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  1. 2 hours ago, Dreams of 1995 said:

    With the prem comes money though.

    I bet they would. I don't know whether Kipre has been offered regular first team football, but the rumour mill would have us believe Baggies have him on the hook and are waiting for alternatives. That would make you think they believe there's better out there, and if he does sign it is simply a case of them not finding anyone else. It all screams of being unwanted.

    I can only speak from what little we hear on the outside though

    I’ve no doubt that he’ll be offered more money but I’m confident that’s secondary to the opportunity to play in the PL. Would you choose regular game time in a mid table Champ team or the opportunity at playing in the PL? It’s hardly a guarantee that he’ll be offered the chance to play at that the highest level again. Can’t blame him for holding out and I really don’t think money is the issue.

  2. 10 minutes ago, Dreams of 1995 said:

    Cedric Kipre is obviously after the move to a Prem club. Why he is letting them mess him about like that is beyond me. Money talks I guess. I'm going to bet that Baggies have doubled the wages he'd be on here.

    It is a shame because he'd be a guaranteed starter here, probably the main man in defence, and the move to a Prem club would probably happen if he continued the form he shown at Wigan.

    This is modern football though, and he is prepared to be messed about whilst they look for a 'better' alternative on the chance he can double his wage and if he has to sit on the bench to do that then fine.

    Don’t think money is the biggest factor. It’s a prem club. Simple.

    No player would turn down the opportunity of playing in the PL to play in the championship. He’d get a decent shot at regular game time as well. It’s not like he’s signing up to be a 3rd choice keeper.

  3. 21 hours ago, chaddyrovers said:

    The internet connection was perfect as we took pictures of the strength of internet connection before I sent my refund claim form plus other pictures. Plus we followed other advice given by the In player problem page. 

    We had the build up on the game on then just before kick off the signal completely went off until it came back on for 8 minutes then off for the rest of the game. 

    EFL/I follow needs major surgery in my opinion cos it could be still some time before fans re entered stadiums


    Inplayer and iFollow are different things I believe. I’ve never had a problem with iFollow other than instantly regretting purchasing match pass after match pass when I watch the quality of the football on display.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Sparks Rover said:

    Dack and Nyambe(who mowbray has pissed about by playing Bennett in his position too many times) won't be signing now.  Too late, and i expect they will maximise their financial position by letting their deals run down and leaving for free.....

    Shit management yet again.

    You have no idea how long these contracts have been discussed but yeah why not, criticise the club again. What would you rather the club do? Not offer new contracts? Or is that shit management as well??

    Baffles me as to why some fans try to find reasons to criticise everything. Offering our best players new contracts is surely positive intent.

  5. 2 minutes ago, MarkBRFC said:

    Or the ST's are just valid for the next 23 games they are allowed to attend....

    If it goes into next season then so be it.

    Possibly. Sufficed to say I can understand why the club are hesitant to commit to selling STs given the uncertainty. Can guarantee there’d be uproar if STs were sold and then fans struggled to secure refunds if/when stricter lockdown measures are enforced. 

    Kaminski in today?


  6. 1 hour ago, JHRover said:

    That's partly through our choice. We could have sold 5000+ season tickets like Bolton have done which would have covered a large portion of any lost income. We've decided not to so no sympathy there.

    Edit - sorry just seen @Stuartcovered this above.

    5000 ST holders who may need to be refunded before Christmas because they’ve not been able to watch any football...

  7. 6 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

    If they are already in the EU and in France which people claim is so great and EU is the best thing since slice bread then why do they Asylum seekers or Migrants want to come to the UK?


    if they are already in the France or the EU then why not claim asylum in that country instead of travelling hundreds and thousands to reach the UK including a very dangerous sea crossing? 

    If the EU is so great as so many claim on here then why do they want to come here?

    The French asylum system is less accommodating than the UK’s. Many migrants also have family ties in the UK or believe that the UK will offer a better quality of life.

  8. Can’t argue with many of the names mentioned but in terms of financial outlay vs performance I’d say Brereton has to be  up there. One of our all-time most expensive signings and spent whilst we’re in the Championship. Completely wasted (so far).

  9. 7 hours ago, RevidgeBlue said:

    I posted last night what I would have done, it seems extremely obvious to me - get people signed up on direct debit at a lower rate commensurate with watching the early part of the season on I follow  (say half the rate of a normal season ticket)  and adjust the payments back to a normal rate once fans are allowed back in the ground.

