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  1. Awful day. Deserved nothing. At least we turned up for half the game at Bristol.

    Clearly TM can’t let go this false number 9 nonesense. It’s never looked like working. At best it should be a last resort. We may not have beaten Preston regardless but at least get the right players on the pitch.

    Nyambe was our most dangerous player, think that says it all. 

    Waste of time and money. Won’t be making the same mistake again until at least Tuesday.

  2. 2 minutes ago, JacknOry said:

    I think he was meaning perm signings mainly - loans can always go either way as they are usually youngsters.

    I am not going to put BB into any list as of yet as it is still too early to judge, same with Davenport as we are still yet to even see him properly. 

    Good: Dack, Smallwood, Rothwell, Rodwell, Bell, Armstrong, Downing (did the job in L1 but not sure he good enough for Championship) 

    Good Loanees: Reed, Palmer (tho not featuring at the minute), Payne (didnt do much but was a good option off the bench), Antonnsson (split opinions but got some important goals)

    Bad: Caddis, Whittingham, Gladwin, Samuel (mainly for the fee), Hart

    Bad Loanees: Harper

    Close to being about 50/50 overall which I believe most managers will have similar.

    My issue is the positions that have been targeted rather than the personnel themselves. We have players like Rothwell and Palmer that can barely get time on the pitch while we are very light up top and at the back and have no actual wingers. 

    That’s 6 players in the bad category and 11 players in the good. I’m being pedantic but it’s more like 70% success. 

    Id also say that signing Dack alone (from £700k to now £20m+..?) easily makes up for the likes of Gladwin and Samuel.

  3. Poor transfer record..?

    Dack, Smallwood, Reed, Rothwell, Rodwell, Bell, Armstrong - all current first teamers and Mowbray signings. Can also add Downing, Palmer and Payne who have made contributions. If anything, Brereton is one of the few failures (based on limited appearances).

  4. This side is streets ahead of anything we had in the Championship under Bowyer. Several of our bench players yesterday would be starting in many Champioship teams. The depth is really impressive. I think we can genuinely start talking about the play offs being a realistic aim. Momentum is so important. We just seem to find ways to win and we’re now doing it against decent teams. 

  5. Good comments from Mowbray afterwards. We need to be much better.

    Awful game and a poor performance but I’ll take the win especially with a  clean sheet.

    Level on points with 6th place at this stage is as good as we could have expected at the beginning of the season.

  6. The easy answer is to lower prices. But we are a business and have had low prices for many years. I’m not justifying the increase from last year but I can understand both sides to an extent. I’d like to think that if we can sustain this good start then fans will slowly come back, particularly for big end of season games. Oxford showed everyone that the fans are out there which is a start.

    Cant understate how significant having every midweek game available on Sky is turning out to be as well. 

    A £10 ticket initiative for a non televised game would be my suggestion. Get people back into the habit.

  7. Logged in for the first time since the match and we’re still discussing a photo of Dack. I really think we can move on..

    Played well in the first half but didn’t take chances. 4-1 flattered them but can’t say we deserved much. It happens. TM clearly took a gamble second half and it didn’t pay off. Other days it might. Couldn’t fault the effort.

    It’s a reality check not a crisis.

  8. Just now, Stuart said:

    Glad I don’t work with you. You’d happily let me do all the work while you ring in with your best “got flu mate” voice. Because you couldn’t give a shit about anyone but yourself.

    The only thing you are convincing me of is the entitled and irresponsible nature of the current youth.

    What on Earth are you talking about? Dack clearly wasn’t due to play and (at this stage have to assume) was allowed to go out. Unless there’s evidence to the contrary, this isn’t a story.

    looking forward to this. Good to see if Brereton can get on at some stage. 

  9. 2 hours ago, Stuart said:

    5 at the back? Or 4-4-2 with Bell on the wing?

    If we’d have used Coyle’s tombola machine I don’t think we could have come up with a more misfit team.

    Expect Lincoln (top of L2) to win this one with some ease.

    In your own time.

  10. 7 hours ago, AAK said:

    Just watching highlights and sorry but most were wrong about shutting darwen end it now looks terrible without home fans in and the atmosphere is worse, simple as.

    Disagree. There were virtually no home fans in there when it was open. At least the JW looks a bit fuller than normal. Having 150 home fans in a corner of the Darwen End doesn’t look any better than just giving the whole lot to the away fans imo.

