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  1. Stuart(plus others), all we done all day long is go around in 1 big circle and gone nowhere. I explained my posts, stance and views all day long and yesterday. You simply wont accept them to the point where I had enough of coming on here. Its being one side match cos no other members(non protestors) are being questioned, pull up as much as me. Ive been too open and honest in the past. Thats end now. I am not going to keep coming on here defending myself like I in a court room. I will be taking a break from this site for a while. Thats all you are bother is me doing the protests and nothing else. MattyBlue posted on here yesterday focus on yourself and the protest. And just let the non protestors alone. Clearly it is at times. Maybe people on here should asked other non brfcs members but season ticket holders what they think?
  2. I aint going bother anymore. no point cos I got to constant keep defending my points and views When Mike E asked me I answered it. If other people asked maybe I didn't respond to them if I have they have my ignore list.
  3. I was at Ewood Park and renewed it. what the big issue? you do the best for me and I focus on myself. I getting fed up with people keep telling me what to do.
  4. but I never said you weren't passionate tho? I am talking about me and me only. That's the problem you keep thinking I'm having go but I'm talking about me. I would imagine its hurts not going to games and everything involved with the club. must be very hard to do. I've not said about being a better fan than you ever? I have simply stated that I will be doing more away games as I wanted to do more and I miss going to more. Yet again I'm talking about me and nobody else. This is my account and that's why I talking about myself and not about you! I didn't answer the question as I don't have opinion on it or thought about it much I renewed my season tickets cos I wanted too. I wanted to watched my team. its my choice which you don't want me to make cos I don't agree with your opinion. If we are relegation then I have worried about people jobs at the club who don't deserved it after all its aint their fault. we all know who at fault Those in Pune You can called me obtuse or slow to understand if you want. If that's want to do then do it. if that's make you feel better and you are better than me do it.
  5. Yes I have bought my season ticket already. I am happy enough to do so. I want to support my team next year and many seasons after. I didnt need to do any soul searching, worried or hunting. When I told my missus about the season tickets prices so turned to me and said when are you renewing. She knows about passion for the club plus my memories I have. But I am worried about the good staff at Ewood Park losing their jobs possibly if we go down. Other people have renewed on here but you arent havent a go at those. Funny that. If you dont want renew then dont but dont start having a go people who have or will renew their ST for next year. Are Rovers being liquidated or something? No. So we are now talking about possible things that might happen in the future. I am more bothered about supporting the club we have then talk about a possible newco club.. We havent gone down yet either I have said before that protesting wont have an effect on Venkys or force them out. Kamy, Glen M and Glenn have all said the same. Ive said it for a few months. There is no smoking gun, FA/FL/Government not interested in it really, media report it but arent interest in doing much on it. If people want to boycott then its their choice and tough choice. But I want follow my club home and away(doing more games then ever) its my choice to do so..
  6. Nasty little comment? Really? Please explain how it is nasty?
  7. Post them again then I will answer them. But if they are about any of above then I probably have answered them in the past months
  8. Nobody is playing the victim here. Ive explained my opinions/stances on the 1875 protest/other protest/boycotting/meeting the Sports minister and why nothing will happen/Mowbray's future/ matches/tactics and signings. I have been more open and honest than most posters on here.
  9. Stuart doesnt like when you dont agree with him. Everyone has different opinions on football and the protesting/boycott. Time to accept this and stop trying to get everybody to agree with you
  10. Attitude problem you have. You keep saying it not like they were getting behind the lads. How dont know when you were there? The fans werent at fault for David Edwards goal for Wolves but Coyle's inept tactics and defensively organise. Yet again like I said before. I have fully explain my reasons for not doing it. I was open and honest. I think I will stop being so. But I cant believe you are still going on about me and this protest over 6 months later. Agree 100% Like I said before I have been open and honest. Maybe Ive been too open and honest for my own good. Maybe I be better lying on here. I posted this yesterday about being bored of keep going over the same thing time after time. I can't believe people are still going on my view/stance on 1875 protest that happen over 6 months ago.
  11. Everyone made their choices. I was very open and honest why I wouldnt take part. Maybe I should stop being open and honest and just ignore all questions. Why the obsession on me all of the time Rev make good points on why they are obsess by me. Maybe it true. I dont know
  12. Didn't Huber and Balaji know each other for a while before they bought the club? don't Venkys have business interests in Switzerland? can you say what their shared business interest are? Can you say with any certain that Huber still have interests in Rovers today? Also I know you are very busy but will you be writing more blogs with your story?
  13. Probably why Joao and Emnes haven't started the last 3 games. wouldn't surprise me if Gallagher is one. He hasnt looked interested much recently. probably since Coyle left. Some people on Saturday were saying after the game that Gallagher cant wait to go back to Southampton. how many is a significant number btw? thanks in advance But this is the probably with so many loan players For Emnes has the skills to be a good player at this level but far too many times he is lazy and doesn't work hard enough for the time.
  14. still here. did they notice or even care about the protest? Yet again Ive have many times explained my stance on the 1875 protest but yet again you and your little gang cant move on and always going back to it. Like a broken record Meeting the sports minister? The meeting has been done 4 years ago. They listened and said the right things to the group. But like I said the FA and Government aren't interested cos no laws have been broken by Venkys. Do you really think the Prime Minister May really give us a toss about football? Nope. Like I said yesterday as long as football clubs pay the taxes and national insurance on time the Government is happy. The FA and FL have said that they are aware of our concerns but no rules have been broken so cant do anything
  15. Why bring me into it? Not even commented on it. I've said my thoughts on why the fan base will never unite in the past. Why keep going around in circles each time. Pointless.