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  1. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    You dont need to know. Never said my job is like professional athlete. Just that I need to be physical fit for my job. Second point, can understand your view even Tho we have disagree on those points
  2. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Its Dack.choice not yours. But you cant complain about just Dack when plenty of players are the same. Has Mowbray ever said Dack Is not in good condition? No..you are jumping on a non issue and to be quite honest has nothing to do with you cos he is entilted to his private life and do what he wants. None of your business
  3. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Yes I did. Since they have been going out he hasn't been trouble at all.
  4. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    It's a job and that's it. His performances have dropped off because teams have worked us and him out. No I am not Lorry driver pal. So you are wrong there. Like I said I have to be physical fit for my job and we are regular tested for Drugs and Alcohol due to the nature of the machinery we used and the company health and safety policies. Dack has performed this season and those stats provided by yourself are excellent for a player playing at this level for the 1st time IMO.
  5. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Since then he has been clean hasnt he? He's in a relationship and living in the centre of Manchester. Nothing wrong with going out for.a meal and drinks. Or the odd night out. Didnt McCarthy win a Champions League medal and play international football? But yet again that you Jim not them. Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself with a meal and few drinks at the right time. Cant agree Stuart. This is a job. Thats all. Its a very well paid job but thats it. I have no problem with any players going out for meals or drinks during international breaks or after games. Yes not 48 hours before a game
  6. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    All footballers/missus do now..its the modern times. I used to see McCarthy and Samba out in Manchester after a game drinking and dancing but no comment about that
  7. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    No we shouldnt cash in at all for your reason given. Notice no comments about the 3 other players who ive mention being out this weekend. Wonder why? Another classic Stuart witch hunt. He has done nothing wrong at all. Was he not out watching England game having a few drinks and meal? What the problem with that? I have to physically right for my job and we are regular tested for drugs and alcohol with the machinery we used. If these are positive we are sack no questions asked.
  8. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    What is the problem with Dack going out having a few drinks/meal in Manchester on Friday night? Are you complain/moan about Mulgrew being out last night with his and Paul Gallagher and his missus having a meal and drinks at Yu Copster Green restuarant/bar? Or Travis and His missus going out for drinks and Meal in Liverpool in the past few days or Brereton and His missus going out to San Carlo in Manchester on Saturday night? Maybe we should sell anyone who leave their house other to attend Rovers games and trained at Brockhall. These are only footballers and they are entitled to a social life and have some fun. You might not want to do that or did so in your 20's. I know I deffo enjoyed my life in my 20's and enjoyed night outs over all the UK drinking and I never missed any time/days off at work. Now 34 years old Im settled down and enjoying family life but still.have the odd night out at the same places footballers go to.
  9. chaddyrovers

    Summer transfer window

    I'm asking for more detail about Will Vaulks being on trial here? Like when was it? Was he free agent? Did you know why Lowe didnt rate Bednarek? Was this summer 2017? Or before?
  10. chaddyrovers

    Summer transfer window

    Did we? Can you tell me about Lowe not rating Bednarek?
  11. chaddyrovers

    Summer transfer window

    Someone like Karl Darlow from Newcastle could be an option.
  12. chaddyrovers

    Summer transfer window

    Would be happy Fielding signing. He is experience at this level
  13. chaddyrovers

    Championship 2018-19

    Redknapp had no part in transfers at Birmingham City https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/03/20/exclusive-harry-redknapp-denies-responsibility-birmingham-spending/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  14. chaddyrovers

    The Big Summer Clearout

    Off the out of contract players I would released Luetwiler, Downing, Gladwin. Undecided on Rodwell depending on his fitness and where he will play and how we are going to play, Conway undecided as his experience would be good and I would see him here as a coach aswell working with the under 23's with Johnson I would also sell Williams, Smallwood, Samuel. I would deffo keep Bennett here Possible sell Nuttall if we get a good deal or if he wants more 1st team football and depending whether we get a new striker in. Not sure if we will be able to sign Reed up next season and also depends how Southampton want for him and what our budget is Would I sell Dack? nope. not even for 20 million pounds. so next season squad Keeper - Raya, new keeper, Fisher(depending if he given the chance to play 1st team football at league 2 club) defender - Nyambe, Lenihan, Mulgrew, Bell, Possible Rodwell who could play both positions CB and CM), New Right back, centre back(maybe 2 if Wharton or Grayson leaves) new left back Centre Midfielder- Travis, Evans, Davenport, Buckley, New Centre midfielder Wide Players - Bennett, Rothwell, Chapman, Armstrong, new wide player Striker - Graham, Dack, Brereton, new striker
  15. chaddyrovers

    Holiday Camp Mentality

    he's away with his girlfriend.

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