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  1. The result? The gap widens even more between the best and the rest. Only City qualify, the other top 4 take a huge hit and all the best players have the choice between essentially, Barca, City, Juve or Bayern. Only those four clubs can pay the best wages. They win their leagues every single year because they have the biggest budgets and attract the best players. The CL is competed every year by four clubs because commercially they are light years ahead of everyone else. The national leagues are boring as sin because nobody can get close to the CL clubs. Terrible idea.
  2. J*B


    Fantastic post @Silas
  3. J*B


    At this stage I just want a no deal Brexit on October 31st, just so I can shrug my shoulders and say “we did try and tell you” when people complain it’s all going wrong.
  4. J*B

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    For what it’s worth, you voted bad!
  5. J*B

    Can we change the title of the Mowbray Out thread

    I don’t see it as disrespectful, but I’ve changed it for an easy life.
  6. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Second one is Coventry. First one Celtic.
  7. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    History repeating itself.
  8. J*B

    Like Limit

    It can be done, and without the negative emojis there’s no reason why not. I would need to try find out how though.
  9. J*B

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Mulgrew, a Celtic fan and potentially considered a legend at the club, wanted to move to Rangers?
  10. J*B

    Fulham Away

    They don’t play, they do formation work. They play with massive pauses, often all leaving the pitch, reviewing a video then going back on. To be fair they often change the team based on the final session.
  11. J*B

    Fulham Away

    433, so... Canadian JRC Nyambe Tosin Cunningham Evans Buckley Rothwell Chapman Gallagher Brereton maybe.
  12. J*B

    Fulham Away

    Could be 442 with Chapman and Rothwell wingers, Brereton and Gallagher upfront. Guessing formations!
  13. J*B

    Fulham Away

    They played against: Canadian JRC Nyambe Tosin Cunningham Evans Buckley Chapman Rothwell Brereton Gallagher Im told...
  14. J*B

    Fulham Away

    First 11 that trained formations today... Walton Bennett Lenihan Williams Bell Johnson Travis Armstrong Dack Downing Graham

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