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  1. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    This is looking more and more like a hijack attempt to bypass the Commons and force a hard Brexit - Crispin Blunt is effectively saying so, on the Beeb this morning
  2. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Made me smile - https://www.standard.co.uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/andy-serkis-theresa-may-spoof-watch-gollum-actor-troll-pm-and-brexit-deal-with-lord-of-the-rings-a4013291.html
  3. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Yebbut they aren't even taking advantage of the shambles the Tories have created, a half decent opposition would have walked all over May and her government but they are so pathetic that they can only just manage level pegging in the polls, this against the weakest Tory government in decades. We have the unelectable in Corbyn, the unforgivable in the Lib Dems, there isn't anywhere to go with your vote in opposition
  4. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    He isn't my mate - If I had my way he'd be in jail with the rest of them for the 2nd Gulf War, and I have no respect for the whole Momentum led Labour leadership, I despise Corbyn, Watson, McDonnell and Abbot, so don't lump me in with that lot.
  5. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    The Brexit fiasco isn't the sole responsibility of the Tories , If Corbyn wasn't as ideologically wedded to leaving the EU as much as the Tory Right are, we wouldn't be in this mess. Unfortunately we have a shambolic government and even more disastrously a shambolic opposition which have allowed this mess to develop.
  6. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Are you trying to tell me that this absolute clusterfuck is not down to the pathetic attempt by pig botherer Cameron to appease the right wing nutjobs of his party followed by the total lack of any plan by the idiots left in this mess, once he'd had it off on his toes, is all a cunning ploy by the EU to strip the UK of it's veto. I do think this is all very welcome news given it was the UK government that tried to block this court action and not the EU.
  7. It's not fake news by the media it's abysmal reporting of the facts by the authorities that should know better. The media just pass on what they have been told.
  8. Jimbo


    It's not safe - The haven't played at home since the Sri Lankan attack in 2009 in, Lahore
  9. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    30% and a frozen pension will bite hard. If you don't have residency, then your right to stay may well be compromised as well, there are loads of Brits on the continent that don't have residency, but still own property - They are looking at 180 day or 90 day stay limits depending on how things pan out, plus all kinds of issues regarding property ownership, plus if the worst happens then a property price crash in the main Brit expat haunts could be a financial disaster for them.
  10. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    For pensioners it's massive, currently your pension is exactly the same as the UK pension and is index linked, but if you retire to a non-EU country your pension is frozen at the rate you are paid when you left the country. - So retire to Spain and get gradually poorer. Also Reciprocal health care - If that ends with no deal then you are looking at massive health insurance costs https://www.moneyobserver.com/our-analysis/how-will-brexit-affect-expats
  11. Jimbo


    I've seen the Parkers Arms is getting a lot of good reviews in the press - anyone been there lately ?
  12. Jimbo


    I don't know about Blackburn, Mill Hill seemed clear of them when I was there the other week but I was in Leeds a couple of months back and the number of addicts in the town centre there was disturbing, I hadn't realised it was spice until I read an article on it and it described perfectly a slow-motion fight between two hobos that exactly mirrored one we had witnessed
  13. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    No, you're twisting things - What I said was there has been at least a 4.5p increase in the pump price of fuel directly attributable to Brexit, what you are saying is Brexit has had no effect. I never insisted other factors don't have an affect on pump prices, just that Brexit has already cost me money directly.
  14. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    And you're making assumptions that the historically benevolent Oil companies have not passed on a 15% increase in the price of Oil - I fully expect them to - From the PDF linked here http://www.ukpia.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/ukpia-briefing-paper-understanding-pump-prices-2017.pdf "Historically, crude prices have worked through to product prices and, as an indication, a $2 per barrel change in the price of crude oil has, on average, translated to approximately 1p per litre in the pump price, at a constant $/£ exchange rate." On a 15% increase in Barrel price @ $60 because of exchange rate fluctuations, would give a 4.5p increase Now I can't see that change because I don't have the technical expertise to sift the data from all the other noise associated with the pump price of petrol, but I'm sure you can offer evidence that disproves me.
  15. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Petrol prices are affected by Brexit - It's not the only factor, but it is a factor. It is undeniable that the weakness in the Pound against the US Dollar caused by Brexit affects the price of oil which is priced in Dollars. You obviously don't know when your are wrong, only when you are right, which seems to be a common fallacy among the Brexiteers !

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