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  1. Rover9

    Bolton Away Allocation

    Just bought 4 tickets off the OneRovers website only took a couple of minutes , these must be the new batch that have been put up. It was being a right mare last nite though when I was trying to get tickets together.
  2. I watched it on ESPN. When the events are on Fox in the States they seem to start at about 1am over here as opposed to the usual 3am start. Last night their were only the three fights broadcast on ESPN, one thing I did spot was that on my freeview EPG it had it down as UFC 1am-3am but on our Tivo box it stated that boxing was due on between those times which I thought was odd.
  3. Close fight between Sonnen and Bisping, thought Sonnen shaded it JUST. There was no way it was a 30-27 fight though, the judging sometimes is beyond a joke. On Maia's showing tonight I would have expected Bisping to have breezed through him had that fight gone ahead as originally intended. Sonnen v Silva is going to be entertaining and with it being set to go ahead in Brazil the UFC may need to ramp up their security around Sonnen as to say he isn't liked in that part of the world is a bit of an understatement.
  4. Rover9

    2010/2011 Rovers Accounts - PDF Copy

    Thanks for my copy FernhurstRover. Rover9
  5. I am the same, I cannot imagine getting up on a Saturday with the Rovers at home and not heading down to Ewood. But going down on a matchday in the eyes of Kean, Venkys et al is akin to giving them my backing. If I had been offered a ten year season ticket just 18 month ago I would have been 99% certain of getting one, offer me one today and the answer would definitely be no. It really does get you down just looking back over the past 12 month and seeing what OUR club has become. The worse thing about it all, is seeing the Rovers unravelling before my very eyes and personally feeling powerless to do anything. Yes there are the protests, I can stop going etc but Venkys, it seems, are that far removed from reality that I can't see them actually responding in a pro-active way to the supporters concerns and opening up honest dialogue which the lack thereof, is the crux of many supporters concerns. I am at a loss at what to do. If people are to be believed the owners had a small dose of the truth at Wigan and what happens, they scarper with tail between legs and when will we see them next? Not for some time if past form is anything to go by. Desperate, desperate times!
  6. Potentially 4000+ going Wigan today, not bad considering the apathy around the club at the moment. Wish I was there, going to stick my neck out and say 1-3 to the Rovers COYB!
  7. I tend to use ta-sports.net they are based in the UK (Preston I think) and the range on offer is growing plus they sell Root Beer Love the stuff.
  8. Rover9

    Podcast 14

    Just downloaded it off itunes so it seems to be working on there again, will have a listen this evening!
  9. Worth stopping up watching MNF and my lot get their second W of the season, not the greatest of games but it was a very good defensive showing by the Jags. Not expecting many more wins this season, we are short of a WR and a couple of others on offense but week on week Gabbert seems to be heading in the right direction at QB.
  10. Rover9

    Pune trip

    Just shows how bad things are and how far things have gone that people could actually picture Mr Positive spinning himself out of another corner with the usual delusional soundbites. The guy is made of teflon, the old saying of throw enough Sh1t and some will stick doesn't apply it appears, with relation to Kean. No matter how dire the situation get's down Ewood (where it matters NOT India at this time) he continually smells of roses. It would be at this point that I would say the owners need to wake up and apply a bit of foresight but I have lost hope that they ever will.
  11. Rover9

    Pune trip

    The content of this web site is purely fictional and is solely intended for the purposes of satire, parody, and fun! Even though this is written at the top of the page linked to I wouldn't put it past Kean to spout something along the line's quoted.
  12. Rover9

    Rovers vs Leyton Orient

    Will be there tomorrow night in the Riverside stand for a change, always enjoy these cup games I would like to see us come out with a similar team to the Sheffield Wednesday game with the exception of having Ribeiro and Vukcevic start. If we can start in a similar vein to the previous round we should have the game pretty much sewn up in the first half. 4-0 (Rochina, Roberts, Olsson and one of the three to get a brace) Att. 7,635. COYB
  13. Rover9

    Protest March 17.09.11

    I will be in attendence with three others there are also a few where I work that are maybe thinking of coming down. I have tried to give Steve Kean as much time as possible but time is ticking and we are still rooted to the foot of the table. We will need, more than ever, a manager that will instil the discipline we will need to weather the coming games. He has had more than enough time to show that he has what it takes to manage a premiership team but after last seasons scrape with relegation and no points on the board to fall back on I feel he will continue to take us in one direction and one direction only and that is into the championship. I supported him from day one as had Kean been a success in management then we in turn would have been successful as a team but it was never to be. Thanks Glen (and others) for taking the time to organise this in the professional manner that you have, lets hope it has the desired effect. Arte et Labore COYB!
  14. Rover9

    League Cup

    I will be moving over to the JW Lower for this, I think this will be a similar match to the Norwich (I think) match last season (M.Diouf hat-trick) and I am expecting goals. I don't think scoring will be a problem but it will be interesting seeing what defensive line-up we go with and who plays, I imagine Nelsen and Hanley will start to gain match fitness and confidence respectively. 3-1 8,345 COYB
  15. I would have been surprised had Samba gone to Villa and played, going off his playstation I.D. he was signed in and on FIFA until the early hours. The pictures of Petrovic in training showed Nelsen taking part so hopefully he is back at least giving us a bit of experience at the back. I do feel if we have a more stable back line today we can really give Villa a game and come away with something

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