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  1. OnePhilT

    January transfer window 2020

    Have we scored from a direct free-kick since Charlie went to Wigun?
  2. OnePhilT

    Other Teams Message Boards

    My favourite thread is the one where they ask why we played in our home shirt.
  3. OnePhilT

    This made me smile ..

    Computer says no.
  4. OnePhilT

    Forest V Rovers

    The damage was done by some dreadful defending and goalkeeping in the first half. I still find it astonishing that Mowbray's playing career as a defender produces a defence like ours. The worst thing about the result was that Forest were poor - their own saviour being somebody who knows how to stick the ball in the back of the net. Walton He seemed completely naive and in-confident throughout the whole match. He got suckered in for the first goal without thinking about where that on-target cross would end up if everybody missed it (or it had the faintest of touches). It was a really soft cross, and he should have made efforts to cover its path. For the second goal, he is outright at fault for bringing the Forest player down in the box when it wasn't critically dangerous. He looks fairly decent as a penalty-stopper, but it was a superb penalty that no keeper would have reached. That's about the only good thing I can say about him from the game. I also feel as though he was all over the place for their third goal which, despite being a well-placed header, was quite soft. He looked a bit silly chasing it backwards, when he perhaps should have positioned himself better. At the end of the game, he took his time over a free-kick in our own-half when he didn't need to, and he didn't have the awareness to go up for our final corner until he was instructed. He's a young keeper, and today showed all of those signs. I think there were one or two decent saves, from memory, but he really did cost us points today. Bennett The better of the two full-backs, and managed an assist for our second goal when he was pushed further forward in the second half. However, I lost count of how many times he had the ball in a decent crossing position and couldn't get it past the first man. Needs to do better, but he is still one of our few creative elements. Adarabioyo Not a terrible performance, but didn't do anything of note. He plays the ball out nicely from the defence, rather than just hoofing it forward a-la-Williams, but was a bit too lackadaisical on occasion today. Lenihan Should have scored with a header in the second half, but difficult to fault him for anything else today. Bell Back to his rubbish self after a good first game back in the picture followed by a mediocre game. We cannot afford his awful ability at stopping crosses coming into the box and his general lethargic style. Should have done a lot better with Lolley and shown him onto his right-foot more often, particularly for their first goal. It's so obvious that the left-footed Lolley would continually cut in onto his left foot on the right-hand side. Does Bell have problems following basic defensive instructions? Or did we simply forget about this blatant problem that has stung us in the past? He is OK at getting forward, but that is the only reasonable trait that he has. Even then, his play often comes to nothing, and so I simply don't see him progressing. At 25, he is no spring chicken, and what we see is what we get with him. I would rather see Williams at left-back. That's how desperate we are there. What about Sam Hart? Still injured? He seemed to look promising in preseason. Evans Strangely positioned far up the pitch in the first half, and even stranger - it nearly paid off! But then it's Corry Evans, not Bradley Dack, so of course he wasn't going to score when he only had the keeper to beat. His weak shot was saved, and even if it had beaten the keeper, there was a defender getting back to save it on the line. Still, he was one of our better players on the pitch. He intercepts, works hard, doesn't give up, and distributes the ball nicely. Travis He is becoming a mainstay in the midfield, and it's easy to see why - he has all the traits of a good all-round midfielder. He didn't do much wrong. He's not a match-winner, but he must be one of the first names on the team sheet when he's fit and ready. Rothwell I'm not sure what is going on with him. I can't work out whether he's low on confidence or just flatters to deceive. Or both. Either way, he was an absolute waste of space for about the fourth game in recent weeks. He runs into blind alleys, keeps hold of the ball for longer than he should, gives it away far too easily, and is quite lazy at tracking back and getting stuck in. I saw a post earlier stating that Rothwell can play in the Dack role, but as time goes on, he's proving that he doesn't deserve a place anywhere in the starting XI. On another day, Rothwell should have been subbed at some point, but I have a suspicion that Mowbray left him on at right-back as some form of punishment or embarrassment. I may be well off the mark, but I think it's not a happy camp between the two. That should never be allowed to come before the good of the play on the pitch, though. Downing Probably our MotM. I couldn't believe it when he scored, as I thought Arma passed the ball pretty hard to him, but he adjusted himself well and the keeper had no chance. Absolutely beautiful goal! His range of passing was superb, too. He may be 35, but he really brings Premier League quality to the team when he's in the centre of the park. His only fault was for Forest's winner, where he should have just taken a yellow card and floored their winger; he was too soft, and it was one of those singular moments where it ends up being the difference between a point and none. Armstrong I felt he had an average game, overall. He provided an assist for our first, but I don't really recall much else coming from him. He's at his best when we hit a ball into space for him, and I feel that we don't use this threat often enough. Brereton On ability alone, he just looks poor. The ball seems to get caught beneath his feet too often. However, in the first half, there was simply nothing for him to go off, with there being too much distance between him and the midfield. I felt as though we played him just because it was against his old club, but nothing came off for him. If we're ever going to see Gallagher take over the Graham role, we simply have to allow Gallagher a run to do it. Gallagher He seemed to be busy when he came on, but didn't manage to change our fortunes. Graham I'm not sure he touched the ball when he came on! Chapman Probably the most liveliest of the subs. While he did get tackled or blocked a lot, he at least ran at the defence and tried to make things happen. I think we may be seeing a bit more of him in one of the wide roles in the coming weeks. I dare say we need this guy to pull out the goods. He's capable, but if Rothwell isn't taking his chances in the starting XI, then I think Chapman might have done enough in the last couple of cameo appearances to show that he can offer more. Ultimately, Forest were poor, but we had too many diabolical moments at the back that gave us no chance of getting anything. It has to be sorted out. It sounds like we might not be doing much as far as transfers go, but if Mowbray hasn't solidified our defence by now, when is it going to happen? Yes, there were individual errors, but they were caused by two of his signings (Bell and Walton), and it feels like not a lot has been done with our defensive work. Our clean sheet against Wigan was lucky, and the same can probably go for most of our clean sheets this season. We simply have to work on our defensive game.
  5. OnePhilT

