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  1. If you two are going to argue all night that’s fine, but do it on pm.
  2. Can we all stop posting links please.
  3. The local Italian will have the red ready to go tonight!
  4. Team to face Bury

    Mowbray starts 4-2-3-1 with Nuttall alone up front.
  5. The difference being my version is true and yours isn’t? I can speak for sure about Olsson/Hoilett/J Kean/Hanley/Henley. Or did Le Saux tell you he went for 9m? Footballers nowadays often talk about their ‘fee’ as the full cost for leaving, often the fee plus remainder of the contract. Not sure if that was the case in Le Saux’s time, even if it was would his contract be worth over 4m quid?
  6. Chelsea website says 5m too: http://www.chelseafc.com/the-club/history/style/former-players/style/graeme-le-saux.html
  7. I'm half tempted to say transfermarket is wrong on this, although i've used it as reference previously myself. I know we got circa 4.5m for Martin Olsson and just under 1m for Marcus. If we sold Le Saux for 9.5m in 1997 that would have seen him be the most expensive defender in English football at that time. I'd like to think I would have known that, if it where true.
  8. He's playing really well for Cardiff this year, who would have guessed Neil Warnock would get him firing! He's also financially set for life after his time at QPR. I wouldn't say he's a total failure!
  9. I thought we bought Le Saux for 1m and sold him for 5m. Might be wrong, but I can see Dreams of 1995 is saying 5m too?
  10. Martin is a good footballer - he was instrumental in Swansea staying up. Regardless, 5.5m quid isn't to be sniffed at. A massive return for the club. Financially, the Olsson's have done more for the club than Bill Eckersley and Greame Le Saux combined.
  11. One of the things we've been looking at doing is getting local businesses involved in BRFCS. We've got a brilliant market - this website gets hundreds of individual hits each day from Rovers fans around the world, but mostly in the Blackburn region and mostly Rovers fans that are going to games. Theres two ways we could push local business. The ads you see on the top and bottom of the website (currently being ran by Google) and the Podcast. The reality, is the ads you see on the website currently (mostly filled with large retailers) are probably unaffordable for smaller, local companies (although could potentially become affordable if a larger company was interested, or a group of smaller companies put their ads on rotation). These adverts have a value on them based on what they currently earn the website - if I decide to remove them then the gap will need filling. A more realistic way of advertising, is podcast sponsorship. Its an upcoming market, which is growing quickly. We could put it out to anyone via one of the podcast sponsorship bidding websites - but we would love local sponsorship, even if its on a podcast by podcast basis and even if it generates less money than selling the space to an American razor company. We can provide stats to anyone interested in sponsorship in either format. Send me a PM if you would be interested. We will be able to strike a deal!
  12. Part of the reason we signed Martin Olsson ahead of other Premier League teams (we had an agreement in place at age 16) was because we offered to give him free use of a home in the Ribble Valley. Without that he could have easily gone to another club - I know as a fact it played a massive role in the move to his parents. We signed Markus after him for the same reason we signed Julio Santa Cruz - although, on this occasion it worked and Markus ended up being a decent player. In fact the the Olsson twins repaid the club with over 5.5m in transfer fees. Its a lovely thought that clubs return to only offering professional terms at 16 - but unless the FA bring some rules in, it won't happen. You need to be picking the best players at 12/13 now and taking a gamble on them. There will be some that would have made if they had been signed at 16.
  13. Team to face Bury

    Removed him from the poll.