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  1. J*B

    Football League Suspended

    Elliott Bennett tests positive for COVID-19.
  2. J*B


    Only because theres been a couple of mentions of it — I’ve had a test, I had it at 13:30 on Friday 15th at Preston College at a Drive-Thru after being in close contact for a decent period of time with someone who had spent an afternoon in Burnley A&E. I’m entitled to a test because of the industry I work in. I got a negative result back via text at 22:30 the following day. I’ve called the Government out plenty of times during this crisis, but arranging a test — booked on Wednesday, test on Friday, plenty of time options — was extremely simple and easy to do. The Drive-Thru itself seemed to be ran by the Army, it was very simple and felt very safe, car windows up at all times and communicating by calling attendants mobile numbers. Doing a self test is tough, you have to rub your tonsils with a swab for 15 seconds then put the same swab 2 inches up your nostril for 10 seconds. Neither of which are enjoyable but the test explains exactly how to do it. Basically, the Drive-Thru I went to was very good, easy to arrange and quick to get a result back.
  3. J*B


    He got lumbered with it!!
  4. J*B


    It’s been quite a week... 1. Accidentally made it illegal to drive to Wales 2. Made it easier to see other people's parents than your own 3. Issued new advice that was officially ignored by Scotland, Wales, NI, and the councils of Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. 4. Admitted there WOULD be a border down the Irish Sea, after a year claiming there wouldn't 5. Said its ok for a child-minder to come into contact with your kids, as long as you "open a window" 6. Published advice that you can car-share, as long as the driver "doesn't look left" 7. Announced £2bn investment, so we could use public transport again 8. Told us it's our "civic duty" to avoid using public transport 9. Announced the PM would make a speech on Sunday, cos it had to be implemented Monday 10. Then, when challenged, said they meant Wednesday 11. Then said we must go to work 12. Then said we must not travel to work 13. Then said it was all explained in the published guidelines 14. Then had it pointed out to them in parliament that they hadn't published guidelines 15. Blamed the public for not understanding the new rules 16. Then went on TV to explain the rules, got them wrong, and had to be corrected by Piers Morgan 17. Then went to parliament to explain the rules, STILL got them wrong, and had to be corrected by the opposition 18. Said we should wear facemasks 19. Then said we shouldn't wear facemasks 20. Then said - again - we should wear facemasks 21. Clapped for NHS workers 22. Then introduced a 55% increase in the fee foreign staff pay to work for the NHS 23. Announced quarantine for new arrivals, a mere 73 days after being officially advised to quarantine new arrivals 24. Announced they had "only just started" recruiting people to do track and trace, a mere 110 days after being officially advised to urgently do track and trace 25. Issued a plan to open schools, which teachers said was unsafe 26. Then said doctors were brave, but teachers weren't 27. Then had to watch as doctors said the teachers were right, and it wasn't safe to open schools 28. Then announced tests for kids but not for teachers 29. Then had to have it explained on live TV that infected teachers can still infect kids 30. Scored 0% in a French poll of which govt was doing best for its people 31. Dropped 45 net approval points in UK opinion polling
  5. J*B

    Football League Suspended

    Where do we stand with the official Summer Transfer Window thread folks?
  6. J*B


    I haven’t and won’t watch this. But how this lot treat animals is disgraceful to me. A concerning lack of compassion.
  7. J*B

    Football League Suspended

    As far as I’m concerned, if you’re a Rovers fan, your German team is Hertha. Blue and white home kit, red and black away kit.
  8. J*B

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    It’s quite accurate. The land was previously owned by a women’s refuge.
  9. J*B


    “Dear Boris, Please come and tell the public you lied. Regards, Keir.” It can’t be fun going against the former Head of the CPS. In my opinion he’s going to have Boris in circles.
  10. J*B


    Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but I work in advertising, here’s two direct extracts from a popular playbook... “Green gives a feeling of safety. Proceed. Continue. It links directly to the environment and financial sector.” “Red symbolises danger and evokes strong emotions especially in determination.”
  11. J*B


    Can you source this please? Interested to read.
  12. J*B


    I’ve got most of my info from podcasts so far I admit — but from what I’ve seen and heard, I believe this to be the case too. Coronavirus attacks and multiplied on Ace2 protein cells, most prominent in the old and overweight. Smokers seem to have LESS Ace2 cells because smoking kills them. For a respiratory virus it’s quite remarkable, if true.
  13. J*B


    In other news here’s a picture of my local MP at a street party this afternoon. Didn’t look very socially distant to me, however as an MP I’ll take his word for it that this is allowed
  14. J*B


    I understand you’re trying to be ironic but I think this is very distasteful.
  15. J*B


    If he goes balls out the media will screw him. He’s very clearly — in my opinion — wrapping the government up in false promises, failed targets and ‘should have done better’. Once the worst of this is over he will go for them on everything they’ve failed on.

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