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  1. chaddyrovers


    Mark Francoise?
  2. chaddyrovers

    Adam Armstrong

    Got to keep him here and long term
  3. chaddyrovers

    Adam Armstrong

    Get promote is worth over 100 million. Plus how can your replace him?
  4. chaddyrovers


    Another one of your prediction like tactical voting with get the Conservatives party out of number 10?
  5. chaddyrovers


    Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson arrested in connection with bribery offences and witness ´╗┐intimidation. Joe Anderson was arrested by Merseyside Police alongside four other men as part of an ongoing building contracts probe, according to the Liverpool Echo.
  6. chaddyrovers

    Adam Armstrong

    I wouldn't sell for any money
  7. chaddyrovers

    Brentford (A) - Saturday 5.12.20

    Why move Armstrong from the 9 role where he has 15 goals from this season?
  8. chaddyrovers

    Brentford (A) - Saturday 5.12.20

    Brereton is fit
  9. chaddyrovers


    The scientists who have developed these vaccines are independent. Same as the people who approved Vaccines, new medicines and treatments.. Who would you trust these people? What's to fear?
  10. chaddyrovers


    You would have thought Dr Fauci would be focusing on his country and that the Virus is spreading like wild fire there
  11. chaddyrovers


    I'm not saying that at all. I talking.about fruit and vegetables that I enjoy eating even after Brexit. What are your issues? Fair enough. Quite taste then.
  12. chaddyrovers


    I think Brady wants to become leader of the Conservative party. He wanted to run last time but never had the votes in parliament or party members. I.dont think his days are number at all.
  13. chaddyrovers


    3 and half years until next election and plenty of time to change their minds. Did the poll go into why they change their minds and what policies has caused this?
  14. chaddyrovers


    Not sure why I would want to live in Malta at my age. Its was lovely place for 2 weeks holiday. But working there. Alot betting companies are based there arent they? My main point overall was buying from local business that used UK products as much as possible 1 That's ain't a proper English breakfast. This one is much better.

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