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  1. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    Utterly. It's a snapshot and one which the government are using to mislead people. I'm OK today.... let's see what tomorrow brings.
  2. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    If the PL think players are only in this range of contact for 88 seconds on average per match they are even more unfit to run the game than I previously believed. You'd believe any nonsense that's spoon fed to you via a media that relies on brainwashing viewers.
  3. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    Apologies I did eventually find that bit about 88 seconds. It's not my report! Hilarious. You presented the information without comment. At the very least it requires some consideration. You're the one arguing for football to return and should give due thought to the "facts" you present. Suggesting any footballer is only at risk for an average of 88 seconds is obvious and total nonsense to anyone who has watched any football match. Why don't you think about what you post?
  4. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    The difficulty I have is some of your posts suggest you don't believe the advice the population is being given. This makes your actions, or lack of them, a danger to others around you. I've demonized no one, I'm not OCD and I don't wash my hands 25 times a day. I do though take precautions to avoid becoming infected with a virus which could kill me. I don't live in fear, my life is basically the same except I have made decisions about things I will no longer do. One of these is to be close to people in a football crowd who may not have sufficient responsibility to attempt to avoid spreading Covid-19. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, our social circle and society in general - I take this very seriously. Some do, some don't. As an aside our basic immunity to many diseases and illness is developed in childhood. It has nothing whatsoever to do with hand washing.
  5. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    In which case it's unlikely fans will be in the ground for 18-24 months. Effectively game over.
  6. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    Have you considered the amount of time it takes to arrange a defensive wall and for the striker to take the kick? You're so desperate for football you believe any nonsense that appears on the web. Your link doesn't contain any reference to 88 seconds.
  7. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    That's right it is. It makes the point though. How are Rovers going to get 10,000 fans through the turnstiles in a safe manner? People have to stand 2 metres apart.
  8. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    No problem Matty, I knew it was a good post to use to make your general point. One which I fully agree with. Replying was a good opportunity for me to explain my overall view and what I feel is a huge gap in the discussion. As one small example. We shop in ALDI and go to Tesco for things ALDI doesn't stock. Our local Tesco often has a queue of 50-60 people which can take an hour to clear. Frequently the store is very badly stocked. We now use Morrison's - small queue, well stocked. I know this is a slightly daft example but here goes. 10,000 fans 2 metres apart waiting to enter the ground. That is a 20km queue - yes we have more than one turnstile. I await the announcement on that one! My house is 10km from the ground.
  9. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    I realise some of the following may be considered off topic by some but for me it is integral to the debate. Sorry just to be 100% clear I can see how my words were misinterpreted. The longer the DEBATE about restarting etc. the more I lose interest in the DEBATE. I will NEVER lose interest in Rovers, I will always be a Rover as will my lads. I will return to Ewood as soon as it is safe to do so. I simply want the fans at the top of the list in this debate about restarting football. Why? In my view, and based on government action to date, it is likely large scale gatherings such as football crowds will be permitted at relatively short notice. My opinion is that it is impossible to create plans for crowd safety in a short period. Therefore the clubs should be planning for this now. Rovers need to give me the confidence it is safe to return and I do not believe the club can achieve this with, for example, four weeks notice. If we are suddenly able to attend it is essential everyone feels relatively safe to do so. If this does not happen some, like me, will wait until it is. The more a fan feels a need to wait the less likely he/she is to return. The clubs need to capitalise on the sudden feel good factor. My life has changed for the foreseeable future. I badly miss certain activities and the physical contact of hugging family or special friends. Like millions of others I have periods of total boredom, lethargy and listlessness. I know what will lift these moods and it is not sitting amongst thousands without a high degree of safety. I was in Vietnam for nearly a month late January/February. In that time I learnt how to deal with life in a Coronavirus setting, how to live with risk. When I returned I initially received looks of bemusement from my cycling friends when I would clean the table, cutlery, etc. when we went in a cafe - within a short period I was being copied or asked to lend them my cleaning stuff!! Something like eight weeks before lockdown our lives were starting to adapt to the risk we all have to live with. Be under no misconception we will live with this risk for a very long time. I cannot conceive of being in an airport, theatre, cinema, concert hall. I will not visit any shop which fails to protect me. There are a couple of places I will have to risk but only a couple. It takes only a few minutes observation to understand public hygiene in this country is appalling. This is something which has always been unpleasant, today it could be the difference between life and death. Yesterday I watched a guy grab a supermarket trolley, walk straight by the sanitizer station and begin shopping. I did my very best to keep well away from and ahead of him in the supermarket. If people cannot grasp and follow basic rules now I hate to think what it will be like in six months time. Until fans are put at the top of the list alongside these apparently oh so "important" players don't expect me to feel anything other than expendable as far as football is concerned. I will return to Ewood but it is absolutely not "Rovers till I die" for me.
  10. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    The entire Guardian paper is free online.
  11. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    Bill Shankly would have had something to say about that..........
  12. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    I'm not anxious RB. I'm very unlikely to return until fan safety is at the top of the list. Until then all the debate for me is irrelevant as without fans the game is nothing. The longer the debate goes on about playing behind closed doors, TV monies etc. the more I lose interest. I already knew the clubs have no interest in fans. The current debate simply confirms it - again. The safety of fans needs to be at the top of the agenda because as it stands many will walk away. Have you seen the pictures of German fans sitting in chairs in a hall watching a big screen? It's a joke.
  13. Paul

