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  1. It's all good and well liking Mowbray, but if it's true that he was banking on a 3-5-2 for the season, and he can't sort out a forced 4-4-2, then that's on him. He's got little over two weeks to exceed expectations now.
  2. Mine was nothing to do with that. My mobile app was also giving a similar problem. Whatever it is, clearly something to do with my account. But like you say, it's a different problem every week, and we seem to limp to a solution.
  3. I went on the chat thing and they sorted it out. Despite the blatant problems, their chat has sorted out a couple of problems for me within 10 minutes or so. I asked them why it was a problem. "Just a small technical issue"... Anyway, since it was fixed, seems like Rovers are suffering major technical issues! Over to troubleshooter Tony...
  4. I've tried a couple of different browsers, even mobile. Just getting p*ssed off with the whole thing to be honest. If it's not a technical problem, it's some account cock up by them.
  5. Is this match not streaming live? I've only got the option to listen.
  6. Interesting that the results show that fans are starting to agree with Mowbray in the "starting Chapman or not" debate.
  7. Great interview, @Herbie6590. Alan Myers, please, please, set up a meeting with Venkys and get through to them. You might be the only one who could get Venkys to believe in football men again, and the rewards would be great, so just go for it! "Help me, Obiwan Kenobi... You're our only hope!"
  8. A bit of a "Where are they now?" moment (where did that thread go?!). Wilcox appointed Academy Director at Man City
  9. If we appointed another Capello or Eriksson, you can bet your house on people complaining about the amount they'd be on, which would be infinitely more than Southgate, and how disappointing they would inevitably be. We'd then come full circle, yet again, and people would be arguing for the manager to be English, and less money paid out from the coffers. Once that happens, we'll once again be unhappy, when we realise that our average international players aren't going further in tournaments, that the media still pokes fun at failure, and that we're only producing narrow victories over international minnows. We'll once again conclude that we must broaden our horizons and cough up more money for another big name manager, regardless of his nationality. No offence to those who feel passionately that they've identified England's problems and know the solutions, but I find the whole discussion really boring. For me, international football has always been something that comes around as a fun and exciting event every two years at summer; just something to sit back and enjoy. I love the major tournaments. When they come around, I don't really care who our manager is, how good or bad our players are, how that narrow qualification victory over Lithuania sticks in the craw (which it never did anyway), or hold any anger and frustration over the whole thing. I enjoy the tournaments, and Russia will be no different. Anyway, we're there, which can be more than said for the likes of Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Ireland, Romania, Scotland, Turkey, and possibly Croatia and Italy. There are a lot of bigwigs who have already failed. Let's not beat ourselves up too much considering the playing staff that we have, and the playing staff that some of the aforementioned have!
  10. Blade Runner 2049 I watched Blade Runner a couple of years ago and, frankly, hated it. "Sacrilege!" I hear you say! I didn't have a clue what was going on throughout, and the blurghblurgh music adversely affected my brain. Blade Runner 2049 was great. I was struggling to keep up in the first 30 minutes, but after that, was hooked. The cinema I watched it in was amazing. About £10 for two of us, huge comfy seats, and no adverts. Nearly missed the beginning! I really want to watch the original again. I've obviously missed something.
  11. It depends how Venkys recalling their loans would affect the club. Don't we need to think about the club's survival with its current debts, and if/how they would be repaid under new owners? I'm not an expert in this area, but if we were sold, wouldn't Venkys start recalling their loans with repayment plans? And what if they weren't manageable? With the current debt hanging over the club, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find owners who would provide enough money for the club to survive, let alone make signings and keep hold of key players. I think we are well and truly reliant on Venkys; that's the elephant in the room that nobody wants to hear, I'm afraid.
  12. Their goal looked like a foul on Fisher. Glad to see a number of our youth players getting another chance at first-team football - I think this is what this competition is for us, and rightly so. I understand that we didn't play well, but I'm not too bothered about it. Onto Oldham...
  13. You mean like MK Dons?
  14. I think we would. I thought Whittingham was OK against Gillingham - he has a cool, collected head, but as others have suggested, he's a bit Pedersen-esque when it comes to tackling. I suppose that responsibility lies with Smallwood, and what an excellent man for the job he is, but if he suffered an injury, I'd rather have Evans to cover that job than Whittingham. I still can't get over how good Smallwood has been for us. It already feels like Rovers is is home.
  15. If we get promoted via the play-offs, you won't find me getting hung up on labelling Mowbray as a "failure". Football is never as simple as who the bookies' favourites are and who they aren't - we, of all fans, should know that on both counts! We just need to go up, and if we do, I'm certainly not going to be looking back and critiquing.