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  1. Please can somebody send the documents to m4xyp@hotmail.com
  2. m4xypp

    Benni Mccarthy - Gone

    skysports news just said west ham have made a bid worth 1.25m for benni
  3. m4xypp

    Mr X - Guess Away

    its goin to be jason scotland think about it we are going to be underwhelmed, coyle would be lookin at championship level, wouldnt cost the earth, strong sam type striker. His clubs in transition loosin the manager hence delays and he has the potential to be great or possibility to struggle. It all adds up even if its not the most inspiring name but then nicko warned us of this
  4. m4xypp

    Mr X - Guess Away

    jason scotland? The delays maybe down to martinez leaving swansea
  5. m4xypp

    Rovers V Grimsby

    if you look at the replay properly you will see browns ready for going to his left his weight is on that foot. when the free kick doesn't curl that far over he is wrong footed and cant recover his ground quickly enough to make the save. if it wasn't for this he would have saved it regardless of his lacking in inches.
  6. m4xypp

    England Squad

    good point on bridge noway should he be in there. didn't 'mr capello' as he likes to be addressed state that he wouldn't hesitate to drop big name players and would choose his squads on form rather than name or reputation? under those criteria bridge shouldn't be anywhere near the england squad
  7. m4xypp

    Ribchester Junior Football Club

    vote in good luck
  8. m4xypp

    Nickos Thread

    why would it be? we where nvr going to get 17 mill thats rovers 'rrp' so to speak. Its only purpose to hype the price to up and around that figure. if somebody bid 17m then it would be a bonus. the only reason we got 17 for duff was because of a contract clause (although at the time we would have liked more for him). look at robinson the pric began at 6mill. 3.5 is a long way from that, its just the way it works. end of the day its a big profit on an over hyped player who's ego is fast overtaking his natural talent. good business in my opinion.
  9. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    come on nicko please can we have our update now i mean its a long time since that teaser of yours
  10. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    im not refering to the price so much as a bid may have been placed. we all must have realised by now that any fee mentioned even on skysports isnt worth the paper its printed on. all im saying is this isnt coming from tribal football or the daily star when local news report it generally has some sort of foundation.
  11. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    whats the difference its vague and unconfirmed doesnt change anything? all im asking is if there is any truth in this claim.
  12. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    i know its not the most reliable of sources but its local granada news just said that it has been reported we have bid 6miliion for pennant!! any truth in this nicko?
  13. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    i suppose that point hasnt really been looked on. i mean spurs wouldnt sell to arsenal if they could help it so they are really going to begrudge inadvertantly adding to arsenals coffers. could be an adittional reason why they are unwilling to match the asking price, if the chairman is as petulant as nicko suggests.
  14. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    nicko's contributions to this forum must by now have shown you that ther is only one group of people out of the loop in the world of football, and thats us the fans. i doubt very much nicko is th only person in europe to know of this lads availability. the only diffenrence being he chooses to share that information with us.
  15. m4xypp

    Nicko's Thread

    how come you have never mentioned mauro zarate nicko. according to sky text he was ince's original target but when he opted for lazio ince asked his agent to find him a similar player. bit worrying the way its being said this has been conducted. ince asks agent for similar player. agent brings videos. ince says ill have him. maybe this villaneuva lad has got talent but that kind of transfer dealing is all a bit too much like souness if you ask me.

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