    We're probably one of a relatively small number of Clubs who shouldn't have to worry too much in the sense that more or less everyone who wants a ST should still be able to get one even with restricted capacity so I really can't see why we haven't rolled out some sort of scheme. It would have provided  an element of cashflow and I think there is a real danger the longer people go without hearing anything , they'll lose interest and not bother renewing.

    Even if you signed people up for a pound a month initially while nothing is happening, they're committed for later on when things get back to near normality and have to take positive action to cancel if they're not happy with the price or what's on offer.

    Even that would be better than doing nothing and leaving things up in the air indefinitely wondering whether anyone will eventually come back.

    Can’t you understand though why the club are being cautious? We have no idea if fans will be allowed in stadiums at all next season, especially with a second peak expected over autumn. 

    I accept that it’s possible to have some form of token season ticket rolled out that could cover a couple of situations but surely it will simply cause more logistical headaches down the line? We saw how challenging it was to get ST holders free access to iFollow in June.

    I have no idea why the club have been historically slow to release ST details (or kits for that matter) but I don’t blame them this time. They’re damned either way.


  10. Just now, Dreams of 1995 said:

    Then Warren Lucy is just another bloke at Rovers who is bad at his job. He probably doesn't have a clue about football though, and done a social media influencer course at an old polytech university. Now he is earning mid 20k a year to post absolute tripe on our social media page and has never bothered to look up our history. It wouldn't surprise me if there's a program in place which tells him about key dates and when to post what "throwback".

    I won't get too angry at him for calling DG a club legend because it is Danny Graham but it isn't true. We name stands after legends, build statues for them and still sing their names even to this day - Danny Graham won't have a song for him even next season.

    It’s astonishing how much of a reaction this has brought. Slagging off the media comms guy for a hashtag? No one is comparing him to Shearer. It’s just a tweet, pull yourself together.

    DG has been a decent servant for the club and that says a lot when you consider some of the failures we’ve had through the door. Good luck to him.


  11. 3 minutes ago, JoeH said:

    Yup. It is certainly frustrating that almost all of TM's "long term" targets never end up playing at Ewood Park in blue and white. 99% of the time we get very left-field deals that actually cross the line. In Stewart Downing's case, a great piece of business, in Ben Brereton's case, a poor piece of business.

    We've supposedly had interest in this Kamil Jozwiak at Lech Poznan for well over a year now. Well now he's had the season of his life in the Polish league and every Championship club under the sun is linked with him, as well as some interest from soon to be Premier League club Leeds United.

    It's so frustrating to see us miss out on deals because we haven't been proactive enough. I don't think anyone was so gutted about missing out on Bauer that it made anyone lose sleep, but it is a trend that worries many, we can't lock down long term targets.

    How do you know what our long term targets are? Just because you don’t read about it on twitter doesn’t mean the club have no interest. Gallagher sounds like he was a target over several windows and we got him (regardless of how that’s turned out).

    I’m not sure any club in the Championship can confidently stride out and pick up every target they want. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Ossydave said:

    Seen a few people commenting on us having tricky away games but as I've said before, is there such thing as home advantage now? I guess you will know your own pitch a bit better and don't have to travel but surely it's not like it was? Playing Leeds at home without a packed Darwen end will also be more appealing.

    We were the only home team to win yesterday. Home advantage definitely seems to be counting for less.

    We’ve given ourselves a very good chance. Think the break came at a good time and our squad depth can be utilised with the 5 subs. Evans and Holtby returning are big pluses. Being the outsider also helps.

  13. 24 minutes ago, Mattyblue said:

    Also in today’s Times -

    QPR gave ST holders a choice - ifollow, refund or discount for next season.

    A third have asked for a ‘refund’, now I don’t know if that means a straight refund or a deferred one.

    We get similar gates here, so if that was replicated here that would be less than 3,000 refunds at around £40 a pop, it’s very worrying if the club thinks that is threatening the very existence of Blackburn Rovers...

    They get similar gates... IN WEST LONDON. Be very surprised if we didn’t get a significantly higher proportion of our fan base asking for refunds. Given that the club make a loss on every game where we don’t get 15k fans, I understand their concern. I do think the right move is to offer refunds but I’m not sure we can compare our area of support to QPRs.

