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  1. Final arrest count is 5. Another #twitterclarets fan arrested for throwing a flare which hit a 9yo fan. #rovers From the LT reporter
  2. what his he meant to do? the fan on the pitch could have a weapon or something? what would you do if you attacked by a strange? just stand there?
  3. very disappointed result. Didn't understand why we change 5 players from Saturday. Feeney, Gladwin, Whittingham poor. Antonsson had no chance against their centre backs of Long and Tarowski. Williams was poor and I would be bringing in Jack Doyle on Saturday I thought bringing on Bennett, Conway and Samuel help us going forward but we didn't press them enough and force the to play it long. Thought Chapman and Smallwood were the only players who had good game from the starting 11 Rovers are very likely to be fine by the FA for 2 fans running on the pitch and 1 attacking Brady. crazy scenes. as is fans bringing flares to the game. unacceptable and Burnley FC should also face punishment for their fans for them
  4. ⚽️ The line-ups for this evening's East Lancashire derby against @BurnleyOfficial #COYB 🔵⚪️ Raya Caddis Ward Mulgrew Williams Feeney Smallwood Whittingham Chapman Gladwin Antonsson.
  5. It is on Radio Lancs for fans listening to it. Looks like Fisher warming up with Rovers gk coach Ben Benson
  6. Im in total shock..need a lie down now haha
  7. My team given what Mowbray has said about certain players. Raya Caddis Ward Mulgrew Williams SmallwoodWhittingham Bennett Gladwin Chapman Samuel Subs:- Lietwiler Wharton Evans Conway Graham Antonsson Tomlinson
  8. No thanks. Good player on his day but just not enough of those days for this
  9. Done his pre match conference today. Lenihan and Dack out. Nyambe and Wharton unlikely to play
  10. Rev, the evidence(the links I posted) is there to support my previous post. Which is right and exactly the way I remember it.
  11. Sky coverage of sport is nothing but amazing tbh. We have to agree to disagree on the game. Been texting a few friends who support either side. all enjoy it. 2 good managers who are tactically aware change from plan A to plan B and Pep to even plan C.
  12. Cracking game tonight. 2 really good sides. Joy to watch even with 2 red cards that werent but it didnt spoilt the entertaining game Rooney outstanding
  13. Not trial but was Paul Hunt number 1 target but we got him before their takeover happen
  14. Kalinic signing was in August 2009.. Lewandowski met Big Sam in April 2010. Trust was looking to sell the club by then.
  15. Lewandowski move was April 2010.. We signed Kalinic in August 2009ć So I was right before.