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  1. Paul

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Quite right, I fully agree but this ignores that these clubs have continued to sell STs after they became aware of the situation. Everton's "claim your seat" deadline was July 28th. It is absolutely clear Everton, and I guess many, many others, have continued to sell STs when they have absolutely no idea on what government guidelines will be, if or when crowds will return etc. Middlesbrough showed the way, clubs such as Everton have ignored reality and the consequences in a desperate scramble for cash. How anyone can defend or justify such action after the Covid-19 issues arose is beyond me. Sales before, that's life, sales afterwards are irresponsible and demonstrate a total disregard for the supporter.
  2. Paul

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    @chaddyroversit's not often I agree with your view but on this I think you are quite correct. I think we can accept anyone who wants an ST at Ewood will get one. We won't sell out the probable one-third of capacity. If Rovers sell me an ST I expect it to be either for all games or to be refunded, not credited, deferred etc. for those which are BCD. I've read Middlesbrough have taken STs off sale until it's fully understood what the ground capacity and general attendance circumstances will be. This is action for which the club should be praised. It demonstrates sound management and consideration of the consequences of selling STs before knowing how live attendance will work. The call is for Rovers to sell STs to ease cashflow issues. I cannot for the life of me see how this makes any sense. At some point it may be necessary to refund some or all of the money raised. So where does the cash come from to make these refunds? Selling STs now does nothing other than postpone the inevitable need for further cash injection by the owners or closure. It would be more honest if Rovers, or any other club, was upfront. They cannot guarantee if or when live attendance will be possible. The ST money will immediately go towards the daily club running costs and we cannot indicate if or when it would be refunded. If the club fails financially you may not get your money back. If football clubs need to ease to cashflow issues it should be nothing more than requesting donations on the understanding donors would receive a free ST if or when attendance is possible. Selling as STs is simply dishonest. I'd like to see a sensible justification as to why a club would undertake all the costs of selling STs, spend the cash, possibly face further costs in refunds and the issue of raising the cash to make said refunds. It makes no sense whatsoever. I don't know the truth behind our STs not being on sale. I hope it's because the club is taking what I regard as the only acceptable approach. In my view those calling for STs to be sold for cashflow purposes with no guarantee of anything are simply using the situation to find another stick to beat the management with. Selling STs now cannot be justified in anyway and is exploitative. From what I have observed social distancing etc. is declining rapidly and clearly being ignored by some. Until everyone grasps the need to follow the guidelines correctly the potential for curtailing Covid-19 is very limited. Enforcing social distancing etc. in a football ground is impossible without full supporter cooperation. A football crowd is one example of a situation where spread could be significant. It would only need one proven instance of an infection spike from a match to put all games back to BCD.
  3. Paul

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I'm presuming the 30,000 figure is correct but don't know. If correct it sums up the huge dilema for clubs, highlights the risks they run and raises questions over the overriding attitude towards supporters. There is a clause in the Everton FAQs: "What if the 2020/21 season is played behind closed doors? If games in the 2020/21 season are affected in any way, the Club will refund supporters the pro-rata value of any missed games." There is widespread reporting stadium capacity will be limited to 17 to 30% depending on individual club circumstances. On the face of it either two-thirds of Everton ST holders will not get to see any games or all supporters will only see one-third of games. I cannot think of a better way to totally piss off the fan base in one swoop. The clause I quoted only covers BCD, it doesn't mention games which are played in front of a limited capacity. Everton have created a massive problem for themselves as has every club which has already sold more than 30% of its capacity.
  4. Paul

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    Which I really do not understand when there is no knowing when or if we will be allowed to return to the ground or which games an individual fan may get to see. There is the huge question of capacity. OK at Rovers if we don't sell tickets to away fans achieving, for example, one third capacity is simple but at clubs with larger gates or a potential large demand? Lets imagine clubs are restricted to one third capacity. A friend was telling me yesterday his team, Everton, have 35000 ST holders and a capacity of 39000. On the basis of one third capacity only 13000 will be allowed in for a match. It must be desperate to be a Leeds or WBA fan today! If I was a Baggie I might well have bought one already but at a club where nothing has changed and crowds are small? No real reason to buy yet I feel the fairest approach to the capacity issue is a ballot. In some manner all ST holders would be entered in to a club run draw for every game and each fan gets one in three random matches. The ballot would take place before the season start. Electronic or paper ticketing would be needed to control ground entry and those who try to cheat the system would have to be turned away to get the message out to all. A massive issue for clubs to solve.
  5. Paul

