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  1. Mozzer

    Loan Window

    Ben breteron , Sam Gallagher and a winger please 😂😂 send Nuttall out on loan
  2. Mozzer

    ROVERS v Brentford

    I'm not one to usually be negative but oh my ...and yeh i agree with whoever said rodwell could have been on the bench instead of hart or caddis. What about Tomlinson surely he would of been better on the bench then them two 🙈🙈 be very surprised if we get anything out of the game today
  3. Mozzer

    Rodwell signs

    This whole jack rodwell is quite amusing to be fair Personally think we should back any player we sign , regardless of their past The guy clearly has talent for teams like man city to sign him, Sunderland are a shocking team and 2 relagations show that Personally I don't think we have a lot to lose if it doesn't go right . Mowbray has said it isn't an expensive deal , and it's the guys last chance basically . If Mowbray gets this one right we could have a good player on our hands . Just give him a chance. It's a one year deal . In Mowbray we trust
  4. Mozzer

    Loan Window

    So apparently we're signing Harrison reed and sending Travis on loan - I'd rather just give Travis ago . Harrison Reed can apparently cover right back to so basically we're getting a player in with a little bit more experience rather then using Travis 🙈
  5. Mozzer

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    It was just an example 😉😉 Ewood ace - premier league teams wanted to see players in pre season before sending them out on loan , Palmer hadn't been involved with Chelsea.
  6. Mozzer

    Transfer Window - Success or Failure

    As much as it is a disappointment not to get any more permanent signings , we might make up for it in loan signings. Here's hoping anyway We defiantly need a striker . A winger or two. And a central defender There is even some players still not snapped up by a team . Gabby agbonlahor for example . It's not all doom and gloom
  7. Mozzer

    Thursday deadline.

    Would prefer Hakeem Adelakun then Holmes
  8. Mozzer

    Thursday deadline.

    Gwion Edwards and Hakeem Adelakun could be good shouts , free transfers , two pace wingers and at a good age .
  9. Mozzer

    World Cup 2018

    10 defenders 🙈🙈, don't know how Danny rose is in the squad either, hardly played
  10. Mozzer

    Thursday deadline.

    We should try sign Hakeem Adelakun from Scunthorpe. Pace for the wings , and assists
  11. Mozzer

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    Be a tough game this one . Doncaster are in great form like ourselves . Would take a draw
  12. Mozzer

    Bradford City (home)

    Williams was solid - did very well in my opinion
  13. Mozzer

    Transfers Part 3

    I personally think we should at some of the youngsters at the likes of man city , arsenal , and man Utd on loan . Man city had some good players the other night , surely league one football is better then u23 football .. The stand out players in league one like otzumer , Maddison, josh Morris- some of them could be worth a look at to
  14. Mozzer

    possible transfer targets summer 2013

    with martin Olsson going we definatly need a left back - even if Olsson was staying I thought a left back was needed as he was terrible last season . kilgallon is a left sided centre half who can cover left back - we cant rely on him for left back , Marcus Olsson is just pure awful and josh morris has potential but needs to get stronger !!1
  15. Kane and Williamson were absolutely brilliant - our premierleague players that came down have proved all season they aint up for it , get the hardworking players you will go far in this league ...Scott Dann and Gael Givet were brilliant together - gave me a lot of confidence Josh King did well second half - needs to work a lot on his final ball because hes got the skill and can take players on David Jones just isn't a right winger - had a decent game - but hes very one footed - much better in the centre Jason Lowe and Marcus Olsson - I fail to see how these have made footballers - if we manage to stay up this season these two should be worried

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