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  1. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    Yes, equally it’s very easy to make up a rumour. I tend to believe most that would make sense, because it seems like a massive waste of time to make a rumour up.
  2. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’ve been quoted a couple of times in this thread so thought I would point out my understanding of how transfers happen, and why tip bits people hear can both be right and wrong... 1) Clubs assemble a list of players at different suspected budgetary levels. As Mowbray himself has said, there’s an A, B and C list. 2) Clubs speak to players agents to see whether they would be interested and if so what sort of finances would be involved. Yes, this is tapping up, but that’s only ever acted upon if it’s happening consistently to unsettle players. 3) Clubs review who is interested and confirm which category they fall into now we know the finances involved. 4) Clubs decide as the window moves on which targets they go for and when. Each player has a knock on effect, if you buy a A List goalkeeper, that may mean you can only afford a C list midfielder. 5) Agents contact interested clubs if other interest if discussed. This hurried up clubs to act. Essentially, we may be at point 2 at ALL the targets on the Lancs Live list, but we may never proceed to point 4. Therefore - yes we where interested, yes we made contact or had a meeting (Doncaster midfielder) but ultimately it was decided that we needed to go for A list goalkeeper and left back, therefore it was never anything more.
  3. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    Jesus Christ Chaddy, you’re killing us here.
  4. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    The problem with this approach - and the approached you have put together in your stats thread (which is very good, btw), is you're basing all your decisions on Rovers as a football club not being able to improve our players. Mowbray doesn't like loaning players and wants to avoid it wherever possible. We're not looking to replace Tosin in a like for like player, there's not many of them and they're too expensive (including on loan - Tosin cost us 1.5m) we're looking to bring in players that are better than all our other options apart from Lenihan, but also with key attributes we think we can develop, ultimately to sell them for a good profit. I predict in the majority we will sign low fee/out of contract players, who have limited experience at this level, that we think we can improve. I think that stacks up with the signings I've been told we're looking at, Conor Ripley and Florian Hartherz.
  5. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    Legend may be a touch far, but the reality is he’s been one of our top players for 4.5 years now and has made vital contributions throughout. Can’t quite work out where he will be going next, which L1 clubs are based in the North East?
  6. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    https://www.whoscored.com/Players/107996/Show/Florian-Hartherz This guy.
  7. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    I’ve been told they want a German left back called Harthez and Conor Ripley (son of Stuart) from PNE. May or may not be true.
  8. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    DG, Johnson and a few others rent Wharton’s house off him. They live there midweek for training and at home for weekends/time off.
  9. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    HC as in Harry Chapman, at right wing back?
  10. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window

    FFP limits spending over a period of time and Tony went ‘big’ with the Gallagher and Brereton gambles. We can not afford to make the number of signings being mentioned in a lot of posts in this thread, unless we sell our players for profit. A very underwhelming summer is ahead of anything thinking we are making numerous cash buys.
  11. J*B

    Luton Town away

    Fisher Nyambe Lenihan Carter JRC Davenport Travis Chapman Holtby Buckley Brereton I suspect we will lose.
  12. J*B

    Reading at Home

    No pressure? Playing 4231 with Holtby behind a striker? Nyambe at right back? 2-0 up within 10 minutes. So frustrating.
  13. J*B

    Reading at Home

    Big Ben now running at 3.5 million pounds per goal!
  14. J*B

    Reading at Home

    Surely not. Not when we’re paying Smallwood and Hart with contract extensions that are not needed?
  15. J*B

    Reading at Home

    I’m that confused with that starting 11 I can’t actually work out what formation we are playing.

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