    Preston (home)

    Both teams haven't won in four games and are on a bit of a slump. Our home form is still quite good, while Preston's away form is quite dismal, balancing out their best home form in the league. It's about time we put one over on this lot. I'm sick of them. Rovers 2 - 0 Preston
  6. OnePhilT

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    When Mowbray was initially appointed, I felt largely indifferent. He was a manager on a bit of a scrap heap, but at least he had some deserved experience at fairly big clubs: Celtic; Middlesbrough; West Brom. While his record was mixed, he wasn't Owen Coyle. That's the only thing that mattered to me at that point. In spite of the general feeling about his appointment, we were really unlucky to be relegated that season after his efforts. I still cannot believe the results that Lee Johnson pulled off at Bristol City when I think they were in roughly the same position as us at that point. Ultimately, it bought him a bit of respect from me, and I was fine with him taking us into our League One season on the basis that he did above what I thought he'd do. The early part of our League One season was pretty disastrous. I'm sure we were in the relegation zone at one point. Of course, the season ended up well for us, but it was results like Wimbledon and Donny at home that seem to epitomise Rovers under Mowbray. Charlton and Luton at home are this season's examples. Mowbray seems capable of pulling off good results when we least expect them, and then we tend to bomb against teams that we should be beating at a canter, particularly at home when the expectations rise. My opinion of Mowbray isn't as polarised as others' seem to be. I go hot and cold on Mowbray for the above reasons: exceeding expectations, followed by not meeting them, and resulting in an outright balance. In one sense, I'm relieved that we're arguably an average Championship side considering the way that we were going before Mowbray arrived. In another sense, you always want more as a supporter, in spite of forgetting where we've recently been. Mowbray has been here for almost three years. I mentioned some time ago that we've probably got the measure of him, and I think this message board roughly reflects a correct analysis. He's sometimes good, and sometimes not so good (give or take polarised opinions). Some days I feel like he's still good for the club. Other days I feel as though he's taken us as far as he can because of his own limitations. Some supporters point out that we should be wary of who our next manager could be, should we wish to change, while others point out that we shouldn't be afraid of that or settle for mediocrity. Again, some days I agree with one side, and other days I agree with the other. Is anybody else a bit Tony-bipolar?
  7. OnePhilT

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    The pain lies in the matches where we've failed miserably to capitalise. Did anybody think we'd go to Ashton Gate and win 2-0? No. Did anybody expect us to pick up fewer points than that single game against Bristol after playing three games against "weaker" opposition, with two of those games being at home? You wouldn't like to think so, but some on here knew it was on the cards. It's the Mowbray trait, unfortunately.
  8. OnePhilT

