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  1. Hi all, I know it's been a while, I was hoping someone could advise me I'm looking for an audio or video link to an evening with Colin Hendry unfortunately on the I came down with a severe stomach bug & I missed it if anyone has any info that would be great & Is the evening with Tony Mowbray at Ewood available on Ifollow Rovers? Thanks for all help Savio
  2. Hi all, I know it's been a while sorry. I was hoping someone could advise me I am in the process of collecting some items of the above legend I was wondering does anyone have any video/dvd footage of games with Simon Garner especially interested in the game he scored a hatrick against the Dingles does anyone have or know where I might be able to get hold of some footage of his goals have looked on youtube & surprisingly there is very little footage any ideas on the above player will be gratefully appreciated Thanks Savio.
  3. Excellent podcast I'm famous now such a good man Alan could do with him here now would rather have him than lip service MC! by the way I still have the teapot! 😀
  4. Just listened to this excellent podcast well done Linz you've done an amazing job raising money for Megan & for such an amazing cause I hope all the events raise enough so that they can conduct more research into a horrible disease in children and hopefully one day find a cure. Keep up the good work Linz keep them coming Kamy with these really enjoyable listen!
  5. Michael this is not entirely true I agree Kate Hollern MP has worked tirelessly to get meetings with Venkys even Jake Berry & Graham Jones have both done well 2 get the issue of Venkys raised in Parliament but Tim Farron of the Lib Dems has been an utter disgrace I asked him to raise the issue keep it trending got no reply from him he has been utterly useless instead focusing on trying to go against the electorate & reverse the result of the referendum which he has no chance so all but 1 politician has done all they can in Parliament!
  6. Brfcrule1

    Carabao Cup

    Yeah we do Matty thanks to "the shame of India"
  7. Well done lads excellent podcast really enjoyed listening I hope we have more of these!
  8. Hopefully all the Venkys who attend choke on the poisoned chicken
  9. Brfcrule1

    [Archived] Retained List

    JH does this mean my main man Charlie Mulgrew is staying put & have they offered God himself a new contract?
  10. Brfcrule1

    [Archived] #findpasha

    Gumboots well remembered it was Karen Silk the finance director who worked here but that is not the worse of it I suspect Venkys have lied to many people about a whole range of things including Suhail as in a previous fans forum meeting looking at the mins it was stated Suhail had a work permit to work here so I suspect Venkys have lied to the staff at Ewood about a lot!
  11. Oh good he can also answer my very important question he promised the LT would ask Venkys to leave if we were relegated time to make good on that promise!
  12. Josh I can promise you my language to him will be very colourful see you all down there
  13. Brfcrule1

    [Archived] Bayes, Seneca and Nixon interview

    Thanks for clarity dunnfc all I can say on the matter what a bunch of negligent Indian swines I hope these people choke on their own chicken utter disgrace "The shame of India"

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