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  1. OK I got this today from the Electoral Commission Chris I recently called you regarding setting up a party to stand a candidate in the upcoming UK General Election. We discussed that it would be very unlikely that you would be able to register a political party for the election as the deadline to do so was 9 May 2017. I would encourage you to consider standing as an independent in the election. If your candidate ran as an independent they could campaign on the issue that you raised in your email. You asked what the spending limit would be and I advised you to talk to the local authority who could give you an accurate count of the electors and the spending limit for the constituency that your candidate wants to stand in. Please do contact me if you have any further questions. Craig Wakeford Senior Adviser – Registration It takes 30 working days to process a party registration to allow for public consultation. Deadline for party registration is May 9. So we are out of time. However we CAN run as Independent and say anything we want under #VenkysOut as a campaign subject. So up to you now. Run or not to Run. Deadline May 11.
  2. Hi Dunnfc. Are you on the WhatsApp>? And would you help with the campaign? Am thinking specifically about compliance with electoral law and spending. We will need campaign officer – who will be responsible for your party’scompliance with the financial rules for campaignexpenditure instead of the treasurer. They cannot also bethe treasurer. If you pm me i will send you an email and we can correspond
  3. Candidate deadline is 11 May. The Rovers top boys and girls are working to this deadline. Work through this forum to communicate with them.
  4. A group of concerned supporters have set the wheels in motion to form the #VenkysOutParty. We plan to stand for the Blackburn parliamentary seat in the upcoming General Election. Essentially a single issue party, our aim is to have an elected member who can lobby for change in the governance of Football, and attempt to safeguard Blackburn Rovers FC for years to come. Arguably, there is no bigger local issue than the state of our proud town's club. Rovers is hugely important socially, economically, and culturally to the people of Blackburn. We have been let down thus far, by every individual, group or governing body trusted to ensure our football club continues to thrive. We need to, and we will, fight back. In a time when global disillusionment with the political establishment is at an all time high, this is the greatest opportunity ever to use a protest vote that could actually make a material difference. The running of the country will be contested by the major parties, to whom our town and its football club are insignificant. We now have a unique chance to assert some real influence and pressure, by electing not a career politician, one motivated by self gratification and fulfilment of their own ambition, but a supporter who bleeds Blackburn, Blue and White. It is early days or far. But a group of committed fans are already working to make this work. We need your help. Now. Ideas and support would be gratefully received. We have an unofficial slate of 5 candidates who will be approached. Ideas and nominations welcome. Over to you BRFCS. Arte Et Labore.
  5. Hello, Rovers. I am following this thread with interest. I can help. I work for a large advertising agency with offices in India, and every major market in Asia and EMEA.. We spend tens of millions in India and across Europe. Press and Outdoor (billboards), digital, social media, for some of the world's biggest brands. I need to keep the personal and professional thing separate but will definitely be able to help with logistics in India and in the UK. So pricing, delivery, making sure it happens etc. I know people personally at Times of India for instance as we buy off them regularly. Madon can you pm me, and put me in touch with anyone who needs help on this? Please do not publish this outside of this forum I have to be discreet. My personal email is iamarover@gmail.com. Let's make a media storm, people. Globally. We need a little team and I can help sort the implementation. I have a plan for London press too.... Whoever is leading this please get in touch and I will get a couple of people in the ad industry involved. There are a couple of Roverites out there. And plenty of footy family fans willing to help. Cheers. Come The Revolution.
  6. iamarover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/manchester-united-coach-warren-joyce-10787378 The MEN wss pushing Joyce as a better alternative than Giggs in January. Which is encouraging. Had experience of Royal Antwerp, a kind of nursery club for United. Perhaps Venkys vision is us as a United feeder club
  7. Oddschecker have him between 14 and 25-1. Moyes is 1/3. So not yet if at all.
  8. iamarover

    [Archived] Next Manager

    The only possible chink of light in the spiral of horror of recent years is this; surely no manager of any calibre would come without investment assurances. It is just possible Venkys might gamble on bringing the club out of FFP for about £5m and then hoping that a £20m investment might bring the £200m bonanza that is the premier league. Probably not. Another no hoper with a Don Mackay size budget is the likeliest, but Lambert plus a transfer kitty is the only faint star on the horizon.
  9. iamarover

    [Archived] Rovers Under Venky's

    fair enough. I am certain though that something is rotten in the State of Denmark.
  10. iamarover

    [Archived] Rovers Under Venky's

    I know I am getting boring on this, but this P&L has be wrongly constructed. I do not believe Rovers are losing money. Or at least they wouldn't be if Venkys were not, in my opinion, loading the club with cost from India to keep their share price high. This would be a daft idea if Venkys were billionaires. They are not. The figures below are revealing. I Crore is about £100k. The profit for the most recent quarter are therefore about £2.25m. Or £10m annually. Rovers are a chess pit for dirty money. http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/results/venkys-standalone-jun-15-sales-at-rs-55828-crore_2588021.html Sales are vast but margins are tiny. We have more people on the books than 10 years ago and, Rhodes excepted, no major earners. It is only a theory but it is the only credible one that explains their incredible behaviour.
  11. iamarover

    [Archived] Why Are Venkys Here?

