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  2. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    I didnt defend the kick off time. Yesterday kick off time and other personal issues meant I couldnt attend.
  3. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    1. Most likely not. Some people who regular go to the games probably wont be attend. 2. Why not? Maybe some schools will take kids to watch the game.
  4. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Yes made some mistakes early in the season but still made 44 apps for club. Ive seen a few times of him
  5. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    Ive only talked about me. Not discuss other potential fans not being able to go
  6. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    Some kids will be off if its a staff training day like my daughter had yesterday. Yes ideal for me. The game yesterday kick off time and date meant I couldnt attend the game. Sadly thats life
  7. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Can you please tell us how you come to this opinion? But so was Bowen who Bell kept in his pocket same as the Polish guy who Bennett kept the same. You scout players over a period of time not 1 single game
  8. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    I will be attending the Burnley game. Its ideal as it falls on my week off. I still think they got 400 too 600 on.
  9. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U21s

    How did Rankin Costello play and where did he play?
  10. chaddyrovers

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    NO his first job is a defender. I would have show Smallwood the job aswell. Getting rid of Mulgrew should have happened in the early summer window. He isnt good enough defensively for me. His performance against Boro.at Home was pathetic and simply not good enough. We need 2 new centre backs in the summer and only got 1. We have the money in summer or the summer before to buy a defender of quality and we didnt. Mowbray to blame.. Same for the GK situation where we need an experience keeper ended up with Walton. Didnt we try for Martinez from Arsenal on loan according to someone on here.
  11. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    You mean Daniel Ayala dont you from Boro? Would be a good signing. Kingsley is available due to contract up in summer.. Pantilimon would be good signing for us.
  12. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I would say Rankin Costello and even Butterworth deserve their chance more. I would start Holtby right, Dack 10.and Rothwell left next game Interesting question. I guess it depends who we are targeting and the cost.
  13. chaddyrovers

    Tony Mowbray Discussion

    Mulgrew was right to be show the door. Should have been done earlier in the summer. His recruitment in certain areas hasnt been good enough granted.
  14. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    I would agree with this Have you seen Chapman played for under 23's this season?
  15. chaddyrovers

    (Too early?) January transfer window 2020

    Would take Kingsley and forest keeper

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