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  1. Yes he should be Yep all sorted Agree Graham is staying. He said this after the last game of last season I think we play 4-2-3-1/4-4-1-1 formation. But we need a plan B which could 4-4-2 or 3-5-2.
  2. Was told last week by a Rovers fan on twitter called Sam Lord. Look at my twitter or his page and you will see We need a squad not just 11 players..its going to long hard tough season but hopefully we will get promotion this season
  3. well we did sign him didn't we? maybe I know more than you think Probably too costly and we signed Dack and Gladwin for what he would have cost to buy Maybe QPR don't want the fee in the public First team training only started back today so unless a couple of first team players were training early and Mansell joined that I don't know no thanks Emnes Gladwin could play as part of centre midfield 2 or in an attacking role either wide or number 10. I remember scoring lots of goals for Swindon couple of years ago
  4. Yes a right mess. no manager in place with first team coach Robbie Stockdale to take the training starting tomorrow until further notice. Takeover taking ages, Chief scout resigning today and a number of managers turning the job down
  5. Good signing at this level Should score goals at this level
  6. Firstly, Gladwin set to sign tomorrow. How do I know cos 3 different people have told me the same info. Supposedly we are closing in a right back. Yes I agree we need a couple of strikers and pacey winger. 6 or 7 signings before the start of the season? We signed 3, 1 more set to sign tomorrow. Hopefully.a full back in aswell. Thats 5. Need the strikers and pacey winger in. Hopefully this can be done before the season starts. Influence from who? Hasnt Mowbray already said he is running the recruitment and in charge of it? He knew Smallwood from his Boro days.
  7. I disagree on Smallwood as he only 26. Whittingham gives you 2 years of value and a lot of experience. Yes we bid for Bostwick but we don't know what the bids were and at least we aren't over paying for players with 12 months left on contracts it appears that Mowbray is looking to build a squad of what you suggest above. Lets see what squad we got come September Whoever give Etuhu a 4 year contract should have been sacked asap. but we aren't giving playing 4 year contracts tho
  8. I did answer by saying I would like to see us employ a chairman or MD but Venkys appears not to want that. Its looks like they split the club into 2 with Mowbray running the football side of the club and Cheston/Coar the admin side of the club. I think Mowbray can get us promote this season cos he is signing players he wants and clearly have a recruitment plan in place. I believe Mowbray can get us promote even with the structure not being as we might want. Yes Lambert did say what he did cos he went through a similar thing at Villa. Clearly the owners have given Mowbray a budget and he working towards that. its appears Mowbray reports to Pune not Ewood Park., It is just opinion on Coar but I did notice he was more at games than Ive seen towards the season end and was very friendly with Pasha. Plus Coar being more involved would put the FL and FA at rest about any potential problems over the ownership possibly I wouldn't trust Cheston at all cos he comes across as a muppet. I think Coar has got more involved in running the club recently. just what I think but I have no evidence of this
  9. Promotion is the aim this season and that's what we should be planning for a promotion winning squad. Whiitingham and Smallwood can play Championship football. If we signed McMahon on 12 month contarct with a view to another 12 months if we are promote that would be sensible for that player age. But someone like Dack I would be looking at 3 or 4 year contract at least. Mowbray has already said that Venus is helping him with recruitment process. Also we have scouting department aswell to help, Training will be fitness base in the 1st week so Mowbray wouldn't need to be there all the time as Lowe and Fitness staff can do all that. Wonder if Robert Coar is helping running the club at the minute in a CEO type of role? Venkys don't think they need a Chairman or MD mostly during their tenure(I think we need a MD to work with Mowbray) as they deemed it not needed. From my point of view it looks like Mowbray runs the Football side of the club with Cheston/Coar running the admin side the club. w
  10. Mowbray has already said that Venus is helping him with recruitment process. Also we have scouting department aswell to help, Training will be fitness base in the 1st week so Mowbray wouldn't need to be there all the time as Lowe and Fitness staff can do all that. Wonder if Robert Coar is helping running the club at the minute in a CEO type of role?
  11. We signed 2 so far, and its appears that we are set to Dack and Gladwin this week so that would be 4. Plus linked with RB and striker. so if we got them then that would be 6 players. only need a couple more in then barring any sales but Hope we can but expect him to go Preston or someone like that I would expect 6 or 7 signings in by the 1st game of the season Thanks McMahon brings experience and can play either full back position and Mowbray knows him from his Boro days I think. Bostwick isn't being mixed up with Bostock as the Peterborough owner confirmed we made a bid but it was rejected. Recruitment looks poor? give it a rest lad for god's sake. Much better than last year and at least there is a proper recruitment plan in place and players being signed to fit the tactics unlike last season. Whittingham is experience, brings good passing and set pieces skills, scores goals. Smallwood is hard tackling midfielder. we look like we are bringing in Dack and Gladwin, both players who has scored goals at this level and performed aswell Exactly. Mowbray is running the recruitment side of the club and being left to do the work without any influence from anyone,
  12. Neville has left for his own reasons. I think he got something line up possibly in Rugby League as he is a big fan of it if look at Mowbray's comments when he announces the changes to the staff and him bring Mark Venus as number 2 and Lowe as first team coach, he talked about Lowe and what he liked about him Benson replace Coyle Gk coach of Phil Hughes when Coyle and his staff were sacked. Keeley left when Bowyer was sacked as Lambert brought in Batty as his GK coach. J*B, has mention that someone called Mark Bradley is coming in to join the fitness staff and possibly to be charge of the department Benson is a below par appointment? really? look at the work he done with Raya and Fisher and how much better Raya looks now compare to 2 seasons ago. so much improvement so Benson deserved some of the praise.
  13. still 9 weeks of the transfer window left yet. no need to panic just yet
  14. I would celebrate promotion like I did in when Souness got us promotion You could be in for a long wait and not seeing Blackburn Rovers play live for many years to come.
  15. it was Bristol rovers who bidded for him