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  1. 4 minutes ago, Mike E said:

    Rather than all the January BS, has anything been said about ownership? Finances? Commerciality? Tony Parkes?

    Y'know, the actual agenda? We should reject Tony (or any manager) being part of these meetings, that's not what they should be!

    Should be board members and relevant members of staff. It's NOTHING to do with the playing side.

    Have you read any of the live blog?

    If Tony wasn’t there you’d be criticising him for not fronting up to the fans.

  2. 1 hour ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

    Season Tickets £320 mean £14 per game. 8500 will pay no matter what.


    Walk ons charged £22 - £30

    PLUS £3 Waggott Tax.


    Grossly unfair 2 tier system. No wonder nobody goes down.


    Put season tickets up to £18  per game £414.

    Make all games a flat rate of £20 for walk ons NO Waggott Tax.


    ST holders will either pay it or convert to walk ons and pay even more. Fair pricing for all fans and consistently more in the ground.


    Can anyone compare our prices (season tickets and match day) to other teams in the league? I don’t have the figures but I’m assuming that on both fronts we’re at the lower end of the pricing scale? 

    It’s easy to demand cheaper tickets but I understand that if we don’t break around 15k for each game currently, we make a loss. To lower the ticket prices, we’d need to have a very significant uptake to make it worthwhile. I honestly can’t see that happening, although I don’t deny that it may be worth a try.

  3. 7 hours ago, Boroblue said:

    Why do people endless down play us like we are some little minnow trying hard to get by. We are more successful club historically than most if not all of the clubs in this league. I’m not going to go through a list because facts are facts. I will not downgrade my expectations. Will he take us up no but not for the reasons you give but because of a total lack of ambition. 

    We are top of the current form league which suggests we can compete but that had to be built on but again like last season the opportunity will pass us by. 

    Let me just repeat this we are not a small shit club lucky to be sat at the same table has the big boys we are equal if not better and pretending differently does not excuse management.

    But what is factually inaccurate about my post. Look at the attendances and the finances. We operate on a lower mid-table Championship budget, attract one of the lowest crowds and have cheap tickets. Am I wrong? We have a glorious history but that’s the uncomfortable reality.

    We did phenomenally well to have the success we enjoyed in the prem. But to expect us to get back there quickly overlooks where we stand at the moment. It’s going to be tough. 

    As you say, we’re top of the form table and fighting for promotion. Yet most fans on here want to sack the manager because we’re not walking the league. As I put it before, a reality check is needed.

  4. 5 minutes ago, Bbrovers2288 said:

    Don’t think fans were asking to spend big to be fair, just to keep us from derailing second half of the season, who knows perhaps a wee go at promotion, imo league is weak this season 

    I agree that the league is weak. My thinking is that we’ve spent reasonable money over the last two summer windows and very little money has been brought in. We’re over £150m in debt and FFP is a major factor. We have some of the cheapest tickets in the league and barely get more than 12k at Ewood each game. I really don’t see much scope for any significant spending, regardless of Venky’s intent or Mowbray’s negotiating skills. 

  5. Some fans need a reality check. It’s easy to be negative. If you want to look for faults, you’ll always find them. But look at the squad Mowbray inherited and look at it now. He’s done a reasonable job. Will he take us up? Probably not, but based on our revenue, debt, attendances etc. we’re doing well to compete with the top 6 at all. 
    He’s made big mistakes and Brereton is certainly the headline. But to expect us to constantly spend big money every window is delusional. 

  6. Disappointing but not surprising. With our expenditure in the last two summer windows and no significant outgoings, there was always going to be the need for caution at some stage. It’s very hard to know this window could have panned out but it seems clear that we didn’t have the scope to spend big. It’s a shame, but I just don’t think we’re in a position to spend.

    The single biggest issue with our transfer dealings hasn’t been Venkys reluctance to spend or the overall quality of the players we’ve signed. It’s that on the only occasions where we’ve spent big money, the signings have failed and in Brereton’s case, spectacularly. That is where we gambled and lost. Now we’re paying the price.

  7. 2 minutes ago, tomphil said:

    This !

    Handily placed it is real opportunity to kick on. Any club or its owners that was really serious about trying to get into the top 6 would make some sort of effort. 

    I'm convinced these lot are more than happy to sit in the middle of this division.

    By spending money we don’t have and bringing a likely breach of FFP?

    For fans who doubt every move Mowbray makes in the transfer market, it’s funny how many more transfers you want him to make.


  8. 5 minutes ago, Wing Wizard Windy Miller said:

    We wont be buying anyone.  Sounds like we are scraping round for a couple of prem loans.  We know that's the preferred venky model.   

    The Venky model? They’ve spent around £10m on transfers in the last two seasons.  How well that money has been spent is a different issue.

    If FFP is the big concern then I can fully understand why we’re being cautious. I’m sure you’ll be blaming them when we’re hit with a transfer embargo next season.

  9. Decent win. Keeps us in the mix, albeit a long shot. Think we’re destined to finish 4/5 points off the play offs which is an improvement on last season. That’s probably where our squad is. Anything above that would be a bonus.

