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  1. Paul

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    That's purely a commercial decision. Why would a company advance cash to someone deemed a bad risk? I'm certain I wouldn't and see no reason why the club or finance company should.
  2. Paul


    I'm not sure it's a question of running down the clock more there simply is no time left. The new PM will be in place on July 24th and will have just 14 weeks to renegotiate the deal. I've read the EU have already disbanded their negotiation team, Tusk and other EU leaders are clear the WA will not be renegotiated, there is no backstop alternative plan. There are no scheduled meetings or dates which take time to arrange etc. It simply will not happen. We've already wasted another three months on this thanks to Theresa May's total inability to run the negotiations or country. Another incompetent Tory PM who will be reviled for decades. She is still PM, what is she doing now? Nothing. Only an idiot would believe in renegotiation but then we are talking about Tory MPs, Conservative members and voters and leave supporters. We have totally pissed off the EU, they simply aren't interested and they are right to take this view. The only realistic solution is to revoke Article 50 or leave. Unless a referendum is called in late July there is no possibility of getting one in place to allow a vote before October 31st. Even then the timescale is probably impossible. The Tories and 17.4m leave voters have destroyed the country's future. Only Parliament revoking A50 can save us now. I'll never forgive the leave supporters if we crash out. They have destroyed the future with their original vote and now stubbornly refuse to accept they were wrong.
  3. It's just so refreshing to watch footballers play for the joy of playing. None of the total bollocks associated with the men's game. From what I've seen every player deserves great praise for their ability and attitude.
  4. Paul


    Absolutely and protecting our sovereignty by leaving the EU. Not that I hear any leavers commenting on this but then they don't understand it so why expect any comment.
  5. Paul

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    One arrived for my eldest son. He's renewing anyway just hasn't got round to it. My guess is this is just a shotgun mail shot and not targeted at all.
  6. Paul


    Agreed it's not strictly Brexit but the outcome will have a huge impact on whether we leave or not. I feel Johnson is a certainty for the Tory leadership as I can't him being defeated in the contest to chose the final two. If he makes the final two he will win the party vote. With one exception all are equally unpleasant individuals who will further damage the country with their policies. Hunt, Gove, Javid, Raab? None can be trusted and should not be prime minister. Rory Stewart gives the impression of being a decent individual. Of the six he's the one I would give the benefit of the doubt. The other five make my skin crawl and have repeatedly proven they should not be trusted with leadership of this country. Johnson will win.
  7. Paul


    As I understand it a major part of the argument for leaving the EU is to protect and retain our sovereignty and re-establish the UK parliament as the place where our laws are made. A number of the leading candidates in the Conservative leadership campaign are prepared to prorogue parliament in order to force through Brexit. Leavers voted to protect our sovereignty and the very people wanting to lead us out of the EU now want to shut down our democratically elected parliament to achieve this. There are 17.4 million people out there who need to have a little bit of a think. You have been fed lies, lies, lies and now sovereignty could be flushed down the toilet. Time to smell the coffee Leavers.
  8. Paul

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Perhaps the rest of the support feels the same way. In which case when STs go on sale makes no difference.
  9. Paul

    Season Tickets 2019/2020

    Possibly if people got on with renewing their STs the figures would look a touch better? Did ours weeks ago.
  10. Paul

    Champions League 2018-2019

    Very true.
  11. Paul

    Champions League 2018-2019

    You believe the PL to be the most exciting league in the world? That's fine, I don't. The outcome of a PL season is very predictable which, for me, is boring. The "most exciting league in the world" is marketing hype the PL and Sky would like it's consumers to belive. It's not even the English PL with only 113 English players taking part last season. With squads of, I think 25, that's just over 20% of the potential. ManchesterUnited have won 13/27 (50%) of titles with only two clubs outside of the big 4/5 winning it in 27 years. There is little that is exciting about a competition that is so predictable. Next season's champions will be City, possibly Liverpool. If the PL is so exciting how is it two of the top four teams produced a final so widely criticised for its quality?
  12. Paul

    Champions League 2018-2019

    The day after the semis I was saying this was nothing more than an average PL game. I haven't seen the match but all the reports I've read suggest it was poor. What else would one expect without a Champion club in sight. The "Champions" League is total nonsense. As it happens I'm in Porto at present. Not a single sports bar in sight, not one advert for the game, and this in a passionate football country. Possibly the Porto -Liverpool result influenced this? Lots of publicity for the Nations League this week.
  13. Paul


    It took 7 weeks to organise the last GE. Announced April 18th, election day June 8th. So that is possible. There can be an EU extension if the PM requests this because of a GE or referendum. Otherwise you are correct we will leave one way or another. There will be a second referendum, there can be little doubt on that. Remain will win.
  14. Paul


    Yes, I fully understand that and I apologise if I gave the impression I was critical of you in some way. You are right he is in a powerful position. If there is a GE many of us who understand the issue may have to think very hard about how we vote in a GE. Tactical voting may be needed to stop the Farage/Brexit party.
  15. Paul


    Oh I know. I had a gut feeling about Trump and the referendum - should of put money on both. 😄

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