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  1. brfc fan

    Simon Garner...any Clips?

    Ha ha what did it say, roughly?
  2. brfc fan

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    Well ok if you're sure.
  3. brfc fan

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    If Mark looked at the topics and threads just out of interest or accidently now he would see "Hughes Out". Don't you think he would jump to conclusions? I do so maybe we should use a different thread.
  4. brfc fan

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    Well only Mourinho would consider himself anywhere near God.
  5. brfc fan

    [Archived] Hughes Out

    It's not hughes' fault, it's the players. I couldn't contemplate Blackburn Rovers without Mark Hughes. My mum said wouldn't it be good to get someone's autograph when I go to the Pompey game and her friend and my dad exspected me to say one of the players but mum suddenly realized and said who there's no doubt I would give almost anything to get his autograph. Mark Hughes - GOD.
  6. brfc fan

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    I still can't understand his performances this season. I think he's either been affected by Santa coming or maybe it's to do with Mourinho. Either way, if he's not playing well other clubs won't want him so there's less risk of him leaving. That means if he ever does get back to form then we can enjoy it again. On the other hand, if he doesn't, which looks likely at the moment, then we're stuck with him.
  7. brfc fan

    [Archived] Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    Benni eyes silverware
  8. 3 years today since he became manager!
  9. http://www.playforyourclub.com/ I had to laugh at the Dingles champions of Division 2. Mind you we're in Division 1.
  10. brfc fan


    Here's one I came up with to the tune of "Oh When The Saints". Give me a "B" Give me a "E" Give me an "NTLEY" What does that spell? DAVID BENTLEY! When he plays we all should cry... BENTLEY! The "cry" bit links to the "BENTLEY" bit.
  11. brfc fan

    Club Songs

    What about this I made up. "When I saw you play Yeah I'm a believer What a way To pass the ball I'm in love I'm a believer I couldn't leave ya ROVERS!"
  12. brfc fan

    [Archived] Matt Derbyshire

    Another interesting article
  13. brfc fan

    [Archived] Matt Derbyshire

    I think he's playing brilliantly.
  14. brfc fan

    Jack Walker

    Will there be a minuite's silence? I hope so.
  15. brfc fan

    Jack Walker

    Bless you Uncle Jack. You simply were and still are the best. The greatest man I never knew. God rest your soul. We know you're looking down on all of us.

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