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  1. OnePhilT


    Nor BOTTOM 6 form, which speaks volumes about the absolutely ridiculous thread started by someone who referred to Rovers supporters as mushrooms not so long ago. Delighted with 3 clean sheets out of 5. A bit worried about our play up front, but so far, seems like the defence (and central midfield) has been transformed. Decent point. Onwards and hopefully upwards. #COYB
  2. On the plus side, was great knowing that we scored before we did. 😀
  3. OnePhilT

    Hull (A)

    Really difficult to pick a MotM tonight, but Williams produced two superb moments, and he's really in his element in his proper position. What a professional performance that was. #OnePointOffThePlayOffs 😃
  4. We all rescind our complaints tonight, can't fault anything 😅
  5. Have you tried turning it off and on again? That's what I'd be saying to grumpy iFollow customers anyway. 😁
  6. Commentary is about a second or two ahead of the video for me. They've gone too far the other way. 😄
  7. OnePhilT

    Middlesbrough (H)

    As the great @bob fleming said, anything other than Graham up front with Dack just behind is insanity. I don't think any supporter gives a shit about possession and fancy football if it comes to nothing. Fuck it. If the long-ball to Graham works, and the players know to try for the scraps off that, let's do it.
  8. OnePhilT


    Don't like to say it, but I thought Platt was awful. It's the first time I've seen him, but to my understanding, he's been on loan with Stanley recently, so the level of opposition tonight shouldn't have been anything alien to him. Grayson was good overall, I thought. If he was at fault for one goal, he was definitely involved in the build-up to two of ours, so you could argue that he did far more good than bad. He seems very composed on the ball in the few games that I've seen him in, and played in Downing with a delightful ball over the top for what should have led to a goal in the first half, but for Brereton and Evans fluffing their lines. I think he played on the left wing at Grimsby, so he's got some ball-playing talent. Think he'll only get better, and he looks a good 'un to me.
  9. OnePhilT


    I don't think any supporter could deny that he gives his all. He has been superb value for money for us, and was key in our promotion season. He wasn't great tonight, and he must be disappointed to have lost his chance for his fight in the first XI, but that's how it is when you go up a notch. With the plethora of options we have in midfield, I wish for his sake that he'd gone to Rotherham as part of their promotion push.
  10. OnePhilT


    A big part of our three goals in the second-half were due to Downing pulling the strings from deep midfield. Of course, it takes a Graham and Dack combination at the other end of the pitch, but I think we might see a fair bit of Downing in that role this season. By the way, not sure if you noticed that Brereton was denied his first goal of the season from a handball on the line! I think he'll come good.
  11. OnePhilT


    Can he get back and help out? Maybe it's not his best quality, but by the same measure, can Chapman do that? I think the jury is maybe out on both of them for that part of their game, but I think they both have other qualities that we desperately need to win matches. In case nobody noticed, Downing scored an absolute cracker tonight, and put some brilliant crosses in that our strikers failed to make the most of. Downing may have lost his legs/pace, and may be worse than Gamst at tackling, but I think he'll be crucial for us. With Mulgrew gone, we also have a decent set-piece taker in the ranks.
  12. OnePhilT


    To be fair, if you watched the Fulham match, you clearly didn't see Williams, who (alongside Adarabioyo) was excellent. It's his natural position, and I think his game-time at left-back shouldn't be a reflection on that.
  13. OnePhilT


    From what I've seen of the last three games (which is all of them) Downing is currently our best supplier into the box with his crossing ability. We haven't had that since... Conway?! 😄 His pace is no longer there, certainly, but he is a very useful player, which is why I've had his name and number printed on the back of the away shirt due to arrive in a couple of days. 😁
  14. OnePhilT


    Superb perspective as always, but I wonder if Brereton is still suffering from price-tag pressure - at least on home soil. He is still only 20, and the price tag isn't his fault, but I do think it plays a part in psychology. I think there are signs that he will come good, but his confidence needs a boost.
  15. OnePhilT


    Dack's scavenging and the long-ball to Graham won us this game. I feel like this win is huge for us at the moment, yet it's against lowly Oldham. Funny how football can make you feel. The worry for me is this new style that we are playing - possession football, on the floor, etc. I've watched both of our league games so far, and although it's still very early days, I wonder where the goals are coming from without Graham in the team and the strengths (literally) that he provides. By my reckoning, we've scored one goal in three games with our "new style" of play, and even that was from a set-piece (and an own-goal to boot). Yet, as tonight's second-half showed. when we go direct to Graham with Dack peeling off, we bagged three goals. I entrust Mowbray to try things to make us better, because he knows the game far better than I do, but I would honestly pull the plug (panic, maybe!) on this possession-based football, and just revert to our players' strengths. It's served us well, and until we can splash out on tikki-taka midfielders, just put it on ice. I have no problem with direct-play if that's what gets us results; Graham up front, two wide forwards (take your pick) with Dack playing just behind them and picking up the pieces... What's the shame in that?

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