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  1. Jimbo


    It's not safe - The haven't played at home since the Sri Lankan attack in 2009 in, Lahore
  2. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    30% and a frozen pension will bite hard. If you don't have residency, then your right to stay may well be compromised as well, there are loads of Brits on the continent that don't have residency, but still own property - They are looking at 180 day or 90 day stay limits depending on how things pan out, plus all kinds of issues regarding property ownership, plus if the worst happens then a property price crash in the main Brit expat haunts could be a financial disaster for them.
  3. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    For pensioners it's massive, currently your pension is exactly the same as the UK pension and is index linked, but if you retire to a non-EU country your pension is frozen at the rate you are paid when you left the country. - So retire to Spain and get gradually poorer. Also Reciprocal health care - If that ends with no deal then you are looking at massive health insurance costs https://www.moneyobserver.com/our-analysis/how-will-brexit-affect-expats
  4. Jimbo


    I've seen the Parkers Arms is getting a lot of good reviews in the press - anyone been there lately ?
  5. Jimbo


    I don't know about Blackburn, Mill Hill seemed clear of them when I was there the other week but I was in Leeds a couple of months back and the number of addicts in the town centre there was disturbing, I hadn't realised it was spice until I read an article on it and it described perfectly a slow-motion fight between two hobos that exactly mirrored one we had witnessed
  6. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    No, you're twisting things - What I said was there has been at least a 4.5p increase in the pump price of fuel directly attributable to Brexit, what you are saying is Brexit has had no effect. I never insisted other factors don't have an affect on pump prices, just that Brexit has already cost me money directly.
  7. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    And you're making assumptions that the historically benevolent Oil companies have not passed on a 15% increase in the price of Oil - I fully expect them to - From the PDF linked here http://www.ukpia.com/docs/default-source/default-document-library/ukpia-briefing-paper-understanding-pump-prices-2017.pdf "Historically, crude prices have worked through to product prices and, as an indication, a $2 per barrel change in the price of crude oil has, on average, translated to approximately 1p per litre in the pump price, at a constant $/£ exchange rate." On a 15% increase in Barrel price @ $60 because of exchange rate fluctuations, would give a 4.5p increase Now I can't see that change because I don't have the technical expertise to sift the data from all the other noise associated with the pump price of petrol, but I'm sure you can offer evidence that disproves me.
  8. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Petrol prices are affected by Brexit - It's not the only factor, but it is a factor. It is undeniable that the weakness in the Pound against the US Dollar caused by Brexit affects the price of oil which is priced in Dollars. You obviously don't know when your are wrong, only when you are right, which seems to be a common fallacy among the Brexiteers !
  9. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Yes sorry I overstated the 20% that was for the most of 2017 post Brexit Vote,, today we're only 15% down - You are correct there are may factors affecting the price of Petrol and a 15% drop in the value of sterling is one of them - Caused by Brexit - trying to correlate today's price on what Sterling is doing today is never going to happen, today's oil was bought 6 months ago
  10. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    There are other factors that affect the spot price of oil, in this case the ramping back of production by the Saudi's - but the underlying argument is we are paying 20% more for petrol that we need to because of the crash in Sterling. Oil is priced in $ and the £ is over 20% weaker against the $ because of Brexit, Our GDP is the 2nd worst in the whole of the Eurozone, because of Brexit, The Euro exchange rate is the weakest it has been since the 2008 banking crisis, because of Brexit - Stick your head in the sand all you want, but we are screwed economically, because of Brexit
  11. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    How can anyone still think Brexit is a good idea? they are stockpiling food and medicine in case of a hard Brexit clogging up the ports, stockpiling food and medicine FFS, we haven't done that since the height of the cold war.
  12. Ah yes ! The old tell everyone it was me so I can take the credit gambit “I give President Trump huge credit for bringing about the inter-Korean talks, and I’d like to thank him for that,” Moon said at a New Year’s news conference in Seoul. It turned out that Trump had asked Moon to credit him publicly for creating the environment for the talks, people familiar with the conversation told The Washington Post at the time.
  13. Care to enlighten us how the orange f*kwit has brought about world peace ? Others think differently to his outrageous claims that it was him - all him! "Remember presidential candidate Donald Trump’s secret plan to defeat the Islamic State? And his boast that he knew more than the generals did about the Islamic State (thus implying he’d replace them once in office)? More campaign rhetoric crashing on the rocks of reality: The Trump administration just endorsed the core elements of former President Barack Obama’s counter-Islamic State plan, and Trump has decided that Obama’s generals weren’t so bad, either." Claim: Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agree the US President deserves credit for peace talks with North Korea.   Verdict: Only the historical record will reveal what influenced these talks, but evidence suggests it was the South Koreans who encouraged dialogue with the North, along with pressure from Chinese enforced sanctions.
  14. Jimbo


    Is there a Strava route or a Ride with GPS one showing the Weavers wheel ? I might bring my bike up next time to give it a go - Bad form - I actully had a look and found it Weavers Wheel Link
  15. Jimbo

    Brexit Thread

    Of course it is - You don't have to take the cheapest quote when tendered - It's all about best value otherwise you'd end up with nothing but the cheapest garbage offered - The myth that the EU prevents us picking local services is exactly that, a myth.

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