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  1. OnePhilT

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    Alex just give it another watch to be sure.
  2. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    That's easy to say when you're not a Tory or a DU. I suspect Labour would need to get into bed with the SNP if they won a General Election as a minority government. What do you think the SNP will be asking Labour for to prop them up? 🙂 Perhaps as a Remainer, I'm the one who is being traditionalist and not progressive - I'm used to being an EU citizen and a British citizen of a United Kingdom made up of four nations. I was just happy with the way things were. It's hard to feel positive about what is going on (from my point of view - I respect you may feel differently), and about what lies ahead in the not-too-distant future, even if the Tories get booted out. The die is cast.
  3. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    For a population of 65m, it's surprising to hear about a lack of skill in the workforce, and the need for skilled immigrants to fill the gaps - specifically in regards to the NHS and IT - yet it is fact, and why so many non-British people work here in those two sectors. If Brexit does happen, you would expect either visas to be granted en-masse to keep or attract those skilled workers, and/or a massive drive from within to get British people skilled up in those sectors. Which will it be? And would the former not just irk those who voted based on immigration concerns?
  4. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    May has more than enough of her MPs say that they are going to support her, so this is a non-event now. One-day stall, resume normality of pleasing nobody tomorrow. It's gridlock. May is not going to get a deal that passes through Parliament by 21st January, and she'll have to go at that point. A Remain Parliament and Remain PM is NOT going to dare press the No-Deal button, and it's extremely unlikely that we'd have a Brexit PM. So what now?
  5. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    Some time ago, Corbyn talked about not getting personal in the Commons, and instead talking in a civil way. It doesn't work. If you want to come across as a solid leader, you have to go for the jugular. May constantly referred (to rapture) that a Corbyn government would be a disaster. Corbyn just doesn't answer strongly enough, nor attack strongly enough. People think that the next election would see a Labour win. I doubt that. We are going to have minority governments for some time to come until a proper leader arises from one side or the other. Corbyn isn't even on May's level on that front, and that's saying a lot.
  6. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    Tory MPs having a second vote... on their leader. The British public not having a second vote... on avoiding a huge economic downturn.
  7. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    Misinformation, sorry. She's going to fight the vote. If she wins, she must...
  8. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    No can do. 😁 Let's just call it a prediction. She's making a statement soon. Probably to tell us that she's feeling strong and stable this morning.
  9. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    May is resigning.
  10. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    I've already had a taste of Brexit - my income has dropped 17% due to the exchange rate suffering, and it will drop even more if we do eventually leave. I've been doing whatever I can to try and make up for that, but to do it properly would involve taking a risk on a second business and working even longer hours to get the same level of income back. That's going to be our reward for leaving the EU - working harder and working longer in order to maintain your current pay, or to be able to afford the rising costs of living. I just don't think it has hit home for most people, yet, and if people think a second referendum will divide the country further, let me tell you - a severely weakened economy will do a better job of doing that.
  11. OnePhilT

    Brexit Thread

    I don't know @perthblue02, but the longer this rumbles on, the worse it gets for me. I'm also keeping an eye on the currency tracker at the top of the screen and weeping.
  12. I can't say that I had the same issue as others did today, but I reckon my pre-kick-off issue might be related. For a paid-for and official service, they need to be a bit more professional. Today, there was an instance whereby a quick free-kick was taken after a player was caught offside, and the camera operator didn't follow the ball - maybe blowing his/her nose or something - so for about ten seconds, you couldn't see what was going on in the game. That's not the first time this has happened since I signed up last season. There have been occasional audio issues, too - either none at all, or audio being a few seconds behind. I occasionally get pauses in the stream that resume maybe ten seconds later, although that could be my internet connection. I probably have to click the "Live" button several times each match to catch up, although I tend to do that in the hope that the opposition's attack broke down and we have a goal-kick. 😁 And perhaps the most minor issue of all... "iFollow commentary in 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...". I assume that's just for the radio commentary when the jingle is playing. Still, I think for £2.20-ish per game that it's good value overall. When I consider the alternatives, I'd rather be paying for a service with minor issues, than deal with free services that are a total nightmare.
  13. OnePhilT

    New Games

    Currently £25 on Steam. Think I'll wait for the winter sale. Looks great, though.
  14. OnePhilT

    Premier League Stuff

    Big three points for the Dingles while their three surroundees all lost. 😤 Two points clear of the drop zone.
  15. OnePhilT

    Middlesborough away Sat 8th Dec

    Really disappointed to not have taken all three points given the way the game went. Our build-up play in the second-half was too pedestrian. Evans will be disappointed to not have taken two of his golden chances. Would have settled for a point, though, and it's a relief to see us having performed fairly well after the last two farcical away games. We have a really tough game against Brum next, so let's take the positives and move on.

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