  14. 5 hours ago, Mattyblue said:

    No problem ‘99, as for me it’s the crux of where Waggott has gone wrong since arriving.

    I always look back to, and I’ve referred to it on here before, about a conversation I had with John Williams in the 2000s. On taking the job as Chief Exec in the late 90s, the board said to him; ‘we have 8,000 fans’

    Williams pushed back and said something like ‘Eh? But we 20 plus thousand home fans coming through the gate each week?!’

    Their point was, even then, when the club was in an infinitely better position than it is now, that we have to work bloody hard as a club from a small town with unfavourable demographics and a fairly poor local economy in the most competitive region in the country for clubs, with mega sized clubs 30/40 miles away, to maintain and grow our crowds. The ‘8,000’ were a given and you had to work your arse off to keep the rest, don’t take the piss out of Blackburners or they’ll vote with their wallet.

    Williams therefore knew that he had to be innovative, flexible on price and careful not to piss them off as our fanbase didn’t have the depth of floating fans a city club in a less competitive region would have. 4,000 ST holders don’t renew? Your crowds go down by 4,000 as we don’t have the floating fanbase to take their place and we don’t attract many walk ons week by week, ST holders are the foundation of our support.

    Of course, the new owners thought they knew better and those people who knew the club and fanbase inside out were jettisoned, ridiculous decisions were made that were slap in the face to fans - like keeping Kean employed in the summer of 2012, so thousands of fans followed them out of Ewood, the vas majority haven’t come back and their seats remain empty.

    Waggott has since parachuted in at a time, in which through no fault of his own, those long standing ‘Rovers’ people have long gone from the club. So he sees a grand old name, a 31,000 ground, Brockhall, the academy, years of top flight football, and expects that we have the floating fanbase of the club he came from, Coventry, a club from a city three times bigger than Blackburn and a large support base across Warwickshire.

    But what is his fault, is that he still doesn’t seem to come to grip with the make up of the fanbase. The data surely tells him that our crowds are 80% made up of ST holders, that crowds don’t particularly rise here on good runs of form like they do at clubs from larger conurbations as walk ons aren’t a major factor here, that we have a core that turns out year in year out, and it’s a core that stands up to scrutiny to the core of a lot of clubs in this league, by the way, but we just don’t have the same numbers of ‘floaters’.

    So just like in Williams’ day, we must do everything we can not to lose ST holders, something he never forgot, but Waggott hasn’t learned in the first place.


    My only issue with this, is that it is very easy to find fault with how the club are running things. I’m not defending them, but what is the alternative? Crowds haven’t significantly fallen since Waggott arrived. 

    What would you do differently? Lower ST prices? Scrap the ‘Waggot Tax’? You’ve said yourself that we have a core 8000 ST holders and very few walk ons. Ultimately, is any ticketing initiative going to significantly change that?? If we reduced tickets by 25-30%, do you really think we’d get another 5k regularly through the door to watch Championship football? I’m not confident. Is it worth the risk? Possibly, but it’s not clear cut.

    There will always be calls to make it cheaper. Blackburn isn’t an affluent area but we’re trying to survive in a league where clubs are blowing £25-30m a year. I can guarantee that the same fans calling for radical ticket price reductions are the same fans criticising our transfer business when we don’t spend more money. Can’t have it both ways. 

    Blaming Waggott is easy. Actually providing solutions is not.

  15. 10 hours ago, Paul said:

    I've read this several times. I've also read the club email to me several times. I haven't got a f****** clue what I'm supposed to do if I want to watch Rovers on iFollow. I've only a very vague idea of how to use iFollow as I'm always in the ground!!!

    All of which, once again, demonstrates the extent to which football has forgotten about the fans. The people like me who turn up every single frigging match come rain, hail, sun or snow.

    I have a MyRovers account, I have a log in to buy tickets, which doesn't always work, and now I have to make sure I have a "single MyRovers log in account."

    The longer this goes on without any serious consideration for the fans who turn up every week the less likely I am ever to set foot in any football ground again.

    I'm quite good with IT but everything coming from the club and football in general leaves me cold and confused. I doubt any of the people issuing these statements have any understanding of the confusion they are creating.

    Football today is money. Nothing else and I no longer count.

    All we need is a link, click here to watch Rovers. It simply doesn't matter if we have a season ticket or not.

    Get a grip.