    That is exactly the point. I don't believe the £31m wage bill is all Rovers staff. It just can't be. The players are paid £16m. There has to be outside interference so to speak.
  12. iamarover

    [Archived] Why Are Venkys Here?

    We have a choice as club on the first. But not the second. My point is that if they are using the club to fatten their own P&L they are hobbling what is in fact a financially sound football club. No Venkys no FPP and an ability to invest the £20 from Rhodes and Gestede in some proper players. My second point is that if Venkys see us as a financial dustbin rather than a club they support, then we really are finished.
  13. This trashy web site doesn't feel far off in terms of salaries at the Rovers. http://www.celebritiesmoney.com/blackburn-rovers-salaries-list/ What looks interesting, though, is that the total salary bill listed is £16.1m for the season. The accounts sthough report a whopping £31m salaries distributed to a scarcely believable 262 people at the club. 262? Really? And what exactly are these people doing? If the web site is right, why would the players represent only half the salary bill at a football club? The LT has those figures here in case you missed them. 262 ..hmmmm. http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/sport/13492881.Venky___s_remain_committed_to_Blackburn_Rovers_despite___35_6m_annual_loss/ Let's assume the £16m wage bill is right. Add on the £5m transfer/loan bill. And let's assume the 23 non playing staff listed on the web site - including the kit man - is correct. Then I would assume you are pretty close to the £24m turnover. On those figures Rovers broke even last year as an operating club - but not as a London Venkys Company. Is there something in this? Let's test this theory further based on activity this summer. With an £8m drop in revenue forecast, the departure of King, Cairney and impending losses of Rhodes and Gestede co incidentally amount to just over £7m in wages. In other words, they are acting just as a prudent club should. The predicted £20m transfer fees for our two forwards would cover replacements you would hope, so on this calculation we are good for this year and next, possibly operating with a small operating surplus. But why would Venkys overstate the club's losses?. Could it be that Venkys are simply dumping cost - and employees - into Rovers to ensure their own balance sheet analysed on the Indian Stock Exchange figures look better than they actually are? That would support share price and the dividends they pay themselves. And effectively allow them to pay themselves via a loss making London club in a tax advantaged way. Or so it could be alleged. The £28m ostensibly 'pumped in' to the Rovers may actually be a gift of a whole load of employees who contribute nothing to the football club, but everything in terms of an Indian plc share price. it is the only theory I can think of which is a sensible explanation as to why Indian owners with no physical or even emotional connection to either the game or to our club, would continue to support it. If this is true, then Venkys do have an exit. At some point Venky's 'write off' the losses which were incurred in India and not in Blackburn. They then sell a club that is now break even with no effective debt, (which it is now on these figures), and walk away at a profit generated by tax friendly salaries and a higher than expected share price in Mumbai. The timing would only be when the need to support the share price no longer exists. Which may be never but may be soon. A quick look at the Venkys 3 year share price here http://profit.ndtv.com/stock/venkys-_venkeys/chart shows three spikes in July 13, July 14 and now July 15. At just the time Rovers balance sheet is washed, sorry, released. A coincidence I am sure Perhaps those celebrity web sites are not so trashy after all.
  14. The attached photo is from the LET in the late 40s or 50s. My Grandad is in there with my great uncle. I am trying to find out the date. A few clues: It looks like v PNE who were with Rovers in the Second Division 1948 - 50. and the First Division from 1958. And the Riverside stand looks in development/shut...... am desperately trying to date it for the son of my Great Uncle. Any help much appreciated. A great photo. Check out the nippers at the front, one playing conkers. And there are servicemen in the crowd (who apparently got in free according to my Dad.
  15. iamarover

    [Archived] Season Tickets 2013/14

    I think Venky's are getting twitchy about their own finance and looking outside for help. Which seems like it is slow coming. The financial meltdown predicted by Philip amongst others could be looming. Or they have deeper pockets than anyone thought

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