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  1. OnePhilT

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    You're supposed to say "But you forgot about the Waggott Tax!"... Which I did 😄
  2. OnePhilT

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I disagree. I don't mean any disrespect to you, Parson, but I think you're making excuses for them. The club is repeatedly poor-looking when it comes to the administration side of things. We're slow to the transfer market. We're slow for season tickets. We're slow for new kits. We're slow for stadium maintenance/repairs. We've been slow to sack managers well before they should have been. That's just the list relating to speed of action, and I'm sure that there's more to it! We were so spoiled by John Williams. He truly knew how to do the job, and had his finger right on the pulse of the supporters. Mowbray might know what to say in order to be labelled "a proper football bloke", but that wears thin when the ACTIONS of the club towards its supporters is rubbish on most fronts (including the above list). There's a whole host of other stuff that isn't related to speed of action. Putting ST prices up, charging ridiculous prices for a glorified tray of chips with bacon dregs because "that's what the fans want", begging its supporters not to ask for a refund when the product that they originally bought can no-longer be fulfilled, closing parts of the stadium, letting it fall into disrepair and decay, not bothering to wash it down, not apologising for the embarrassment and indignity that they've put us through over the last decade, etc. To my mind, Steve Waggott would make a superb administrator. He might know how to make a quick buck or two with simple measures, but he has absolutely no care for the supporters from where I'm looking, and administrator certainly doesn't need that. A CEO at Rovers has to understand that the supporters are not a cash cow. There is so much more to the job at this family-club than that. We may have improved on the pitch over the last few seasons, but I'm not convinced that much else has actually changed behind the scenes, and nor will it ever. I don't mean to digress from season tickets, but it's ALL related to the same old story, Parson... The Walker Trust proved that the money side of it isn't the be all and end all, and I don't think they ever had to address supporters in the way that many want Venkys to, on the sole basis that we were run well, and there was no need for the communication to reassure fans that they weren't going to screw the club into administration or disrepair. Venkys keep the funding going - yes - but that barely makes up for how piss-poorly it seems to be run. This is partially why I'm just not bothered whether Mowbray stays or goes. In fact, I'd lean towards the "stay" camp, because if he goes, I honestly think things will get worse. Not because there aren't better managers out there, but we would be nailed-on to appoint a David Hockaday or promote a total rookie in Damien Johnson. I'm not afraid of managerial change, but I am when it comes to Venkys. I honestly believe that this (Mowbray) will be as good as it gets while Venkys are around. Even that appointment was hardly an inspirational one at the time, but I can't help but feel that improvements on the pitch have just been a smokescreen in front of how poorly we are still run. It's not the outlook I want, but it's my take on it. Urgh... I need a drink. Where were we? Season tickets?
  3. OnePhilT

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    I might have misunderstood what Waggott said, but I got the impression that he was begging supporters not to ask for a refund, possibly in the hope that only a small number of refunds would be forced to be made. I don't speak to many Rovers season ticket holders, but I got the impression that the majority were just glad for football to be back, as well as being able to watch all the away games as well as the home ones.
  4. OnePhilT


    I'm not sure what the reason for Evans' majority got to do with you telling @gumboots to stop complaining about him on a message board and become a politician.
  5. OnePhilT


    Me: "I don't think Mowbray is fit for the job". You: "Well then stop complaining and become a football manager". Meanwhile, back in the real world, ordinary people challenge their MPs by voting against them, piping up about their beef with them, and getting on with their lives. They generally don't drop their entire life to enter a political career whereby they have no training or status.
  6. OnePhilT


    Every single goalkeeper has a mistake in them, which is exacerbated when they are protected badly - that's been the case for both Raya and Walton over the last two seasons (I won't even look beyond those two). Walton has had a better defence sat in front of him than Raya did. The three constants that have not helped neither Raya nor Walton have been our two full-backs, plus a general something-amiss about our defensive tactics. Tosin and Lenihan have both shown that they are probably promotion-material for this league, and yet our defence is still bizarrely shoddy. Aside from a few individual mistakes from them this season, I think the players around them, plus the tactics, have not helped. We have to absolutely focus on three new first-team defenders in the next window, and that's a huge ask. That's on top of finding a decent goalkeeper. I read this morning that we were looking at some tall Croatian centre-back from our European scouting pool. I'd love us to sign a Croatian so that I can get a few token Croatian fans going over here, but anybody that can give us some more hard nails and smart defensive play at the back would do. I'll be amazed if we fulfil half our task, as our European Scouting Network has yet to bear any fruit.
  7. OnePhilT

    Premier League Stuff

    Bournemouth are fighting for this. They need to keep in front and hope Wham can do them a favour. Watford are down and out. Troy Deeney is probably the only one fighting for them at the moment. Respectable footballer.
  8. OnePhilT

    Elliott Bennett/Captaincy

    I thought it was: "we go again 💪"
  9. OnePhilT

    Premier League Stuff

    Something to look forward to seeing next season 🤐
  10. OnePhilT

    Summer Transfer Window

    No, you're getting Hanley mixed up with Henley. Success is measured by being linked with Real Madrid.
  11. OnePhilT

    Championship season 2019-20

    I'm not sure Forest will be going up to be honest.
  12. OnePhilT

    Luton Town away

    Looking forward to the games tonight. Still all to play for, for many teams. I disagree with Mowbray about tonight's game (keeping integrity and all of that honesty nonsense). Why not focus on what's best for Rovers first and foremost which, in my view, means giving first-team starts to some of our younger players that are going to be a bigger part of our first-team setup next season? Hilton Nyambe Lenihan Carter Rankin-Costello Travis Davenport Buckley Vale Armstrong Rothwell Tonight would be a superb test for some of those above to see how they can handle a team fighting for their Championship lives. And then take your pick from the bench (Magloire, Chapman, Brereton - each should probably get a fair bit of game time). I don't really care about the result tonight, more than getting a look at some of our rising talent. Go for it...
  13. OnePhilT

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    When Leicester sacked Pearson, they won the Premie League title the season after, so... I can totally understand their decision. In all seriousness, Watford were 7 points adrift of safety when Pearson took over, so to have them three points clear (plus a slightly better goal-difference if things go awry) isn't too shabby at all. Watford have always seemed like a basket-case club ever since those owners who play the loan market "internally" took over, although I suppose they are still Premier League stuff. Strange decision with just two games to go and a good chance of safety.
  14. OnePhilT

    Championship season 2019-20

    It wasn't their final game. They have Brentford away on Wednesday. They beat us, but I wouldn't go as far as saying "easily" at all. I think 2-0 somewhat flattered them, even if we didn't deserve to win ourselves. While Rovers might be the worst culprits when it comes to teams at the bottom scalping teams towards the top, I don't think we're alone. Sorting out our shoddy defence would be a start, but that's going to take quite some doing given that we're going to be looking rather thin there.
  15. OnePhilT

    Luton Town away

    I was speaking mathemtically. I'm sure Luton will be treating it as must-win, which I accept is what @Mercer was getting at, but I'm just pointing out the mathematical situation. It's not necessarily the attitude that I hold, just a factual reference. 🙂 On paper, Barnsley are in a must-win situation to have a chance of staying up. Luton and Charlton aren't. If the points deduction for Wigan is applied, then that puts both Hull and Wigan in a must-win situation to have a chance at staying up. As @DE. said, it's a fascinating end to the season, and we'll be involved in it at least. I was contemplating not watching the Reading game, given that it mattered not a jot, but this game has some weight behind it.

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