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  1. OnePhilT

    Other Football League 2018/19

    It's not "buried", it has just moved into a more permanent and therefore prominent place. I mentioned previously that there were four separate threads called Where Are They Now, and I thought it was better to have that topic merged and moved into somewhere more special in the forum, because a thread such as that one ends up being "buried" (as you put it) in this part of the forum.
  2. OnePhilT

    Bradley Dack

    I generally agree, but let's not forget that Tugay had no pace, and yet what he could do with the ball at his feet made him world-class. Dack could become a top-level player, and then potentially world-class, but it's a long-shot; right now, he is a good Championship player, and I'd be delighted if we kept him on. I wouldn't be too surprised to see him go to a Bournemouth (or similar) by the end of this window, though.
  3. OnePhilT

    Old Rovers Footage

    You can have as many pinned threads as you want, but I think once it starts going past a few pinned threads, the pinned functionality starts to become redundant, really, as other discussions get pushed way down the viewport of the page. Let's leave it as it is and enjoy the vids!
  4. OnePhilT

    Old Rovers Footage

    Yes, which is why I put it in the other section - because when this thread (in all likelihood) dies down and slips out of view (we can't keep it pinned forever - we currently have five things pinned), then it will fall into the abyss. I did it with a bit of thought, but I am just doing what you lot are asking me to do. We can maybe move it if the need arises. 🙂
  5. OnePhilT

    Old Rovers Footage

    That section is actually a space for important topics that can still be actively discussed years after the previous post has been made. This part of the message board moves fast, and we need to archive topics from this section that are no longer discussed - mainly for performance reasons, but also because many posters start up duplicate threads on those that already exist, but have been inactive for over a year (mainly because this requires searching, which can be a bit of an effort). Nevertheless, I pinned it here yesterday as requested - hope that's OK for everyone.
  6. OnePhilT

    Old Rovers Footage

    @SIMON GARNERS 194 I've moved this thread into the I'm in Heaven section (seems like the most appropriate place). Fill yer boots. @Herbie6590 I'm almost done with the new archive page (I managed to do some work on it on Thursday and Friday) - should be sending you a preview tomorrow. I'd finish it off today but I'll busy doing Shefki Kuqi belly flops in swimming pools.
  7. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Bradley Dack 06 Jun No bids for Bradley Dack - despite Aston Villa & Brighton link
  8. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Glenn Whelan 06 Jun What we have learned so far about Rovers' recruitment plans
  9. OnePhilT

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Yes. 🤣 A crock, but obviously a top talent who has been in and around the Livepool side over recent seasons. We are nowhere close to being able to pay for him, let alone attract him. Crikey.
  10. OnePhilT

    Where are they now thread

    Fair enough. I thought it was better the current way. There were three (3) Where Are They Now Threads altogether - lost in time/space. I spent time merging it into one and splitting the posts out by player. I just think it makes much easier reading that way. Because a 4th thread would only get set up! And I quite like having it in the concourse as a reading section, rather than as a normal thread that gets lost.
  11. OnePhilT

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Jagielka already has one foot in punditry. A taste of the easy life probably turns their heads once they start it.
  12. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Patrick Bauer 04 Jun Hibs and Rangers linked with move for Charlton play-off hero Patrick Bauer
  13. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Adam Maher 04 Jun Rovers target 'didn't move for money' as he joins FC Utrecht
  14. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Stewart Downing 04 Jun Sunderland enter race to sign Rovers target Stewart Downing
  15. OnePhilT

    Transfer Links Only - No Discussion

    Adam Maher 03 Jun Utrecht confirm signing of Celtic and Blackburn-linked Adam Maher

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