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  1. chaddyrovers

    Other Football League 2018/19

    Wellens appointed at Swindon.
  2. chaddyrovers

    Danny Graham

    Yes he is top man. Spoken to him a couple of times. Polite, respectful he was when I ask could my step daughter have her picture with him. Top man and I hope he stays next season
  3. chaddyrovers

    Bradley Dack

    Hasnt Grealish only got 1 goal and 2 assist all.season. Dack is smashing it this season.
  4. chaddyrovers

    Championship 2018-19

    EXCLUSIVE: Championship clubs threatening to breakaway from the Football League after objecting new plans https://t.co/Yi26sKH5HF https://t.co/bkQlIxHnvR
  5. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    I understood the point 1st time
  6. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    I think we need to playing Brereton, Dack and Armstrong in a more passing attacking style. With.either Rothwell or Palmer at all. The most enjoyable home game I enjoy this season was Brentford at home.
  7. chaddyrovers

    Rovers vs Rotherham

    Hes a left back
  8. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    I have mention a number of times we need to adapt out style to suit Brereton and Armstrong. do you have the stat for that comment about playing the most long balls in the league? is it from this website https://www.whoscored.com/Regions/252/Tournaments/7/Seasons/7379/Stages/16389/TeamStatistics/England-Championship-2018-2019
  9. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    You do make an excellent point there. other players do have to step up there the game. I thought both Palmer and Armstrong had good games yesterday. I don't see my team I picked as having 7 or 8 defensively players. Nyambe proved how much he has improve his attacking play. Reed is a box to box midfielder. Ive played Bennett wide to help Nyambe against in my opinion Preston best player in Callum Robinson.
  10. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    Smallwood was good for me yesterday and I would like to see Smallwood and Reed do the same job they did at West Brom away Brereton isn't a target man like Graham is. He like to run with the ball, movement is a big part of his game and the ball into feet. Mowbray has talk about change our style of play and become move of passing attacking style.
  11. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    How can you come up with an answer when Teams are man mark him like Norwood did for Sheff Utd. Putting him wide for 5 or 10 mins would give the opposite a different problem, something to think again. Not saying for all game but 10 mins spell. I think the centre midfield battle is very tough at the minute with 5/6 good players who can all play there. Bennett, Evans, Smallwood, Reed, Rodwell and Rothwell Plus Davenport. I did like Smallwood and Bennett second half yesterday but I did enjoy seeing Rothwell there and his dive and ability is a joy to watch. I would play Bennett wide right with Dack centre and Armstrong wide left. My team would be Raya; Nyambe Lenihan, Mulgrew, Williams; Smallwood, Reed; Bennett, Dack, Armstrong; Brereton
  12. chaddyrovers


    Yes it did take a long time to get rid of Coyle but I think Senior wanted rid of him from day 1. Also it was Senior who went and got Mowbray. or so he says from the emails I have from him. I have asked Rich Sharpe to see whether Mowbray and Waggott are going to India this week. Awaiting a response Lambert wanted that get out clause cos he didn't trust Venkys would follow through with their promises of money in the summer and back his plans. Also I think Venkys didn't trust him either from this point onwards and was happy to see him activate that get out clause. didn't Hanley and Duffy want out cos Lambert left? Didn't Coyle under cut Warnock who was set for job and the paperwork was on Cheston desk when he went of on holiday then suddenly we appointed Coyle
  13. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    I am fully aware of Graham age thanks pal. Mowbray has talk about change our style of play and I expect to see this over the next 18 months. A much more of passing attacking style I know Graham was.
  14. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    You mention Dack form has dipped. That's down to more teams marking him tightly and allowing him no space. Teams at this level will do this. Sheffield Wednesday, QPR, Rotherham 1st half did it. I mention this again yesterday to the people I go with about playing Dack wide right for a spell and move Palmer inside for 5 or 10 mins. to give the opposite team a different problem. I did like the selection of Palmer and Armstrong wide. I wouldn't play Palmer at Preston but his last 2 performances have been improvement. Nyambe must start at Preston away and we need Mulgrew and Williams back for that game. Maybe not in your team would be in my team now. We need to play the ball better and into the box better. Brereton isn't going to hold the ball but He will make little runs in behind defences and if we play the right through balls to him, Dack and Armstrong we will score goals. Its the long high balls I don't like us playing. Its a waste tbh
  15. chaddyrovers

    Ben Brereton

    He isnt a target man. His game is based on movement, running in behind defences and with the ball. Graham is target man who hold the ball up, wins headers.

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