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  1. From Rich Sharpe Three points much needed for #Rovers tonight to get back on track. Wouldn't be surprised to see something different with the starting XI.
  2. K8 set to buy Wigan. Cook future very unclear
  3. another one of tipping point? You keep mentioning this most seasons and tend to be wrong. Didn't you say Venkys would sell a few years ago? No the point is relevant because they should be playing much better and stop blaming formation and tactics. Just an insult as per usual. Modern day players have it far too easy. its time they start performing and give 100% which players aren't doing. But still relevant but doesn't suit your argument so lets not used it. Smallwood has been a very good signing despite you moaning about the signing when we sign him. Samuel and Antonsson have had good games and some poor ones but have scored goals. And you never blamed the players who are the pitch and should be better with their qualities and winning more games with that. Yes we lost 4 games and deserve to because we haven't performed enough on the pitch despite on the tactics. Just keep the insults coming all you want
  4. Sheff Utd lost 3 games by end of August. I can understand some reservations about Mowbray. But I think its far too early to sack Mowbray imo. Wigan have the same squad and Cook has gone back to their 4-2-3-1 formation they got promotion with. Will Cook still be there after the takeover happens
  5. very poor decision by Leicester in sacking Shakespeare. expect a big name foreign manager to be appoint
  6. last 7 games were Oldham Away- Lost - poor performance Gillingham at home - won - poor performance Rotherham at home - won- Good Performance Shrewbury away - draw - poor performance Wimbledon at home - lost - poor performance Scunthorpe away - won - decent performance Rochdale away - won - good performance That's 4 wins out of 7 games with 2 games lost and 1 draw
  7. Bolton who finished 2nd last season lost 10 games. Burton who finished 2nd the season before lost 11 games. Wigan lost 7 games and won the league Mk Dons who finished 2nd the season before lost 9 games. Bristol City lost 5 games won the league The squad will start gelling more and we will start getting more used to this league.
  8. I didn't say a playoff place is success Cheston is the finance director and nothing more. Cheston wont be involved in any discussions about Mowbray or his future that may take place. Those decisions will be made by the owners as Cheston has already said I agree Promotion this season is what the target is we lost 4 games in 11 league games whilst winning 6 games. Cups comps means nothing this season. only aim this season is promotion. Mowbray came in and gave us a proper chance of staying up which we didn't under Owen Coyle. Where did I say my plan is on Wigan potential takeover having destabilising effects? I didn't but when you look through the history of takeovers, some can have this effect on them and no one knows if the new owners will change managers again like a lot of takeovers this happen and has a negative effect. We have had injuries this season already. I am stated that a lot of takeovers have a destabilising effects on the club and change of manager tends to happen which in some cases can have a negative effect on the team.
  9. Graham should be our main striker but because of his poor, lazy, cba attitude he hasn't even been coming off the bench. Spurs have played both systems throughout the seasons and with success. Mowbray has to take some of the blame but so should the players who cant keep expecting to get off lighter. I wonder why you say under 23's isn't a fair example I'm sorry but with my work we have to know at least 4 job roles within the warehouses and then we can cover all situations. Modern day players have it far too easy for me. Wins at Bradford and Scunthorpe were good results and very workmanlike results like you said. we were excellent against Rotherham and their manager said we were the best team they played so far. Warne was Rotherham manager last season. Wigan will have a bad spell of results. Will Cook be sack by the new Wigan owners. I would suggest you look at Sheffield united results last season and how they had settling in period before comfortable winning this league.
  10. but we have 2 games in hand and win both of them and we are only 6 points of top 2 You really think Wigan and Shrewsbury wont have a bad spell of results. Wigan are set to take over and that could led to possible turmoil as these new owner might want a bigger name than Paul Cook. Shrewsbury will get injuries and with that will they still be able to perform the same?
  11. we have had 4 different managers within the past 2 seasons. Nothing was ever been achieve if this keeps happening. I agree we need a manager for a full season or 2. That's is how most clubs achieve success. I agree we haven't a great start but we not had awful start either its ok start but with 2 games in hand and if we win both games we will be 4th in the league. That's a good assessment and well throughout argument is that Yes Mowbray has said that but you can get promotion via the playoffs. Yes Whittingham does need a bedding in period just like most players do. But I'm sure over a full season he will come good and improve. again good points made Project he is referring to is getting the club back to the premier league eventually. Mention this due the supporter meeting
  12. So you cant then? Some players arent working hard enough for the shirt, lazy and disinterested like Danny Graham who would pick instead of Nuttall who scoring goals, work hard and is improving. Players should be able to adapt to any formation and work hard. Far too easy to blame the manager.. How do you know Hart or Harper arent any good since they have barely played? Spurs have played 2 formations this season and playing very well. Our under 23's have played 3 formations this season and adapt so why cant the 1st team?
  13. We are hard working people who don't earned anything these professional footballers and when they cant be bother to turn up and give 100% and be lazy its very annoyed and makes me angry. I would love these footballers to come and do a proper day work in proper job. they wouldn't cope at all
  14. I'm sorry with the quality of our players it shouldn't matters about us switching system if the players are giving 100% and playing for the club. we have 5 centre backs at the club, how many more do we need? Mulgrew, Downing, Ward, Lenihan and Wharton. I would be happy to signed Downing permanent. we cant judge Harper. Hart and Gladwin until we seen them play proper game time and just bits of games and starts in the cup comps. Dack should be playing in the 10 role behind Samuel. Danny Graham doesn't deserve to even be on the bench at all. should be put in the under 23's until he shows some desire, fitness and work rate instead of uninterested and lazy attitude on the pitch. I agree with you about playing the way we did against Rotherham and play a high pressing game and the same way every game.
  15. I'm sorry these are professional players and should be quite able to adapt to any formations and they get a lot paid hell more than the average working person; I thought we looked comfortable in the 4-2-3-1 formation we played against Rotherham at home. it was our best performance all season that I've seen. nothing patronizing at all about it just my opinion on the poster. Gladwin can play as wide midfielder and the number 10 role. Antonsson isn't a number 10 player. we have used 4-2-3-1 formation in some games and would be the formation I was expecting us to use the most this season. on the recruitment side I was quite happy with. Players like Smallwood and Samuel have been good signings so far, Dack, Chapman, have some glimpses of being good signings but not played enough. Gladwin, Hart and Luetwiler have not played enough minutes yet to judge. Downing in 3 games have some good qualities and we have kept 3 clean sheets and won all 3 games. Caddis has been ok but nothing more. Whittingham hasn't showed his quality be poor so far. so I believe