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  1. Brexit Thread

    Of course it is - You don't have to take the cheapest quote when tendered - It's all about best value otherwise you'd end up with nothing but the cheapest garbage offered - The myth that the EU prevents us picking local services is exactly that, a myth.
  2. Brexit Thread

    I've never understood why it's seen to be good for Government to outsource services offshore. Yes the headline cost is less than if a home based company wins the bid, but this doesn't include the loss of tax revenue. A private company doesn't care about this, for them the bottom line is the bottom line but for a public department funded out of taxes, then surely the tax hit must be considered in the overall cost. So any bid by a local company should have, at least, an inbuilt 15% advantage over any foreign competitor to take into account the lost tax revenue, or the country is being sold short.
  3. Have a look on http://ridewithgps.com You should be able to find a few routes near you - Also seriously think about joining a club - It's the best thing I ever did, it allows me to ride with people who are at the same level as me on much longer rides than I ever would if I was out by myself. My club, Penge, has 7 rides ranging from 25 miles @ 10mph up to 55@17mph every Sunday plus we do extended rides for Audax and Sportive training as required
  4. Brexit Thread

    And the latest news is that the EU is growing at it's fastest rate for 10 years, the GDP growth is at 2.8% for the 28 countries, given that we are growing at 1.6% and are a significant portion of the overall total then the growth rate of the remaining 27 countries must be significantly higher - Thank God we will no longer be shackled to this failing enterprise. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43055887
  5. Brexit Thread

    Ah, so their forecasted recession never happened in one report, therefor all reports are wrong. The recession may not have happened but that is down to the global economic recovery which resulted in the EU economies steam on ahead of the UK. And the UK going from the best performing economy in the G7, pre-Brexit vote to the worst. If this recovery hadn't happened the UK economy would have been pushed into recession.
  6. Brexit Thread

    Well - You could always show us the Government report that forecasts an increase in GDP post Brexit - There must be one, surely? Or is it that there haven't been any reports apart from the leaked one last week because all forecasts are pointing out that at best GDP will be down 2% for Brexit lite and 8% down for the swivel eyed version of it and May and her cronies are supressing them to prevent the bad news getting out ?
  7. Countryside - Murdering Piers Morgan - Not mine obv's, but a gem from SIHAC
  8. Brexit Thread

    Yep - Essentially it says that NI remains aligned with the single market and a member of the customs union, and with no border between NI and the mainland then we also remain in the single market and in the customs union, and even better than this it also states if negotiations fail then we remain a member of the single market and customs union - What exactly were the leavers voting for ???? https://ec.europa.eu/commission/sites/beta-political/files/joint_report.pdf - Outlined in paragraphs 49 and 50 It's an absolute farce
  9. Not only that, but the closure of Remploy, a system that allowed the dignity of work to disabled people, was a disgrace. - It was a major welfare-to-work provider, delivering a range of contracts and employment programmes, for people with substantial barriers to work. Between 2009 and 2014, it found 100,000 jobs for disabled people.
  10. Brexit Thread

    Your posts regarding same sex marriage and the hordes of eastern Europeans criminals, terrorizing little old ladies pretty much shows that you don't like gays or foreigners.
  11. Brexit Thread

    And that's why you are blinkered by your racist and homophobic views, you are unwilling to look at any information that counters that viewpoint
  12. Brexit Thread

    You think that that site is run by laywers ? Looks to me like a single issue sounding board run by UKIP whereas Full Fact is Independent and Impartial - "We don't take sides in any debate and don't support any political party or campaign. We've been quoted by politicians on all sides and corrected people on all sides. We have a cross-party Board of Trustees and safeguards in place at every level of our organisation to ensure our neutrality."
  13. Brexit Thread

    Here's a little less biased resource for you to look at - https://fullfact.org/europe/was-eu-referendum-advisory/ Conclusion: The referendum wasn’t legally binding, but there’s plenty of scope for argument about whether politicians should feel obliged to implement the result anyway.
  14. Brexit Thread

    They are running scared - If it was such a positive thing they'd have published straight away, but it's such a balls up they have to be dishonest to try and force it through. You've got to wonder what dirt the real power brokers in this have over the Tories to force them to push ahead in trying to bankrupt the country. May, Davies, and Fox in flagrante ?
  15. Brexit Thread

    Nice piece in The Guardian (Link) where arch Brexiteer John Redwood, is found to be encouraging investors to move their investments out of Britain in a recent FT article - Quote below "In it Redwood severely criticises the Bank of England – Britain’s central bank – for raising interest rates and refusing to create yet more money. Redwood goes on for nearly 1,200 words, and even in that vast space there is not even one mention of the word “Brexit”. Heaven forfend that Redwood give a straight summary of how the decision to raise interest rates is, at least in part, caused by Brexit and the inept way it continues to be handled. As a proud neoliberal Redwood must be very happy that Britain’s central bank is independent. Yet he continues to undermine its authority by spreading malicious propaganda. With friends like Redwood, who in the neoliberal camp needs enemies?" "It gets worse though. In his FT piece Redwood encourages investors to take their money out of Britain and put it elsewhere. You read that right. The same man who will not let one day pass without emphasising how well Britain is going to do out of Brexit is at the same time talking down the markets and encouraging capital flight. To call this bizarre might be too generous. Still, that’s what disaster capitalists do. One of the most important “thinktanks” behind the Brexit propaganda machine is the Legatum Institute. It is a fountainhead of false predictions, delusional thinking and empty promises. Its funding comes from a Dubai-based private investment group backed by a New Zealander who, in the words of a recent Times article, allegedly made his money by “exploiting trading opportunities created by extreme political disruption”." Is this a deliberate ploy to manipulate the gullible into destroying the British economy by voting for Brexit, just so some venture capitalists can come along and grab some fire sale bargains when it all falls apart ?