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  1. Beta Ray Bill


    Rather a pleasant evening.
  2. Beta Ray Bill


    On 14th March I sent a message to a mate in Dubai that I predicted that me and his Dad (who lives in Scunthorpe) would witness our promotion at Doncaster. He thought it would go to Charlton and sorted flights Friday - Sunday. Yesterday he gambled on Tuesday being the day and at considerable expense has changed his UK bound flight. He couldn't be happier at spending a small fortune. 😁
  3. Beta Ray Bill

    Premier League Stuff

    Having just seen Huddersfield's equaliser at Brighton, I think Shane Duffy must be wanting a change of club again. That back pass was almost up their with his efforts for us.
  4. Beta Ray Bill

    Rovers v Southend

    Doesn't seem two minutes since the train trip back from Southend and you couldn't give a beer away. 😎 Who'd have thought on that warm August afternoon the return fixture would see us at the top of the league?
  5. Beta Ray Bill

    Gillingham away 17.3.18

    Been a lovely day down here in Rochester today. Hard to imagine how much the forecast is to change overnight. After the rearrangement of the Peterborough match and Chapman's injury, I wouldn't be surprised if the match is called off. Would really top off the great news.
  6. Beta Ray Bill

    Peterborough Home

    Three less season ticket holders not going with my parents being on holiday and me at a works conference. Oh and a friend and her two kids were planning on going too. Thursday night is ridiculous.
  7. Beta Ray Bill

    Cheap Ticket Games

    Wigan at home on the Sunday. £10 a ticket in Darwen End. Get more Rovers fans there than Pie eaters. £20 in rest of the ground. And a £10 off voucher for another match.
  8. Beta Ray Bill

    Fleetwood tickets

    Didn't we sell out Arsenal away in the cup in 2000 within 2 days as we only won a replay with Bolton on the Wednesday night before the trip to Highbury on the Saturday.
  9. Beta Ray Bill

    Fleetwood tickets

    Seating had sold out by 1200.
  10. Beta Ray Bill

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Correct. After the Fulham away match, I was sat eating a curry in Hammersmith with friends who had just seen their team go 10 straight wins and they had far more confidence in Rovers to come good than most Rovers fans. We then went on an eight match unbeaten run (W7 D1) until beaten at home by a team that prior to the match were 11 positions and 15 points behind us, namely... Gillingham!
  11. Beta Ray Bill

    Mowbray stays as manager

    Here's an interesting one... P10 W3 D3 L4 pts 12 pos 15th Anyone want to guess the season? (extra clue... we were 18 points behind the league leaders)
  12. Beta Ray Bill

    Car parking at Ewood

    Cheers everyone. Might out for car park B. even if we have to wait a bit and then go back to Chorley before I had over the Pennines, might be worthwhile. Al, I think you might sit quite close to me inn the JW Upper towards the Darwen End?
  13. Beta Ray Bill

    Car parking at Ewood

    Just a quick question, does anyone park at Ewood on a match day? How quick is exit out of car parks F and B? I realise it will depend on attendance but just a general vibe. Depending on mood and who I'm with, I usually go to Branch Road or Albion Mills but thinking of somewhere a lot closer to cut down on the walk for my mum.
  14. Beta Ray Bill

    Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    Well at least my hotel was effectively free. ☹
  15. Beta Ray Bill

    Previous Game: Brentford v Rovers. 7th May

    Called in the Griffin pub last night (opens at 1000 this morning if anyone is down) and at one point a local said "Blackburn are 3-1 up". Obviously he corrected himself to "Blackpool" but raised a laugh from all nearby, especially after a Rovers fan chirped up "and we'll end up losing 4-3". But I've taken this (the original comment) as a omen and done a Mercer. 18/1 for a 3-1 Rovers win.

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