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  1. Wigan Away replacement Match Thread! Fresh from a promotion season, our first game of the newly formed Premier League season takes us to London as we face Crystal Palace away. A stream, from the moderators, I hear you ask? You heard that right. Watch below:
  2. J*B

    Football League Suspended

    If we drop the League Cup and EFL Cup can we fit a full season in a shorter amount of time? Or can we fit the euros into the winter break 21/22?
  3. No highlights... but Wednesday will see Graeme Souness lead his underdogs to Cardiff for a cup final. Live, only on, BRFCS.
  4. Whilst the EFL is on lock down and we have some members self isolating, BRFCS will be live streaming classic Rovers throwback games to give us all our Rovers fix. Todays match sees Rovers face a strong Manchester United side, featuring Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez, who are chasing down the title. Team News: Rovers: Friedel; Emerton, Samba, Nelson, Warnock; Bentley, Reid, Vogel, Pedersen; Santa Cruz, Roberts Subs - Brown, Mokoena, Ooijer, McCarthy, Dunn Man Utd: Kuszczak; Brown, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra; Ronaldo, Carrick, Scholes, Giggs; Tevez, Rooney Subs - Foster, Pique, O'Shea, Nani, Park Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/BRFCSdotcom/live
  5. Don’t worry Perth - we are all set up and ready to go at 3PM GMT.
  6. Quite limited to what I can find a full 90 minutes of.
  7. Very tempted to stream an old game on the website at 3pm tomorrow. Just trying to work out if Rovers will kick off...
  8. J*B


    In a massive coup for BRFCS, we’ve managed to convince @K-Hod to become our ‘Moderation Lead’ - which sounds very formal. What does it mean? Well - from now moving forwards he will be heading up ‘on forum’ complaints. Still come to admin@brfcs.com for any big or private complaints, but all ‘on forum’ complaints will go through the usual process - directly to the mods, then, if any decision need referring/escalating (which we’ve always just discussed between ourselves anyway) KHod to make the final decision. This is essentially because I’m so busy with work at the moment I’m not managing to respond to things quick enough on the forum. I know there’s a couple of people that have been waiting days for a response - that’s not really good enough, so this is the solution.
  9. They’re all over our right hand side. Need more from Bennett.
  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m 99% certain we lose tomorrow by letting Rooney have a field day.
  11. J*B

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    I’ll give you 12/1.
  12. He’s currently got 15 months left with a 12 month extension in our favour - so 27 months. He’s due back January 2021, contract up 1st July 2022. I make that one window (Aug 2022) to sell him. I don’t see how under that pressure anyone is paying up
  13. Those days are well gone - more like 6m after an ACL and a limited time to prove his fitness with a contract running down!
  14. Don’t worry for a second how Dack fits back in. Prepare now for life after Dack.
  15. J*B

    Can we make the Playoffs?

    Don’t worry about this season. The lads have proved there’s life after Dack. Summer is simple, replace Walton, replace Bell, get Tosin back, get one of Gallagher and Breo scoring.

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