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  1. Yoogo

    iFollow Thread

    Was doing the same for me in Firefox. Refreshed the page a couple of times and clicked Watch Live Now, but still spinning. Did a hard page refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R), clicked Watch Live Now, and it seems to be OK, although it could just be coincidence that it "worked".
  2. Yoogo


    There's a guy who has correctly predicted virtually every president since the 60s or something, and according to his 13-point test, Biden wins 7 points, and Trump wins 6 points. Strictly-speaking, this guy has predicted the popular vote correct on every single occasion. The two presidents that he got wrong are Gore (2000), and Clinton (2016). It's totally possible that the Democrats will obtain the popular vote yet again, but lose on electoral college votes. The polls are heavily weighed against Trump, just as they were in 2016. Polls just serve as comfort food for those who want exactly that as the result, but we all know it doesn't work out like that. The other thing that piqued my interest was hearing something about record numbers of postal votes - presumably in favour of Biden. It reminded me of our 2019 election, whereby I heard lots of noises in the news and on social media about huge lines of voters in university areas - presumably in favour of Corbyn. If I was a betting man, my money would be on a Trump re-election.
  3. Yoogo


    So would I if I was in the same room as DJT. Mind you, I don't know why people are so confident of a Biden victory. Waking up to the news that DJT has won the election would be less of a surprise to me than it was four years ago.
  4. Yoogo

    Football Italia

    60 minutes: Bologna 3 - 1 Sassuolo 77 minutes: Bologna 3 - 4 Sassuolo
  5. Yoogo


    I don't think I ever heard Mike Pence speak until the recent VP TV debates. It's clear that that both he and Trump have a tactic of deliberately interrupting their opponent when it's their time to talk. I wouldn't be surprised to see Trump re-elected. I think it's finely balanced, and it won't be as clear-cut as some think. The world still feels as polarised as it was four years ago.
  6. Yoogo

    The Godlike Genius of Charlie Mulgrew

    His free-kicks are like penalties. He's worth that alone in League One. A shame how it's ended, but Fleetwood have bagged a baller here! And we've freed up some wages...
  7. Yoogo

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    If our preseason and competitive performances are anything to go by, then Mogga deserves every credit. We've looked dominant and pretty damn slick! Loving it.
  8. Yoogo

    Premier League Stuff

    My opinion is nothing to do with the media, as I rarely pay attention to it from where I'm sitting, and nor is it something that I've thought of as a stereotype. I watch them as much as they are on TV, which unfortunately for where I am, is quite often, and they are just disgusting to watch. And that's how I like to think of that lot, anyway! 😁
  9. Yoogo

    Premier League Stuff

    Why do Burnley make games horrible? In order to get a result. Their main focus is to stop the opposition from playing their game, to wear them down, and see what they can nick. Nothing wrong with that if its your team, but I'm just saying that I don't really enjoy watching that style of play. They don't have to justify themselves to me. Maybe it is snobbery, but I don't mind being a snob when it comes to games that don't involve Rovers. I've actually really enjoyed watching our own style of play since pre-season began. We do need to take a leaf or two out of Burnley's book in order to be a bit more resourceful against better sides, though!
  10. Yoogo

    Premier League Stuff

    Burnley tend to make games horrible. I don't blame them, because to my mind, their personnel is Championship-level quality, and Dyche deserves a lot of credit for being resourceful (even with a few expensive transfer blunders like Gibson and Vydra). But they are truly horrible to watch. McNeil is a talented player, but the rest are just big horrible kick-it-lump-it-stick-yer-knee-in type bastards.
  11. Yoogo

    Premier League Stuff

    That's more like it! What a goal! Would really top-off the weekend with a Dingle defeat.
  12. Yoogo

    Premier League Stuff

    Also a hint of handball by Wood. Interesting that the ref didn't use VAR for either goal.
  13. Yoogo

    Summer Transfer Window

    My thoughts are based on those very comments. He alludes to Manning being pricey, although I read it more that if we spent that money on Manning, then there's nothing left over to bring in players for the "more than one position" that he mentions. So maybe that does rule it out! I suspect we're after a midfielder and a goalkeeper before spending money on a player for the left-back spot.
  14. Yoogo

    Summer Transfer Window

    Where has Mowbray said that we can't afford Manning on a permanent? One thing he did say is "I'm not sure I'd want to spend it all on Ryan Manning". That doesn't read to me that we couldn't afford him, rather that if we did buy him, then that'd be it (unless we offloaded another player or two). I think Mowbray's issue is that he probably does still want two or three more players, but we can't buy one and loan one or two at the same time. A permanent transfer would eat up whatever the figure is that he has left to spend. I'd rather we bought, especially at a time like now where clubs might be more willing to offload at a discount than under normal circumstances, but it sounds like our remaining incomings will be loans.
  15. I'm assuming you're being a little bit sarcastic, there, but I think @Exiled_Rover makes a fair point about how Wycombe played; they didn't exactly dig in and try to make life difficult for us, which I think is one of the reasons why we beat them so handsomely. We probably would have got past them in any case, as it's easy to forget (or to even realise) that I think half of Wycombe's starting XI were with them from their League Two promotion season. I also have a feeling that Ainsworth might have wanted the game to be a spectacle, rather than coming back up to the club he loves and making it a stodge-fest, but that's probably what he should have done in hindsight! I was scanning through one of the Wycombe message boards earlier, and their fans seemed to have a bit of a happy go lucky attitude before kick-off. Maybe they are still a bit high from two successive promotions. The comments during and after the match seem to be one of shock and reality sinking in. I think Ainsworth is definitely going to have to get down in the mud and play ugly this season. I can't really see how else they will survive based on the quality of their players from yesterday's match. I was actually quite offended when one or two said "Blackburn are bang-average" or "decent". I fully agree with @Parsonblue when he states that we're playing some really nice stuff, and it's certainly easy on the eye. We just need to make sure that we don't have too many "shoulda woulda coulda" results like we did against Bournemouth and Nuke.

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