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  1. J*B

    Championship 2018-19

    Nobody cares mate - stop posting your green street tales.
  2. J*B

    Brentford v Rovers

    Travis in pain.
  3. J*B

    Brentford v Rovers

    Stop asking for streams please everyone.
  4. J*B

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    They can't employ him. He's a school kid. What do you suggest he does? One day in the future, maybe, if this is the start of a portfolio of work. But rule 1 is you've got to have a knowledge of what is and isn't allowed, which as it stands, he has no idea about.
  5. J*B

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    You're allowed to post onto social media as long as it's not versioned for advertising purposes. RE Heavy handedness, would you prefer that Briggsyboy was allowed to continue and it cost the club up to hundreds of thousands of pounds?
  6. J*B

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    You can't really work like that though - yes you're allowed to film because you're only earning £200 / year, but you earning £5000 / quarter are banned. It's just a total ban. It's the only way. Briggsyboy is monetizing his videos. He's earning, albeit not fortunes, money from showing matches he hasn't paid to show. Equally it doesn't matter if it's released after the highlights. The above shows 13k people are watching his highlights who may otherwise watch the official highlights. That's 13k per month, there's at least 2 do it at Rovers, so that's 26k a month, 20 Championship clubs so that's 500k a month people who otherwise could be watching official highlights. Spread that across the Prem, League 1 and the SPL too? I bet there's 3-5m people a month missing the advertising space that's been bought, whilst the vloggers can cream money off the top through viewing figures. It just can't happen.
  7. J*B


    Probably, but I do find it very interesting - and try and take it on board. This thread will naturally disappear this month anyway so I'm not massively fussed it's way off topic now!
  8. J*B


    Because in the last 24 hours there's been 2 bans for person abuse. Neither used a swear word, for reference. If we're not on it daily it's proven this forum turns into chaos very quickly and people leave or stop posting. The forum has had an increase in members and views monthly for almost 12 months now. Partly down to Rovers doing well I would suggest, but also, we hope, because of the moderating approach we've adopted. Equally we've only had 1 mod leave the team, who was replaced. You've modded before, you know how easily this place can become a burden. In fact when we took over, one of the first decisions we made, which turned out to be wrong, was to try and be stricter. All that happened was membership went down as people stopped coming onto the forum, we created truck loads of work for the mod team and complaints went up.
  9. J*B


    Anyone with their age set to under 18 was banned from the forum, theoretically there shouldn't be anyone under 18 posting here and if they are, they have lied about their age when signing up. Social media has revolutionised forums, masses of people don't bother using forums because they can use Twitter, which is essentially the same thing. So we follow their rules on what is and isn't allowed. We had a massive backlog of reports for swearing which actually, nobody found offensive, it was just against the rules by default. Again, as per the forum rules, another introduction (well over 6 months ago) is that mods/admin dont have to say nothing anymore. Another issue we found where that mods couldn't engage in any form of debate because it always ended up with chaos. I post in the same language I would use in the pub, at the game, on social media, even at work. If you mod this forum simply as a moderator it's 1) a part time job and 2) not one bit enjoyable.
  10. J*B


    Not all swearing, some words are still filtered out as they're deemed too fsr. By registering to the forum you confirm you are over 18 and are therefore an adult.
  11. J*B


    I think Brereton played shite. This is in context, it's used as a adjective. It's allowed at the games, in the pubs and on social media. J*B is a dick. This is personal abuse and faces a warning. You would get asked to leave a pub and banned on other social media for posting it. It's all very clearly set out within the forum rules.
  12. J*B


    The post which you reported broke no rules. Swearing, in context, is allowed as per the forum rules.
  13. J*B

    Rovers ban Briggsyboy videos

    It's not often I've publically backed the club in recent years, however in this situation... Sports broadcasters have bought the rights to show football matches and highlights. Advertisers pay for advertising space before, during and after the matches. Advertisers have put the pressure on sports broadcasters to ensure all vlogs do not show match footage. Why? Because vloggers are monetising their vlogs and selling seperate advertising space on platforms like youtube. Briggsyboy is making money by filming the game and producing his vlogs. While, as an example, barclaycard are paying top whack for each individual person that sees their billboard or advert during the match, or the highlights, much smaller companies are getting the same privileges for much less. Even if ONE person watches the vlog and sees key highlights, that's one person that isn't watching the official broadcasts. This categorically isn't the club going out of their way to stop people filming the game for no reason. It's the club being forced to stop them by the broadcasters or face huge fines.
  14. J*B


    Right folks, 8 reports in this thread within 24 hours. Every time we all get an email. If you're going to carry on like this we have no other option but to start handing out warnings. We don't like doing it, we would rather not. Please stop.

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