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  1. Jack Payne

    Bloody hell. To think I was concerned about implementing a grey and blue colour scheme.
  2. Save Hartlepool United - Danny Graham

    I think the idea is they raise the money in a hope a solution is found before the next date.
  3. Premier League Stuff

    Would have been 13m if they stayed up too!
  4. He looks to have a decent enough record, too.
  5. Message to Venky's

    They’ve spent 16m on a holding midfielder and are trying to sign a striker from Milan for 32m. Whilst in the Championship. They may we get promoted but history shows that sort of transfer spend in such a short time is a FFP disaster waiting to happen for a club of Wolves size.
  6. Fleetwood

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about following Rovers, it’s this is the sort of game we lose 2-1 in the last minute.
  7. Glad to see Orr is winning. One venomous human being, IMO.
  8. Why can't we go: ------------------------Raya Nyambe Downing Mulgrew Williams --------------------Smallwood ----Bennett----------------------Conway ------------------------Dack --------------Graham----Armstrong
  9. VAR

    Wouldn't it be easier if a referee could 'refer' an incident to three other referees watching live camera only? Majority decision wins? At least that way theres still an element of 'human' involved.
  10. Adam Armstrong

    Where does he fit in? How does it effect Dack? Does it effect Dack? How many will he score as we secure the title? 5 points for anyone who can name 5 other Geordies that have been successful at Ewood. Bonus point if you can do it without Shearer.
  11. OK - lets say Bolton where paying 66% and we're on the same deal. It doesn't seem astronomical to think Armstrong will cost us 250K in wages/fees. What sort of a budget do you think we have for January? 500K? 1m? 2m? The first bid for Bell has been reported at 200K. We've gone back with a second offer - so we can assume we've upped it - lets say, 300K? Plus Downing - who's out of contract in 6 months - lets say we take over his contract over and he's on... 5K a week? Thats another 100k. Obviously this is all guess work because nobody here knows what the actual figures are or what the budget is. But with guesswork I think we have already committed 600K in this window.
  12. Armstrong is on 15k a week at NUFC and Bolton where paying the full amount: http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/adam-armstrong-told-can-leave-13340916 The deal with Rovers, as written elsewhere hinged on us not paying his full wages. In speculation mode, lets say we are paying 10k now its been agreed - thats 200k before the end of the season in wages alone. Now put a loan fee on top. If Armstrong has been brought in to cover Antonsson - rather than being on the hit list all along - that 200K + will have come out of this windows budget. That makes sense to everyone, right? Obviously, if Armstrong/A. Striker was always planned to have been brought in, the budget will have it accounted for.
  13. If you go into the window looking for a left back, winger and central midfielder, then your striker gets injured for 6-8 weeks, the money has to come from somewhere. The budget doesn't change because you suffered an injury. What i'm suggesting, not saying, is that the money which would put aside for the central midfielder has gone on Armstrong because of Antonnson's injury.
  14. It means we can't pay a fee for our midfielder you would think. Is Lowe in contract with Big Club?
  15. Shrewsbury Town - 13/1/18

    Shout up if you need any local help / recommendations.