    Football League Suspended

    It's interesting to read the debate here and in the wider media. In particular I'm fascinated by the fundamental view, from some commentators, that football must in someway be "saved." For me football has had more than enough money over the years to save itself, to put some sensible structure in place to secure its' longterm future but has failed to do so. The huge element missing from the discussion is fan safety. Without fans the game cannot be saved. It's very simple. The PL and other leagues can wring their hands all they wish over lost TV revenue and possibly having to repay part of this season's revenue. Should the season be completed and broadcast? Should next season start and broadcast? For me the answer would be play behind closed doors by all means. As for broadcast? This is highly questionable. If broadcast is permitted it should at most only be to private subscribers. To allow broadcast to any public venue creates the potential for spread of Covid-19, even broadcast to private homes creates issues. Then we have fan safety at live games in the ground. It doesn't seem to be a consideration in any discussion. Life has changed and there will be an element of risk in everything we do for the foreseeable future. The level of risk an individual is prepared to take will vary. I know the areas of my life which have already changed, one of them is not visiting anywhere where I feel I cannot control my immediate environment. At Ewood I can't do this. To return to the ground I need to be sure I, and my son, are adequately distanced from others. I would be reasonably comfortable sitting with the people I've sat with for years bar one. This person sits next to my son. During games this fan trims, files and cleans his finger nails. Disgusting at anytime. Today it makes me wonder about his general outlook on personal hygiene and Coronavirus? I can ask to move and then be surrounded by people I've never seen before. Safe? Very questionable. Returning to Ewood has a huge question mark over it for me. My son won't understand if we don't go when football returns. I have to make a judgement as to whether or not it's safe for either of us to attend. My gut feeling currently is to stay away. I don't care if this season is finished. I don't care about the "integrity" of the league (integrity? You're having a laugh. There's no integrity in football). I don't care if there's promotion or relegation. I don't care when next season starts. I DO care about being safe in a football ground and whether or not it is safe to broadcast football. Of course no one is discussing this. Why would they? We are only fans. As for those desperate to see the game restart with the "let's see what happens in Germany etc," "the clubs are paying for testing etc". It takes my breath away. Try thinking about the ordinary people and how to minimise the risk to their lives. Restarting football will do nothing at all to help this.
  14. Paul

    Celebrity Deaths

    I'm not asking anyone to bite but expressing my view. As I see it there is no way to describe how difficult it must be for someone to carry out the act. It seems to me the drivers are to end their misery and to end a skewed idea it will protect those around them. This is what makes me feel it's selfish as the reverse is true with regard to those left behnd. I wasn't going to comment on why I've some understanding of mental health issues but I've changed my mind. I know four people with diagnosed bi polar. One chose me, no one else, to confide in. I don't know why. I knew nothing about the disease. For four months I was the only person who knew. More people know now and the person is, nearly three years later, well on the road to recovery. During those four months, when I was sworn to secrecy, I tried to understand and learn what to do from zero knowledge. My every action was about trying to help and equally I worried constantly if any of my actions were contributing to or worsening the illness. It was a torture for me. Only my friend knows how it was for her. Second my best friend in life, that's in 65 years, suffers from this terrible illness. The illness is controlled through medication but cannot be increased further. I know through everything I see things over the last two years have driven my friend to the point whereby I no longer understand how life is being held together. This is the strongest person I know. I feel I do know the one thing which stops my friend totally falling apart. I worry every hour of every day as I try to find ways to help. Things are at a point in recent months where every effort fails. So I feel I understand something of what those with mental illness face. I also have real understanding of the impact this has on those who love and care for them the most. Finally I'll add that despite my best effort this post can be read as though it is about me. It isn't. It's a probably very poor attempt to explain why I understand a little because it can only ever be a little - which saddens me every day.

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