd be amazed at the numbers who don't or do not know how to wash hands thoroughly. You'll live and you can forget about BRI. Just get a grip.
  11. Paul


    If you think the middle ground centrists haven't expressed an opinion you've clearly read nothing. I'm a Remainer and always will be. All my friends bar two are Remainers and the majority are Labour voters. None of us are far left or right, we simply believe in a fair and caring society. It's not difficult to understand. As for Brexit? It's bollocks and those who will suffer the most are those who voted for it. I've met some Brexiteers recently, intelligent and articulate people......without a single rational, economic reason to support their vote or opinion.
  12. I thought I would ask the question in ICBINF because several long-standing members visit here. It's the main reason I popped back on BRFCS. I have heard, stress heard, that Jordan died recently. Does anyone know if this is true? I know he was seriously ill several years ago but haven't heard anything for years. If this is true we have all lost a huge Rovers fan.
  13. Paul


    "No idea how this is going to play out but compulsory face masks make facial recognition no use as the Hong Kong authorities found out in the unrest there." I'm in Vietnam at present and it's interesting to see face masks being handed out as we board public transport. I'm also interested by the significant numbers wearing masks, especially those who then lower the mask to speak to you. It is utterly pointless to rely on these masks which without proper use and disposal are themselves a breeding ground for infection. The other issue is face masks distract people from practicing good basic hygiene. Hand washing, wiping surfaces touched by others etc. The guy next to me on our last flight sneezed on the video touch screen and then spent ours using it. A face mask really helps!!!! Good basic hygiene will protect one from numerous potential health issues. A face mask does bugger all.
  14. Paul


    Well as you voted for one you'll know all about some politicians being egomaniacs. We've already established you care about no one other than your family. It doesn't surprise me in the least you fail to see there are some people who go in to political life with a real desire to do good. But you wouldn't understand that, if it even occurred to you to consider it.
  15. Paul


    Not forgetting the 2020 election. Nothing like a good war to get the NRA, right wing and good ol' boys to vote for you. Not that I'm a cynic.

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