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  1. Post match discussion in this one... including MOTM poll!
  2. J*B

    Burnley in bother.

    This guy catches me out time and time again.
  3. Good shout... I'm not sure. Maybe a 1?
  4. Two and a half strikers. Always. Pick two: Brereton, Armstrong, Graham, Palmer Pick one: Dack Pick one: Bennett, Conway
  5. J*B

    Match Thread Topics

    Thanks Mike! We've got Sheffield United, Bolton and Leeds coming up without names against them.. does anyone fancy it?
  6. J*B

    Colin Hendry

    The British justice system operates on an innocent until proven guilty basis.
  7. I'm not saying you're wrong, make the flags you like! The more flags at games the better for me. I work in graphic design, for my preference I would strip it right back. Here's a link to a thread with some great creative concepts for flags:
  8. If its 6x4 I would say its still far, far took busy. I reckon you still need to lose 50% of the text on there. Why do you need Blackburn Rovers across the middle when the badge is on and says it? Why do you need 1875 when the badge says it? Why do you need proud history? Why do you need the England badge for a Blackburn flag based on the St Georges cross? The poppy at the top needs the white background removing if you're putting it on.
  9. If it's being donated to east lancs hospice then it's fine to stay. However to be clear BRFCS has nothing to do with any items bought or sold and offers no guarantees.
  10. None of this matters because in 5-10 years everybody will watch sport on DAZN.
  11. J*B

    Best Starting Eleven 2018/19 Season

    One thing is for sure, TM will go back to his "2 and a half" strikers. Dack will be back. DG will start. So we only have one left. Palmer or Armstrong? Bennett I assume on the other wing. For me it would be Arma - it must have been the TV viewing, because I finished the game on the same wave length as Chaddy (!!!), Palmer seemed to do more bad than good on my screen. Saying that, people at the game said he played well, so would be interested to hear from people at the game as to whether they'd start Palmer over Arma.
  12. Yep- tell them if they don't give you cheap sports you're going to BT because they will do. They'll hook you up.
  13. That one is Instagram stories - it's last night.

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