    Armstrong scoring regularly is massive. We needed someone to step up after Dack. Our goal difference is starting to look ok compared to others around us as well. 

  10. 22 minutes ago, OldEwoodBlue said:

    Agreed. Waggott should be fired for not doing anything to get fans back.

    A re-arranged Tuesday night game, mid-winter with 250 away fans. Never going to be a decent attendance. Cut the prices and I doubt you’d have seen many more on. 

    Says more about the size of our fan base than Waggott in my opinion.

  11. Just now, Stuart said:

    Good point. I’ll be honest, I missed that.

    So denying Sky coverage, which people have already subscribed to expecting red button coverage, and making it PPV instead?? Nothing to do with getting fans back in the ground then and all about the coin. Fans really are there to be milked.

    Thoughts @Paul Mani?

    It’s a business. The club needs to make money and we have very few fans to make money from. 

    You can’t watch the game on iFollow in UK. Clearly the Rovers twitter account got it wrong.

  12. I’ve got no problem with the club being circumspect with the finances this window. FFP is a massive consideration and not being able to sell Dack is a huge set back. I assume the fans who expect us to spend millions each window are the same fans who want us to slash ticket prices every week..

  13. 1 hour ago, JacknOry said:

    is that non-negotiable on Dacks side?

    Besides I am more worried that we get the same player back after injury. Not renowned for staying in the best of shape either, so a year off and the temptations that come with it. 

    For the purposes of this discussion, Dack is an unmitigated success having been bought for a relatively low fee and now worth considerably more. Obviously the injury may dictate how the future lies but I won’t lay that at Mowbray’s door.

  14. Isn’t the issue with analysing the signings is the size of the fee and therefore risk vs reward.

    I’d say that signing Dack easily makes up for a number of cheap misses eg Gladwin, Samuel, Lyons, Whittingham and Hart. He’s found us a £15m+ asset for £750k.

    Smallwood as well. Cost very little but pivotal in our L1 campaign. Surely that’s justified the fee..?

    Johnson has been a reasonable back up CM this season so I wouldn’t class him as a miss. 

    Downing has been a revelation. 

    The obvious failures are Brereton and Gallagher. Not simply because they’ve played poorly but because of the fees involved.

    Brereton is looking like being one of, if not the, worst piece of transfer business we have ever done. We can not afford to gamble £5m plus on a youth product with no pedigree. He will forever be a black stain on Tony’s tenure here.

  15. 1 minute ago, tomphil said:

    Like they invested in Jan in the fight against relegation..... or a play off push last season ???

    Come off it we've heard it all before.

    Weren’t we under a transfer embargo during our relegation season? Or was that the season before?

    Look at the expenditure since we got back into the Champ. They’ve sanctioned two £5m+ signings. They deserve criticism for many reasons but they can’t be faulted for backing Mowbray over the last two seasons.

  16. 41 minutes ago, RoversClitheroe said:

    I'm absolutely fuming we're saying we have no money and don't want to repeat last season. 

    He gave lucrative contract extensions to players that weren't championship quality, and now wasting the wage bill.

    Bought 2 players that have so far been quite frankly awful.

    How can we expect to progress with awful awful decision making by our manager / directors (who approve the deals)? 

    Brereton and Gallagher have been terrible acquisitions considering the outlay but I wouldn’t say that our transfers have been awful.

    Downing, Tosin, Holtby, Cunningham and Johnson were all decent signings last summer.

    In the main, we can find decent players, that’s not the problem. I’d say that finding Dack easily makes up for the likes of Whittingham, Gladwin etc.

    The biggest criticism is that the only transfers we’ve spent big money on have been failures.

  17. Didn’t realise the QPR game was on 4th round weekend. Booked hospitality, trains and hotels for it. The club should have said something when we booked that it could be subject to alteration. So, no Ewood trips for me this season. Real shame.

  18. 4 minutes ago, MarkBRFC said:

    Agree it is harsh coming off the Wigan game, fair enough.

    However, surely we are all used to Mowbray by now, it's a valid concern and criticism because we all know what he is like, it was so novel to have an unchanged side for 5 games or whatever it was, Dack being out is the perfect excuse for meddling Mowbray to start overthinking things again.

    I hope he proves me wrong, buy I honestly think we could be looking at 8 games without a win now.

    Dack being out means he HAS to meddle. Something has to change as Dack has been first choice for the last 3 years. Our team is built around Dack.

    I read someone criticising Mowbray for simply listing the players who could play in the no10 role. 

    Might be worth waiting to see what side Mowbray picks and the subsequent results. I prefer Holtby to Buckley right now.


  19. Just now, philipl said:

    So the weekend games mean in reality we are simply playing catch up to keep on the tails of the play-off places on tomorrow evening.

    Shame we can’t get into the top 6 tomorrow but we’d only be outside on goal difference with a win so it would be another point closer. 
    The teams above us aren’t going to drop many points. It will be a battle from here until May.


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