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I'm in full agreement with you. I can't for the life of me understand why any fan at any club would buy a season ticket now. There are simply too many questions which remain to be answered. Decades ago when I sat in Nuttall Street I would buy an ST the week they went on sale. Why? I wanted to support the club financially. I knew how important my money was to Rovers. The harsh reality is my money is probably equally important today as it was then. That though is a whole different discussion. Would I buy an ST now? No, absolutely not. Does this mean I don't want to support the club financially at a time when I'm sure the need is very significant? No, it doesn't. There is though one huge difference today from the 70s/80s - back then I knew I would be getting to watch football. Today football clubs are selling a promise they may not be able to fulfill and then as fans we would face a battle to get our money refunded. I'll buy an ST to watch football, I won't buy an ST to be fobbed off with iFollow and a promise. For all the bluster coming out of the FA, PL and EFL there is in fact nothing to show we will back at Ewood in the foreseeable future. The FA are talking about September. Those running the game are having a laugh and clubs selling STs are exploiting their fans. SIX weeks till September. Lets be serious Rovers are going to organise getting 10,000 in to the ground safely for 90 minutes in a six week period? October is ten weeks. Not a prayer. Tomorrow and mask wearing will give us a clue. My money is on less than 30% of shoppers wearing masks. Then what will happen in shops? Extraplolate that to a football stadium. Fans are directed to sit at a certain distance apart, wear masks etc. Some fans decide not to follow the rules/guidelines, it will happen, and what happens next? The stewards are expected to ensure guidelines are adhered to? I've yet to see stewards get fans to sit down. "£2 an hour" - we've all heard it. Whatever rules/guidelines fans are to be expected to follow enforcing them will be a Herculean task and I very much doubt football has the ability or resolve to address the problem. Liverpool last night proves the point - those fans did harm to the possibility of getting supporters back in to grounds. We won't be back at Ewood any time soon so why would I buy an ST?
  6. Paul


    I made assumptions based on what you wrote. You should therefore be more careful about what you write. If by your last sentence you mean I claim to know something about Covid-19 then I have to tell you I did not say anything of the sort. What I do know is how to keep myself and try to help in keeping others safe. I base my thoughts and ideas on government guidelines, direct conversation with two frontline consultants, three frontline doctors and commonsense. If you meant something else greater clarity with your use of language. Anyway I only popped in to see if there was any discussion about the supposed return of football crowds in September. Spotted a post I thought worth commenting on and had no intention in involving myself in the debate. I'll pop off again.
  7. Paul


    I rest my case. Observation is all it takes. In every day life it is clear there are significant numbers whose behaviour indicates they do not take Covid-19 seriously enough. I'm not entirely sure what you refer to with either post but you use the word absurd twice in relation to this virus. That tells me enough. It is already clear what the major factors are in the spread of the disease. I do and will avoid those situations to protect myself and try to contribute to society. You may feel this absurd. I know it is not and is simply the world we now live in. I will be doing everything to avoid catching and spreading the infection and this is in fact something which is very simple to do - provided one takes it seriously.
  8. Paul


    I'll back you 100% on this. I know of five people, including three retired health professionals, with similar experience but going back to an original infection in late December. My wife is one of these people. She is a retired highly experienced health professional. Her immediate reaction to any new theory on medical matters which people begin to propagate is always "show me the peer reviewed work." For my wife to believe with absolute certainty she had Covid-19 in late December without being diagnosed is utterly out of character which coupled with observing her health convinces me she is correct in her belief. My wife had all the symptoms, in the right order, in 42 years I have never seen her so ill, it took her 18/19 weeks to recover. Looking back now we realise I unwittingly self-isolated from her, nothing discussed I simply saw the extent of her illness and did all I could to avoid it. You are correct the people dismissing this virus do need to have a rethink especially as they represent a very significant risk to the rest of the population. If this thing doesn't kill you the potential life-long consequences are awful. Those who dismiss it are possibly just a likely to dismiss the terrible long-term inequalities which have existed for generations in our society. This virus has and will continue to expose all that is wrong with our society. This has been around longer than is generally thought. It is to be avoided at whatever cost to one's previous lifestyle.
  9. Paul