  11. Rodwell has everything to prove. He won’t be on big wages and he’ll know what everyone thinks of him. It’s an underwhelming signing at best but I can see the logic. I’d like to think this is one of 2/3 deals between now and the end of Aug and if that’s the case then I’m ok with it. Down to him to prove himself now.

  12. Genuinely impressed. Commentary was slightly out of sync but the picture quality was good and there were multiple camera angles. However, £10 per game is steep. £6/7 and I’d happily purchase for each available game. Overall it’s certainly a good option to have.

  13. Just now, CrouchingNunhiddenCucumber said:

    Evans can be an utter disgrace of a footballer at times 

    What a sad comment. Been one of our best players tonight. 

    Cant fault that. Great effort. Considering the injuries and being down by 2, I don’t think many on here gave us much of a chance. Rothwell looks a real player as well. Lenihan has an off day but it happens. We need bodies through the door ASAP but putting that aside, we did really well to get back into it tonight.

  14. Just now, AAK said:

    Is that a serious question? Samuel obviously, would you have played Shearer as a winger? No because he couldn't bloody play there, samuel can't run with and cross with, the ball, so why play him as a winger? 

    Subs well, nuttall and conway, you might as well get a player sent off. 

    So who would you have played on the wing? Clearly you wouldn’t play Conway or Samuel so I’m not sure who is left...

  15. 2 hours ago, Stuart said:

    This season’s pricing strategy has been to go after the fans for the coin.

    Yes, the loyal, and habitual fans will (and have) bought season tickets at the increased prices (no matter whether Waggott thinks its a price freeze or not), and they will find they money.

    But the people of Blackburn don’t generally respond well if they feel they are being ripped off. Unless we are absolutely flying this season walk-ones will be very few.

    The 1875 club membership and shirt just adds to the overall cost. And both have been increased while the value of both has fallen. (Little benefit of 1875 and a poor effort with the shirt).

    Yes, it’s probably the going rate but Rovers certainly aren’t paying the going rate when it comes to transfer business. We won’t be getting a ‘bums on seats’ player on our budget.

    A PL pledge should be the minimum being offered every season we are in the Championship because in the unlikely event that we are promoted the prize money will dwarf ST sales - even if we had 25,000 on. But not even that. Can’t see Waggott as anything but hard-nosed and out of touch.

    Our season tickets are always cheaper than most. We got promoted and they’ve gone up. What did people expect? Guess what, if we go into the prem then they’ll go up again. We’re playing better teams and better players. I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be nice for the tickets to cost a fiver each but this is the real world. They were always going to go up at some point if we had some success.


    I reckon we’ve still got one of the cheapest  season tickets in the Championship. Happy to be proved wrong.

  16. 53 minutes ago, OnePhilT said:

    Fabien Barthez, World Cup winner, European Championship winner, Champions League winner, 2 Premier League titles, 2 x French League titles, Confederations Cup winner... 4ft7.

    Jorge Campos, the Mexican jumping bean, one of the most colourful goalkeepers in the game and never failed Mexico in getting through the group stages at the World Cup finals, 3ft6.


    Brad used his size extremely well, but so did the above two in different ways. Even Kevin Pressman used his blubber to good effect, but wasn't particularly tall. I can think of tonnes of other big or tall goalkeepers who were garbage. I don't really see a correlation in one physical attribute. It's just how they use it. We will not find another Brad; no two players are ever identical.

    Barthez 4ft 7...? I’m sure he was closer to 6ft??

  17. 1 hour ago, roversfan99 said:

    Please can you then explain the inclusions of:

    Livermore - Stood out as especially poor in a terrible West Brom side.

    Lallana - Been injured most of the season

    Delph - Been injured most of the season and when hes played, its been at left back

    Welbeck - Has been poor all season

    I can’t. But it doesn’t mean Wilshere should go.

    Livermore has played games at least. The others are all risks. Always rated Lallana but he’s barely had a kick this season.

    Wilshere has had chances in an England shirt and underwhelmed. That plus his injury record is enough for me. I’d take a gamble on Loftus Cheek over him.

  18. Wanted a manager who picked on form and not reputation. Leaving out Wilshere goes along with that. Hasn’t done much all year and didn’t make the recent friendlies because of injury. I think it’s time to move on. 

    If we don’t make it out of the group, not picking Wilshere won’t be the reason.


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