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  1. chaddyrovers


    Starmer doesn't decided who his deputy but the party membership. Cos he is from London, he didnt understand why people in the north wanted brexit to happen. He never got it. Boris and conservatives did. One of key areas why Conservatives won a majority
  2. chaddyrovers


    The government has written off NHS deficit of 13.4 billion
  3. chaddyrovers

    Venkys London Ltd accounts

    Just watching Sunderland still I die series 2 on Netflix, you see Stewart Donald going through the finances line by line. Plus comments made by Charlie Methven at fans meeting that the club was shit show and employees had no conception of it cos at the end of the month they just send a bill to a rich man in Florida who sent a cheque
  4. chaddyrovers


    That's your view. I believe open and honest. I don't get why it's a big secret. Not like MI6 intelligence reports
  5. chaddyrovers


    Well high praise for Starmer. Let's see how he actually does in the hot seat. Think he in for a bit of a shock. Can he appeal.to voters in Northern areas? I agree with Sparks on this point. What policies will he bring in? Can he and his deputy work together?.
  6. chaddyrovers


    Well my 14 days would have ended yesterday. But thanks for letting me know I will watch at some time over weekend. Only think I say is I followed NHS and Public health England advice. So I've done the right thing
  7. chaddyrovers

    Opinions on Mike Newell

    Very good player. One of my Favourite Rovers player in the 90's
  8. chaddyrovers


    Good for him but being a leader of political party is very different. Also Mike, how is Starmer going to appeal to swing voters? Can you please explain?
  9. chaddyrovers


    Can you explain as I have working tonight? I follow all medical advice on the NHS Direct and advice on Public health England.
  10. chaddyrovers


    I wont be bother now. No point. How is he going to appeal to swing voters then? How has he led more than PM Johnson? Boris and conservatives did in the last election Cos its messageboard. He has been very open and honest with messageboard about being a very passionate and proud Labour member who I paid a huge tribute towards him.
  11. chaddyrovers


    China is to blame for all of this. It started there. I still think China are covering alot of stuff up yet The polls back up what you said people thoughts on the government doing a decent job. Always is IMO. would make an excellent leader after Johnson time as PM but He isnt going anywhere for years to come.
  12. chaddyrovers


    Did Jim reply to question about who he voted for in leadership vote? Leader announce on Saturday is that right?
  13. chaddyrovers


    They gave the opinion. Majority are behind Johnson/conservatives according to the polls. Fact! I remember how people said tactical voting would get the Tories out of office. Well it didnt did it?
  14. chaddyrovers


    Wouldn't be too sure of that. Opinion.polls poll Conservatives at 52%. You cant argue with that..the figures are on site to see for yourself The press is the press. In a week they be praising Johnson and government
  15. chaddyrovers


    China not over the Coronavirus yet

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