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  1. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U'21's

    Brereton started at Bournemouth away in the cup
  2. chaddyrovers


    No Roversfan99. I was talking about the 4-3-3 formation for next season if Dack is sold in January or Summer. Dont see any sale in January myself. Is Rodwell exactly fit at the minute? Mowbray praised Gallagher last week and they got on well during his spell here last time. Mowbray mention Chapman at the fans meeting. Bauer was a target in summer.
  3. chaddyrovers


    Or Wycombe. But needs to play regular. Same with Joe Nuttall
  4. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U'21's

    4 nil Rovers. Lyons with 2 and Nuttall with 2.
  5. chaddyrovers

    Academy & U'21's

    3 nil now. Nuttall
  6. chaddyrovers


    Blackburn are ready to send midfielder Lewis Travis out on loan in January with Portsmouth, Blackpool, Wycombe, Plymouth and Lincoln all keen on his signature. #Rovers #Pompey #wycombewanderers #pafc #bfc #Imps https://t.co/Mg8fpXL35x
  7. chaddyrovers


    Bauer got a knee injury and miss 9 games. Played the last 5 games which they win 4 of. A back 3 would work with those 3 in it. Plus we could press higher and pass out from the back. Said Bell until.we signed a new left wing back. Bennett I think as a wing back would be good move. Has the energy to get up and down the pitch. Plus played there for Bristol City. Thats the 3 players Ive expecting us to sign. What about the 4-3-3 line up?
  8. chaddyrovers


    I agree with your idea. It would allow us 2 up front and Dack in the 10 role. I agree we are weakness wide in our 4-2-3-1. Played 2 up in the second half at Portsmouth to win us the game. You could play this way Raya Lenihan Rodwell Mulgrew Bennett Reed Evans Bell Dack Rothwell Graham With that personal could easy move into.4-2-3-1 formation if we wish. Or if we want 2 up front. Drop Rothwell and play either Brereton or Armstrong up front. What do you think? Or if Dack does go in the summer we not play 4-3-3 Raya Nyambe Lenihan Mulgrew new LB Bennett Rodwell Rothwell New winger Armstrong Brereton/Graham What do you think? Thanks in advance @roversfan99 for answering the questions I agree. Gallagher on loan. Bauer for 300k-500k Chapman..
  9. chaddyrovers

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    Only watched 2 episodes so far. Very interesting
  10. chaddyrovers

    Championship 2018-19

    Ipswich after Gestede in January according to Daily Telegraph
  11. chaddyrovers

    Rovers v Birmingham-Saturday ,December 15th

    Is this joke or something? We arent going down at all. Nothing of this season reminds me of his time in charge here. Even comparing it is a complete and utter joke
  12. chaddyrovers

    Bradley Dack

    If you so obsess with nicko ask him yourself
  13. chaddyrovers

    Bradley Dack

    Rarely. But we are attacking side at home. I would agree we can be easy at times to be hit on the counter
  14. chaddyrovers

    Bradley Dack

    Why should we be playing 4-4-2? What other championship team play that formation most games? Would it not leave us outnumbered in centre midfield alot?
  15. chaddyrovers

    Sunderland Netflix documentary

    Enjoyable 1st episode

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