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  1. J*B

    Lancashire Telegraph

    There hasn’t been a single report of personal abuse in this thread. I’ve just seen Simons tweet saying he’s leaving the LET, which brought me to this thread - I’m now trailing through it to find any abuse, then get the context, then start issuing any bans. Please can we start reporting things that break forum rules? It’s so much quicker and easier.
  2. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I was sent it today - not sure where it’s from, suspect it isn’t true.
  3. J*B

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    This forum can not afford any legal fees. We only just survive as it is (side note, please buy from the terrace store and put our discount code in to keep us alive!). in the meantime, if anyone carries this on past this point in the thread, I have no other option but to hide your posts. If you continue I will have to put bans on accounts.
  4. J*B


    Ignore Brexit - just vote for the person that votes for things you agree with. source: theyworkforyou
  5. I believe they’re in a lock up in the Darwen End?
  6. Remember folks - its Xmas coming up! Buying with the code BRFCS not only gets you a discount, but really helps the site. We don't ask for donations - but to do that we need to keep it running through advertising and sponsorship, so every penny you spend with TheTerraceStore helps support BRFCS.
  7. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Firstly, well done to everyone for discussing something they disagree on without this resulting in chaos! For what it’s worth, I think TM is far too conservative and often seems to play players or use formations which I think worry too much about the opposition rather than concentrating on our own positives. An example of this would be the “two and a half strikers” which he insists on playing no matter who we play, whether it be league or cup. Do I think TM is a coward? Absolutely not, I think he’s a very genuine man, a successful manager and clearly a family man after reading his interviews. I’ve never met him, but I suspect he’s extremely intelligent and full of knowledge. Do I think his approach to football has, at times, been cowardly? Yes, probably. An example of being Charlton away last in L1, when a win would have resulted in us winning the league - TM put out a stinking team and we rolled over. Equally, playing some of the lesser quality teams in this league and worrying in the press about them drives me absolutely insane.
  8. I hate to go all Mercer on you, but I think we will win convincingly tonight. 3-1 or something similar.
  9. J*B

    Rovers Survey

    Fair play - I’ve asked them to try and understand their audience for years now and they never seem to have made an effort to. I’ve filled in quite a detailed response in trying to improve the experience at Ewood as that’s one thing that can’t be replicated anywhere else. At the moment I believe most people aim to get to the ground 5 minutes before kick off and leave immediately after - Jacks Fanzone needs to sell good drink at local pub prices. The concourse needs to be encouraging support, affordable drink and food, replays of better time, atmosphere pumped into it through the speakers. Nobody gives a damn who has won the bonus ball!!
  10. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I see Mulgrew and Raya are both getting great reviews at their new clubs. Perhaps they weren’t the problem after all...
  11. J*B


    I can’t believe you lot even bother having this debate. Someone message Silas ASAP to get a considered point of view in this thread.
  12. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Is it time to take this back to the vote..?

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