    The club have said that they’ll be providing further details as to how the system will work. What more do you expect them to do? If you’re not sure about how to use the Rovers online accounts, have you tried to contact anyone about it? Or just resorted to slagging off the club on the internet?

    Fans can’t attend the games for obvious reasons so ST holders are being allowed to watch the games online for free. How is that ‘forgetting’ the fans?

    Clearly this is out of the club’s hands and I don’t see a better alternative to what is being proposed. 

  16. 58 minutes ago, Stuart said:

    How is it self centred to say that if it isn’t safe for spectators then it isn’t safe and as a result BCD is a bad idea?

    You seem worried about the financial impact but only for less than half of league clubs. The financial impact is worse for L1/L2 but they can’t afford to invest in weekly testing. PL and Championship clubs facing financial ruin are the ones who have been living beyond their means for years. Why do they deserve saving more? Let a Man Utd or an Arsenal go pop rather than a Fylde or other.

    These clubs have become junkies hooked on TV money and unable to get off it. Meanwhile others suffer instead.

    BCD is just a distraction and serves to prove that clubs don’t regard fans as being as important to them as TV. Sad.

    The issue is that the players and staff can be regularly tested. The fans can’t. So BCD is theoretically safe. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of a positive test but the players are in a far safer position than the fans.

    i see this as maintaining the integrity of the competition. How else can you resolve the leagues? Fans clearly aren’t going to be allowed to attend for months and every other proposition has significant draw backs. Ultimately, what is the alternative?

  17. 37 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

    If you carefully at the guidelines He has kept the guidelines cos it does allow for Small Child Care problems in his circumstances. Did he keep to the spirit the guidelines? probably not. 

    follow him and camp outside his home for 3 days is just wrong when there is children in the home. Simple as. 



    This isn’t sport. You are allowed to criticise your ‘team’. Stop slavishly defending the Govt on this, it’s doing you no favours at all. Even the DAILY MAIL aren’t buying Cummings’ story. The real issue here is the government defending Cummings’ actions, it’s disgraceful.

  18. 12 hours ago, chaddyrovers said:

    The last 4 years prove that? 

    You have to treat people like adults and trust them to follow these simple rules. We live a democratic country. The vast majority of people have followed the lockdown rules from 23rd March very well and adhere to them. 


    The messaging up to now has been relatively clear. Whether we agree with it or not, ‘stay at home’ is not open to ambiguity. 

    The messaging now is all over the place. ‘Stay Alert’ (?). To an invisible virus?

    You can’t expect the public to figure it out for themselves. People can now justify seeing multiple members of their family and friendship groups, travel to beauty spots and go outside for as long as they want. Expecting people to self-police social distancing is incredibly naive. 

  19. 42 minutes ago, chaddyrovers said:

    No its treating us like sensible people. We arent stupid the vast majority of us. I cant defend the minority of people dont listen. 

    Maybe you dont understand the advice but I do, my family and friends do and we will follow it to the rules. 

    I cannot help people who dont. You got PM, CSO and CMO talking right now to the nation. 


    You can’t treat the public like sensible people. The last 4 years prove that. You have to calibrate any message for the lowest denominator. Keep it clear and simple. Then it stands a chance. This is a mess. How on earth can this be enforced?

    It’s a complete abdication of responsibility to ask the public to determine what is suitable or not. The vast majority of people may be sensible but the sizeable minority who aren’t will endanger thousands of lives. 

  20. 6 hours ago, Bigdoggsteel said:

    To be fair now the democrats will be friendly with pretty much all those regimes too. 

    Have you seen the videos of Biden publicly groping girls and women? There are many. Shudder to think what he is like behind closed doors when no cameras are rolling. 

    Have you heard what Trump has said out loud to the media about women??

    Biden has got to answer some very serious questions and it’s a shame that he’s been put up as the only alternative to Trump. Pete Buttigieg would have been a far better candidate.

    But do not overlook how awful Trump is. He is a disgraceful human being. 

    Even if you accept the allegations against Biden, he is a more suitable candidate for President than Trump on all fronts. It’s not even close. That shows just how low the bar has been set since Trump’s election.

  21. 1 hour ago, Tyrone Shoelaces said:

    Each time the majority went down and down. Have you ever wondered why ? Why is it his name is mud on both the right and left of politics- that's some achievement.

    Politics isn't a game. When you win you need to do something.

    That’s like saying Steve Kean did a better job than Dalglish because Kean never failed to defend a Premier League title.....


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