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  1. rovers1993

    Joe Rothwell

    Another great performance today! what a find!
  2. rovers1993

    Thursday deadline.

    shares are assets, they can easily get a loan against the huge increase in share value. Venky's wealth has increased ALOT this past year. Time they fix their own mistakes.
  3. rovers1993

    Thursday deadline.

    Jeez, A simple math error. Calm down. My point is that they have generated a huge amount of wealth the past year. They do have an option to cash out a bit and fix their mistakes.
  4. rovers1993

    Thursday deadline.

    I would like to point out that Venkys share price has ROCKETED up. It was 400 rupees per share during the 16-17 close season. It is now 4000 rupees per share. 900% increase. They have made a huge amount of money in the past year. Now let's see if they are willing to part with 10-20m. It is feasible for them at the moment. EDIT - Math error /
  5. rovers1993

    Doncaster Rovers 24th March

    haven't posted in nearly 3 years, dam, come on you rovers! haven't been this excited for a game in a long long long while!
  6. rovers1993

    Next Manager

    Come on Venkys. Give me a good birthday present today! Give me Lambert!
  7. wait wait wait.... what position and how many points do we actually have? on most websites, including BBC and Rovers.co.uk, we have 43 points and we're 9th. 4 points off a playoff spot after playing 30 games. HOWEVER! I pretty sure that before the game we had 37 points. how come we have an extra 3 points? Even Soccerway has us in 13th with 40 points.
  8. rovers1993

    Crystal Palace Preview

    P.S didn't realize the mods changed the word 'F-C-U-K' to Kean. Brilliant!
  9. rovers1993

    Crystal Palace Preview

    pedersen, murphy and etuhu needs to get the Kean out. what the hell are they doing? they are premiership footballer getting PUMMELED by championship players!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!
  10. rovers1993

    Crystal Palace Preview

    working now thanks! seem we still can't get hold of the ball. don't get it. we have a premiership midfield pairing so why can't we control games?
  11. rovers1993

    Crystal Palace Preview

    anyone's radio rovers working? seems like it isnt up yet.
  12. rovers1993

    Henning Berg - Rovers Manager

    Just saw the radio rovers interview and the press conference one. Thought Henning presented himself really well. Reminded me a lot of Mark Hughes. Had a slight giggle when Shebby was making jokes in the press conference about Henning's third come back and how Henning just kinda pushed it aside and went straight back into topic. He seems confident but more importantly, seems like he is his own man and won't be pushed around. straight into the business end with no disguise or sweet talk.
  13. rovers1993

    Derby County v Blackburn Rovers Review

    we're not going up this season. not a chance. all down to venkys and their dithering over the new manager... ffs!
  14. rovers1993

    Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    That's the difference between a good manager and an excellent manager.... being able to adapt your game-plan on the spot. Mourinho changes his team's set up within the first 30 minutes when he knows it isn't working. Kean = Horrible manager, can't set up the team and can't change anything. Black = Decent manager, seems to be able to set up the team better with more organisation but is not able to out think the oppositions manager.
  15. rovers1993

    Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Crowds seem so so loud on the radio! come on rovers!

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