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  1. rebelmswar

    Music Association Game

    Harry Nilsson - Yellow Man
  2. You're not the only cherry delight that was left in the night

  3. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Thanks so much, good to still be heard. That man is my hero, ever since "Frank" That looks badass
  4. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Thanks man Is that a porn from Texas?
  5. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    I want a pet raptor, I would call it Hank and we would go for walks in Ashville.
  6. Who'd of thunk it that a marine was worried about a squid?

  7. Kisses to you snookums

  8. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    I know Pepsi means Pepsi and that there is a hideous dish involving rotten fish and lye.
  9. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    The later is what I came away with, I felt it was a double dose of vampirism and made me feel very bad for the duped boy.
  10. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    I agree. Welcome back to the land of the undead Hammer Productions. What angle did you take from the movie in regards to the relationship? My view seems to contrast hugely from how others view the relationship.
  11. Don't read the book then. Matheson did a fantastic job with that relationship, in my opinion. The whole title is more understandable and more apt in my opinion in the book as opposed to the film. I had such hope for it until I heard who would star in it and then saw the poster. "The Last Man on Earth" (1964) staring the quite brilliant Vincent Price was a far, far, better movie adaptation, while still being grossly inaccurate to the book.
  12. Have you read "I am Legend?" if you had you would have probably leapt toward the screen like the Gremlins did at the end the classic that bears their name.
  13. I miss you, my little pink friend.

  14. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Should be on your list Nelsta. I have to give it to Arrow, they certainly can deliver and outstanding movie cover.
  15. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    The scissor part had me in tatters and I'm not a woman. Haven't seen rec but I'll give it a spin. I too highly recommend Trick R' Treat, laughed hard and long at the last story. Was my second horror Blu-ray purchase, Army of Darkness was my first.
  16. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    I can't believe that they allowed that on Sky uncut.
  17. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Tom, I don't know if psychological terror is your cup of tea but "Antichrist" is the most disturbing movie I have seen in a long time. If you have a region free blu-ray player the Criterion Collection blu-ray is outstanding. Be warned though, not at all suitable for anyone who can be offended. Cheers. Out of print on DVD so its ridiculously expensive
  18. rebelmswar

    RIP Ronnie Clayton

    Could do we someone with half of his drive and desire.
  19. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    I will have to pick that up and give it a go. Just watched "Alligator" (1980) and "Christmas Evil" (1980) I am on a trip through the year 1980 for a book I am doing. I was utterly surprised about these two, "Alligator" was wonderful action/horror cheese and "Christmas Evil" was a class act in terms of psychological disturbance. I so thought that "Christmas Evil" was going to be utter crap, but was not, by any stretch. Next on the slate is "Cannibal Apocalypse" (1980) and "Altered States"(1980)
  20. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    The new transfer of Pulp Fiction is outstanding, very crisp and the sounds are great. Tarantino personally sat and supervised every aspect of it, and he did it very well. Lucas can now kiss my rump, bloody "Nooooooooooo" should have left him silent, it made it seem that he was more hard pressed with the decision. And as for the way they have changed Obi Wans scream when scaring away the Sandpeople...
  21. Is that all of them or just the first?
  22. Finished "Choke" by Chuck Palahniuk... laughed my ass off and was disturbed at the same time. If you have ever wanted a glimpse into the world of a sex addict who likes to pretend he is chocking in restaurants so someone will love him, have at it. and "Stir of Echoes" by by Richard Matheson. I would feel rather more for the main character if he were not such a soppy tool. Good book though and didn't see the end coming, well I kind of did, but not quite like that. Oh, it also does not matter if you have seen the slightly rancid movie, as it is nothing like it. Much like the abortion of "I am Legend"
  23. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Reminds me, must get The Howling.
  24. rebelmswar

    Movie Discussion

    Watched "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" tonight. Forgot how fantastic it was. Looking to find "The Stuff" another solid horror comedy. I blame watching Troll 2 for getting me on this idiot horror train.

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