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  1. I've sort of gone off real ale. That's probably not helped by the fact that there are three amazingly simple yet refreshing lagers that you can get anywhere cheaply here in Croatia - Ožujsko, Karlovačko, and Pan. They have plenty of real ales, too, like Fakin IPA. But the lagers here really are great. I don't know how the UK can get lager so wrong. It's crying out for a LOCAL branded lager that is light and doesn't taste like sweet ditch water. For years, I always tried to buy lager brewed in Europe... Becks was my favourite choice until they brought the brewing of it from Germany to the UK.
  2. We're going on holiday to Lancashire for a week in June Best get saving my pennies, coming to an expensive place like that!
  3. I think the grammar needs fixing in the original post before it sets off a rampage! Do you mean according TO Robert Coar? And not Robert Coar himself has destroyed the club?
  4. That completely explains him doing them 1-0 today, then.
  5. Good to hear that, Paul, and hope you are keeping well in general. I'm not overweight, but I've been putting a little bit of blubber on here and there for the last five years or so, since my late twenties. The bakeries and beer over here are a natural intake, and bloody difficult to restrain myself from. I always get caught between two mindsets... "Should I just let it be, and enjoy life? Or should I make an effort and prevent a problem down the line?" That's the problem for me... I'm a lazy person when it comes to "Go out for a run!", or even just rejecting that fatty thing from the bakery or the dirt cheap yet amazing beer. Assistance required!
  6. Why are you worried about this? I thought we were going to be home and dry by now?
  7. No need to name names... They know who they are when the entire board gets a polite nudge. Anyway, back on topic!
  8. Which is why traditional Labour voters who have drifted to anti-establishment parties in recent years should seriously reconsider Labour as one now. It is impossible to deny that Corbyn is the only one who has their direct interests at the front of his mind, which at least gives Labour an identity that they've been crying out for. I'd personally prefer to see Labour's identity as an electable left-of-centre party, because Corbyn's vision of Old Labour isn't one that is going to win an election and keep certain other parties out of government, but one thing that can be said of Corbyn is that you know where he stands.
  9. Completely disagree. There's been talk for a long time of having more bank holidays. We have 8 in England. The average across Europe is 12! Just get it done. And that's coming from a freelancer who doesn't normally get commissioned work on a bank holiday!
  10. It's difficult to deny that Corbyn is fighting for workers. Can he convince them that he is someone who can lead, though? Labour wants four new bank holidays
  11. @chaddyrovers gave us his take after making the effort to attend. What's your take on the game after making the trouble to attend?
  12. A draw at Wolves isn't an "embarrassing" or "pathetic" result on its own, but the other results just exacerbate the fact that we could have done with a win. When you consider that Wigan could still actually survive, we still have a fighting chance. You never know...
  13. It's not just limited to that... Britons abroad for longer than 15 years denied vote in general election The Tories promised to scrap that piece of legislation six months ago, but there's now not enough time to sort it out, so it'll be conveniently brushed away. Well, that's just as well, isn't it? It certainly doesn't suit their current agenda.
  14. That's a relief, as I don't know many other teachers that would be a proponent of giving immediate school-leavers a right to vote, while disallowing those who continued their education from having that same right. There are countless other scenarios to consider, but I'm glad you've seen the light.
  15. Not from me it isn't. I don't hold the current populist view. Immigration has never bothered me in the slightest, even after the last decade of having "IMMIGRATION! IMMIGRATION" rammed down our throats as all things evil. Of all the reasons to blame our current financial situation and national debt, immigration isn't one. From my own observations, I think there is a huge confusion among some people between British citizens who's parents and grandparents were immigrants and are now part of British culture, and new immigrants who are currently coming to the UK from Europe. Has a Polish immigrant ever adversely affected me? No. Has a Polish immigrant ever adversely affected you? Do you think he/she should be shouldering a disproportionate amount of blame for our current crisis? Shouldn't we be tracking back a bit and bringing bank regulations back to the fore (not that they ever really were)? Or have we forgotten all about that until the next time it happens? Cut immigration, encourage young British citizens to go straight into work after school by giving them a vote, and it won't be long before start to seriously rue a lack of skill in our workforce (a problem that actually does exist, at least in my field) with nothing that can be done about it. Everything is completely wrong at the minute. We are stuck in a rut and placing blame in areas that it doesn't belong.