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  1. Have you not, in the past, said that the quality of product is now poor? And you're claiming to be loyal?
  2. Considering how much Venkys are losing just by owning us, and how much season ticket sales contribute to the coffers, it's hardly oxygen, is it?! This guilt trip aimed at fans who still go to Ewood is boring and utter b0110cks.
  3. Bloody hell, not him, he's got two left feet
  4. Sandwich courses offer that, whereby you do a year's placement in a business before completing your final year. However, employers generally don't like undertaking them. Put simply, the student more or less needs someone from that business dedicated to their training throughout the year. Alongside a part-salary that the business must pay to the student for the year, and the loss of staff manpower needed for their training, it ultimately costs the business more time and money than it's worth. From their point of view, they're better off just getting someone after they've finished their degree course, giving them a starting salary, and chucking them in at the deep end. Perhaps the onus is on the government to encourage sandwich courses by compensating the businesses more for taking students on. I wouldn't bank on the "laissez-faires" Tories doing that.
  5. Started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix after hearing a few good things about it at work. Only four episodes in so far, but I'm absolutely hooked! Worth a watch if you like the documentary sort of thing with a few twists and turns - just don't Wikipedia the guy!
  6. I'm not sure I'd heard of him before, if I'm being honest! I probably have, in passing... Pun. Sounds like a decent signing, but I cringe slightly on how the Rovers official article butters us up on his achievements from 2, 4, 5, and 9 years ago. #CynicAlert Anyway, welcome!
  7. That was some evening! Elton's a class act. The venue looked brilliant. To be still performing like that at 70... Can you imagine the pop garbage that is produced today doing that?! Had an amazing time. Well worth the money.
  8. Make sure you get out and cast your vote today. We may be choosing between a bunch of cronies, but at least we can choose our cronies, which is something that many of our parents and grandparents fought for with their lives. Make it count.
  9. Where all the tax breaks are going to.
  10. Is that why you're voting for the party who have cut the army by 35,000, and the police by 20,000?
  11. I'm stuck-aren-o and I really don't want to Google-a-who.
  12. Must be a very bizarre feeling for those Blackpool fans who boycotted.
  13. People sat in their camps long ago. Some people will protest, some won't. Both sides think that the other side is damaging the club further, particularly from the protesters' point of view it seems and, on that basis, you will never get a consensus amongst the fan base. I've actually never seen any insulting from either side down at Ewood, so I'm just taking people's words for it that it happens - protesters getting "collared" by non-protesters seems to be the popular one. Whether that's an exaggeration or not, the fact for me is that it's only on here that I've seen it resort to insults, and only ever from one side of the divide. Calling others "gutless", "spineless", and "mushrooms", is a really smart way to win people over to their way of thinking... Must emphasise, though, that it's only one or two. The majority of us get on fine I think.
  14. With Senior gone, who will be getting the first say?
  15. This really is tribal voting at it's worst, @chaddyrovers. Sounds like the policies you want are anything but Tory ones. A turkey voting for Christmas.