    Season Restart

    What strikes me as particularly strange is the log in process. I've done everything asked of me on MY laptop. I can see the STH pass and it shows as paid £0.00. Seems reasonable. The app is installed on my lad's tablet and only this as I didn't want any "more than one device issues." There is nowhere in the device to log in. Every other app I use wants a log in. Rail pass, Covid-19, Google maps, Scrabble - everything except Rovers. After 24 hours the app requested a log in from which point it worked well. Eventually worth all the effort as the lady was delighted and exited in equal measure at the match and result. I didn't receive any details, codes etc. for my own ST.
  10. Paul

    Season Restart

    Tried to get in at 2.45 but constantly getting "connection error, no internet access." I was able to use Google Chrome! Uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice, got in but couldn't watch. Tried to buy a £10 pass to see if that would work. Couldn't buy a pass because I've already got one!!!! After failing to buy a pass I went back to the app which asked me to log in - for the first time in 24 hours. Eventually got the feed at 3.12. Better than I expected and we won. The technology is awful.
  11. Paul

    Season Restart

    OK I REALLY COULD DO WITH HELP - PLEASE. I've been at this for over three hours now. It's not for me, I couldn't give a fig anymore, but my lad is desperate to watch the game. I've finally managed to redeem the code sent to me by the club - I did this on the tablet we need to use. My son needs to watch the game on his tablet, a Samsung and obviously Android because he doesn't have a laptop/PC and Covid-19 prevents me from entering his house so I can't take my laptop inside - I do have his tablet though! I've downloaded the Rovers app from Playstore and can use the app successfully!!! I have an email from Rovers which gave me the code and states: "Test the system before matchday! Take a look at some match highlights from previous fixtures to make sure you have access and your device works properly. Premium content will only be available to premium subscribers." If I go to Highlights I can watch SOME of these but not all. For example I can Derby v Rovers with the image showing the teams coming out. Next to this image is another for the same game but it shows a season ticket. If I try to watch this video I get the message "Alert. To watch this content please upgrade your account" It's the same game for goodness sake!!! The same applies to other matches. Then I go to Latest Videos and click the image of the Tony Mowbray interview, again I get the message "Alert......" If I go to Latest News, Community etc. all I get is "Alert....." I cannot find anywhere in the app to upgrade the account. I will happily pay money for my lad to watch Rovers but it is completely beyond me how to do this. I've tried via the ifollow@efl.com website - every time I enter my email address it says "please enter a valid email address" My two questions are simple - Do I have to find a way to upgrade the account to allow my lad to watch the game? Does the fact I can watch some of the Highlight videos mean we can watch the match tomorrow? I'm not a fool but what I am experiencing is completely beyond me and I do actually know how to use IT!!!!! My wife has shown me her Twitter feed - it's alive with other Rovers fans not understanding this whole process.
  12. Paul

    Season Restart

    Well as expected it's crap. "The promotion code you entered is not valid." Yet another example of how the club no longer gives a shit about the support. TV. TV. TV.........it's all the game cares about these days.
  13. Paul

    Season Restart

    Do you actually understand what has been said in this link? Fans won't be in the ground before March 2021.
  14. Paul

    Season Restart

    Sadly very true Stuart. I went to ALDI Ewood yesterday. Last week staff on the door, sanitizing station for trolleys, gel for hands. Yesterday two empty gel containers on a window ledge. The virus is still with us but millions have suddenly relaxed. Personally I'm redoubling my efforts to stay safe.
  15. Paul

    Season Restart

    Unfortunately not. I use a Microsoft Surface Pro and these don't have the ports.

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