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Aside from the first 15 minutes, that was painful to watch. It's difficult to know where to start. Walton Pulled off a few good saves, but I felt he could have come for the cross for their first goal instead of being rooted to the goal line. Bennett Works hard but gave the ball away in our own half for Huddersfield's winner. He should really be doing better at crucial moments like that. Lenihan I thought he was decent in defence. I can't recall much good nor bad from him. Adarabioyo He didn't look match-ready, to me. He missed a lot of a headers when Huddersfield played it forward aerially, and looked a little bit off-pace, despite the occasional glimpse of the composure that we know he's capable of. I suspect we were desperate for defenders and he wouldn't have played, given he hasn't even made the bench in the previous two games over the last week. Could have given us an equaliser from a corner, but just a little bit close to the keeper. Downing Nothing of note in the first half, but I felt that he brought some much-needed stability in midfield in the second-half, with some calm passing. A few other players were giving the ball away far too cheaply in the first half. Johnson Used his experience to win a couple of free-kicks to give us respite in the first-half. I felt our bite in midfielder disappeared when he went off, and it allowed Huddersfield to dominate the rest of the game. Buckley I don't want to be too critical of him, but he gave the ball away so many times that I lost count. I'm with those who think that he needs to go out on loan and not get thrown into the fire that is the Rovers starting XI just yet. It will destroy him. Travis Probably the most notable player in that he worked really hard and at least tried to make things happen. Like others in midfield, he gave the ball away on a few occasions and didn't retain it enough, but he needs more help around him than he received today. Rothwell Rubbish. Flatters to deceive. Graham Took his headed goal well. Sadly, it looks like he and Gallagher didn't click today. If they did, it might have blueprinted how we would set up for the rest of the season. Gallagher Won lots of headers against their defenders. Worked hard, but not sure he worked smart in the same way that Graham does. Bell An improvement on having Rothwell on the pitch. He was fairly composed, and I think he's shown improvement over the last few games in comparison to anything he's done previously. Armstrong Ran at the defence a couple of times but it was so predictable that he'd cut in onto his right foot every time with him being out on the left. But if those are the instructions that he's given... Chapman Provided an outlet on the left, but looked a shadow of the player I've seen play for us previously, as he seemed to bottle it every time he tried to take a player on. I suspect today's cameo might show why he hasn't featured for us since coming back from injury. I hope the Chapman that we all knew and loved will be back with us at some point, but I think the chances are slim. We pulled off some really solid results when we had a settled XI, and it's now all gone to pot. It feels like Mowbray just shuffles it all around and hopes that one thing will eventually work. In the meantime, we've put in three damp squib performances, and the team looks like they're playing with each other for the first time. The season is far from over, and we're just over half-way through. Amazingly, we're still just three points plus a bit of a goal-difference from 6th, despite now sitting in the bottom half. We were in a similarly poised position last season, and decided not to gamble money on making a go of it. Will Venky's do so this time around?
  9. OnePhilT

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Rothwell off Bell on.
  10. OnePhilT

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    We're a bit lucky to be in at 1-1 at the break. First 15 minutes was great. After that it was calamitous in defence and midfield. We need to use the ball better when we have it, as it's too easy for Huddersfield to get into our box.
  11. OnePhilT

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Huddersfield have the worst record at home in the league, with 13 points from 12 games. Meanwhile, we've picked up 13 points from 11 games on the road, so I think this could be a tight game. Huddersfield 1 - 1 Rovers Sounds like we could have taken a few more to this game, but good luck to all those going! #COYB
  12. Dull, but a bit better than against Wigan. Williams has been excellent so far; winning everything and his passing is a bit better (when he doesn't hit it long, that is!). Armstrong looks a bit livelier. Buckley, although a bit naive at times, looks involved and generally composed. Generally, a lack of confidence is getting the better of us. Birmingham are certainly a bottom-half side, but we need to remind them of that in the second half.
  13. OnePhilT

    Bradley Dack

    Thing with Wigan is that they came for the three points. It was a must-win game - in both the eyes of their supporters, and from Cook's pre-match comments. If one team deserved the three points, it was them. So I don't buy that Wigan came to shut up shop like Luton and Charlton did. We just struggled to deal with their desire, while we bottled it in front of the cameras. I knew Wigan wouldn't turn out as we hoped. Hopefully today will see us grip the game by the horns. Let's get the three points and get back on track.
  14. You can't draw that conclusion just because he's grabbing the front of the knee. I've done both of my ACLs and it immediately pains at the front and sides. Not once have I known or seen anybody who's done their ACL grab the back of their leg in pain.
  15. Disappointing not to win, but we're lucky to have a point and a clean sheet based on that performance. We just can't seem to overcome "lesser" teams at home. The biggest disaster could be Dack's injury which looks serious. On a positive note, we're 8th going into Christmas Day, which isn't too shabby. Walton will be delighted with his clean sheet. I think we played Wigan under all the wrong circumstances. Under the spotlight, at a time where they had nothing to lose and pull out a positive performance... We knew it could happen. Never mind. Merry Christmas folks. Switch off from football for a few days and let's make it better against Birmingham!

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