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  1. The lineups tell you everything about the managers - it's all about the league, and not even this derby changes that. Oddly, this might be in our favour. Looking at some of our players in that starting XI, they have a point to prove.
  2. Reminds me of this crying we did over Huddersfield last season. Never really taken notice of by the footballing world, and now all but forgotten, save for a few bitter fans. That cold ruthlessness sees a difference of 60 league positions between the two. Football really isn't for whining losers. We're called "b*stards" by those in claret and poo. Strange... Maybe to them, we used to be! Let's start being that again.
  3. "exhibition game" If those sorts of comments aren't enough motivation to beat them...
  4. 8! Including the goalkeeper.
  5. Heck. Chance for one or two new names on that team sheet to become heroes! COYB. We need a proud performance tonight.
  6. I think it's good for attendance. If this match was on TV, you could count on attendance being down by a few thousand. If you're stuck for watching, have a look around in this thread. There are ways to watch it, if you get my meaning.
  7. If any negotiations are breaking down, or the type of Brexit isn't what you expect it to be, you should be laying the blame firmly at the door of David Davis and his team. Remainers have nothing to do with the negotiations! Are we misreading you?
  8. I think it's audio-only. Live matches are only screened for league matches, aside from play-offs, should we reach them.
  9. A failed trial at West Brom might tell us a bit about the sort of wages he's looking for (as well as what he was on at Rovers). I suspect Bolton and Forest weren't prepared to match those wage demands. Maybe Brum are.
  10. How reassuring. I think your imagination is running a little wild. Negotiations appear to be going nowhere fast. Seems a lot of Brexiters churn out the "wait and see" line. Strange... I thought you knew what you were voting for? Seems like none of you have a clue, not a bloody clue. Desperation isn't an adequate description.
  11. Couldn't agree more. Not sure why some fans aren't confident about opposition like that. You'd think we'd have been beaten by the likes of Southend or Doncaster recently! I think the Bradford win is getting to some people's heads.
  12. Kevin Davies springs to mind but, to be fair, his failure at Rovers was hindsight. I remember him being a rising star at Southampton. Remind you of anyone?! If he hadn't broken his leg before we signed him, I wonder how differently things might've turned out for him.
  13. It makes you wonder how much money they've given to the EFL; a lot, I would imagine. Can't say I normally catch cup draws live, so I'm not selfishly bothered, but any stipulations of an English competition being given preference to Chinese audiences because of the sponsor aren't right. Can't blame Carabao for this; the blame lies solely at the feet of the EFL. Assuming my assumptions are right.
  14. When it comes to the thought of my life, my family's lives, my friends' lives, and their children's lives, safe space is what I clamour for.
  15. I agree. That's players today, isn't it? Heads turn to the money, and doing what they can to get it. We all do it. I'd agree with you that I might be naive, but only if I started thinking that we're going to steamroll the league, or we're going to beat the next opponent comfortably, repeatedly every week. That would be deluded, and very naive, particularly going off recent Roving experiences.